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Dar’s NEC disputes victory blocks Lansman’s attempt to run key disciplinary panel

Momentum founder splits left vote, risking right-wing win

Left-wing NEC member Yasmine Dar has defeated a bid by Momentum founder Jon Lansman to become the chair of the key disciplinary committee on Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC).

Dar, elected to the NEC as one of the ‘JC9’ slate of left-wing candidates, was elected as chair of the Disputes Committee that oversees disciplinary cases – seeing off Lansman and right-winger Wendy Nichols. With the left vote on the NEC split, the result was tight.

Lansman, who also manages Rebecca Long-Bailey’s campaign in the Labour leadership election, is well known to believe that antisemitism is a ‘massive’ problem in the Labour Party. By contrast, Dar has said that she has seen no evidence of a systemic or institutional problem – and that when the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) decided to investigate Labour, it missed

an opportunity to rise above party politics and address deep rooted inequalities within our society.

This is not the first time Jon Lansman has tried – and failed – to gain influence over suspensions and disciplinary proceedings. In 2018 he applied to become Labour’s general secretary – a move that would have automatically given an NEC seat to the party’s right under Labour’s rules at the time – before abandoning his bid after many on the left reacted with anger.

Jon Lansman has previously told the SKWAWKBOX not to contact him for comment.

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  1. I’m quite happy to see that Lansman’s power grab has been stalled. Maybe his fellow NEC members have finally woken up to what they have in there midst.

    1. A pox on all cults and their lying priests, rabbis and imams.
      A pox on all societies chained by lying cults like christianity, judaism and islam.
      One of my biggest disappointments was the revival of religion in russia.
      Although the existence of deities can be easily disproved with the simplest logic, minds infected with religion from infancy have had all logical discrimination crushed.
      I’d feel less animosity toward religion if the priest-ridden weren’t also forbidden freedom of thought and expression in politics, culture, reproduction and everything else.

      1. To the best of my knowledge there are only 2 religion based organisations affiliated to the Labour Party, one Christian and the other Jewish. I doubt that either would be missed.

        By all means consult with religious organisations (for reasons I have never understood they play an important part in many people’s lives) but this should encompass all religions not just the favoured 2 who have been given votes in our party.

        Why are Christians and Jews given additional votes and influence over and above that granted to all other religions.

      2. And why didn’t the christian affiliate, on hearing of the false accusations and the attempts to gain immunity from all criticism by the jewish affiliate, remonstrate with them?
        Or make even the tiniest squeak of the mildest, most friendly, brotherly criticism?

    2. SORRY to post: JEREMY being EXCELLENT at rebutting the Tory budget of lies and misleading. Sooo relieved it is Jeremy delivering it and NOT McDonald. Please TUNE IN and listen again. 📻📻📻🌹🌹🌹

  2. Thank goodness for that escape. He has far too much power. If I’d known he was running RLB’s campaign I would not have voted for her. Irony of Jon Lansman is that it was Chris Williamson who campaigned for Lansman, to get on the NEC – day in and day out! No sense of loyalty. Hopefully he will be finished sooner rather than later.

    1. Lansman’s key characteristic is that lack of any loyalty – either personally or ideologically.

      1. As someone who admired Jon Lansman in the past I am very sorry to say that I totally agree with your post RH. He is a big let down and clearly has an ego the size of a house. I am bitterly disappointed in him.

    2. So right xpressanny re Lansman. No loyalty. No gratitude. No decency. No shame. No heart. No level too low to sink. Lansman is beneath contempt. The ingratitude and injustice to Chris Williamson tells us all we need. And we need to learn to be solid in our approach to slanders. 1️⃣ Clear evidence. 2️⃣ The source of slanders. Are they from a few? How so? Have they gone in a desperate hunt to find offence? 3️⃣ Are they consistent with how we treat ALL other people, races groups? If not why not? 4️⃣ Has any other group or organisation large or small, elected or unelected, demanded that pledges be signed to them?

      We are equal to others. Others are equal to us. Those who are challenged by this fact, are vile despicable racist. They must be challenged by basic logic. They must not be indulged and appeased. They must be condemned or we are one with an unelected, unrepresentative noisy nest of racist who intimidate and control only those unfit to lead one sheep. They succeed in intimidating and leading only “leaders” who could not lead two lemmings.

      It is the failure to confront the likes of Lansman & co, with a request for sound evidence, and evidence of consistency AND a demonstration of their campaigns against all racism which has allowed lies to take root. APPEASERS are the FOOD OF LIARS & RACIST. The Labour Party was not formed for that. Everyone knows it. That is why for decades, all who were oppressed saw it as their home. They did not join the Tories or Lib Dem lot. They knew and know that the Tories were always the well signed home of racist, bigots and especially antisemites. Everyone knows that even today, it is the Tories who don Nazi uniforms to party. Can anyone think of one Labour party member who has ever been found wearing Nazi uniforms for anything, let alone to party❓❓❓ NO. Yet wicked lies have taken root, all because those who should know better thought appeasement will make liars disappear hence the distress of John McDonald, when the liars lingered – McDonald whined “WE DID EVERYTHING THEY ASKED” as if he really believed their intent was sincere.

      Were there one gram of sincerity in those who conned McDonald and the present candidates, would they not have had a sustained record of demanding that the Tory Party be disbanded❓ Would they not be walking around parliament and Downing Street now, WITH SECURITY, demanding that Cummings, Johnson & Co’s EUGENICISTS be drummed out of government❓ We must confront their inconsistencies. Expose the liars. Those who duck that responsibility are not leaders. They are soiled bent tools. Nothing more. Most likely, much less.

  3. This is Lansmans “Life” Zionism and the apartheid State of Israel.He will never give up or walk away.The objective of a takeover of a major political party in Britain is not far away unless somthing is done.We the membership are sleepwalking to oblivion.

    1. No, I would contest that the membership are not sleepwalking, as you put it, but are corralled by the positioning of the various factions of the fake left, The Zionist left and the (Lava)Tories. Silence Of The Lambs!

  4. Joseph. “The objective of a takeover of a major political party in Britain is not far away”

    It’s here!

  5. I am always amazed that Lansman continues to be described as ‘left wing’.

    Anyone who has devoted as much effort as he has into bigging up the line of the BoD/Israel Lobby and stabbing good anti-racists in the back is, by definition, not a radical worthy of the name.

    … which brings us back to RLB and her centre of gravity ….

  6. I am so glad I voted for Yasmine, as will be many other members to whom Jon Lansman has become a major embarrassment.

    1. i did also. I could cry with joy that she is proving to be worth our votes. … Sorry to be so emotional. Many don’t realise how urgent it is that we must protect our party now from some really awful individuals. Short post – URGENT.

  7. When dothe NEC candidate elections come up again? It’s our opportunity to get him off the NEC. A departing gesture before giving up my labour membership.

    1. My sentiments also Cindy . With Lansmans treatment of good fellow socialist like Chris W , Marc W , Jackie Walker and his 2016 takeover coup of the Momentum Steering committee , then imo he is a egotistical Zionist .The Zionist “plan ” appears to be coming nicely into plain view , control of the Party Leadership now with any of the candidates , control of the RW and now control of the LW via Lansman .
      IT HAS TO BE STOPPED or its time for a new party without all this crap baggage

  8. Message to person above who regrets voting for RLB. If Starmer wins, the NEC and rhe cabinet will make a sharp and deep lurch to the right. Regardless of Lansman, you did the right thing. RLB has promised to keep Corbyn, his policies, and have Open Selection.

    1. Sorry – anyone willing to sign up as a ‘Zionist’ – i.e. in favour of the subjection of Palestinians, employ Lansman in a key role and can’t (or worse -can) see the implications of the BoD demands – is potentially able to throw any other principle out of the window.

      1. RH, what principles does Starmer have to throw❓❓❓

      2. RH do we know yet exactly who the donors funding Starmers campaign , you know the ones he’s STILL not disclosing.
        Come on mate out of the 2 you prefer a puppet of the rich 1% and it’s naive to think he’s not in the pocket of the JLM/BOD anyway .
        At least RLB has disclosed and she is transparent and she happens to be the least worst choice in this shitchoice of an election.
        AND SHE SUPPORTS RE_SELECTION , that in itself is good enough , tis but crap I know but then we did have a good leader in Corbyn and Starmer and Co fxxxed him over … think it through .

      3. Sorry – but I was writing about the Zionist Beck-and-Call, not justifying Starmer. Not difficult to work out, even if pot and kettle share the same blackness.

        Whataboutery isn’t argument.

      4. “whataboutery isn’t argument” , yes but it is factual in this case RH

      5. Not just ‘factual’, there’s the weight that you attach to the facts – actual or exaggerated.

        For me, RLB’s lack of conviction/flakiness over the ‘Zionist’ issue plus her general lack of consistency over Brexit and few leadership qualities in general doesn’t impress me with the sort of qualities needed. Certainly not a candidate to glean my vote, any more than Starmer or Nandy.

        … and – agreed where Starmer’s money might coming from – RLB is very much in hoc to Union barons (*not* the same as being pro- the union cause).

    2. i agree Sandra. RLB is the least worst option. We can also avoid being in this situation of “unprepared” lack of choice, by doing what i suggested in my Jeremy supporting groups ages ago. We need to be PREPARED with budding leaders now. We should not be always ruled … pushed along by events. We must create events, set the agenda be active not passive. Anything can happen at anytime. We must be prepared. For now we have to vote for RLB abd Richard Burgon. Then clip the wings of Lansman and others, take away every atom of power WE give them. And banish them to the full embrace of those they aid – true antisemites, rabid bigots, disgusting racist, those who LOVE eugenicists SO much, that dressing up in Nazi uniform is the costume of choice at their parties. Giving Nazi salutes are fun for them. There are many photos in the public domain which underline these facts. And, THE FACT that the likes of Luciana Berger, Faulkner, Blair, Campbell, Straw, Hodge, Coyle, Khan, Ummuna, Swinson, Owen Smitg, Angela Eagle, Hillary Benn, the Kinnocks… the FACT that these people and the creature Blair have NEVER ran a sustained campaign nor even an unsustained one, against the historically racist antisemitic Tory Party is enough for anyone to see that those who accused Jeremy, Chris, Mark, Ken, Jackie, Rosen, Bird, Loach … too many to name, have not the slightest concern of stamping out racism. They are happy to have Iain’s Duncan Smith prance about in Ermine. They are happy to embrace Blair and Straw who had the late Walter Wolfgang manhandled our of the Labour Conference. Where was their outrage❓

      Walter did not then flee to the Lib Dems or endorse the likes of Johnson as Blair did for the General Election. Walter Wolfgang, who escaped the Nazi’s, knew that the Labour Party with decent people like Jeremy Corbyn was and is the natural home of ALL who are truly against ALL racism and ALL bigotry. Walter knew that Blair and its attached smaller parasites were an infestation in our party. We as Rob and other propose once too often, should not leave our party to form another. We must organise, get some backbone and eject those who fail to point out and campaign against open racists and hippocrites silent re Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson, Iain Duncan Smith and Trevor Phillips to bane a few. Call them out. They are lying disgusting enablers of BLATANT eugenicist. Don’t crouch and bend before those liars. Don’t spout the unending meaningless words that have no traction with the general public. Confront the liars with straightforward tests of consistency as suggested above. Stick to the clear evidence of injustices and inconsistencies. Those who retreat to abstract words and labels instead of focusing on eg the blatant racist hypocrisy of the failures to parade with security against Dominic Cummings, Sabinsky, Iain Duncan Smith and others, … those who retreat to let words only wind themselves up in a righteous rage. Those words have ZERO traction on the general public. Further they provide an easy path to ramblings about history and meanings. Certain words may be perceived as barbs, but they are only hooks to distraction and avoidance of real tangible injustices. They are hooks, yes. But only hooks for the users to be caught and suffocated.

      It is the definition of folly to expect a different result from the same failed movements. In all areas where change is vital, we need mindful reflection to develop new habits and enact them. Be it COVID-19 virus or ridding us an cultural virus within OUR party, we need a fresh new DYNAMIC and MINDFUL approach, to regaining control of OUR party and to extinguish for good, the misconception that infections in the psyche of the party will disappear on their own accord. The infections don’t act that way. Observed them. They have their objective and the work at it. We must too. They must leave, not us. They won’t leave on their own. We must isolate and remove them. We must do it now. NOTHING is more important. No more book readings and tiresome chit chat. What value education if we do nothing with it to transform our party. If we can’t transform our CLPs, how can we our party, our country… the world❓❓❓ Those who fail to see that, are passionate not about reform. They are passionate not to do, not to be active re meaningful change. No. They are passionate only for a sad need to feel good about themselves with empty virtue signalling, building alliances with other virtuous noisy vacuums and rising the greasy poles of political ambition.

      Look for those who fit the descriptions above. The eye rollers, the obstacles to change, the writers of pointless policies, the apologists, those without a single suggestion for change, the enablers of Ashworth, WMD Blair, Campbell, Coyle, Khan, Hodge, Twatson…. Many unwitting, but a few infiltrators. They are easy to spot. Isolate them with more determination than for COVID -19. C19 at worse kills the body. The witting and unwitting enablers of Nandy, Murray, Rayner, Starmer et al, kill the spirit and purpose of OUR Labour Party. We must not let them.

      1. signpostnotwindchimes 11/03/2020 at 1:38 pm

        It is interesting that you mention the likes of Luciana Berger and Tony Blair in your comment praising RLB.

        At the JLM hustings RLB stated unequivocally that she would welcome Luciana Berger and Louise Ellman back into the Labour Party.

        During her LBC interview RLB was openly chasing the Blairite vote and clearly stated that she would be consulting with Tony Blair.

      2. The fact that members have to choose the least worst of a bunch of Mavises – and that the only hope on the horizon is that covid19 might kill off more Tories than real people – boils my piss.
        Labour was a nice dream while it lasted.

      3. I’m not really interested in a choice between Devil and Deep Blue. It’s a comparison between different colours of shit rather than a choice – like ‘Tory or Brexit Party?’.

        I actually don’t care much about the number of devils balancing on a pin-head and exaggerated claims of virtue on behalf of the less competent operator.

      4. … I’d also add that this isn’t my usual response when faced with difficult choices – I would normally sigh and pragmatically decide which was marginally better.

        In this case, I genuinely find it impossible to endorse either.

    3. Yes, you are correct.

      JLM gave her 1.5% when it came to choosing who to nominate.
      Burgon got 1%.

      The difference between her and the other candidates is worth having.
      It might later be possible to persuade her to change those aspects that we do not like.

  9. Some have said that Lansman has no loyalty, this is incorrect, Lansman has 100% loyalty to the racist State of Israel. Even though he makes mild criticisms, his actions and activities show this beyond doubt.

    He says we should refrain from using the term Zionism, why? It’s because he doesn’t want a true investigation of Zionism’s history and aims. He wants us to forget that ‘Zionism’ is the major reason for the occupation of Palestine by who? yes, Zionists. He also wants to deflect attention from the major reason Labour lost the GE, the undermining of Jeremy Corbyn by Zionists on behalf of Israel.

    He says that many Jews consider themselves to be Zionists and by attacking Zionism it upsets them. There are also many Jews who do not associate themselves with Zionism and are in fact anti-Zionists. Who in the Labour Party is supporting their views? Certainly not Lansman who has been instrumental in their suspension and expulsion on trumped up grounds of anti-Semitism, you couldn’t make it up – but Lansman does.

    It’s about time that Labour stopped pandering to the likes of Lansman and made it clear that Zionism is totally incompatible with Socialism.

    1. “… refrain from using the term Zionism …”

      To which the answer is ‘No – it’s a specific term about a specific ideology.’

      I guess Tories get upset about truth-telling, too. But I don’t think we’re going to stop using the term ‘Tories’ because it also describes the BoD nexus.

    2. Giving any group of godbotherers the right not to be upset is an attack on free speech.
      I’ve made many heavily critical comments about the infantile dupes of most of the skyfairy cults but I don’t discriminate.

      Even though the leaders of one particular cult have committed treason by slandering and libelling Her Majesty’s Opposition in the interests of a foreign power I still won’t attack them – but by allying themselves with the far right against the Muslim world and the left they expose themselves to the danger of history repeating itself.

      1. This stuff isn’t about theology per se. It’s about politics.

        Interestingly, some of the most fervent advocates of the Palestinian cause that I know – who have spent time working in the Occupied Territories are devout Christians – and many Jews also find that their beliefs lead to support for the Palestinian cause.

    Cambridge CLP motion on the BoD pledges

    Cambridge Constituency Labour Party is due to debate a motion regretting the willingness of all the Leadership and Deputy candidates, with the exception of Burgon and Butler, to sign up to the Board of Deputies 10 pledges.

    David Plank has collated a careful analysis of pledges and their anti-democratic and free speech implication to inform the debate.

  11. All 3 Labour Party Leadership Candidates are willing to provide the Jewish Board of Deputies with the power to control disciplinary procedures in the Labour Party. What are the consequences?

    1. Answer : domination of domestic politics by the proponents of a foreign state and a foreign ideology that is in conflict with human rights.

  12. And the Bank of England steps in to prop up the economy using the virus as a cover to start up “wealth distribution” to the most vulnerable Yes 👍 you guessed it straight too there pals in the City and banks whilst the non government continue to ignore the majority of
    the people including those that voted them in.. Could this shower of public schoolboys do anything other than slash interest rates to a quarter percent leaving no room for manoeuvre.Watchout for more slight off hand in the Budget for disaster.

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