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Labour members on Starmer’s own patch defy ban to express solidarity with Corbyn

Labour members in Keir Starmer’s own constituency have defied a party ban to vote for an expression of solidarity with suspended former party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn was suspended for pointing out the minuscule incidence of antisemitism in the party, following the publication of the widely-misrepresented Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report, even though the report itself confirmed his legally-protected right to say so.

Despite the likely unlawfulness of the suspension, Labour’ hierarchy first attempted to ban members from debating motions on either the suspension or on the EHRC – and then, when members simply voted solidarity with Corbyn, that was also forbidden.

But members of Highgate branch of Starmer’s Holborn and St Pancras have ignored the ban – and voted last night to affirm the following motion:

This Branch/CLP expresses its solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy is a lifelong campaigner against racism and antisemitism.

We believe that unity, not division, is important for the Party to make progress and effectively challenge racism, fascism, antisemitism and harassment in whatever form this may take.

For Action by:

Highgate Branch to forward to NEC, Labour Party leaders office and CLP; and for CLP to forward to the Labour Leader’s Office.

The result comes in a CLP (constituency Labour party) that Starmer has been accused of treating as a ‘personal fiefdom’, but it is not the first time locals have made their feelings known. In August, a message was left on his constituency office window referring to Starmer’s lack of opposition to Boris Johnson’s mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic, demanding “65,000 dead – DO SOMETHING”.

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    1. I’m still trying to work out how an organisation who captured an existing affiliate to claim legitimacy, is financed and supported by a foreign government and has members who are not party members manages to remain affiliated.
      It is my firm opinion that no religious organisation should be affiliated to the Labour party (there is only one other affiliate).
      I believe that any religion having more influence than any other members is a complete anathema to the principles of the Labour Party.

      1. Alright, what planet are you from and what have you done with the real SteveH’s body, you fucking alien bitch?

      2. David – It is an opinion that I’ve expressed before, on more than one occasion

        SteveH 11/03/2020 at 12:50 pm
        To the best of my knowledge there are only 2 religion based organisations affiliated to the Labour Party, one Christian and the other Jewish. I doubt that either would be missed.
        By all means consult with religious organisations (for reasons I have never understood they play an important part in many people’s lives) but this should encompass all religions not just the favoured 2 who have been given votes in our party.
        Why are Christians and Jews given additional votes and influence over and above that granted to all other religions.

      3. Gosh, i must go to bed!!! Think i’m not reading SteveH’s posts right. They seem sound. 😯😯😯

      4. re DMcNiv – SteveH has been abducted by aliens🤣🤣🤣

      5. Wonders never cease!!! Twice in a few hours!!! I must be dreaming. I agree with SteveH 😱😱😱

      6. “Why are Christians and Jews given additional votes and influence over and above that granted to all other religions.”

        Given that the existence of deities is impossible, that the degree of logic required to arrive at that certainty is minuscule, and that politics is a serious matter that has real effects in the real, non-fairy-story world – I’d go further.
        Such fantasists should be allowed nowhere near power of any kind – in fact I’d withhold the franchise until such time as they come to their senses, though few ever do.

      7. What’s odd, is the fact that there are armies of civil servants & consultants draining the public purse at VAST salaries, chanting about equality, yet special preference in the house of Lords and in politics are lavished on duplicitous myth makers, industrial scale pedophile enablers, and all from less than a handful of UNELECTED and UNREPRESENTATIVE foreign led charlatans and pretend fantasists. Don’t be hoodwinked. Many of the handful openly confess to having no belief in their assumed superior being. Tis a funny funny world… and not ha! ha! funny.

      8. SteveH,
        You have hit the nail right on the napper. one of Labour’s biggest problems is ‘affiliates’, all pulling in different directions. Some pulling in opposite directions. Religious affiliates? I mean. .
        Affiliates are a cancer on the body of any political party. ‘Affiliates’ claim to support the Party but their reason to exist, is first and foremost – the promotion of their agenda.. ‘Affiliates’ are one issue fanatical groups, and they use political parties, and other organisations, charities, churches, sports.
        The BLP is not the only political party to be plagued by ‘affiliates’.. Any political party that is daft enough to let them ‘affiliate’ is making a big mistake.. They are like Ivy to a tree.
        If Starmer has any sense (and he has) he should do something about Labour’s ‘affiliates’ , as in – proscribe them. Change the rules. And I consider trade unions and the Cooperative Society as affiliates.
        Time to move into the 21st century.

  1. Keir has turned this whole issue about him and his authorrity. This was a bitt foolish. He’s making a monumental mistake of Labour 2015 Pledge Stone proportions.

    ‘Where there is harmony, may we bring discord. Where there is truth, may we bring error. Where there is confidence, may we bring doubt. And where there is hope, may we bring despair….


    1. On the contrary I would say that it is clear that Jeremy has made this all about himself. It is an unnecessary and pointless distraction.

      1. Blaming the victim, to use your expression, ‘isn’t a good look’.
        Or is it your claim that Starmer is somehow the victim now?
        Pretty fucking piss-poor attempt at gaslighting if you don’t mind me saying so.
        Or even if you do.

      2. No, Keir Rodney Starmer made it about Jeremy – and thereby asserts his as yet unproven (i.e. non-existent) leadership and political acumen.

        Jeremy Corbyn can’t be blamed. This time it’s Keir Rodney Starmer that’s putting him on the right side of history, in the right on the issue, and beyond reproach.

      3. SteveH you really are becoming a joke now. If there is anyone who is not self centered it is Jeremy Corbyn. Unlike Starmer of course who blatantly plays to the gallery on every occasion.

      4. SteveH11/11/2020 AT 9:08 PM
        Corbyn is happy in his suspension. He likes playing the martyr to the cause. He’s done it all his political career. And its worked. But; and this is a big ‘but’. Its worked for Jeremy Corbyn, but no one else. He has never done anything of importance. OK he lead the Labour Party in opposition for 4 years. But what did he accomplish? He has never changed a thing..

      5. richard – That’s not altogether fair he has 2 major achievements.
        He shifted Labour politics considerably to the left and he has increased the membership considerably, although this had dropped off significantly prior to the 19GE it is good to see that there has been a nett increase of 27% in the membership since the 19GE bringing the level back up to c560,000.
        Do you realise that approx 1 in 80 of the electorate are Labour Party members

      6. How has he made it about himself? He quite rightly said it was exaggerated about the number of labour members being anti semites. I find it very offensive.

      7. Maria – …..and yet we’ve spent the last few days discussing Corbyn and anti-Semitism, again.

    2. I hope it’s clear that my comment was directed at the little weasel’s 9:08?

      1. The only legitimacy little Stevie has is what you all give him by engaging with the little rat. Please just ignore the cretinous creature.

      2. john – I wouldn’t claim to have any more legitimacy than you or anyone else. As for people responding to me then my life was far easier during Corbyn’s tenure when all we had to disagree about was Brexit issues.

      3. john thatcher, there’d be a perfectly good argument for ignoring Steve &Co if we knew their bullshit wasn’t gaining traction – but we can’t know that, because most of Skwawkbox’s readers don’t comment here.
        We’ve no way of knowing until it’s too late whose arguments silent readers believe.
        When the bullshitters aren’t challenged Reichstag Fire Decrees and Enabling Acts pass into law unopposed.

      4. John Thatcher
        I whole heartedly agree and take the same stance , by engaging with the duplicitous disingenuous pin head dancer spinning away on his hamster wheel you acknowledge his shite. It is perfectly clear to me and to most others what he is , and what his aims are , and any perceived agreement with us is just more gas-lighting .To use an old cliché , Beware the snake in the grass .

      5. rob – Oh dear, I hadn’t realised it was compulsory to agree with you and that you regarded this site as your own personal safe-space. Whatever happened to the concept of open and free debate or is having your views challenged too scary a prospect for you.

    1. You’re probably right, but GS Evans is the skirt that the Forensic Sir Keir hides behind, thereby proving that the former Head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and Director of Public Prosecutions is No Leaader.

      1. “It is an unnecessary and pointless distraction” From what, a pontless, useless, billionaire-backedtitular Leader who was elected on a Party Unity card and who immediaately sowed division and despair?

        I’m not hopeful about his next act.

      2. SteveH, when the right wing of the Party, the Israel Lobby and virtually the whole of the MSM including the BBC traduced Corbyn’s reputation with lies and smears, is it any wonder that many of the public have had their view of him manipulated and soured.

      3. Jack – Agreed, but we are where we are.
        The questions I’ve asked myself are
        Why did Jeremy intentionally cause this rift. He’s been a politician for a lot of years and has vast experience (far more than most) at finding forms of words that satisfy all parties.
        What positive outcome did he hope to achieve either for himself or the party.
        We can all have our own opinions on this but if you watch Starmer’s statement on the EHRC report I would contend that it is undeniable that he was taken aback by the co-ordinated assault from the press.challenging him about what he was going to do about Corbyn. Given that Corbyn made his statement only shortly before Starmer’s statement who primed the press for that.

        I honestly wish that none of this has happened and Jeremy was still in the party to serve out this parliament with dignity when I then expect that given his age he will retire.

      4. Then again, we can’t trust most Britons to tie their own shoelaces, can we?
        ‘Most Britons’ think a third of Labour members are accused of antisemitism so it’s blatantly specious to hang any serious argument on their opinions.

      5. David – We also mustn’t forget that many of them were dumb enough to vote Tory

      6. SteveH I find it hard to take you seriously. To say that Corbyn should shut up and continue to take everything that’s been thrown at him, is crass in the extreme. Your motive is transparent, you want Starmer to have as smooth a ride as possible. Why on earth should he after the way he’s deliberately tried to humiliate Corbyn to impress and placate his fellow Israel Lobby racists?

        Please don’t tell me it’s for the good of the Party, it was the last thing Starmer thought of when he took part in the plot to disrupt Corbyn’s Leadership.

      7. Jack – “Please don’t tell me it’s for the good of the Party, it was the last thing Starmer thought of when he took part in the plot to disrupt Corbyn’s Leadership.”

        I disagree, I think Keir’s resignation letter makes it clear that the welfare of the party was his primary concern. It would be difficult to argue that Corbyn didn’t think the same. Why else would he have invited Keir back to his front-bench with a big promotion.

      8. So let’s not hang qualitative arguments on polls, shall we?

      9. The alternative is to hang qualitative arguments solely on anecdotal evidence but as to a greater or lessor extent we all live in bubbles I prefer to form my opinions from a wide range of sources.

      10. SteveH “Why else would he have invited Keir back to his front-bench with a big promotion”.

        Because he is not vindictive like Starmer.

  2. Basically a right good old fashioned 2 fingered salute ” up YOURS 2 Starmer , now sling your hook me ole son and fuck off out of it .

    1. rob, say what u mean man! spit it out!! stop mincing your words 😂😂😂

  3. No Religion should hold a position of strength and power enshrined in law by the head of state and priminister.Till this archaic monarchy and the corrupted establishment titles and lords with their bishops are removed from parliament then we are little more than surfs and peasants.and will limp on held down by antiquated laws and a political system that will destroy even the hope of democracy..Stop the tinkerig with democracy and bring out the pitchforks and hammers.

    1. Joseph – Whilst you watch on from your safe haven at the other side of the world. Thanks, but no thanks.

      1. Little steven, trying to soundlike he – along with the human gastropod – are taking the fight to the toerags between themselves…Now, where’ve we seen that before?

        …Oh yeah, that’s right…Take yer pick.

        Joseph’s served the party and his former community at local council level. That makes him more than qualified to speak his piece, regardless of his current location**

        Other than offering yourself up as stammer’s wanksock, and village twat – in what manner can you claim to have represented the party, or your community?

        (Expects the usual ‘but at least im a member unlike youguff….Oh, you’re a ‘member’, alright!)

        It’s EXACTLY your attitude towards people like me & joseph that gets you cop the vitriol you thoroughly deserve. The ‘Your voice doesn’t count’ twattery (That you were repeatedly warned about but went ahead with to hand the rags an EIGHTY SEAT majority.)

        OMOV? You said piss-all when you didn’t get your vote on reneging on the 2nd ref policy…You said piss-all about the stitch-ups within CLPs that saw right wing, tory-enabling delgeates shit all over democracy to hand you the result YOU wanted….Suited to forego OMOV then, didn’t it, hypocrite?

        **Didn’t you say you was pissing off to your own neckar island soon? I expect that won’t shut you up, so I think a profuse apology to Joseph should be forthcoming before you actually DO do that; because I for one won’t forget this latest bout of shithousery from you.

      2. Judas H…you seem to echo your knight when it comes to free speech and democracy,.ITs amazing how you have dumped any pretence of fairness and decency after taking the money.Pathetic and gutless an armchair warrior….I made my mark on the planet before you were out of nappys(.and it a against the common enemy of democracy such has you and the knights misfits…disgusted from Cambodia…!

  4. SteveH12/11/2020 AT 12:59 AMSteveH12/11/2020 AT 12:59 AM
    “He shifted Labour ……to the left” Has he? Wheres the proof?
    “… he has increased the membership ….” did he? was that not Miliband. Regardless.
    What does membership have to do with anything? even if all the 500,000 turn out for monthly branch meetings, what clout do they have? FA.
    “Do you realise that approx 1 in 80 of the electorate are Labour Party members”. No I did not but so what? what is your point? This is 2020. Im an old man but I see how the internet has changed everything. A credible leader with ‘the right people’ and a good IT team. Thats all you need.
    Farage said, “if it were not for U Tube Brexit would not have happened”. Look at Farage. That is what politics is today.
    OK im not going to be too hard on Jeremy Corbyn, Im sure he is a decent human being with the right view on the things that matter, (I have in mind) the politics of the region we call the ‘middle east’. But as a leader he was useless. He should have never taken on the job in the first place. He new he was never up to it. And that is why he annoys me. His vanity overcame his common sense.

    1. richard – You’ll have to forgive me but I currently have absolutely no intention of providing you with a platform that you seek to slag the man off. If that is what you are after doing then it will be without my help. Goodbye.

  5. Why don’t we all calm down and wait for the Report from the Forde Inquiry, into The Leaked Labour Report?

    I’m certain Starmer, Evans and Forde are working diligently, to hurry that along, so the present atmosphere in the Labour Party can be calmed and cleared.


  6. George – Whilst I acknowledge the sarcastic nature of your comment it was quickly recognised this summer by the Forde Panel that their original timetable was over ambitious and unrealistic, it should also be noted that they appealed for additional evidence and contributions. We were told in the summer that the report would be published by the end of the year so it should come as no surprise that in early November that we are still waiting.
    I’d far rather we have a comprehensive and well evidenced report than some half arsed cover up or hatchet job. We have a right to know the truth.

  7. Maybe I missed this story Skwawky, in which case I apologise.

    David Evans, Labour’s General Secretary who has NOT been endorsed by Conference, makes good on suspicions he will sideline membership democracy:

    “General secretary David Evans gave a presentation on the recent Labour Party organisational review. The aim is to make Labour a voter- and election-centric organisation. The review will address culture, staff wellbeing, international communications, leadership, electronic data interchange and strategy.”

    Tellingly there is no mention of an involved, mass membership party with a democratically accountable leader in their vision of the future. Instead, Labour will ape the Cons as a top-down, controlling party, something we’re already seeing. The cuckoo takeover continues…

  8. This is as reported in the Guardian this morning regarding Number 10 ….

    “This is pathetic. I think millions of people will be waking up this morning, scratching their heads, saying what on earth is going on?

    We’re in the middle of a pandemic, we’re all worried about our health and our families, we’re all worried about our jobs, and this lot are squabbling behind the door of number ten.

    It’s pathetic. Pull yourselves together, focus on the job in hand.”


    As we know, Starmer doesn’t seem to have the slightest shred of self-awareness. He’s hopeless!

    1. Off message….but in a country with no longer any Opposition party.Report of mtgs with Bill gates and other elites at Downing street .r,regarding Vaccination,how,what and when and by whom?RTInternational it and be very afraid…but dont worry because Stevie wonder will volenteer his mum for testing?Steve H.of course..!

  9. Excuse me while I slip on my shoes…..acceptance of the IHRA definition by Labour NEC made many members, including myself, guilty of anti-Semitism. . The state of Israel is a racist endeavour…..there I’ve said it again. I wonder if Article 10 Freedom of Expression Act (aka telling the Truth) will protect me? Do you think that it should Angela? It appears that EHRC think that politicians are better protected than members, why should this be?

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