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Exclusive: Labour whip already restored to Corbyn

Media claims of Starmer’s hesitation are untrue

Reports are circulating, as the Labour right desperately tries to deflate the significance of Jeremy Corbyn’s reinstatement to the Labour Party today by a right-dominated panel of NEC members, that Labour leader Keir Starmer is ‘undecided’ whether to restore the party ‘whip’ to his predecessor.

The reports are untrue. The whip was restored to Corbyn immediately on his reinstatement.

If Starmer tries to withdraw the whip after the disciplinary process has been duly completed, it would be the very definition of the ‘political interference’ that the recent EHRC report – which Starmer has promised to implement in full – forbids.

There is one potential avenue for the Labour right to try to attack Corbyn’s status as a Labour MP. The ‘parliamentary Labour party’ (PLP) standing orders allow MPs to vote on withdrawing the whip – a tactic right-wing MPs used against former MP Chris Williamson. However, this would also be indisputable political interference in the disciplinary process and the standing orders will need to be changed to bring Labour into line with the EHRC’s requirements.

In addition, the party’s rules make clear that any such attempt would be subject to the NEC’s decision if Corbyn decided to contest it – and the NEC has already ruled, via its constituted panel – one that consisted of a majority of right-wingers:

Again, if the NEC were to concede to the tantrums of petulant MPs, Starmer’s commitment to abide by the findings of the EHRC report would become a mockery – which may do much to explain the attempts by some MPs to use false reports in the media to tarnish Corbyn’s reinstatement.

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    1. john – Could you explain why you disagree with anything that I written anything on this page .

      1. correction Could you explain why you disagree with anything that I have written anything on this page .

      1. Joseph, I agree Corbyn didn’t need to add to his original statement, which was both accurate and necessary, but it doesn’t actually mean what the right of the LP and their many media allies have taken it to mean. However, It does give the right something of a fig leaf, though not one that stays in place after close scrutiny.

  1. Change the message
    This has nothing to do with anti semitism or the Jewish Community
    It has everything to do with the Conservative supporting Jewish Community and interference in our democracy by the Israel lobby
    The MSM and toilet papers have betrayed the British people by not calling them out

    1. The MSM have been betraying the British people for donkeys years, and they are hardly going to call out their co-conspitors.

      1. Alan
        Change the message
        A functioning democracy needs a Free Press
        What we have is the billionaire press and chumocracy
        Will tie In nicely with industrial scale fraud being committed by cheap and nasty Tory party

      2. On a practical level, regulation will sort out media and oligarchs
        They always have OFF in their titles, starting with Press, let’s call the regulator FUCK OFF
        Members can be called FUCKERS
        So which FUCKERS would you have on the panel
        For me its Hugh Grant, Max Moseley and Prince Harry for starters
        Hugh can make call to tell them we are putting the band back together

  2. Looks to me as if Corbyn has paid for the right to re admited to the exclusive club,..wouldnt be supprised at a peerage in the very near future.Anything is possible its just taken me over half a century for the penny to drop.Carry on Steve H youve just proven you’re no worse than all the pretend leftys in the Liebor party….God help us…because nobody else can…!

    1. Joseph – Was I wrong to inform other readers that Jeremy had actually been sanctioned, if so why?

      1. The Rat next to your name doesnt help,but who cares? Anything goes in the nu liebor party.Keep spinning steve you need the money for your island in the sun 🌞

  3. Corbyn was only re-admitted after a crawling & mendacious apology. Never has he doubled down.
    He threw Marc Wadsworth, Jackie Walker & Chris Williamson under the bus. Now Starmer is going to set up an “independent tribunal” to pass judgement on anyone the Right wants taken down.

    1. Squawkbox says the PLP might”try to tarnish corbyns re enstatment “maybe you’re right ,but I think and many other comrades that hes done enough to tarnish it himself

    2. Meet ‘Mark Francis’, yet ANOTHER lying fucking fascist paid shill, or more likely one of their secondary personas. The shills never-EVER stop infesting this site with their poisonous falsehoods, and just spew it out every single day, day after day afer day, week after week, month after month! But THIS particular falsehood is probably the biggest one so far!

      And needless to say – re Okeefe’s contribution to the Big Falsehood they are all dissembling – the ONLY people tarnishing Jeremy are the likes of Okeefe and the other paid shills who post on here every day! Oh, and get the ‘many other comrades’ line, which is a classic black propanda stratagem designed to make readers believe that there are many others who feel the same way.

      Please get wise to these paid fascist shills if you haven’t done so already, and ALSO the fact that they manipulate the Likes so as to lead people to believe there are other people who read and follow skwawkbox who agree with them.

  4. I doubt anyone would pay me with my poor education and spelling,punctuation etc,but thanks for the flattery.I remind you mr fantasist that Joe OKEEFE myself has a easily tracked background in Socialism and anti racist \secatarian activism…and of course the Labour party borough councillor in Reigate that you disputed and ended up with egg on your poisonous face..Now I am retired its unfortunate that I am not physically able to deal with your crude lies,but youre on record as a fantisist liar.and thats maybe the only way posters on here can deal with your minor tantrums and stalking….Ignore the troll I was advised from day one of posting on here.Good advice,shame on you white flag man Allan Howard.

    1. Never mind Joseph, you can always get a job as a Guardian journalist……with reference to punctuation & spelling. Sorry Joseph, I’ll stop digging & shut up!.

      1. Thanks steve Richards…but I am also loosing my sight and have a crap computer.Yes maybe your advise could work,now how do you spell gardyin?

    2. Yep, Joseph, the inability of those sad people, like the now clearly paranoid individual, Allan Howard, to grasp that Jeremy Corbyn not only betrayed the once in a lifetime opportunities of the 2015 to 2019 Left Surge ‘ in the Labour Party by his (and his PLP Left cronies) total ‘whipped cur’ surrender to every smear and act of naked sabotage the Right and their MSM allies threw at him and the Left during his timid ‘Leadership’ period, but has now recanted even his mild ‘offending’ true statement that the scale of the anti-Semitism issue in the party was exaggerated for factional purposes, to secure his own continued well-remunerated place in the comfy exclusive London club that is the PLP.

      And this of course also represents the clear fact that the self-serving fake Left poseurs of the PLP ‘Left’ wont raise a finger to help the thousands of ordinary Left members who will be purged in the months to come under cover of the anti-Semitism issue (though a small number thoroughly deserve to be expelled of course – because this small minority ARE anti-Semites). Behind the fake , merely posturing, ‘Left radicalism’ of most of the PLP ‘Socialist Campaign Group’ are the same self-serving careerists as inhabit the rest of the PLP – but just singing a different fake radical Left tune – to maintain a different support base. But neither Left or of course the Right, hase ANY intentionof seriously tackling the neoliberal status quo. And that has been the reality of the craven posturing Labour ‘Left’ since the very formation of the pro imperialist, bourgeois, pro status quo, Labour Party.

  5. Ellman just on R4 on her moral high horse calling for Starmer and the Whip to expel Corbyn from PLP. She who is a proven liar. She who is proven to have spread the lie that Audrey White of her CLP was an anti-Semite. Followed by Marie van der Zyl of the BoD who claimed the EHRC report proves victimisation of Jews when in fact page 20 specifically records no findings of victimisation over the period in question, 2011-2018. Liars, manipulators, bullies and of course, above all apologists for Israeli racism.

    1. “She who is proven to have spread the lie that Audrey White of her CLP was an anti-Semite.

      And I’ll bet that was never brought up… Nor her casual dismissal of her lad’s drug dealing; while she represented an area with a massive drug problem.

      …Or her outright porkies about the Hajo Meyer incident…

      Born liar and rodent.

  6. I hear references on the BBC about the ‘Jewish Community’ & fears expressed that many would leave Britain if Jeremy became PM. I wonder if that claim could be substantiated if the BBC ever bothered to check facts, although I do remember Phil Collins saying the same about any future Labour Gov’t. More likely just a fact in the deluded mind of Margaret Hodge. (see McPherson Principle).
    Perhaps the BBC could explain to my Jewish Friends & myself, where this ‘jewish Community’ is? The BBC uses the definite article, so there can only be one; is that the one in London aka Board of Deputies or Jewish Stakeholders?

    1. Added to that, just how many times has maureen lipman left the labour party?

      She ‘left’ because of Corbyn’s alleged antismitism. But she also ‘left’ in 2014 or thereabouts, when ed moribund (A jew, no less) was leader…

      1. Lipman is a professional dramatist. We are similarly warned that if we tax the 1% bandits and Tory scroungers, they would leave. They haven’t and won’t. The trough is too deep🛑

    2. Steve Richards, i’v tried pointing out same. The invention of “THE” this “Community and “THE” that “Community”, are deliberate tricks. Then a few handfuls of unelected “Community leaders” on MSM speed-dial are meant to reduce people to an obedient cohesive lump.

      THE community leader says as we all feel… hmmm… Imagine, “THE” leader of the Skwawkbox “community” speaking for all of us, including White Flag Man, RH, McNiv and SH, it would be as hysterically ridiculous as the MSM’s sadly too easily adopted shackles.

      Would love a peep at the grid for revealing the next “communities”. We’ve be given: Transgender, Vegan, Gay… NB no straight community… Chinese, Indian, African, Caribbean etc then lumped together in the latest release – BAME. NB again no White community … yet.

      No one should use terms foisted on us. Describe yourself as yourself or as a human being. We are sure of that… except for THE Warmonger Community Leader – the repellent creature dripping with George Bush’s slime, brown crusts striations, fungal pustules and furry mould Tony Blair W.M.D.
      Weapon of Mass Dump❌

    1. In addition, the discredited Louise Ellman should never be engaged as a ‘talking head’ on any broadcast platform – ever again

      1. The BBC would argue that it was ‘balanced’ because Manson and Ellman got roughly equal time at 4 minutes each.
        What they’ll ignore is that the Wark woman CONSTANTLY interrupted Manson with increasingly loaded questions pushing Starmer’s agenda, while Ellman was given a free hand to say whatever she wanted against Corbyn without interruption or challenge.
        And then Starmer’s bag lady dismissed Manson with a peremptory wave of the hand and “I’m afraid we have no more time.”
        Appalling lack of journalistic integrity for which she’ll probably get a BBC bonus.

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