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Excl: Starmer’s local members issue further demands for action – after putting sign up on his office window: “65,000 DEAD – DO SOMETHING”

Starmer’s ‘personal fiefdom’ rises up

Labour members in Keir Starmer’s Holborn and St Pancras constituency felt compelled this week to make a ‘direct intervention’ over the ‘opposition’ leader’s excessively cooperative attitude toward a Tory government that has killed tens of thousands of the UK’s people by inaction, delay and design during the coronavirus crisis – and toward a Prime Minister who refuses even to express regret for those needless deaths.

Starmer has failed to mount a strong challenge on almost any issue during the pandemic and has actively pushed for schools to re-open, in spite of warnings from unions and scientific experts of the dangers of doing so – so H&SP members took their own very visible steps to call on Starmer to take action, putting up a message on his constituency office window:

But they did not stop there. This morning the same members – some of whom have accused Starmer of running the local party as a ‘personal fiefdom’ with the eager help of the Labour right – have issued a list of other recent issues on which a Labour leader should be making a lot of noise:

We Labour Party members in the Holborn and St Pancras constituency insist that the Leader of the opposition should oppose:

35 other things we might expect the leader of the opposition to make a huge fuss about

  • The new honours list
  • The revelation of the secret trade deal negotiations with USA – chlorine chicken v the NHS
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Huge amount of Russian money flowing into Tory coffers
  • Cummings and Johnson’s father flouting lock-down rules
  • Easing building planning rules
  • Islamophobia in the Tory party
  • Windrush and Grenfell
  • Arms to Saudi Arabia (Yemen)
  • Massive secret pandemic equipment and service deals to Tory pals without tender
  • No deal Brexit
  • Climate change
  • HS2
  • Useless ‘world beating’ track and trace ap
  • Useless Turkish PPE
  • No ventilators – no PPE
  • Lethal late lock-down
  • Worst death rate in the world
  • Dumping covid cases in care homes
  • Debt larger than economy
  • Paint job on Johnson’s plane – £900.000
  • Letting Harry Dunn’s killer return to USA
  • Holding Julian Assange
  • Not giving poor kids lessons during pandemic
  • Israel’s annexation of West Bank
  • Midi’s brutal policies towards Kashmir
  • Hedge funds raking in billions on market shorting
  • Not backing teachers on school return
  • NHS privatisation
  • Not backing wealth tax
  • Tax break deal given by Jenrick to pornographer Richard Desmond – robbing Newham of millions in tax
  • G4S tagging scandal
  • [Alok] Sharma rejecting objections on £400m dodgy deal to buy One Web
  • Scrapping building/business inspectors

That’s quite a list of issues to be silent about. As the SKWAWKBOX has observed before, there’s a clue in the job title:

“Leader of the Opposition”.

Keir Starmer’s office was contacted for comment.

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  1. Excellent list. To all those who see/saw Kieth Starmer as an electable replacement for Jeremy Corbyn……He’s got as much chance of becoming Prime Minister as Layla Moran has

    1. Lundiel, as little chances as Layla Moran has, her chances are increasing by comparison to Starmer. Under her leadership (if she manages to win) we could witness a revival of the LIbDems fortunes, while Starmer could lead to the further collapse of the Labour vote.

      1. Maria
        Aim should be for socialist Labour Party,
        Far right wing nut, national white peoples Tory party
        Mythical, GE winning Centrist machine party,
        How we engineer that is the challenge

  2. The sign was obviously put up by a bunch of lefty Cobynista anti Semite immigrant loving Black Lives Matter Trots. Well the MSM will day that. Oh and I forgot those who put it up were told to do so by Putin.

  3. Its a great pity that the members didn’t say anything about the 2,000,000 cancelled operations, many for cancer, heart and other important operations which can mean the difference between life and death. It’s a great pity that the members didn’t say anything about the large number of empty wards in hospitals and the dramatic fall in people attending A&E because of whipped up hysteria and fear plus of course the totally unnecessary lockdown which has caused an increase in mental health problems not forgetting of course suicides. It a great pity that the members didn’t say anything about over 3,000,000 unemployed people, millions more who will lose their jobs plus the dramatic increase in the 16,000,000 people living in poverty including 4,0000,000 children, 200,000 homeless that will increase because of a totally unnecessary lockdown.

    Let’s hope they make this clear to the establishments knight of the realm.

    1. If they had taken the ludicrous positions that you advance they would be on the same side as Johnson (Trump and Bolsonaro). Despite the halfheartedness of the measures, reluctantly taken by the Tories and the inefficiency of a government luxuriating in the complicity of the Blairites, had your prescription been followed there would have been twice as many deaths. And all to keep the capitalist economy going.
      The changes that are needed to deal with poverty and homelessness, unemployment and insecurity will not be solved by neo-liberal socio-economic policies and profit worshippers.

      1. Let’s see Sweden had no lockdown, no people living in fear and hysteria whipped up to make them to paralyzed to see what is happening . They didn’t have to suffer the torment of waiting for vital operations for cancer, heart and other important operations or to paralyzed by and immobilized by fear to go their A&E plus of course all the mental health issues and suicides resulting from a totally unnecessary lockdown.

        In addition, the Swedes won’t have had the uncertainty to find their jobs, security and homes go because the can’t pay the bills and put food on the table for their families. All because of a totally unnecessary lockdown for a virus which as the NHS stated in June 95% of the fatalities had 2 or more serious illnesses, the median age was 80 and the overwhelming majority of the population will not get it. Those that do the vast majority will not know they have it and a small number who do will have mild symptoms and an even smaller number will die and a small number will die from it.

        Meanwhile, the usual suspects are coining it both in the UK and US. The banks, hedge funds, financial institutions received another £242,000,000,000 on top of the £ 400,000 000 000+ they trousered after 2007/8. In the US, Wall street plus the gigantic finance houses got $6,000,000,000,000. Nice little earner for them while the economy and the vast majority of the population can go to hell in a hand cart, just like in the UK!!!

    2. @Brian

      As sad as it is to say, people are getting early training for when the NHS finally starts billing us.

      Probably worth learning some basic medicine…

      1. Recently I had to go to a private hospital because the NHS sent me there. What struck me was when I rang the private hospital for a set date and time to see them, I was directed on to a phone menu, one of the first questions was how are you going to pay.

        The Neo Tory party ( New Labour) and the real McCoy, two sides of the same party The Business Party, have been scheming to do this for decades. Now, with the knight of the realm as leader ( at least for the moment) pretending to be in charge whilst taking his orders from his Trilateral masters plus the U.K. oligarchs , it is increasingly on the cards, the first question will be HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY.

        Looks like all the happy clappy stuff ain’t to going to work.

  4. As the chance of a vote on mandatory reselection disappears over the horizon…

  5. That’s a list that Scummings told Starmer not to bother with – everything’s in hand. Scummings said he’ll give him a call as/when other items need adding. ;-((

  6. Where is he with his: “It’s nothing more than an unsolicited few who’ve taken it upon themselves and are in no way representative of his constituency” bollocks?

  7. “Labour members in Keir Starmer’s Holborn and St Pancras constituency” Where is the proof it was members from his CLP ? It looks like it was pasted “on” the window – not inside, a big difference. Did they leave names and a forwarding address ? Not that all the issues don’t need discussion and debate. They do. But conflating the action with specific members of one CLP with no backing evidence is not responsible journalism.

    1. I haven’t seen it on the BBC but I don’t know that it hasn’t been on – how do you imagine Skwawkbox heard about it if not from the ‘perpetrators’ or their supporters?
      How many keyhollders to the constituency office do you imagine there are – to paste it inside?

    2. ”Where is the proof it was members from his CLP?”

      You reckon they were from (pederast enabler & CSA denier) hodge’s CLP, then? 🙄

    3. David walsh I do hope many on here take advantage on using the phone number on this caption to congratulate locsl activists in Hoborn and st Pancras Labour party on their brave actions in publicising the actions needed by that clown knight of the save the Labour party from the right wing establishment !misfits that infects the Labour party.

  8. “KEYHOLDERS” – anything you can do about the tiny font in the Leave a Reply bos Skwawk?

  9. I can see that the knights supporters are in a pannick on here and they should be.!Trouble t..mill “right in his own back yard…..keep our fingers crossed its a start.

  10. You’d be better off asking ‘Muttley’ to ‘do something’ than the utterly useless stammer…Neither’ll do anything unless there’s a medal in it for them.

  11. He’s got what he wants. A neutralised Labour Party. He can sit back and put his feet up,

    1. Not quite as neutralized a Labour party as I thought?.. jed bland? . “Direct Action” is always a winner.Bet that got the establishment knight of the realm out of his chair.. Well done ✔ democratic socialist labour party activists….!its truly inspiring.

  12. Can Duck Eggs
    On here explain further outbreaks in New Zealand and Germany
    Lockdown simply puts a lid on it, it is not a solution or strategy for managing a virus

  13. How long before those local members are purged out of the party for criticising Starmer.

    The sooner the Labour party ceases the better.

    Such members could then join Chris Williamson’s new socialist movement and help it become a party, as will need a Clement Attlee government from 2024, as NHS, social housing, state pension and so much will be long gone, with Starmer aiding and abetting the Tories, as the Lib Dems did in coalition that has caused the highest increase of early death rate from babe to granny, including the pensionless pensioner victims dying in high number aged in their 50s and 60s since 2011.

    1. Grey Swans
      Red Tories attempt reverse takeover of Labour party and the solution is run away
      Methinks not

      1. Doug,…Really inspirational the actions of the democratic socialist labour party activists,so I followed the lead of Holborn and at Pancras Labour party action and phoned from Cambodia using the phone ☎ number supplied in the caption supplied by Squawk box and low and behold,the knights team have a full message box and “we are unable to leave i a message” .That doesnt seem very forensic?…I wonder are the wheels falling off the wagon?

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