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Starmer’s suspension of Corbyn broke parliamentary party rules. All of them

Labour MPs’ code of conduct lays out clear requirements for withdrawal of whip – and not one of them was followed with Corbyn

The code of conduct applicable to all Labour MPs lays out the rules that must be observed and the conditions that must be met before the whip is withdrawn from one of them.

It appears that Keir Starmer broke every one of them when he withdrew the whip from Jeremy Corbyn, after Corbyn was unanimously reinstated by a right-dominated panel of National Executive Committee members. He had been suspended despite the EHRC report on the Labour Party stating explicitly that members have a legal right to express a view on the level of antisemitism in the party – and that this protection is ‘enhanced’ in the case of elected officials such as MPs.

The parliamentary Labour party (PLP) code of conduct provides the procedure that must be followed:

Withdrawal of the Whip

Following the conclusion of an investigation into a Member’s conduct or in exceptional circumstances, withdrawal of the Whip (i.e. expulsion from the Parliamentary Labour Party) may be decided upon by a meeting of the Parliamentary Party at which prior notice of the motion has been given by the Parliamentary Committee.
The notice of motion shall include the terms of the proposed withdrawal including the length of time the withdrawal is proposed to last.

Withdrawal of the Whip shall be reported to the National Executive Committee and to the CLP of the Member concerned.

Member’s Right to be heard

Any Member against whom disciplinary action is proposed under paragraph (d) shall be given at least three days’ notice, and shall have the right to make representations to the next meeting of the Parliamentary Committee prior to a motion being put to the vote.

  • decided at a meeting of the PLP – nope, Starmer took the decision ‘on the fly’ and apparently in panic
  • motion of withdrawal – nope, just a high-handed decision made behind closed doors
  • prior notice of the motion – nope, there was no motion
  • motion to include the term of the proposed withdrawal – nope, there was no motion
  • motion to include the length of time – nope, there was no motion and Starmer has simply said he will keep it ‘under review’
  • communicated to the CLP of the MP – nope, the media appears to have had it first again
  • three days’ notice – nope, decision on the fly
  • right to be heard before the decision – nope, not even remotely
  • put to a vote – nope, there was no motion to vote on

Basically, every rule that Starmer could have broken in the process of his suspension of Jeremy Corbyn – itself a breach of the EHRC report’s ban on ‘political interference‘ in disciplinary outcomes – was broken.

Starmer has made a mockery of his commitment to enact all aspects of the EHRC report, as well as of the PLP rule-book and the party’s disciplinary procedures – and, while he was at it, of the principles of natural justice to boot.

And he didn’t even have the backbone to admit he’d done it, instead trying to pretend he was simply ‘not restoring’ the whip when it had already been restored.

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  1. What has no backbone, no genitals, no brain and no personality?
    A jellyfish.
    (except I think jellyfish might have rudimentary brains and reproductive organs)

    1. A jellyfish may only have a rudimentary brain but would still be more intelligent than the imposter masquerading as the LOTO.

      1. It’s consistent. Corbyn should have removed the whip from Watson. But he would have had to do so within the rules and according to procedure

  2. Len was right, Starmer’s action was vindictive, it seems Corbyn’s for the many has no traction for New, new Labour

  3. As soon as the Israel army within Labour and in the BOD moved again to condemn Corbyn after he was reinstated, Starmer was right on it with his action to appease and pacify them but of course it didn’t work, it was never going to.

    As has been shown before with this crowd of bullies, they were not satisfied and wanted even more, demanding Corbyn’s head on a plate. Starmer obliged by breaking Party rules and is now in the crap. Get out of that one Starmer.

    He too will learn, just as RLB did, that if he doesn’t follow the demands of the Israel Lobby to the letter they will also turn on him.

    Aren’t I good, I didn’t mention the Zionist wreckers once!

  4. Pig’s Ear in British English – noun – Something that has been badly or clumsily done; a botched job (esp in the phrase make a pig’s ear of (something)).

    Sir Pig’s Kear Starmer, destroying Labour and collapsing the membership, for the favour of and by appointment to trilateral billionaires (all of them).

  5. It’s about time that ALL religions were consigned to the dustbin of history. There is not, and never has been, a god! Abolish ALL royal families to the same dustbin!

    1. Now Richard…make a good act of contrition and say three Hail Marys and one our father for luck…may your troubled soul be healed…but you’re right about the Royal family although I would much sooner acomadate them in “social housing” after taking back our assets they filched.

      1. No such thing as a soul, either, sorry Joseph.

        Nothing wrong, on the face of it, with accommodating them in “social housing” but that would risk a future royal sprog being restored.

        That was one of the (many) mistakes of Cromwell, charlie boy the first was beheaded for being a BAD king, it should have been just because he existed, (just like the French and Russians)!

      2. Richard Well you’re maybe right about the social housing,I was in one of my generous moods,but just remember that the religious fanatic Cromwell didnt have the balls to finish the job against the monarch,at least not in England and decided to punish the Irish peasantry in a scorched earth policy.You cannot build a democracy on a failed no recognition of religion or Royals is the building block of democracy,and thats why the Labour party are in trouble..they kow towed to the rigged system of patronage and titles and even brought one in and voted for him as leader.The British never learn from history,they like to live in it…!

  6. Well it looks like chucking away the rule book is the first port of call for the knight and his misfits.Learn from the enemy and take the fight to there homes and see how that works.Corbyn was doorsteped from day one of his leadership.lets see how the knight and your local Labour mps like it.Drastic action is needed to stop the witchunt being brought to the doors of the membership.Direct action against tyrants is the only language they understand and it seems that the attacks on imagined foes is the only language they use. With the CLPs ramping up the fightback the message along with direct action might give the knight reflection on his actions.And don’t forget the power of the media in gaslighting the embarrassing scene of members outside houses HQ and parliament.Desperate times require desperate measures…ps dont forget to wear a mask..!

  7. Ps just a techy question on your caption of the 2leaders sat together Have they been photo shopped as it looks like Corbyns been stuck behind a muck spreader and the knight has blood or something around his tie.?needless to say they both look in agony .!

    1. I think the photo (just the one) has been processed to make it look closer to a cartoon, just like you can do with apps on a modern mini-handheld computer. (I refuse to call it a smartphone)!

  8. You should never under estimate the opposition but neither should you over estimate it. I get the distinct impression that Starmer hasn’t a clue what he is doing and that he has managed to paint himself in to a very tight corner.
    If he restores the Whip to Corbyn he will be vilified and called a weakling by the MSM and others who are egging him on. Indeed his authority such as it is will be seriously damaged. Having let them down once his leadership will then come under even more pressure from those who seek to influence him in these matters.
    If however he holds to his current position he risks a civil war within the Party and the wrath of the TU’s he also stands a very good chance of being humiliated in the Courts.
    The reaction to his actions within the Party were perfectly foreseeable. Who in Gods name could say that they were surprised by them? Astonishingly – for a senior lawyer – he has opened himself up to litigation because he hasn’t even taken the precaution of following basic Party rules.
    Starmer is not in command of a situation that he exacerbated by trying to play the tough guy. He is now in deep trouble as he will find that he can’t win one way or the other. Worse he has distracted the Party away from opposing these awful Tories during the worst national crisis since WWII and he is consequently letting down millions of people. This will not have gone unnoticed by those people.
    The irony is that they said Corbyn wouldn’t last long. At this rate Starmer won’t even see out 12 months. Even his pals are likely to dump him..

    1. Yes, but this is a case of language being used to confuse: In populsr use, meaning 1 is often meant. But slippery Sir Keir is quite rightly using the word to mean 2.
      Oxford English Dictionary:
      forensic | fəˈrɛnsɪk |
      1 relating to or denoting the application of scientific methods and techniques to the investigation of crime: forensic evidence.
      2 relating to courts of law.

      A cleaning rota for courts is as ‘forensic’ as Sir Keir Rodney Starmer.

  9. What if you’re wrong? What if everything is working out just the way that Trevor Chinn; Margaret Hodge; the BoD; the JLM & Labour & Conservative Friends of Israel planned it. Israel will be created over the corpses of Palestinian people who do not leave their homes & their land willingly & if you dare criticise you are an anti-Semite. Classic Catch 22 “dirt covers up the truth with lies”, as sanitised MSM refuse to act as an impartial ‘window on the world’. Does it matter who owns & controls MSM? just another ‘Trope’.

    Anti-Semitism is the stick that keeps beating & the gift to Israel that keeps giving as the Labour Party continues to apologise & embrace the viper that actively & blatantly works against its interests. Tony Blair’s EHRC is staffed by a special cartel of ‘law specialists’ paid by gov’t contracts & work done for organisations such as CAA. Solicitor, Adam Wagner sits on EHRC panel; writes hostile articles in the Guardian attacking Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party, but at the same time employed by Doughty Street Chambers to represent CAA. No questions asked. How impartial?

    Why do Labour politicians continue to apologise? Self inflicted wounds that will destroy a Socialist Labour Party. As long as the IHRA definition is embraced, we are all guilty & will be removed. The JLM actively works against the interests of the Labour Party & its members, submitting secret & anonymous ‘complaints to chums in EHRC to ‘trigger’ investigation. No moves to disaffiliate the viper within?

    The ‘classic threat’ of being accused of anti-Semitism ensures no-one dares raise their voice in criticism. Each & every virtue becomes a liability As Jeremy Corbyn, a life-long campaigner against any form of racism, is accused of being an anti-Semite. The irony is not lost.

    1. Incisive exposition, nd yes, the strategy is mainstream CIA-dispersed “deep state” thought control, which has been a systemic part of American oligarchy-pretending-to-be-democracy since the murder of an American President at November 22, 1963 at 12:30 p.m. (the Deep State’s first act).

  10. Keith Stalin must be the first illiterate lawyer. How he would cope with all those ministerial boxes, God knows!

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