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Exclusive: Labour hierarchy now trying to ban simple Corbyn solidarity motion already passed by CLPs

Motions on Corbyn’s suspension and EHRC report already banned. Now new attack on free speech targets fundamental principle of Labour movement

The Labour Party’s hierarchy has responded to the passing of motions, by local Labour parties, (CLPs) of support for Jeremy Corbyn – by banning even simple expressions of support for the former Labour leader.

Previously, motions on Corbyn’s suspension – for comments the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said he has a legally-protected human right to make – and on the EHRC’s report on antisemitism in the Labour Party had been ruled out by party general secretary David Evans.

But CLPs are now being told that even motions that do not mention either the report or the suspension, but which merely express solidarity, are also banned and may be punished by disciplinary action, on the basis that while the issues-that-may-not-be-mentioned might not be mentioned, the existence of the motions is itself a reference to them.

Members of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) have tried to fight the Stalinist stricture, but so far without success.

Solidarity – the fundamental value of the Labour movement – is apparently now not only forbidden but also punishable.

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  1. “while the issues-that-may-not-be-mentioned might not be mentioned, the existence of the motions is itself a reference to them.” Sounds like an antisemitic trope to me.

      1. A load of convaluted verbal gymnastics that’s right out of the antisemitism trope handbook.

      2. I’m with Lundiel
        The English language gets MURDERED when Trump or the Israel lobby justify themselves

    1. Very clever and amusing lundiel , but soooo true , this Starmers Party descends every day into more and more farce .
      Nu New Starmer Labour now a utter JOKE ! but tragically a deadly one for those who needed some protection from this murderous Tory Govt . What to do , well good luck to the GRV6 lets hope they are all elected and as a minimum can fuck up as much of the Starmerites bullshit dictatorship and try and maintain all the good work JC has done in democratising Labour .

      1. rob – all the good work JC has done in democratising Labour”

        I remember the promises and the pledges about a ‘members led party’ but I can’t recall JC actually doing anything to democratise the party, do you?
        I do however recall Jeremy going behind the memberships backs to actively undermine the conference vote on the promised Mandatory Reselection and fob us off with ‘Trigger Ballots’.
        Here’s what Len McCluskey had to say about Jeremy persuading him and other Union Leaders to vote for Trigger Ballots
        Unite has indeed got a policy in support of mandatory reselection. Had that issue been voted on directly, the Unite delegation would have voted in line with policy. But we have another policy, which I recommend to Chris and all Labour MPs: we support Jeremy Corbyn.
        If Jeremy and his team – taking the overview of the entire political landscape, including the situation within the parliamentary party and the leadership of Momentum – urge a particular course of action, Unite is not going to go against that without the most serious reasons. The changes adopted may not be “mandatory reselection” as some define it but it is at the very least a “selective mandatory reselection” that will make it far easier for local parties to choose a different Labour candidate if that is their wish. That is probably why the Momentum national leadership joined nearly all trade unions in supporting it.
        For Unite, this is not an issue of theological purity. It is above all about supporting the Labour leadership, something that brings together the vast majority of the party today.

  2. The labour party really is doing everything it can to ensure it never has my support in the future!

  3. Shit, I wish I was still a member now.
    Being hauled before their kangaroo court would be a perfect opportunity to throw a few of the fuckers down a lift shaft or through a window.

    1. David,
      I’ve noticed recently the fantasies you conjure up when you disagree with other people are border line disturbing. I am not a professional in mental health issues but I am going to make a stab at what’s wrong here; your smoking too much weed.
      I’m right, am I not?
      Look, I get it. We’re all going a bit stir crazy with the lockdown but the negative thoughts that you are displaying are not good, and not good means bad.
      Remember we’re all in this together. Try and get out more. Dont think negative, think positive.
      Listen to people that talk sense.

      1. “Listen to people that talk sense” – as if you’d know anyone like that – you’re a Tory ffs.

        FYI – borderline is one word, it’s take a stab, not make, your is spelled you’re and dont is spelled don’t.
        Great attempt otherwise, except I’m a teetotal and drug-free non-smoker with a perfectly even temperament and an IQ over 150.
        Any other advice pencildick?

      2. David – As you’ve asked I have some gentle advice for you. Tone down the disturbing references to other’s grand children being consumed by fire.don’t and don’t embarrass yourself by becoming a spelling and grammar bore.

      3. ps my IQ used to be MUCH higher, estimated at around 180, but I did do a LOT of booze and drugs in the late 60’s and early 70’s – saving what brains I have left is the reason I no longer indulge.
        The fact that you don’t understand a single thing about me doesn’t reflect well on you, frankly.
        Oh – and my IQ was “estimated” for a reason – can you guess what that reason might have been?

      4. You are right. You are not a mental health professional. There was no need to prove it. Thanks. X

  4. To all CLP’s show them the same contempt they are showing you
    Publish and be damned

  5. That’s right Sqwarky. Same as the Wavertree 4; members can’t even have fridge magnets in their own homes that show support for them without getting barred from zoom meetings. Solidarity is about building support for anyone victimised. It’d be really good to see an article here about the ongoing episode, showing your solidarity.

  6. I will put JC’s statement on my Facebook page in the next few days. And I will propose the debate of a motion on freedom of speech, freedom to debate topics important to members.
    Weirdly telling that a so called Human Rights Lawyer conveniently forgets about human rights when convenient. He and Evans need to be made accountable for their behaviour.

    1. Pottymouth and Stiletto believe in free speech. Wonder what side they will pick. We all know Max’s view which is what do the papers think I should think. ☮️

  7. Stalin on Nick Farrari show about reports that Chakrabarti is preparing Corbyn’s defence: “We have got a massive set of elections next May, we have got a general election in 2024. We absolutely have to be focused on that. I don’t want to see any Labour Party money or time tied up with yet more legal cases. I will talk to Shami about this when I next see her.”

    1. If I were Shami, I’d make sure I never saw him!

      He tends to use this slightly threatening language. He was going to “talk to the teachers unions” when they objected to being told to go in to school with no safety measures in place.

      If you think Johnson is bad, I think Starmer is actually worse. He has a real complex about his own power. A very, VERY dangerous man.

      1. Joe Robson, if I was Shami I will see him, with my lawyer present as a witness and make sure that any threats/intimidation were recorded and sue the pants out of him for harassment.

      2. With the active support of even more dangerous, secretive men and women. Regards

      3. No doubt about the accuracy of your last paragraph. It’s chilling. Their joint agenda leads to our voluntary house arrest, then they can get to work on the serious stuff. Here boy, passbook now. Tally ho!

    2. i heard it lundiel, ie Starmar č Ferrara. Just as across the pond, the Right Wing have no shame. Their inconsistencies are breathtaking. More breathtaking is the pipe dreams to many pursue of a “Broad Church” with them. You, others and I here may highlight their tactics. But it is an up hill battle. Winnable but definitely takes lots of spirit🌹🌹🌹

      1. … ARE the pipe dreams… apologies +++

      2. signpost
        The officer class could not fight their way out of a nursery
        The day we refuse to do their dirty work, they are f7cked

      3. Spot on Doug. “Lions led by donkeys”. Somehow the lions forgot their power and numbers. Their will … their spirits have been crushed by generations of defeats over and over again. Even lions can be tamed and reduced to only staying within certain limits, accepting what’s “allowed”. The donkey brays loudly to lions “there was no alternative…. the result would be the same. “realist” the donkey brays. Best do tricks to suit the donkey’s tune. Same failed tricks, same tiresome tunes of “no alternative” “give up” “nothing will ever work”.

      4. the broad church is a weakness for Labour. Why do you think Tory MPs such as Gove were against Labour introducing open selection?theyre quite happy for a liberal bloc of MPs in Labour to prevent it ever being a socialist party again

    3. @Lundiel, David Evans and Starmer should have though about the elections next May and the GE 2024 before suspending Corbyn.
      They cannot treat a man of integrity in this way and expect that he isn’t going to defend himself. The General Secretary decision to suspend JC has no leg to stand a per Labour Party rules to start with, let alone infringement of the European Convention of Human Rights.
      Want to draw a line, what about firing David Evans from his position and reinstating Jeremy Corbyn? There is a solution, is it not?

      1. hi Maria in response to your point yesterday a left wing no campaining strike during those May elections might force the party heirachy to pay attention (Covid allowing)

  8. Shami to TE
    I Wake up every morning and think ‘how can I get Jeremy reinstated’

    1. Every day I think of ways to undermine the suspension of Corbyn …….. now where have I heard that sort of utterance before ,,,, some Blairite twat said it but for the lfe of me I can’t seem to remember , perhaps if I get my mandy-lin out and play that for a bit it might remind me

      1. Mandola , very nasty little germ , tends to create massive corruption of the host and results in a putrefying mass of puss when expressed , best treatment is the xposure to the cold light of day to reveal its rotten core .

      2. Well remembered rob!!! We must who remind people of that OPEN hostility to a Labour win. So take no lectures from Starmer and his SH. It is they who should shove off to their A side of Tory backside.

  9. Thankfully Starmer is only going to be leader for a year or so.

    Once the last embers of a Brexit trade negotiation come to nothing, Johnson will be kept in place for a few months. Then the Tories will ditch him for someone with a personality (Starmer doesn’t have one of those), the Tories will splash the cash on “good works” for a few months, their opinion poll lead will increase, they’ll call a GE to suit, allow IndyRef 2, and storm to a bigger victory than this time.

    Starmer will be left to contemplate his own words “A party loses an election because it deserves to lose an election.” And if anyone deserves to lose an election it is smug Keith.

    1. And that is the game plan Joe.R the trashies don’t want to win as it would mean hard work and taking responsibilities for their action , much simpler to stay in opposition and shout from the side lines

    2. But Red Hands, Mandowierd and the fake Scottish hardman (not Jock the Hat) will have gone. You’ve gotta seek the positives. ☮️

  10. It’s almost as if the gods are making it clear that Labour members should leave the party lead by Sir Keir of the trilateral billionaires and form a new party.

    FPTP and the billionaires press. Two reasons not to.

    1. …and, it’s getting harder by the day, qwertboi.

      When we consider these edicts, that are being issued from Southside, with – seemingly – no opposition, it makes me think very hard – and me ‘ead hurts, already.

    2. Quertboi. I note from the international Labour party,even they are not happy with being treated like kids,and many like myself have just let their membership lapse..I also note that they will not tolerate tyrants and no discussion.This is becoming far worse than under Blair and thats saying something..

  11. The Labour Party Died the second Blair and his thugs took over, The only time it healed was when a Great Man a Brilliant Leader was Brought down by Liars and the Grassroots allowed it to happen so Shame on us, Starmer and his Sycophants of New New Labour have brought the Workers Party into Disrepute they have no affinity with Working People they have no Scruples and they have no Honour, The following text is My opinion only other people may feel the same about this statement but it is their choice whether to air it or not, Now is the time to rid ourselves from the Lying Jackals from the Right who hijacked our Party from the time of Kinnock,to Blair, Brown and now Starmer let’s show the present incumbents Their Teas Oot and be rid of them for good, The way forward is not rocket science all Jeremy Corbyn Supporters resign en masse along with Jeremy then form a proper Party for the People all the People not just The Working Poor and Vulnerable A Party Led by Jeremy Corbyn and run by Socialists. The Time Is Now Comrades Lets Make it Count. JC4PM.

    1. Agreed Pat. It is the only way. A mass party of the left.

      Where does Starmer go then? Where do the Blairites go. They can try to occupy the ground already held by the Tories, and the LibDems, but they can’t move left (or choose not to).

      I’ll join any mass party of the left with ideas for the future. As will many others. But it must start, and always be, a democratic party from the roots upwards…. and NO Blairites!

      1. AND ME ,along with no doubt many thousands of other real socialists ,,,,,Centrists need not apply

    2. Pat said: ‘The Labour Party Died the second Blair and his thugs took over, The only time it healed was when a Great Man a Brilliant Leader was Brought down by Liars and the Grassroots allowed it to happen…’.

      So just HOW exactly did the ‘grassroots’ allow it to happen Pat, and what could they have done to prevent it from happening?

    3. When Cameron won in 2015 the country let out a primal Munchian scream
      Membership sky rocketed before JC took over, what he gave us was clear Red Water, for the first time in nearly 40 years the electorate had a progressive government in waiting
      Little did we know in 2017, its not like it hadn’t happened before, Gang of Four and Kinnock, but this time we have an 851 page internal report set in concrete
      That’s what’s changed, this may be a phony civil war but it is no less a fight to the death for the soul of the Labour party
      Now your either in it and getting down and dirty or your entertaining yourself at a safe distance
      Only one winner as far as I’m concerned, then we can get on with bringing this country kicking and screaming into the 21st century and beyond 🥳

  12. The Labour Party is, either a Democratic Socialist Party, or, if you prefer, a Socialist Democratic Party, or it is nothing.

    Make up your mind Starmer. Is it Democratic? Is it Socialist? Or, is it nothing?

    Whichever, the present Labour Party, is not the party I joined. I did not vote for Starmer, to become leader.

    For clarification, I consider myself to be a Democratic Socialist.

  13. So all this repression of free speech (of the left) is going on during the past month or two, and yet the fact that it IS is completely unknown to the outside world as far as I can ascertain, and the only people who DO know it’s going on, are those who are being silenced, and those who are doing the silencing (and their supporters).

    Extraordinary really, but not at all surprising of course.

    1. So AH, why did u support WHITE FLAG WAVING = Starmer = putting him in the Shadow Cabinet, Allan Howard❓❓❓
      Yet you keep dripping there was no alternative. PISS OFF you twisted fraud. Go discourage the Tories. Dynamic strategic ACTION is needed not your perpetual jumping on a few virtuous triggers to deceive. You AH are either a twisted fraud or a dead weight to the “Left” or both.

  14. Fine they don’t allow motions of support I have a motion every CLP in the country should send in Motions of no competence! See how much you like them you corrupt new Labour 2.0 muppets but this shows more than ever there is no place for a socialist in new Labour 2.0 it’s just a zombie with a nametag now.

    Any member that thinks they can stay and fight this level of corruption shows right wing is like cancer it spreads and destroys everything and leaves just nothing worthwhile left. Time to start again and get it right, no big tent BS not this time it’s socialism or get out!

    Build by showing real values real help in the northern heartland and it will spread, stay and in 10 years there be nothing left. We have the ideal opportunity now leave it much longer and there be nothing to build around…

  15. FFS, you lot really need to get a grip of yourselves. Most of the comments on this page serve as a perfect illustration of why Keir Starmer was absolutely spot on when he said
    ““We have got a massive set of elections next May, we have got a general election in 2024. We absolutely have to be focused on that. I don’t want to see any Labour Party money or time tied up with yet more legal cases. I will talk to Shami about this when I next see her.”

    ps: Thanks for supplying the quote.

    1. WHY the failure of Starmer & Co to care for any of this since Jeremy was elected keader❓❓❓ We must return Starmer’s “unity” and “support” in kind, ASAP, generously and intelligently. Starmer will do as he has always done. He is part of the status quo. Starmer is exploiting the party, the membership and our money to get a chance to continue feeding the 1%. We must give Starmer all and more that he gave Jeremy. We have nothing to lose.🌹🌹🌹

      1. windchimes – “We have nothing to lose”

        Maybe you don’t but it is extremely selfish of you to intentionally deny others the life chances that Labour governance both local and national would give them.

      2. It was extremely selfish of Starmer, WMD Blair, Twatson, Berger, Campbellend etc to “work night and day” to undermine Jeremy and hand our win to Cummings’ Johnson SH. So we have our party to gain and nothing to lose. QUESTION: are you asking that we not be as “loyal” to Starmer as he was to Jeremy❓❓❓

      3. windchimes – You should ask yourself how loyal was the object of your adoration and worship to the membership
        If you want to go off and set up a party for the small minority who fancy themselves as guardians of ‘the left’ I doubt anyone will mind.

      4. SH u full well know i’m not the run away type. We, not you, must return IN FULL the type of “loyalty” your Sir Starmer & Co gave to Jeremy. We must be generous and return it multiplied. Why do u object to us making sure we return Starmer & Co’s “loyalty” to them❓❓❓
        Go lecture your Sir Starmar. Ask him why he “worked night and day” with Mandelson, Blair etc to make True Labour give our win to Johnson. SH it is obvious that you and your Right wing lot have no shame.

      5. SteveH, if maybe extremely selfish, but it isn’t like Party staffers including the former General Secretary and the present leader didn’t sabotage our chances on 2017 and 2019 didn’t they?
        For the record I am a remainer, Unlike others I accepted the result of the Referendum and was prepared to honour it. I understood the danger of pursuing a People’s Vote: a Tory government and out of the EU with a bad deal or even no deal.
        Starmer is and intelligent man, he must have known this too, it is my genuinely held opinion that Starmer did support the People’s Vote to ensure that Corbyn would never be PM and for him to become leader. See how quickly he has ditched his former strong pro EU stand.
        So, you could be right as to the selfish, but guess what people have the right to be selfish and it is Starmer and his cronies that started this fight.
        Simple solution really, fire David Evans and reinstate JC, perform a U turn, that is all he has to do. After all, it is Starmer and the Party hierarchy that has more to lose..

      6. Maria – What did Starmer do that adversely affected the 2017GE.
        If you want to go off and help set up a party for the small minority who fancy themselves as guardians of ‘the left’ I doubt anyone will mind.

      7. Steve replied to your post mentioning selfishness. Members, including him, have been fighting for democracy in the party for all of their political lives and that to jump ship would be selfish. It’s Manning the lifeboats not rats leaving a stinking ,sic, ship. Surely, everyone has a line in the sand. The members are not the proletariat of the front bench Best to both. ☮️

    2. He brought it on his own head by firstly, paying off the treasonous staffers with other people’s money and secondly, suspending Corbyn for nothing. I would also mention that, since becoming leader he’s spent more time peddling Lee Harlin’s vicious propaganda than he has being a reputable opposition leader.

      1. You’d think that as a ‘Socialist’ party leader he’d be making a great deal of noise about pandemic cronyism and mates rates for contracts outsourced by the government wouldn’t you?

      2. Starmer can’t upset them lundiel. Max must have his turn. Jell Head mentioned for the first time today, only ONE of the crony bandits. Ranox or Radnox.
        It was posted about here ages ago that
        Ranox or Radnox’s owner gave Tories approx £12k donation. In return he got a PPE contract… which surprise surprise… failed to deliver and failed to perform adequately or at all. Keith must have been shown more recent posts here on Skwawkbox by SteveH.

    3. Starmer is wasting time. Sacking Corbyn? Ridiculously spiteful or miscalculated. Either way the Tory twat should fuck right off out of the Labour party and join the libdems and pull them to far right instead.

      1. Dont think LibDums have that far to go
        Under FPTP 2 right wing parties cutting each others throats and clear Red Water between us and them, would clean up

    4. SteveH, you seem very keen in inviting people like me to leave the Party. Don’t remember you keeping to the Party line but rather keeping going on and on about supporting the People’s Vote.
      Hence, why now you don’t keep pressing Starmer to stand up to the Tories to get us a good Brexit Deal with the EU or better still to resit Brexit. and remain in the EU, there is a good boy.
      You didn’t appear to have too much trouble putting pressure on Corbyn to change the line of honouring Brexit despite been part of the Labour manifesto in 2017.
      Hence, in the same way that you fought for what you though was right: a People’s Vote, I and every other member that feels very strongly about internal Party democracy has the right to fight too for what we believe is right and unlike your People’s Vote campaign we don’t need the Tories help to deliver. We can do it by ourselves through putting direct pressure on the Party leadership.
      After all you should be proud that we are taking you as an example to follow. When you don’t like something complain to the leader of the Labour Party and expect him to deliver when we don’t agree with something, while remaining in the Party..
      You didn’t leave the Party SteveH, didn’t you? but ,managed to change the Brexit policy advocated in the 2017 Manifesto.
      So we are all inspired by your example, stay in the Party and fight for what we want from within and get it. After all as you admit if we don’t unite we aren’t going to win elections are we?
      But since you didn’t care about winning in 2019, why should we? Hence, time to give us what we want isn’t it? Corbyn gave in to you? Hence why shouldn’t we push Starmer to give us what we want?

  16. The labour party is part of the establishment. It has a right wing core and heart that is totally corrupt. I spent five years with my main focus and time being to get a Labour gov and it failed in 2019 because of Brexit and the corrupt media and during the whole time the right wing core of the party conspiring to lose. It’s not at all inconcievable that Labour could have won in 2017 if that corrupt core had been sacked.

    1. Not only is it not inconceivable that we could have won in 2017 it is more than likely.

    2. Bedroc56 without their sabotage from 2017 we could have been standing on a good base to win the 2019 GE. But Stamer persuaded many good people that the People’s Vote was possible and persuaded many to adopt a policy on Brexit that didn’t add up, too convoluted.
      No that he has achieved his objectives stop us for winning a General Election with Corbyn as leader and for him to be the leader, he has quickly forgotten about how much remaining on the EU meant to him.
      Now he want us to get on, we will get on when David Evans gets out and JC is reinstated.

      1. Did he persuade them with his spellbinding eloquence or his barn storming bursts. How the fuck did he get to where he is now? Own up, who fell under his spell? No-one. That’s what I thought. Regards

      2. Trying to tell people when on the knock was a descent into hell. They couldn’t believe the second vote, it made no sense. Never again regards

    3. And that is what ” selfishness” really is bedroc56, displayed by the PLP RW bastrd MPs and their willing idiot little helpers in the party , fuck all those vulnerable people who needed a socialist Labour party , you’re expendable and valueless WRT to the Starmerite/Blairite ideology.

      1. rob, I couldn’t put it better myself. I believe this is a good reply too for SteveH going on about selfisness.

      2. Thank you Maria , I would guess that the majority of us on here have at heart the desire for a Socialist Govt to provide a better future for all of us , just the odd ball one or two who seem to think the sun shines out of Starmers arse and that Centrisim will deliver that much needed radical change

    4. agree totally bedroc its a liberal party with some socialists in it, its not a socialist party and the establishment has zero intention of allowing it to be a socialist party.The Corbyn project was doomed the moment they failed to adapt Mandatory reselection

      1. Diogenes – “The Corbyn project was doomed the moment they failed to adapt Mandatory reselection”

        It is disappointing that Jeremy let the members down so badly on this

      2. I have to agree with SteveH, that the failure to adopt Open Selections (mandatory reselection) was a big mistake.

    5. bedroc56, the win was there for our taking. Starmer & Co knew it so awoke and went to bed everyday thinking of ways to stop that win. Our win would have confirmed that the country wanted Jeremey’s policies which are OUR policies and vision.

      The Red Tories did not want that so worked night and day sabotaging with OBVIOUS traps. “Broad Church” obsessions and the demented appeasement mantras sleep walked into traps set by vermin.

      THE main EFFECTIVE trap was the Remain “People’s” Vote. Check the map of results. Were it anti-Semitism, accusers would be all MPs and Jeremy would have been re-elected. Are the constituents all anti-Semites??? Of course not. BUT how odd to complain of the MSM lies, yet this obvious rebuttal and many others were not made in a SUSTAINED way from the get go.

      Still, REMAIN was THE blow with the embarrassingly tangled “Constructive Ambiguity”. That showed utter disdain for the Heartlands poorly wrapped in metropolitan out of touch careerist / political advisors and missing spines. Extraordinary really. Really extraordinary. Yet with people you consider allies chanting night and day appease appease appease…

    6. bedroc56 – You may well be right, unfortunately he made a critical error by not accepting McNicol’s offer to resign after he won the leadership in 2015.

  17. SteveHamster, new new Labour winning elections doesn’t help the left at all so why shouldn’t we ‘help’ him like he ‘helped’ Corbyn?
    He ensured a Tory win – and now he wants the people he cheated to bury the hatchet, pretend we believe he’s on the side of the many and help him win ‘for the good of the country’?
    Eat shit and die the pair of you.

    1. David – On the contrary Corbyn was the one largely responsible for the losses in 2019. He and his team lost the trust of the electorate.

      1. SteveH, unfortunately you are correct. When racists call you a racist, as the Israel Lobby, ably assisted by Starmer did to Corbyn but you only half heartedly fight back if at all, it’s game set and match to the racists.

      2. Jack – It wasn’t referring specifically to the anti-Semitism accusations but I’m struggling to understand how Starmer can be held responsible for Corbyn and his team’s failures whilst he was in office to deal effectively with the anti-Semitism accusations against him and the party.

      3. SteveH, I absolutely know you weren’t specifically referring to antiSemitism, which is why I mentioned it, preempting the Brexit theories and accusations.

        I was going to list some of the times Starmer didn’t supported Corbyn but events since have shown beyond doubt, to anyone who doesn’t wear blinkers, that Starmer had zero regard for Corbyn and as soon as he knew Corbyn was down, he kicked him even harder.

      4. Jack – It was you that directly accused Starmer of “ably assisting” the Israeli lobby to accuse Corbyn of anti-Semitism. I’m simply asking you to justify this accusation.

      5. SteveH, true Corbyn lost the trust of the electorate, but he lost it because of Starmer pushing for a People’s Vote and a convoluted policy on Brexit. Corbyn should have fired Stamer from Cabinet but didn’t. So in that sense Corbyn is largely responsible.
        However, it present Starmers as a man with little personal integrity, blinded by his personal ambition, that now that he is leader has conveniently forgotten as to the need to stay in the EU.
        I hold Starmer responsible for the UK leaving the EU without a deal, for ensuring that the Tories won 2019 General Election rather than Labour.
        During the hustings Starmers was often praising Corbyn and not he defends his suspension for the Party. Well Stamer isn’t wining my trust isn’t he? I guess too that the electorate isn’t going to trust him either when members of his Party has lost trust in him.
        He paved the way for his own downfall now. Hence, SteveH, you want to unite the Party, I do too but I have conditions:
        1-David Evans is sacked
        2- Jeremy Corbyn is reinstated
        3- Cabinet is balanced with members from the SCG
        Then we can have peace and go on to win the next set of elections in May and the General Election in 2024.

      6. Maria, well said. And may i add:
        4 – Starmer suspended
        5- Hodge suspended
        6- Ashworth suspended
        7… Streeting, Coyle, Jess Phillios etc…
        98- Internal Report publicised and the traitors prosecuted.

        Then we STILL can’t “have peace”. It is a work in progress. LONG WORK. Any idea of “Broad Church” “Peace” must be dumped. We need to “unite” around integrity which Starmer and his gang do not wish to possess. They have made it plain. We must be ALERT for their sly operations.

      7. SteveH the number of times Starmer failed to support Corbyn and accepted that there was a problem with antiSemitism in the the Labour Party, thereby giving support to the Israel Lobby, are legion.

        How many times has Starmer said “if you deny there is a problem, you are part of the problem” when in fact the real problem was the Israel Lobby saying there was a problem. Starmer was eager to accept this because he knew it would reflect badly upon Corbyn, thereby giving ammunition to the Lobby and those staff who have been shown to be traitors.

      8. Gritted teeth. I agree, in fact I said it on several occasions here on Skwakie. I even used the M word very early on as wobbly. It never stops till we win Comrades. More Mr Nice Guy ever again. ☮️

    1. George Peel, Jo Bird is an antiZionist and therefore being Jewish, it makes her a prime target for the Zionist racists within the Labour Party. They are ruthless and will keep attacking her until she is expelled. Racists – Zionists, now run the Party therefore if you are a Socialist and therefore voice your opposition to their racism, under Starmer it will not be tolerated.

      1. Jacks bang on the nail here, the Israel lobby guns for Jewish non zionists first. the usual approach is to accuse them of not being Jewish seen that quite a few times e.g.Jackie Walker. they are also keen to conflate zionist with Jew and for the term zionist to be unnacceptable in political discourse which is more than a little bit Orwellian.if I ever use it its to describe a supporter of the state of Israel

  18. NB in this Cummings’ Durham trip, CPS and police responses. Very Starmer & Co & SteveH inconsistency. No rules for the few, but many rules for the many.

    SH does not want us to return Starmer’s “loyalty” to him. Lectures from him & Starmer about the need for a “Labour” victory. Should have thought of that when you went to bed thinking of how you could undermine Jeremy and give away a True Labour win to the Tories.

  19. Trumpton increasing his vote makes it crystal clear Biden would not have won without Bernice Sanders and his supporters
    Same old same old
    Why vote for a plastic Republican / Tory
    JC gave us clear red water which is precisely what the country is screaming out for, sooner we clear out centrists sooner we can give that clear choice

    1. Indeed Doug. How sad that Bernie caved in to the DNC twice. At least if he had remained in the race, the establishment would have had a dilemma.
      Instead, as ever, the truer the “Left” the more likely to give in to “Broad Church” myths leading to label and rosette induced blindness. Biden and Starmer are guardians of the status quo… same old same old “two cheeks of the same backside” as George Galloway rightly repeated.

      1. Pretty much sums it all up , not looking good for the future as neither man/party is capable of sorting the issues facing the people/planet , despite the rhetoric time will show A.O.Cortez to be right in her appeals to Biden to listen and what will come to pass as he won’t , and as for Starmer then ,” say no more ” other than your apt description of face and arse .

  20. My local CLP meeting on 17th, on agenda declaration of support for JC and proposal to subscribe to JVL, let’s see the numbers
    Demographics on both sides of the Atlantic point in one direction

    1. Not subscribe to JVL
      Can only encourage every other CLP to do the same
      Anything that moves the civil war to its natural conclusion
      Remember Thatchers greatest creation is the first out the door

  21. Stalin gets enough bad press without associating him with Evans and Starmer; at least uncle Joe was an anti-fascist and socialist, he would have put them up against the wall, which is what Corbyn should have done, politically at least. A lesson for next time hopefully.

  22. A mass walk-out of Labour by members has never looked probable – until now! Sie Keir Labour-destroyer Starmer.

    From Hardy to Starmer – it’ll be missed.

  23. Joe Starmer, the man who promised to unite the Party. Right unity always has the same characteristic: kicking the Left in the face. They expelled Nye Bevan because he shared a platform with a communist. But they love Blair who kissed Bush’s backside as he bombed poor Iraqis. Joe claims this is about values. Yes, the values of identifying with wealth and power. He is Israel’s man. Let the IDF shoot children at will, Joe will never utter a word of criticism. That’s values. One thing motivates him: to be PM. It always has. He has not a principle in any cell. He won’t win a majority in 2024 because of what happened to Labour in Scotland: ie Labour voters were left of the Party and Salmond saw it. He shifted the SNP two inches left and mopped up. Joe can only hope for a minority administration backed by the SNP, PC, SDLP and Caroline Lucas. But his chances of getting below the 40% Corbyn scored in 2017 are real. That’s what he fears and that’s why he’s behaving like a paranoid dictator.

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