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Implement EHRC? Labour hasn’t even responded after 5 MONTHS to antisemitism complaint against Starmer

Keir Starmer’s commitment that Labour would implement the whole of the EHRC report’s requirements has already been shredded by his political interference and disregard for the party’s rules after the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn was lifted by a right-dominated panel of NEC members who had been advised there were no legitimate grounds to suspend him – and by the searing letter from fourteen NEC members ordering the party’s general secretary David Evans to rebuke Starmer and instruct him to restore the whip to Corbyn without delay.

Corbyn’s original suspension had also broken party rules – and flouted the EHRC report’s clear statement that he had a legally-protected right to make the comments for which he was suspended.

But the party is also failing on more basic processes.

Five months ago, SKWAWKBOX editor Steve Walker submitted a detailed antisemitism complaint against Keir Starmer for his actions equating Jewish people with the state of Israel in his comments about his decision to sack Rebecca Long-Bailey from the front bench for sharing a correct article by actor Maxine Peake:

The party has not responded even to acknowledge the complaint. But page 74 of the EHRC’s report states that the party must keep all involved in any antisemitism complaint updated with its progress:

• Develop and implement comprehensive internal guidance for all stages of the antisemitism complaints process on:
• decision-making criteria
• robust record-keeping, including recording reasons for decisions
• timescales, and
communication, including regular communication with complainants and clear rules regulating the use of informal methods of communication in the complaints process.
Make sure that it has a system and culture that encourages members to challenge inappropriate behaviour and to report antisemitism complaints.

Page 100 of the report makes clear why this is ordered:

Our analysis also uncovered serious failings in complaint handling. We found that the Labour Party’s response to antisemitism complaints has been inconsistent, poor and not transparent, in terms of the process used, reasons for decisions, record-keeping, delay and failures to communicate with complainants. Some complaints were unjustifiably not investigated at all.

Labour has failed to correspond at all concerning the complaint apart from an initial auto-acknowledgment of its receipt, let alone provide any progress or outcome updates.

Reader may conclude that this was always going to be the case for a complaint against the party leader – but the EHRC report’s recommendations apply to any complaint, without differentiation – and the party’s critics certainly did not feel that Labour should fail to investigate complaints against Jeremy Corbyn when he was leader.

Has the complaint been politically blocked? The absence of any response or update on the status of the complaint suggests so. But even if it has not, Starmer’s Labour has again failed to live up to its leader’s commitment to accept and implement the EHRC report in full.

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  1. Well done, perhaps more should follow your lead. Complain about the lack of action on your complaint Skwawk.

    1. Carlene,
      Skwawkbox is wasting his time with this silly complaint. And its a waste of time banging on about Starmer ‘breaking the rules’ by not reinstating the whip to the old man.
      There are no rules in politics’ Starmer can do what ever he likes. He is the boss and he can run it any way he chooses.
      And by the way, Skwawky knows he is wasting his time. All this is about is a bit of attention seeking , of which The Skwawkbox is prone to.

      1. The Labour Party was a ‘democratic’ party when I was a member. So you are saying that it isn’t anymore since Starmer took over, and we should accept that?

      2. Richard Mackinnon, it isn’t a waste of time, it would clearly show case that Starmer isn’t serious but rather paying lip service to the EHRC’s report.
        Let’s us see if Starmer’s implements the recommendations from the Chakrabati’s report and Baroness Royal’s report.

      3. It shows, as i’v said b4, that those making and fanning the claims, in the main care not one jot about anti-Semitism. If they did, then we would have heard complaints about Jeremy re A/S for all of his 56year Labour Party membership not suddenly have a flood of THOUSANDS of complaints by a handful of unrepresentative people in the party who never complained before about him or members.

        And how odd that the complaints have suddenly almost vanished❓

        From the GET GO, the allegations should have been examined for FACTS. Substance not theatrics. Labour members or not. Go to the police. What are the outcomes❓ Convicted or innocent.❓ THAT SHOUL BE KNOWN WIDELY.

        A problem has been and remains, the vicious paralysing cycle of being “confrontation’ averse. Putting our views forward, establishing facts and publicising facts, are not “confrontation”.

        Doing the above, is professional, active… dynamic expressing of our views and getting truths out and helping them hold. The attitude of “best say nothing” and hide from any possible alternative views, attacks or hostile crowds, give liars free passes to spread lies.

        “Head in the sand” just does not cut it. Hoping that problems will vanish is a pipe-dream. Waiting for your house to be totally in flames before acting is odd. Expecting milk and honey from snakes, is extremely odd, especially if you have seen their behaviour for more than a generation

      4. There’s hardly ever a comment that signpost posts that doesn’t fraudulently assert that the LP ‘from the get go’ has been ‘paralysed’ blah, blah, blah, when he knows damn well that IF anyone DOES speak out, they get hammered by the MSM for being in denial and being part of the problem – ie the alleged problem of widespread anti-semitism in the party. Signpost is WELL aware of course that THAT is PRECISELY what led to Jeremy being suspended.

        Signpost is having a larf at readers expense, because what he is saying in effect is: ‘Speak out and refute the claims and get hammered by the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and the BoD and the CAA and JLM and LAA and CST and LFI and the Blairites et al and end up getting suspended and having the whip removed. Or expelled from the party!

      5. Allan – Repeating the same nonsense over and over again won’t miraculously make it true or alter the fact that Corbyn’s team screwed up their response to the AS accusations from day one and it has been down hill for them ever since.

      6. Yet again, SteveH in denial of reality! Or pretending to be!

        Good to see yur still up and about and pa-trolling the site at such a late hour And such a quick respone! Do they pay you double time for working after midnight!

        NB So the fact that Jeremy spoke out recently and ended up being suspended as a consequence is just ‘nonsense’ in SHs twisted and perverse and fraudulent reality!

      7. Alan – Your only defence appears to be accusations that anyone who challenges you is a paid troll. 🤔

  2. It would certainly lead any fair minded person to consider the possibility that the people (or the system) responsible for delays in processing antisemitism complaints during Corbyn’s leadership – are still in place today and still treating antisemitism complaints with the same lack of urgency as previously – despite Starmer’s most ‘earnest’ assurances and ‘best’ endeavours.

  3. Maybe you’ll get your “day in court’ once Labour has implemented the EHRC report. It is after all only a few days since Labour made this commitment to implement the EHRC’s findings. As I understand it the party and the EHRC are still in discussion about the implementation of a new disciplinary process..
    If it is decided that the complaint has any merit then surely it would be preferable for the complaint to be heard by the shiny new independent process rather than the current process.which has been discredited by the EHRC report.

  4. I believe that Starmmer should be very worried about the prosecution of Sarkozy in France for aceppting illegal campaigning funds and some from the mysterious foreign backers.The knight as never actually been pressurised to prove were is money came from..IT seems that his word is his bond and thats very quickly deteriorated when you look what the creep has done after he was elected..?

    1. Joseph – So just let me see if I’ve got this straight, I wouldn’t want to misrepresent you.
      You are accusing Keir Starmer of a criminal offence but admit that you have absolutely no evidence to support your accusations.(is there a law against doing this?). Please feel free to speak up and correct me if I have misrepresented you in any way.

      1. Joseph didn’t accuse Starmer of anything so you did misrepresent him.
        By accusing him of defaming Starmer you defamed Joseph.
        You should be more careful or somebody might sue you.

      2. David – Thanks for your expert legal advice, I won’t be losing any sleep.

  5. Human rights ex lawyer Starmer will have received a letter from john Finucane mp for N Belfast requesting his help in supporting a public inquiry into the murder of his father also a human rights lawyer who was murdered by British collusion with protestant terror gang UVF over thirty years ago in front of john and the rest of the family..The letter is supported by four political parties in the North and they have appealed to Brenden Lewes N.Ireland Secretary to support the inquiry.I wonder how our mps and all the other mps will reply to a public inquiry…?.And I wonder how the Labour leader will respond to the justice of a inquiry into British collusion after supporting the “Get out of jail” clause for British crown forces.?

    1. “I. Wont be loosing any sleep ” says davidh whilst puffing away on his fags at after three am in the cold dark night?.Whilst back in the jungle I go for a little tea break (iced of course)and study the the bountiful harvest of rice drying on matts in the sun 🌞.Worry and sleeplessness is a destructive force and its no doubt a part of the creep the knghts nocturnal plotting..and his fellow misfits of course..!…

      1. Joseph – Thanks for your ‘concern’,
        Next year, Covid-19 permitting, we will also be enjoying the joys (and perils) of a tropical climate.

      2. Carol O’Keefe – I’m guessing that if you are going to refer to me by my account name then you won’t mind me doing the same to you.

      3. “… the joys (and perils) of a tropical climate” – in what is likely to be a time of austerity, falling property values and civil unrest – in a location where you stand out as “rich” and “other” even if you happen to be of Caribbean heritage.
        Good luck with that.
        Too late to get back your deposit I expect?

      4. David – I was simply referring to threat from hurricanes. I’ve been a part of the community for over 25 years and I simply don’t recognise the picture you seek to portray.

  6. S H You use the fake names to confuse and deceitfuly attempt to exploit your paid trolling,my wife on the rare occasions of comments uses her name as I use mine….No trickery…no deceit and no trolling for mr knight and his fellow creeps….judas(my name for enablers).

    1. Joseph – It was you that started this nonsense yesterday and then had the cheek to try and guilt trip me. The choice is yours.

      1. Judas H….Not guilt trip you,.Your kind who are helping to destroy honest democracy and start over the warmongering once again are the people I would attempt to erradicate from the planet along with your knight and his misfits including the right wing destroyers across the world.You add nothing to society only greed and corruption to the destruction of a Labour party I served office for in the thick of enemy territory Reigate in Surrey were your knight slithered from,ITs the duty of all socialists to oppose you and your kind that wish to RESET the the country back a hundred years.

      2. Joseph – It really isn’t my fault that your apparently middle class upbringing in sunny Lancashire was disrupted by global capitalism. For someone who professes to support democracy you display a disturbing proclivity for exterminating those who you disagree with.

      3. WE are told to turn the other cheek,but your lack of self awareness would test anyone so I can only offer a totsiens and hope that the natives enjoy your slithering excuse for a human being and welcome you…Posting from Boker mountain kampot which is far enough to stop the smell from your corrupted ideology.and the fallout from the knight led Labour party.

  7. Once again wee Steven turns yet another thread into one where several people deride him after he decides to hurl unsubstantiated accusations and turn the argument personal in order to try to deflect any criticism or scrutiny of stammer.

    Is there no end to the insufferable gobshite and his wannabe martyrdom?

    1. It’s all very sad Toffee he must spend hours on here and he obviously craves attention. He can’t however avoid having to add his name to the head of his silly posts which allows me to simply scroll past them and move on to people who really have something to say whether I might agree with them or not.
      I can see from your post that as I had expected I haven’t missed anything and I have saved myself a bit of time.

  8. Toffee I have been trying to keep this slithering excuse for a human being at bay through the night…He needs the money and will probably do a double shift…so good luck comrade

  9. That first sentence has 86 words in it. Terrible prose skwaky. Did not learn anything at school?

    1. So says someone who doesn’t understand the use of punctuation:

      “And its a waste of time” — ‘it’s’ requires an apostrophe.
      “There are no rules in politics’” — no apostrophe required after politics.

      It’s generally a good idea to make sure your own house is in order first before casting aspersions.

      1. PW, you are absolutely correct about errors in dick mackinnon’s deposit above.

        In general, i feel it is better to avoid highlighting grammatical and syntactic errors re posts. Doing so may embarrass and discourage many who have much to contribute. HOWEVER, since THE dick mackinnon tried to do same to THE Skwawkbox, your response is apt.

        Furthermore, there are at least TWO more flaws, in the dick’s sentence:

        “All this is about is a bit of attention seeking , of which The Skwawkbox is prone to.”,

        In English – “X is prone TO attention seeking.”, not – “X is prone OF attention seeking.”

        Thus, THE dick’s sentence should have been:

        “All this is about is a bit of attention seeking , TO which THE dick Mackinnon is prone.”

        FULL STOP. No “to” at the end. It is unnecessary and wrong… but then again that is THE dick Mackinnon for you. Very unnecessary. Very wrong . Very totó 🔴

      2. The perils of pointing out the errors if others and failing to check before posting 😂

        CORRECTIONS in my own:
        Furthermore, there are at least TWO more flaws in the dick’s sentence:

        No comma after extract from mackinnon.

        I’m sure there may be more errors, especially typos. Much ashamed😂😂😂

      3. PW,
        Punctuation is redundant in existential language. The important thing is to make yourself understood.
        forfucksakesman whatfuckinageareyou
        See what I mean.
        This obsession you have with ‘received grammar’ is informative. Your unwitting testimony tells me you are a snob. You are dismissive of people that dont agree with you, but rather than enter into a debate you prefer to point out your superior knowledge, your education, where to place an apostrophe.
        Its pathetic (not for me, obviously, I find it funny) but its not untypical behavior of a bourgeois socialist with no ideas.
        So to conclude, PW as long as you understand me and the message I deliver I dont give a fuck what you think about my prose.


      4. dick mackinnon – “That first sentence has 86 words in it. Terrible prose skwaky. Did not learn anything at school?”

        Exactly as AH and SH it is clear you are all shamelessly contradictory dick, judging by your post reposted above and theirs.

        Eg you and SH it is clear, work overtime washing your SiKerStarmer’s mess, while AH does everything to prevent us learning and changing and make us conduct politics in a naive, defeatist pathetic way. Eg of White Flag Man : whimper whimper cry cry – if Jeremy had defended himself or Chris Williamson then they would have been attacked by the MSM and your MaxHeadroom … who WERE ALREADY attacking him, AND have never stopped. White Flag Man still has not noticed. Seems you are all “Shills”, White Flag Man’s favourite word❌❌❌

      5. PW and signpost as a foreigner, that started to learn English in my 20’s. I really appreciate your grammatical explanations.

      6. Just for the record, I’m as working class as they come and proud of it. Spent over half my life laying tarmac and am now retired on state pension and live in a social housing flat. Hardly someone who pretends to be above their station, i.e. a snob, nor a member of the bourgeois middle class. Amazing how you can determine my status in life from a post on a website!

        As for education. I attended grammar school, hated it, was in trouble most of the time and left at 16 with 5 ‘O’ Levels. Hardly what you’d call highly educated. Most of my closest friends went to Secondary Modern, or even Approved School and/or Borstal. Several can barely read and write but have still done well for themselves in life and we all get along just fine.

        Neither do I have an obsession with ‘perceived grammar’. I have never pointed out anyone’s poor grammar, either on here or elsewhere, unless they’ve opened themselves up to criticism first — and it was you who started that ball rolling. I just pointed out the absurdity of your nit-picking when you couldn’t even get your own shit in order.

        As for enter into a debate!? What about? There was nothing in your post that invited debate. Besides, I’ve never seen you enter into any debate yourself — not on this site, at any rate.

        One thing I’ve learnt in life is never judge a book by it’s cover. Some of the most intelligent and knowledgeable people I’ve ever met have worked in what many, if not most, might consider jobs only unintelligent people would do, such as working on the roads.

        In conclusion, I couldn’t give a rat’s arse for what you have to say either, dickhead. So at least we understand each other.

      7. PW – “One thing I’ve learnt in life is never judge a book by it’s cover. Some of the most intelligent and knowledgeable people I’ve ever met have worked in what many, if not most, might consider jobs only unintelligent people would do, such as working on the roads.”

        I agree with you on that too‼️ Many of the so called “uneducated” manual workers, more often than not, display spectacular knowledge, logic and common-sense which the so called “educated” often never show.

        That’s why i’ve said here a few times including a week or two ago, that we URGENTLY need to refresh the control of the party with people who have had or have REAL jobs.

        I say, DUMP the theory obsessed who treat every urgent issue as some abstract academic tutorial. The crash alarm goes. Instead of doing something to save a life, too many who hog the control of “Left” groups prefer to plan a meeting to discuss what some writer has said, then conclude that another meeting is needed.

        After sixty six meetings they plan another six which eventually begs for the weakest, most washed out, spiritless, pathetic, morale suffocating, drift of a vague whisper to bring the crash trolley.

        The patient of course dies. Yet, pathetic indulgent theorist blame the trolley, the bleep, the volume, the ward, the hospital, building… everything and everyone but themselves.

        All their damp excuses are reasonably well punctuated without a single typo.

      8. Thanks, Maria.

        I wasn’t attempting to put down anyone who has trouble with their grammar, I just get angry when someone criticises others when they appear to have the same failings. As the saying goes, ‘people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’.

        As English is obviously not your native language, I certainly would never dream of criticising your posts. Even if it was, I still wouldn’t pick holes unless you put the ball in your court first. As signpost rightly says, it could deter people from posting if their grammar was always being criticised.

        While I’m certainly no expert when it comes to English grammar — I get the impression that signpost is more qualified than me — nevertheless any way I can help I’d be glad to.

      9. PW – once again your approach is one with which i fully agree. The dick fellow contradicted himself. He criticised Skwawkbox about “prose” then says he does not care about … yes “prose”.

        NB i’v often thought that the reason why Spanish, Portuguese and English in particular is so widely adopted, is, unlike the French, we are not precious about the language. Hence English happily absorbs other words and allows the creation of new ones. English is all the better for that.

        Furthermore, when you listen to the radio you may feel as i do that very almost always, those who say they are “just a simple” man or woman, are EXCELLENT at putting their views across. Over the last four and a half years, i’v often thought, X or Y is EXACTLY the sort of person Jeremy’s team needed…

        People like you PW, Maria, Joseph, Doug, qwertboi, lundiel, Jack T, too many to name, as i’m desperate for bed, but you and so many here on Skwawkbox write with a clarity i envy. In particular, believe it, the intention is always to be concise …
        i’ve failed again 😂😂😂

      10. Learning WHAT signpost….. that if you speak out and refute the claims of widespread anti-semitism in the party (during Jeremy’s tenure as leader) you’ll get hammered by the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and the BoD and JLM and CAA and LAA whose lies and falsehoods the MSM conspires in and enables.

        Now if my memory serves me well, someone recently got suspended for speaking out and saying the problem of A/S in the party had been massively overstated by political opponents inside and outside the party and the media….. oh right, but signpost would have readers believe that they WON’T get suspended and slaughtered by the MSM et al if they speak out, despite the fact that THAT is PRECISELY what happens! And just DID!

    2. And when it isn’t wee steven…It’s the buttplug. *sighs*

      ‘Eighty-six’ , NOT: ’86’ (We use words, not figures)

      No comma after ‘prose’ and before ‘Skwawky’. (you should be using a capital ‘S’ as you’re referring to someone by name.)

      And what is purpose of the question mark after ‘Did not learn anything at school’ ?

      WHO ‘Did not learn anything at school’ ?

      If it’s a statement then there is no need for a question mark.

      However, if it’s a question, then you have missed out the person to whom you are interrogating; in which case it should read: ‘Did YOU not learn anything at school(?)’

      A question which really ought to be directed at yourself, after that performance, ‘butters’.

    3. Ok, Richard, I take back what I said about not debating as you clearly have responded to other peoples comments on this very page. It’s the first time I’ve noticed it. So fair enough, maybe I just haven’t looked closely enough.

  10. Is the inaction of investigating a complaint into A/S a return to the McNicol party management style, which was hugely criticised in the EHRC?
    Does not look like David Evans has started to implement actions quite yet.He is really excellent at writing diktats and curtailing political debate though-so can’t have everything I suppose within the democratic Labour party.

    1. Seems that Evans’ appointment needs to be ratified by LP conference… I should think that he has his fingers crossed that the Left will have been ‘persuaded’ to leave by September 2021.

      1. syzygysue, that is one reason to stay put in the LP to ensure that Evan’s isn’t ratified. Anyway, I believe next summer we could be heading for another leadership election.
        Starmer has got himself into a hell of a mess and May is coming.

  11. I….see that steve walker will be on socialist tv tonight,,and I do hope he hammers the knight and warns Labour party members about paid trolls making lists for expulsion of left wing Labour party members…..see morning Star report “expulsion of left wing” .ps 7.30this evening.

  12. David Lowton23/11/2020 AT 11:25 AM
    No, im not saying the Labour Party is no longer democratic. The Labour Party is a British political party that stands candidates in local and general elections. Keir Starmer recently won a vote, a fair and democratic vote to be its leader.
    Now that he is leader, he can choose to lead any way he wants. If he feels he has to discipline another member to set an example to The Party about the conduct he expects then that is what a leader does. That is good leadership. Members now clearly understand the direction the Leader is taking The Party. And its not just Labour members that are now aware of the new direction, this is a clear demonstration to other party’s of Labour’s intent under Keir Starmer.
    I can see that there are some members that are not happy with the new direction KS is plotting. That is democracy David. These members have a choice, they can stay and fight, or they can leave.

  13. Maria Vazquez23/11/2020 AT 1:30 PM,
    Fair enough you are entitled to your opinion but I dont agree with you.
    I just cannot imagine Starmer worrying about what do about old reports. I think he is focused on the future and with regards to past reports instructed by his predecessor he will be filing them in the tubular shaped repository under his desk.

  14. JC I believe did not have the right to discipline anyone and therefore unless the rules have changed the same applies to Kier Starmer.The NEC has decided and this is who has disciplinary responsibility in the not new Labour party.

    1. SM23/11/2020 AT 2:57 PM,
      You believe wrong. That was the problem; Corbyn could not a leader. He was not up to it. He didnt have the tools and what is more, he new it. (there are no rules in politics).
      He should never have stood in the first place. But his enormous ego, his vanity, clouded his common sense. He never thought it threw. (maybe he did. read on).
      Ok there was an element of good old British comedy farce in his appointment, for which I will be eternally grateful. But he must have known what he was going to be up against should the unthinkable happen and he got himself elected. I know he’s not the brightest but he is not completely stupid. He must have known that his past associations would not be forgotten by his enemies.
      That is why I have no time for the man. He took the gig but he knew he was not brave enough to counter the onslaught.
      In fact if I am right and Corbyn knew what he was coming when he became leader, then I ask myself why would anyone put themselves through that? And the only answer I can think of is, he likes the idea of being ‘The Martyr’. And so fine, let him play it. And it looks like Starmer is quite happy with Corbyn in the role.

      1. And before you all jump on my spelling ‘threw’ should be ‘through’.

  15. Alert readers will have noticed I no longer reply to comments that are offensive. Abusive, nasty, ugly comments from the usual suspects. They know who they are.
    Start being nice and you might learn something.

    1. richard MacKinnon.. You havnt had a swift one down at the local lodge have you dicky.?Will you be taking over the job from “he that cant be ……..?
      mentioned “dick…OH and your comments have been monitered for more right wing fascist cac brother dicky Another paid troll supplied by the knight in coordination of the Conservative and unionist party.

  16. I always thought being an elected leader was first and foremost adhere to the rules, in a democratic organisation that is. When some, usually those in paid positions, can flout the rules, or make em up as they go along, then it leads to confusion. If rules aren’t used consistently then they’re tools of oppression by those that don’t believe in democracy.
    As for the title of this thread, re Sir Stormer then why are you surprised SH? You know, along with many thousands of other people that many reported cases of bullying and rule breaking are ignored by officialdom.
    Even when the police have been involved to prevent further online bullying by those in office nothing is done. You simply won’t expose the hostility and rule breaking in Wavertree but are surprised when your own complaint isn’t investigated.
    Sir Stormer is a big boy, with the protection of the State and his millionaire friends, Disabled pensioners are maybe worth more support from you, as some have been publicly attacked, addresses printed in the local ‘newspaper’; info provided by the usual suspects.
    In particular, Phil Maxwell, was summoned to a disciplinary, where they couldn’t even tell him why he was there or what he was being charged with. Others had complained about his treatment, so he got dragged in by the un-elected officers.
    I’d suggest you raise the issue in your West Derby clp re Sir Stormer and give it a push. Maybe write a draft motion that can be supported by other clps. Complaining on this site won’t change anything.

    1. potatoclock23/11/2020 AT 3:19 PM,
      Who was Labour’s most successful leader in the last 60 years? 3 GE wins in a row. No other Labour leader has achieved that and never will. Did Tony Blair play by the rules? If he didnt like them and he could not ignore them, he rewrote them.
      Whether you agreed with his policies or not, Tony Blair ran the Labour Party and the country for 10 years from his office. Civil servants, trade union leaders, cabinet colleagues, SPADS, rules, party processes, not required.
      You have prime ministers and you have leaders. In the last 60 years there has been many PMs but there has only been 2 leaders.

      1. Richard Mackinnon, I agree with you that JC didn’t how to yield power effectively. However, Starmer isn’t Blair. He doesn’t have the charisma or the know how of Blair. Simply put Starmer isn’t leadership material either.
        Starmer has gone into a frontal fight with the left of the Party and some Trade Unions without a need for it. Starmer like Kinnock before him, will never lead the Labour Party to win a General Election. I expect substantial loses at next May elections.
        From my point of view Starmer is on a count down, I can see a leadership challenge for next summer and the first challenger will not necessarily come from the left of the Party.

  17. PW23/11/2020 AT 5:24 PM,
    “Just for the record, I’m as working class as they come and proud of it”.
    Im not sure? Fifteen subsequent paragraphs to justify ‘your roots’. That is dodgy in Glasgow.
    As someone once said; “i think the lady doth protest too much”.

    1. No, Richard, just pointing out some facts rather than your ridiculous assumptions.

      Seeing as your counting, it was actually only five (5) subsequent paragraphs. It seems you have some trouble with that as well. Or perhaps you just like to exaggerate for effect?

      What’s Glasgow got to do with it, anyway? Is that supposed to make me feel intimidated? That you’re some kind of hard man? Awa’ an’ bile yer heid! — that’s what they say up there, isn’t it?

      No doubt you’ll be wanting the last word, so feel free as I won’t be bothering anymore with this conversation and just to help you with your counting, that’s four (4) paragraphs.

  18. Yes, true, the war criminal Blair did run the country for ten years. And yes, paid officials and others used to make up the rules as they went along too. Dunno whether I’m supposed to be pleased about that.
    Both my partner and myself were ‘privatised’ under Labour in that period.
    During the Blair years lots of things happened that previously nobody would have expected a LP to do. He praised Thatcher. Thatcher said Blair was her greatest success.
    She’d be made up to see the Sir (member of the establishment) running the LP. I seem to remember Thatcher was accused of covering up allegations against paedophile Tory MP’s.. Sir Stormer, QC, has also been named as the person dropping the cases against Saville I believe?

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