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Brand new, nightly, free working-class socialist channel launched tonight – Socialist Telly (Left Media TV)

A brand new – and free – socialist streaming channel has launched this evening: Left Media TV, or ‘Socialist Telly’. The station will be run by grassroots left activists and will feature current affairs, panel discussions, expert analysis and political education. The first transmission, which just ended, featured the excellent Cornish Damo interviewing working-class stalwart Jon Trickett:

In what is believed to be a global first the programmes will, at least initially, run live on Twitter – the first live socialist broadcasts on the platform, followed by streaming on other social media platforms.

Follow Socialist Telly on Twitter for the earliest access.

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  1. It’s on Twitter. Should be safe then, no chance of a shutdown no matter what is said. Ok good.

  2. Well 12.4 K viewers , not bad for a starter , hopefully will increase as time progresses and the channel becomes established. Sounds good to have political education at some point in future broadcasts

  3. Yes rob .. but the resident gobshite would say that there’s a million billion squintillion labour members and growing because of sirkeer…and only 12.4 k listened in to that podcast and half of them were probably disgruntled ex members so they and their voices don’t count…

  4. Sorry, I meant watched the stream rather than listened to podcast (Got me threads tangled)

  5. ITS a sign that there is a vacuum in the left ,for representation by somebody anybody and I am amazed that its come from nowhere anywhere .More info on whos financing this wonderful idea?and how they intend to survive in this cut throat business.I applaud what appears a genuine effort to fill a gap in the crowded right wing media..Unfortunately I am not on Twitter.

  6. I’ve said for years the left needs its own TV channel, but I meant on Freeview and with programming that would appeal to a more general audience.
    Most ordinary viewers will find activists discussing politics dry as dust.
    I thought a comedy channel, or at least comedy-heavy, would be a good choice if we wanted it to be more than just a talking shop.
    It wouldn’t get rich taking advertising only from ethical businesses but with some entertainment mixed in with the discussions, and the discussions including names they know, it ought hopefully to cover its costs.
    A panel explaining the news behind the news with humour and sarcasm would be novel – I’d hope that might catch on.
    Cartoons too – catch them young and explain why we’re socialists while they still have the curiosity to ask why the world’s so far from perfect after all these years.

  7. Socialist TV? Perhaps you could ask the Guardian to run it? When will Socialist become ‘woke’ & will it tolerate dissent?

  8. It’s worth doing but still there are established socialist channels on other media, especially YouTube. Some are by individual commentators, some by organisations. They stream live and invite interaction and also do podcasts. There’s a lot of possibilities for reaching people and no-one has yet exploited this to its fullest.

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