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SKWAWKBOX editor lodges formal antisemitism complaint against Keir Starmer for conflation of Jewish people with actions of Israeli government in breach of IHRA code

As a Labour Party member I have lodged a formal complaint of antisemitism with the Labour Party against its leader Keir Starmer, in the wake of events yesterday around the dismissal of Rebecca Long-Bailey as Shadow Education Secretary.

Long-Bailey was sacked after a row about Starmer’s support for Boris Johnson’s plans to rush children and teachers back into the classroom in spite of the danger of fuelling a new spike in coronavirus infections – it emerged yesterday that outbreaks in schools have doubled after even the abortive partial return on 1 June.

However, Starmer appeared on camera to tell the media that Long-Bailey had been sacked for sharing an article by actor Maxine Peake that Starmer said contained an ‘antisemitic conspiracy theory’. The wording of the article, later deleted by the Independent, mentioned US police receiving training from Israeli state organisations.

The final example of antisemitism in the IHRA working definition of antisemitism is:

Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel.

By equating a comment about the Israeli state training US police – such training is a matter of public record, in spite of Peake’s subsequent withdrawal – with antisemitism, I believe that Starmer himself has conflated the state of Israel with Jewish people collectively, in clear breach of this example in the IHRA working definition.

Starmer has previously said that he will implement the full definition in the party, including all its examples.

I have therefore submitted a formal complaint to the party, using its complaints page, as follows:

By describing Maxine Peake’s criticism of Israel as ‘an antisemitic conspiracy theory’, Mr Starmer has collectively equated Jewish people with the Israeli state. This is a clear breach of the final example of the IHRA working definition of antisemitism, which is:

“Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel.”

As Mr Starmer has endorsed the full application of the IHRA, including all its examples, he has no excuse for such a breach. As a member of the Labour Party I am appalled at this casual antisemitism and lack of care by its leader.

Starmer’s comments about the sacking also reinforce the false idea that all Jewish people think alike on the topic of Israel and its government’s actions. On his sacking of Long-Bailey, Starmer said:

I do not consider sharing that article furthered the course of rebuilding trust with the Jewish community

But many Jewish people are also appalled at the behaviour of the behaviour of Netanyahu government. Jewish LSE professor David Graeber, in a recent interview for Double Down News, explained why treating Jewish people as if they all have one opinion on the topic is so problematic:

Furthermore, the majority of Charedi ultra-Orthodox Jews – who make up around a quarter of the UK’s Jewish population and are projected to represent half within fifteen years – are not supporters of the state of Israel, yet Starmer ignored and negated their opinion and lumped them in with his comments about ‘the’ Jewish community.

Many Jewish people appalled by the conduct of the Israeli government feel deeply aggrieved and discriminated against by the negation of their viewpoint as Jewish. Their experience must not be ignored or discounted.

I am aware that making this complaint will lead to attacks from the Labour right and others, but the importance of standing with Jewish people against such shoddy and dismissive treatment is too great. Such framing is common among the media and the right, but it cannot pass unchallenged when Labour’s leader participates.

The Labour Party’s response is awaited.

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    1. Labrebisgalloise a brilliant article. Yet I fear Starmer will ignore this in his pursuit of getting rid of those pesky Palestinian Labour Party supporters

      1. IF the LP anti-Semitism complaints procedure works the way it was designed, to prevent the Leader (then Corbyn) from influencing it, Starmer could be caught by the Zionists’ own scheming.

    2. labrebisgalloise, please don’t ever say “Let’s go!!!” like that again – it reminds me of this:

  1. Good one, Skwawk! About time somebody had Starmer’s trousers down and gave him a spanking.

  2. Pick 5
    JVL will draft letter calling out Conservative Jewish groups vexatious claims and whole AS Scam
    Publish it and be damned

  3. Excellent move, High profile and I hope now all the other Alt Left media do the same .
    What with his appmt of right winger Green then Labour is truly no longer anything remotely representing the working class and it’s Unions .The unt is playing a high stakes game , so be it !

  4. Additional information to further you complaint should be that, contrary to popular opinion, not all Israeli Police are Jewish.It is not a requirement.

    Which make starmer, and the BOD’s assertion that discussing the state police is the same as discussing Jewish people, even more disingenuous.

  5. RLB was asked to take down her original tweet by her party leader, she refused to do this and was subsequently sacked. Polling indicates that only 16% of Labour voters disagree with Starmer’s decision to sack her. When all respondents are included this drops to only 12% disagreeing with his decision.
    Are we really expected to believe that RLB is so politically naïve or did she intentionally engineer her own sacking.

    1. Do you have a link to the poll? Cheers

      From what I’ve read of the coverage, certain quarters have ‘transformed’ what Maxine Peake said from her saying that American cops have learnt such techniques from the IDF, into her implying that Israeli – ie Jews – were responsible for George Floyd’s death.

      But that’s black propagandists for you! The point being….. if that is what many people have been led to believe, then THAT would account for the results of the poll.

    2. Not been on Twitter lately then I presume! There is still today a huge backing for RLB and anger at her treatment! Maybe a good idea if you paid a visit and looked at how many likes Starmer gets on his tweets? The one he did on Thursday got 700! Meanwhile Corbyn who is still holding BoJo to account daily, as is his right as an MP, is still passing the 10k mark regularly!

      1. Most of Starmer’s retweets and likes are from Tories, Lib/Dems and the FBPE Brigade, Oh and the Blairite Plotters

    3. ……and only 3% of the membership can be arsed to sign a petition demanding RLB’s reinstatement.

      1. And maybe that’s because they are not aware that there IS a petition. And perhaps many of those who ARE aware of the petition’s existence are reluctant to sign it because the witch-hunters will then come gunning for them.

        But I have little doubt that you know this, but you ALWAYS have to go for the negative shithead explanation, what with you being the nasty little fascist shill that you ARE. Fuck off you piece of fascist excrement!!

      2. Oh come on Allan anyone with any interest at all in Labour Party politics would have to be pretty dumb to have missed the existence of this petition + it really doesn’t take much nounce to hide your identity if you are that paranoid.

      3. I know it exists but I haven’t received a link or invitation to sign which I want to do. I assume it doesn’t come from the Party so who sends it?

      4. Paul – Check out John McDonnell’s Twitter account or alternatively a really simple Google search will take you to it. However I do find it puzzling why people would want to reinstate someone who is self evidently politically naive.

        I suggest you read what Peter Jukes of Byline Times has to say on the subject before you rush off and sign this petition.

    4. SteveH, “Are we really expected to believe that RLB is so politically naïve”

      The answer to that is an emphatic YES. She declared herself to be a Zionist when she obviously didn’t have a clue what Zionism is! She also claims to be a Socialist, she can’t be both, one is the opposite to the other.

      1. Jack – You may well be right because she also clearly stated that she would welcome both Louise Ellman and Luciana Berger back into the party with open arms. RLB then compounded this by stating that the Labour party should pay compensation to the treacherous bastards who appeared in the Panorama ‘documentary’. Oh and lets not forget that she appointed Lansman as her campaign manager (which should be enough to put anyone off). Some people are worth fighting for and others just aren’t worth the effort.

    5. Oh, I see it was a yougov poll, the polling organisation that is without a shadow of a doubt a weapon of the Establishment, and totally untrustworthy as such!

      1. Allan – I have little doubt that over the next few days here will be several alternative polls for you to pick from, or will you just dismiss them all as a conspiracy.

      2. And just to be clear, 41% of ALL respondents said they Don’t Know, and 40% of Labour voters said they didn’t know, but as I said, it was a yougov poll, so should be taken with a large dose of salt!

        And I have no doubt whatsoever that yougov conspired in the stitch-up of Diane Abbott on BBC Questiontime in January of last year in respect of their poll putting Labour 6 points behind the Tories, whereas OTHER polls at the time had Labour two or three points ahead of the Tories!

        If you’re relatively new to skwawkbox and don’t know what happened, put >diane abbott bbc questiontime< in search engine

      3. Allan – “If you’re relatively new to skwawkbox and don’t know what happened, “

        Your rather pathetic attempt at condescension doesn’t really contribute much towards enhancing your case.

        Which ever way you look at it the figures don’t favour RLB and it should also be noted that the same poll by way of contrast shows a negative result for Boris’s handling of the Jenrick scandal . Meanwhile from a different source here’s another of those ‘not to be trusted polls’ that was published yesterday. Although this poll doesn’t address the RLB issue directly it does show a continuing positive trend for the Labour Party which we can all celebrate.

        “Labour leader Keir Starmer has overtaken Boris Johnson as the public preferred choice for Prime Minister, according to the latest Opinium poll for The Observer.
        Starmer is preferred to lead the country by 37% of voters polled on Thursday and Friday last week, compared with 35% who say Johnson would be the best Prime Minister.
        While the Tories remain four points ahead of Starmer’s party on 44% to Labour’s 39%, the gap has closed from over 20% in February and early March when the Tories enjoyed a regular commanding lead as the country rallied behind the government, and Jeremy Corbyn was reaching the end of his time as Labour leader.

      1. If you think this is about RLB you are as thick as pigshit
        Keir does not have the numbers he will be wiped out as soon as a credible left wing candidate comes forward
        You know it he knows it
        So how does he avoid it

      2. Doug – ” he [Keir] will be wiped out as soon as a credible left wing candidate comes forward”

        Thanks, I rest my case.

      3. You haven’t made a case Steve.

        Back on topic this stunt by Skwawkbox is ok as consciousness raising, but clearly a non starter.

      4. DavidS – I would contest that the lack of a credible candidate to attempt a doomed challenge against Keir Starmer is all the case I need to make at the moment. Do you have a credible candidate that you’d like to put forward.

      5. SteveH
        Class action against right wing
        Any left wing candidate who stands up against AS Scam will wipe the floor with Keir
        Elections elections elections dear boy

      6. Doug – Are you basing your predictions on the outcome of the recent deputy leadership elections where two of the candidates admirably refused to sign the BoD nonsense.

      7. Well that’s a lot clearer.

        What’s our criteria for credible?

        There won’t be a leadership challenge, I think we all know not to prod a stick in he hornets nest of giving people a fair crack at the whip, even when they are patently vapid and carry the card but few of the core principles.

      8. DavidS – “There won’t be a leadership challenge”

        So ask yourself who’s purpose does it serve for a minority faction of the membership to damage the party’s electoral prospects by continually trying to undermine our newly elected leader?

      9. SteveH28/06/2020 AT 8:32 AM

        Doug – ” he [Keir] will be wiped out as soon as a credible left wing candidate comes forward”

        Thanks, I rest my case.


        You can add ‘Fickle’ to the list of derogatory terms used to describe yourself.

    6. Steve H, whom do they poll and where. I think us up north hary get asked our opinions.

      1. Sabine – Speak for yourself, I live in a northern mill town and I’ve been asked by Survation to contribute to several of their polls

      2. Steve H, I live in a town with mainly defunct Mills near Bradford – not Saltaire.

      3. Sabine – As I’ve said elsewhere, if you want to make your contribution to various polls then there is absolutely nothing to stop you from registering with the polling organisations..

      4. Doug – That’s a really easy one to answer, because I registered with them. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from doing the same.

    7. Nobody asked me, in this ‘polling’. i would certainly have disagreed with its result. I’m pretty sure that had many others ever heard of any poll, they might also have. Was it in the right wing press? ..and therefore irrelevant?

  6. Your best move in a while, Skwawk. I wish you all the best with it, though you’re up against it, of course!

  7. I did the same yesterday and so should any self respecting member of the Labour party, although you don’t need to be to make a complaint. Its time to fight back against the AWI Plc/BoD and the other racists that have infected the Party.
    Starmer is a closet racist as shown by his lack of action on proven racist staffers that infest Labour.
    The rules are quite clear.
    If Starmer is not suspended we should seek to take action in the courts if necessary.

    1. Paul “Starmer is a closet racist as shown by his lack of action on proven racist staffers that infest Labour.”

      Total bollocks
      You are ignoring that during JC’s tenure the leadership was specifically excluded from interfering in the party’s disciplinary procedures. The disciplining of Labour Party HQ employees is an HR issue for their employer (the NEC or maybe their sponsoring trade union) and any interference from the leadership would leave the door open for the party being either sued or challenged in Employment Tribunals..
      You are also ignoring the fact that there is currently an outgoing detailed investigation by the NEC into the conduct of some Labour HQ staff that was revealed in the leaked dossier and that Keir made it very clear that the start of normal party disciplinary procedures should, where possible, not be impeded because of the enquiry.

      1. SteveH. Starmer is not a closet racist, he is a full on out and proud racist because he supports Zionism, a more racist doctrine you couldn’t get.

  8. Genius! The idea that the observation made by Maxine P was anti Semitic has to be challenged. It’s rubbish and every rational person knows it. Call Sir Keir! I bet he refuses to enter the witness box, he hasn’t a leg to stand on. Congratulations to Mr SB!

  9. Who conducted this poll please SH,and when, as I don’t know anyone who was asked? Yes well done Sqwarky, SIR Starmer has seemingly broken the rules. Maybe we can now also see on this site the letter that was sent to the Wavertree LP MP, made public by the LP, which caused so much offence.
    Four Exec members have been suspended for writing to the MP. I think it would be good for everyone to see how members are being treated, being labelled racists and anti-Semites, and to actually read the letter themselves..
    How anyone could construe anything anti-Semitic in the wording is beyond belief. This proves I think that the new rt wing know they can’t win the argument at clp level, and why they resort to such underhanded methods of removing socialists from positions of influence.
    Lets not forget either that LP MP Siobhain McDonagh claimed that to be anti-capitalist is to be anti-Semitic. Is she suggesting that all Jewish people are capitalists; and if so, is this an anti-Semitic comment?

  10. Well done SKWAWKBOX, keep up your good work, what would the left do without you?

  11. I think you are right to do this Skwawkbox. It is wrong to equate disapproval of Israeli actions with hatred of Jewish people especially since, as has been pointed out by others, many Jewish people are equally disapproving of it.
    If I criticise the actions of the Italian Spanish or Austrian governments am I a Catholic hater as these countries are overwhelmingly Catholic
    What about criticising the government of Switzerland, a 100% Protestant ( Calvinist) country – does this make me a hater of Protestants. Same with Holland and North Germany both of which are again predominately Protestant
    If I criticise the governments of Saudi Arabia, Egypt,Jordan does that make me an Islamophobe as these countries are almost exclusively Muslim
    The answer is No of course . Therefore I cannot see how criticism of Israel can make Maxine, RLB or anyone else up to and including members of the UN security Council antisemitic.

    1. Very well put. Interesting to see if you get a response, and then also the nature of response. Thank you for doing this.

      1. The response will be so gruel thin so as to leave the only realistic challenge in the courts and in this case that would need to be from Maxine Peak

      2. Doug – Given that Maxine Peake has already published the following on her Twitter account I think the chances of her going to court over this are about as near to absolute zero as one can get.

        Maxine Peake
        I feel it’s important for me to clarify that, when talking to The Independent, I was inaccurate in my assumption of American Police training & its sources. I find racism & antisemitism abhorrent & I in no way wished, nor intended, to add fodder to any views of the contrary.

      3. To me her withdrawal sounds somewhat strange. More like a confession you extricate from people under duress and threat. We all know that there are these police exchange programmes and seminars which is well documented. Whom do they want to fool! Next they expect us to believe that cheddar cheese is really nuttin else than sliced moon.

      4. Sabine – I guess you may have missed this.

        Amnesty International has clarified that it has never reported that “neck kneeling” is a technique taught by the Israeli secret services, after a 2016 report from the organisation was used in support of actor Maxine Peake’s allegation that Israeli secret services taught US police the technique that was used in the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota.

      5. However they both use it. We ha vs seen the evidence. They may not officially teach it, but more like ‘off the record’ or ‘this is very effective, but I did not show you this’ kind of malarkey.. That is the only thing she got wrong. A briefer correction would have been more appropriate rather than this ‘ oh I must wearsack and ashes and crawl o hands a d knees around parliament square for the rest of my life’ stuff.

      6. Under duress, exactly. I imagine her agent pressured her into it.

      7. SteveH
        The luvvie MP took step back once Independent withdrew Amnesty USA report, twas no more than common sense, I had no clue either until JVL
        No, no and no article
        With JVL behind her it’s a slam dunk case against Keir and AS Scammers

      8. Doug – Oh come on, if you’ve run out of stuff to say then have the good grace to keep quiet.

      9. Quisling was villified for supporting the Nazi invasion of Norway. Hard to see how it applies to LP members unless you are making a confession here? It’s a distraction technique isn’t it?

      10. The cop accused of George Floyd’s murder and the 3 accused of lesser charges will likely state in their defence that the ‘knee on neck’ technique WAS part of their training.
        On first sight of the video it appeared to me he’d been trained.
        It’ll be common knowledge in the police ranks who trained them so it may well come out in the trial – I suspect there’ll be some pride at having been trained by the IDF.
        If Peake did misread or misunderstand something from a reputable source like Amnesty and Long-Bailey retweeted it or ‘liked’ it – that doesn’t make either of them antisemites or the content of the tweet antisemitic.
        There has to be intent.

  12. Skwawky
    Find out more about class action against party that’s their weak spot
    Also two major unions up for grabs Unite and GMB
    Plus NEC elections
    Unless we win those, no Chris Williamson
    The class action has most potential to clear them out of the party in short term

    1. Class action by members to clear out Quislings in the party
      As for those fair weather supporters outside the tent
      Rejoin and recruit

      1. Doug – Your willingness along with a small faction of others to deplete the party’s funds in an attempt to undermine the democratic choice of the vast majority of the membership and damage the party’s electoral prospects have been noted. FFS grow up.

      2. SteveH
        Your man your problem
        Get rid of the man get rid of the problem
        Joseph Stalin or was it O’Keeffe

      3. Doug – Unlike you I don’t see his decision on this to be a problem.

      4. SteveH
        Your man has shit on his own doorstep
        What does he do now

      5. SteveH, a class action against the vile form of antisemitism that Doug proposes would NECESSARILY threaten the finances of the Labour Party.

        What is it about Power, the abuse of it and its reclamation by a Just cause that you are having trouble understanding? It’s the way of the world.

      6. Of course we only have your word for it you are a Member of the LP. Shouldn’t you show your dated membership card? It’s hard to imagine a dafter idea than restricting this site to Members Only. First thing is prove it! (Bet you don’t).

  13. Well done Skwawkbox! Starmer is beginning to come across as a bit of ein Alterkaker.

    Sir Erik Armrest is not behaving like the Unity Candidate he professed to be.

  14. Does this need to be reported to the EHRC?
    Is this an opportunity to put the IHRA definition under the scrutiny of the legal system?
    Kenneth Stern would useful witness.
    The truth is out there.
    Well done Steve!

  15. Solidarity Skwawky, but why do I get the feeling that this is pissing into the wind? MSM will doubtless ignore it, so too the Labour Party, but I hope I’m wrong.

  16. Obviously the complaint won’t be taken seriously by the Party, but it’s a good way of illustrating just how dishonest the IHRA saga really was. Of course these new rules were never intended to be applied impartially to remarks conflating Jews with Israel. They were only ever intended to create a media narrative which hurts the Left.

    What I don’t understand is how so many people can tell themselves that they are defending innocent people (victims of racism) while they are attacking innocent people (anti-racists). How do people hold those two ideas in heir heads at once?

    1. “Obviously the complaint won’t be taken seriously by the Party…”

      True, Ben McGorrigan, but plenty of people will be delighted that the socialist left are discovering their balls. People who sneaked away and left the Party, people who feel let down by the brain-dead centrism of the new party management and Jews who feel violated by the conflation of likudic racism and land grabbing with the historic formulation of a Jewish homeland and identity.

      Yes, the party that are most harmed by this media narrative on steroids are its perpetrators.

  17. An interesting development, certainly: surprisingly for a lawyer famous for his forensic approach, Starmer, as a justification for his dismissal of Rebecca Long-Bailey, an indirect reference made by her (originated by another person and only casually mentioned by her, en passant ) to the documented activity of the Israeli military services in the training of various US police services, spontaneously and without thinking was interpreted by him as an offence against the whole Jewish people. It is reassuring that the editor of Sqwawkbox has therefore issued a formal complaint of innate anti-Semitism against Keir Starmer. Certainly the inability of a lawyer to distinguish between one thing and another raises many questions about his true mental capacity.

    1. So have fun with it and ask AS Scammers for their considered opinions
      Start with JLM and work your way down

      1. SteveH
        The internal Labour report was the red line for party members and supporters, red tories starting with Blair will be asked to take a long walk off a short plank
        There is no room for Quislings and Bad Actors in any democratic organisation
        Are you seriously defending them and starting with Blair and Keir, you think there is a way back for them
        If you do your a moron

  18. Well done Skwakie. Starmer is a disgrace to the Labour Party. So glad that Momentum, Ian Lavery and McConnell are speaking out. What troubles me is that Starrmer sees as his major priority ‘rebuilding trust with the Jewish Community’. Since the whole anti-semitism thing was created by the BoD and the MSM to bring down Corbyn, why is it Starmer’s priority? Because he is an MSM and BoD stooge. They say jump he says how high. The Independent didn’t find Maxine’s article anti-semitic so Starmer sacked Long-Bailey on the say so of the BoD I would say. So, not only is our Government controlled by the Israeli Government now our Opposition is too. So, his priority is to appease the BoD rather than say, challenging the deeply disgraceful national scandal of the DNR notices being issued to the elderly and the fact that a consequence of these are that the elderly person, if they become ill, will neither be admitted to or treated in Hospital. It is mass genocide of the Elderly (Video Dr Vernon Coleman and his book How to Stop Your GP from Killing You). It is a greater priority than the fact this country is collapsing economically, a No Deal Brexit is now a certainty and the Japanese are likely in six weeks time to close down all their industry in the U.K at a loss of a phenomenal number of jobs. Starmer shouldn’t forget that, were it not for Jeremy Corbyn, workers wouldn’t have the furlough scheme right now. Yet Starmer’s priority? Appease the BoD and do the MSM’s bidding.

    I think the truth here is that he gave Long-Bailey shadow Education because she had been a Leadership candidate (and should have won). It would be bad form for him to exclude her. She is, also, a brilliant Shadow Minister. The Green Revolution policy she and her team wrote when she was Shadow in Business and Industry is nothing short of brilliant. A very talented, committed politician who would be an asset to any Party. For what it’s worth, I think Starmer was going to get rid of Long-Bailey from the Cabinet at the first opportunity because they are ideologically opposed. He used this as the excuse. Shame on him.

  19. Great-Grandad SteveH, what did you do in the Democracy War? Why couldn’t we prevent the Slave Lords from owning us?
    I voted for Overseer Starmer by mistake, but don’t tell the neighbours.

      1. Quislings and Bad Actors are anti democratic
        Off they must fuck to form this mythical GE winning party machine, my bet they will disappear very quickly up their own backsides
        Because they always do
        Gang of Four anyone

      2. Having ‘no idea’ is most of the problem, but let me explain.
        Whoever and whatever allows wealth inequality to continue its phenominal growth will be responsible for the 0.001% owning the whole world and having total control over all the people in it.
        If you know of any mechanism that prevents or even slows the rise of the super-rich that doesn’t include restriction of their activities and redistribution of wealth, let’s hear it please.
        Starmer and the ‘centrists’ (and for ‘centrists’ read ‘dupes of neoliberalism’) as we all know, are implacably opposed to both redistribution and market intervention.

        And by the way, ‘nounce’ is spelled ‘nous’ – unless you’ve invented a new word meaning ‘clever nonce’ 🙂
        Sorry, it’s not me, it’s the old pedant living in my head…

  20. This statement of support for Palestinians was published just after the sacking of RLB, part of a letter put out by the Socialist Campaign Group :

    ‘The British Government should make clear to Israel now that any annexation of the occupied Palestine land would lead to sanctions.’

    The letter is unhesitant in its condemnation of Israel’s plans and its support of Palestinian statehood. It demands meaningful action against Israel in the form of sanctions.

    And yet it hasn’t sparked a row over antisemitism. None of the signatories – including Diane Abbott, Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Burgon – face any disciplinary measures for endorsing it.

    It is worth bearing that in mind before making hysterical allegations about the RLB sacking (whether you agree with it or not) being part of some conspiracy to outlaw criticism of Israel within Labour.

    RLB did not say anything about Israel itself, or about the treatment of Palestinians: she approvingly shared a newspaper interview in which actor Maxine Peake tied the murder of black American George Floyd to Israeli training of US police – despite there being no evidence that the latter led to the former and Amnesty International putting out a statement denying that they had ever claimed this.

    The more hysterical elements in and around the Labour left claim this will hinder Labour MPs and members from speaking out against Israel’s oppression of Palestinians. And yet 21 Labour MPs quite rightly face no backlash – certainly not from within Labour – for signing a statement calling for sanctions against Israel.

    The difference, of course, is that the letter dredged up no conspiracy theories, unleashed no vitriol about Zionist lobbies, and simply stuck to the reality of Israel’s Trump-backed plan to illegally annex swathes of the occupied West Bank, permanently seizing Palestinian land. If some of the signatories have a problematic history with antisemitism, that does not make their statement problematic. It wasn’t and no problem has arisen.

    The RLB row shows just how easily some British Palestine campaigners link all the world’s evils back to Israel. In her interview, (apparently based upon a Morning Star article of June 1st (Electronic) / June 2nd (print) that contains no hard evidence), Peake goes from Floyd’s killing to Israeli training of US police in a heartbeat – apparently the nearest available evidence of the global nature of systemic racism. Somehow, Israel is always the nearest available evidence, ‘Zionists’ the ultimate diagnosis for every political ill. People would do well to read what ‘Jewish Voice fir Peace’, the leading anti-racist and pro-Palestinian campaign group (who are campaigning for the de-funding of the US police) have to say about this: they call it out as “encouraging an antisemitic narrative.”

    To Peake’s credit, as soon as the falsehood of that section of her interview became clear she simply withdrew her claim. Dadly, it seems RLB did not act so decisively.

    1. Jim Denham “…part of some conspiracy to outlaw criticism of Israel within Labour.”

      Your use of the word ‘some’ implies scornful denial of there being any conspiracy, yet we’ve seen the recall of an Israeli spy for recruiting British subjects to commit treason.
      They conspired to subvert Her Majesty’s Opposition and thereby subvert democracy itself – Israel’s embassy, the spy Masot and the JLM were clearly implicated and the whole episode was recorded on video in “The Lobby.”
      What was that if not a blatant attempt to “outlaw criticism of Israel” by discrediting the perfectly legal BDS movement and falsely accusing Corbyn and the Labour Party of the institutional antisemitism they themselves had invented and fomented.
      The actors in John Ware’s faked-up Panorama drama also subverted democracy whether Ware was initiator, accomplice or just a dupe.
      No conspiracy?
      Grow the fuck up.

    2. Yes, it was a very long time before JVP even felt that they could adopt a position against Zionism per se and I have previously expressed my own reservations about the occasionally obsessive use of this term by posters such as Jack T.

      However, I do take issue with the support for Starmer that you imply with ” … the letter dredged up no conspiracy theories … “.

      Maxine Peake may not have had the evidence to support her particular comment about how Israel exports its expertise (developed via the oppression of the Palestinians) in “security”. However, what she alluded to is, in more general terms, not only undeniable, but a boast and indeed a sales pitch. There is nothing secretive or “conspiratorial” or “theoretical” about Israel’s role in exporting some of the methods of oppression that it has developed and Starmer and yourself are well and truly beyond the pale in saying so.

  21. Dear Skwawkbox ,
    Predictably enough the foolish effort to victimise RLB and Maxine Peake has blown up to give much wider coverage of Israeli military and police tactics than would otherwise have been the case , and in particular the ‘George Floyd’ type knee to throat restraint procedure . Additionally your referral of that ‘victimisation’ to the Labour party for anti-semitism mirrors the successful campaign of Chris Williamson , when faced with similar victimisation at the hands of the same parties . It may be that at some point you could consider applying to the Left Wing Fighting Fund set up with the damages funded by Chris’s Court victory , if the Party Commissariat try to drag it out , as they consistently did V Corbyn . Starmer’s rapidly proving himself another Blairite waste of space ,

  22. It’s a good explanation, skwawky. But be in doubt it’ll get as far as my complaint to john (the only racism is antisemitism) mann when he was asking for examples of racism in order to expel labour members , and I gave him stella greasy’s example of ‘casual racism with THAT tweet…

    Sent out only 8 weeks or less, after she tweeted about ‘casual racism’ about a gobshite who was ‘blacked up’ to supposedly resemble diane abbot at a darts match.

    Of course, greasy’s explanation was she didn’t understand what constituted ‘casual racism’ and that was despite her ‘boyfriend’ writing filth about jackie walker (which also went unpunished IIRC) and so every right wing centrist lived happily ever after… Not that mann even as much as deigned to offer me an acknowledgement of receipt of my email(s).

    I won’t hold me breath waiting for an acknowledgement of your complaint.

  23. Here’s creasy complaining of casual racism – check the date (17/12/17)

    And yet it only took 8 weeks (10/2/18) for creasy to mysteriously misunderstand what defines ‘casual racism’.

    Nothing was done about it. Nothing will be done about this. We’ve already had the utterly pointless ed moribund telling us that stammer’s a better leader than he was (Which is as difficult as stealing candy from a baby) and brown-nosing stammer to the point that steve h would put his boot through the Tv screen.

    If he ever wins an election (And I’ll wake up next to kate upton before that happens) we’ll see stammer personified in stone outside every town hall and surrounded by armed guards ffs.

  24. Oh yeah, and the completely useless ed moribund is jewish, so him deifying stammer puts the kybosh on any antisemitism complaint.

  25. Have other members been disciplined for this particular type of antisemitic behavior.
    If so he is going to have trouble wriggling out of it.

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