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‘Not fit for purpose’: will Starmer suspend former interim leader Harman for report criticising EHRC?

Labour members are asking whether Keir Starmer will suspend another former party leader for comments criticising the EHRC.

Harriet Harman, who was interim Labour leader after Ed Miliband’s resignation, chairs a parliamentary committee that has issued a report on racism against black people that is highly critical of a weak EHRC it describes as inadequate, unfit for purpose – and even so ‘scared of its own shadow’ that it scarcely dare gainsay the government’s agenda.


The Joint Committee on Human Rights report attacks the state’s ‘architecture’ as failing to protect human rights or racial equality – and goes on to make clear that the EHRC has a central role in this, failing to ‘provide leadership and gain trust, while failing to represent black people at all in its ‘top level’:

Unfit and asymmetrical

The report says that the EHRC’s powers are ‘not fit for purpose- and that it operates with a built-in asymmetry in how it handles cases involving black people:

No interest in implementation

The report also concluded that it is ‘clear that the EHRC doesn’t think it has a role in making sure anything actually happens with recommendations to protect black people’s human rights:

Not as good as what it replaced

The committee reports that it was repeatedly told that the EHRC doesn’t measure up to the performance of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE), which it replaced:

Former party leader Jeremy Corbyn was suspended by Labour’s hierarchy for making a comment on the level of antisemitism, despite the EHRC report making clear his right to do so is legally protected.

Labour members have been ordered not to debate or vote on motions about either the suspension or the fitness of the EHRC.

So will Starmer now take action against Corbyn’s predecessor for chairing a committee that has heavily criticised the EHRC?

Or is it actually perfectly valid and acceptable to point out the weaknesses in a clearly flawed organisation, or the facts in its report?

In which case, lack of action against Harriet Harman would seem to support conclusion that the action against Jeremy Corbyn and Labour members is as politically driven as many have said.

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  1. Let’s always remember that Starmer stated on Marr last year EXACTLY the same for which he has suspended Corbyn, as reported on Skwawkbox. Hypocrisy has no place at the top of the Labour Party.

    1. ⏸ The report also concluded that it is ‘clear that the EHRC doesn’t think it has a role in making sure anything actually happens with recommendations to protect black people’s human rights ⏸

      Therefore the E HRC is NOT equal. It has maliciously prioritised the supposed concerns of a mythical homogenised group highlighted by a TOTALLY UNELECTED AND UNREPRESENTATIVE tiny wicked few.

      That tiny wicked few, to give them their credit, work night and day to pursue and BROADCAST their destructive aims. It is an existential LIE to present an unelected cabal as “leaders” or “representatives” of ANY group. That is akin to saying we as British people or Labour Party members agree with Tony Blairs illegal invasion of Iraq causing the deaths of over one million people.

      Thus ALL of the EHRC’s conclusions are suspect…. to put it politely. Even Sir Starmer knows that … and he is not polite. Even Starmer a disreputable cager of someone who tried to bring us truths, knows that. Max Headroom’s and the EHRC’s repeated failures to investigate the Tories for rampant racism in all its forms, proves the EHRC is a total ethical and moral mess.

      A mess fit for only one purpose – The purpose of Sir Starmer – Maintain the Status Quo No Matter What It Takes. Lie, confect shifting rules on the spot, protect liars, deceive by any means…

      then become a director of cladding firms, betting giants, energy and transport failures, merchant banks, not testing and not tracing debacles, big pharmaceutical gangs, big internet outfits and lounge about with kleptocratic oligarchs.

      Thus Starmer knows his master’s aims are unsavoury. Starmer knows he gives not a jot about the cares of the many. Sir Max Headroom Starmer is a parasite in our Labour party. A disgrace. A holder of a repellant record. No good will ever come of him. Starmer MUST GO if we are determined to take back our party. He must go with all his acolytes.🛑

      1. winchimes – But in the meantime the EHRC remains a statuary body with legal powers of enforcement. Unless Labour is in power we won’t be in a position to make any changes.

      2. Yes SteveH, your Starmer & Co WORKED NIGHT and DAY to WRECK that chance to be in government and have Jeremy as Prime Minister which the largest vote share since 1949 showed in the election against May DESPITE the treacherous sabotage by Twatson, Starmer, Mandelson & Co‼️

        PROOF SteveH that you and your type do not care a tinker’s cuss about changing the status quo. You support the cronyism and banditry.

        p.s. Don’t change the EHRC. ABOLISH it and Trevor Phillips‼️ No half measures. That has been the curse of the “Left” along with noxious naivety, blind Broad Church fanaticism where all the commandments are ordered by the Right Wing demons.

        Oh, and refusing to accept that reality, just like Bernie across the pond. Biden is bad bad news just like Starmer…. Which reminds me of the Demoncrat’s Biden and Pelosi AND the Clintons. They have always been EXTREMELY supportive of IRA TERRORIST SH. Weren’t they ALL at the funeral of at least one significant IRA terrorist❓
        Are they on record providing glowing … splendiferous eulogies to the terrorist?Heard about that SH? Must be a source of GRAVE concern for Starmer & Co❓No❓

        Thought not. Because your lot care not a jot about stopping terrorist either🛑

      3. windchimes – What did Starmer do that had a negative impact on the outcome of the 2017 election.

      4. He forced Remainiacary “People’s Vote” Trident missile KNOWING full well it would cost us the election. Think of the joke People’s Vote as if martians voted the first time. 2017 Starmar was one of the coup plotters and participants. He worked hand in sheath with Twatson and operators in head office to do all manner of sabotage.

        Thank you though for all the invitations you provide for the reiteration of facts. In a noisy busy cluttered world, where so much competes for attention, even the obvious MUST be reiterated regularly. Fundamental. But you know that already and all your lot work at it. My lot seem to regard it as some tangental extra w a a a … y below their rarefied interests.

        They return to Foucault and Marx, yet either derive nothing of practical value or they don’t care. If on hearing the Tories announce an evil upon children and the response is “we must have a reading session on …” then with out doubt, they are out of touch, even with themselves.

        Life and living is not a university tutorial. Politics is not a tidy limp philosophical social chit chat. And no compromises should be made with people who make it clear over YEARS … DECADES that they fundamentally disagree with you and go to bed every night thinking of how to undermine you.

        And “defending” yourself is NOT as per AH dictum – popping up due to events, once or twice after much more than a flesh wounds over decades, a large EAGER army left demoralised, give a few minutes of LONG overdue words then vanish again into the mist. That is not defence. If that is defence, then give up now.

        ps VOTING all done. I combined the ranked slate of six you kindly provided = JVL list and aldo voted for nine other socialist recommend by another group, plus Giles for treasurer.

  2. You can bet only opponents of the Starmer regime or those who give it insufficient praise will be punished or suspended.
    Saw Starmer on PMQ’s, thought he was weak in not giving Bojo a bigger battering re all the money thats disappeared, and been paid to his cronies for work not done and ‘advice’ during the pandemic. Exposing Tory corruption is a dead cert to win votes. It’s also a dead cert for this reason and others that Bojo will be dumped before the next election, to be the scapegoat for the corruption and stupidity that has characterised this govt.

    1. Regardless of your opinion this is all going on the record for the enquiry to come.

  3. …and neither does double standards, an approved centrist like Harman iss allowed to say thee very same thing that Corbyn was suspended for.

    Means and Method: both starmered beyond forensic in Sir Keir’s Labour non-party.

    To wit, Wes Steeton, the new shadow schools minister, rubishing Corbyn’s National Education Service as little more than a ‘slogan’ and – of course – in the same interview dog whistling to the right wing billionaires press and Sir Keir’s billionaire bosses.

    Worse than tories. A national disgrace.

    1. OOops, Streeting not streeton. Getting my shat-apons and shit-ons mixed up.

      1. dear qwertboi, PLEASE could you or anyone else post the latest “Left” slate for the NEC. I would be keen to get your ranked preferences. Deadline NOON tomorrow 12th Nov so all members best vote tonight. Oh and don’t give ANY vote to any Thatcherites infesting our party.

      2. Here’s the latest (today) list from Momentum
        Supporters in Yorkshire and the Humber, the East Midlands and West London should rank the member representative candidates as follows:

        1. Nadia Jama

        2. Laura Pidcock

        3. Ann Henderson

        4. Mish Rahman

        5. Yasmine Dar

        6. Gemma Bolton

      3. Thanks SteveH. I’m hoping that qwertboi and others will veryfy the up to date slate as Starmer’s gang are know to try to frustrate decent choices eg Jo Bird.
        The list you provide seems kosher judging by the names i voted for in our GC delegate meeting.
        Thanks again.

      4. I copied and pasted it from a Momentum email that I received earlier today. Here is the full text.

        Dear Steve,
        There are 24 hours left to vote in Labour’s NEC election – have you cast your ballot yet?

        Over the last fortnight a factional group around the leadership have launched an anti-democratic crackdown on the left. This election is our chance to push back, defend member democracy, and make the case for a transformative socialist policy agenda.

        This is the first step to building our power in the Party.
        The best way to ensure our candidates get elected is if we rank our choices based off where we live.
        Supporters in Yorkshire and the Humber, the East Midlands and West London should rank the member representative candidates as follows:

        1. Nadia Jama
        2. Laura Pidcock
        3. Ann Henderson
        4. Mish Rahman
        5. Yasmine Dar
        6. Gemma Bolton
        After you’ve voted for the GV6 in the order specified, please give your seventh and subsequent preferences to other candidates who support a progressive policy agenda for Labour and a democratic party.

        Thanks for your support.
        In Solidarity,
        Team Momentum

        P.S. Want to get more Momentum news from across the movement? Sign up to The Organiser and we’ll send you a monthly update about activists making change on the ground, and how you can get involved!

        Momentum · 149 Fonthill Road, Finsbury Park, London, N4 3HF, United Kingdom

      5. Thanks. Wonders never cease but i am happy to make use of the useful no matter the source. I wonder if the “Left” has any members infiltrating the Right 🌹🌹🌹

      6. Quite sad that JVL’s site does not provide a ranking. These are the basics we must get ASAP. True collectivism is combining and playing individual strengths.
        Sadly your lot seem good at that judging from my CLP. Very aggressive and shamelessly rule breaking but very organised shameless nastiness. So many in my lot are busy reading…

      7. Your lot?
        I don’t have a lot, as you put it, unless excluding myself from supporting a mythical socialist utopia makes me part of a ‘lot’

    2. quertboi

      You could also add

      is not iss
      the not thee
      rubbishing not rubishing

      Here to help! 😀

  4. I’m certainly not a fan of Harriet Harman but as far as I can see (unlike Jeremy) she hasn’t criticised the contents of the EHRC report into anti-Semitism within the Labour Party so I can’t see there being an issue here.

    There is no case to answer.

    1. Corbyn was suspended for pointing out that the billionaire’s press misreported and over-stated AS in Labour. He said nothing on the content of the EHRC end-product. You are irritatingly twisting things again SH.

      1. qwertboi – I’m not the one dancing on the head of a pin and what you have said here does not in any way detract from what I have said above.
        To claim that these two issues are the same is palpable nonsense.

      2. Yes you are (dancing on the head of a pin). A parliamentary committee has stated the EHRC is not fit for purpose yet Starmer has based his leadership on exaggerating the findings of the report by a body that’s not fit for purpose and then ordering people not to talk about it at risk of suspension.
        That is undemocratic in the extreme.

      3. lundiel – The Labour party has no option but to comply with the EHRC’s demands. Whether you like it or not the EHRC is a statuary body that was created by an act of parliament with legal powers to investigate and enforce.
        All I’m saying really is that the premiss of the the above article is bollocks. If you want to argue the toss, then please feel free, I won’t be joining you down your 🐰🕳. On this occasion you’ll have to either play with yourself or find other like minded individuals that wish to waste their time.

    2. Don’t be so bloody silly. The point is that no one is allowed to point out that the ECHR is flawed when talking about the anti semitism report, but this report IS allowed to point out that they are unfit for purpose. It is more than fair to assume that if they are unfit in a number of respects, it is likely to be the case in other respects. Either way, criticising the ECHR and by extension its anti semitism report, is perfectly valid and permissible. Or this report is not.

      1. Linda – What is silly about what I have said above. Has Harriet Harman done anything wrong here?

    3. I think the case to answer is why are there no black EHRC commissioners, as Harriet Harman says?
      I think that is necessary but not sufficient, especially when you have someone like Trevor Phillips, who always was a lickspittle even in the NUS. It may be tokenistic to have black directors of some airline or whatever but this is the so-called official anti-racism body. Besides the report was only barely critical of the Labour Party is of “facts”. The evidence of any anti-Semitism at all was at worst thin. Yet they conclude with big & damning criticisms. Jeremy Corbyn should not have intervened in helping to stitch up innocent Paerty members. Damned right. He shouldn’t have. This is “anti-Semitic” because the “complainants might be more likely to be Jewish” – although the evidence is they were more likely to be Euan Phillips. After 10 years of Tory government it makes you wonder who appointed a bunch of white lawyers & bankers to the EHRC in the first place…

      1. Absolutely right! No love for Uncle Trevor Phillips among Black socialists either.
        That said, Harman shares ‘Collective Cabinet Responsibility’ for the killing and torture of the Black and Brown peoples of the world that went on under the Blair regime.
        Moreover, Britain and the former Imperial powers had spent decades decolonising prior to the pro-war spin of Blair and his cabinet. Up until that moment white politicians violently interfering in the evolution of the Black/Brown parts of the world was actually a taboo and deemed the worst racism outside of slavery itself. When Muhammad Ali declined to fight in Vietnam, it was because he publicly refused to extend the reach of ‘white the slave masters of the world’.
        So its a bit rich for Harman to now be passing herself off as an anti-racist.

      1. Doug – I’m sorry you are having difficulties. If you point out which bits you are finding difficult to understand then I will attempt to rephrase them for you.

    4. Err, he didn’t criticise the contents of the report, he made a statement based on the contents of the report. For goodness sake learn some humility.

      1. lundiel – Humility about what FFS. I’m simply pointing out that the two issues aren’t the same and HH has no case to answer. If you want to argue differently then feel free.
        I’m not going to waste my time.

      2. At least this toddler has an excuse for his childishness.
        And he’ll grow out of it.

      3. On second thought, he probably already has – which would put him some way in advance of our own in-house infantilists.

    5. SteveH is a really accomplished as a dancer on the head of a pin. Beginning to think he’s Starmer in his spare time.

    6. IN any case it is a House of Lords Committee report – not a report solely from Harriet Harman, so there is no constitutional or party ability to do anything here…..

      1. Theres no constitution idiot….can you reference any part of a written constitution to back up your ignorence.walsher.?

      2. Joseph – You are sort of right in that we don’t have codified written constitution but we do have a constitution that is governed by a multitude of statutes and convention. Although this has been exposed as being lacking in some areas It has stood us in good stead for a great many years
        This has only happened since Boris came into power and decided he was going to behave in such an uncouth manner and ignore well established conventions.
        The Tories have shown there is a need to strengthen our institutions not weaken them as the populists advocate.

  5. SteveH
    When EHRC fail to investigate Tories what will Temporary Embarrassment say
    And remember
    We speak English on here

    1. Doug – “We speak English on here”
      So yo keep saying. As I’ve said above, let me know which bits you are having difficulty with and I will try and simplify the language for you.
      The simplest answer I can give to your question is
      I don’t know.

  6. And the answer is NO, gutless and spineless
    Can you ask your carer to interpret

    1. Doug – Thanks for your opinion.
      I am sorry to see you are getting confused again, it must be distressing for you. You’re the one claiming to have issues with basic English comprehension. I don’t have the same problems as you.

  7. The Tory party is riddled through and through with Nazi Uniform dressing, bigoted monsters, racist, Muslim bashing, Catholic burning, and historically hosts of anti-Semites. If the EHRC is to be taken seriously, it should have been too overworked putting the filth of the Tories on the MSM.

    And when it come to human rights, has the so called EHRC ever tried to protect the human rights of the abused victims in the Church of England and the Catholic Church and Prince Charle’s FULL support of child abusers❓ Have they looked into the deep association of Jimmy Saville with Charles AND the Tories headed by Margaret Thatcher❓ Do Saville’s victims have no human rights❓

    The establishment preservers like Starmer are obscenely dishonest. They KNOW that the EHRC was concocted by the warmonger Blair to distract from its evil Thatcherite doings.

    1. signpost
      So its fair to ask the Cheap and Nasties, BBC and Christian Church, if they have a paedophile problem

      1. Thanks Doug, i forgot about the BBC. The BBC embraced and pampered Jimmy Saville apparently long before i was born. They knew what he was doing. Saville had friends in high ethically bankrupt places : the police, the churches, the Tory party ESPECIALLY its bestial embodiment Margaret Thatcher. Logic : The failure to investigate all of the above is PROOF that the EHRC & Starmer have no care for equality nor human rights.

    2. windchimes – There is already a very comprehensive enquiry underway into these issues that has been publishing periodic reports.They issued one recently relating to abuses in the church.

      1. SteveH, what did Starmer say about it❓ Were his acolytes touring the studios highlighting it and promising to stamp it out of our society❓ Were MSM presenters badgering him to get the church to apologise over and over again❓

        I complain of not hearing Jeremy enough on the radio, and even i heard him apologise for A/S so often that it was ridiculous. If i heard Jeremy apologise then anyone who pretends they didn’t hear the flood of apologies are LIARS who do not care one jot about anti-Semitism or they would be on the MSM everyday raving about A/S in the Tories, the Catholic Church, Church of England, The National Gallery, All the Queen’s palaces ( ours in fact) all the Sandringhams and Balmorals, etc almost every Oxford and Cambridge College, every stately home…THOUGHT the haunts of the 1%.

        But they know as you do too that they don’t care about anti-Semitism. You know that to accuse Jeremy of being A/S, even you SH know is evidence of depravity … deceit… dirtiness of an incalculable scale. Your Starmer & co expose their crassness. To Starmer, the deaths of many in horrific ways are not beyond the boundaries of base political machinations🛑

  8. Harman was never going to be suspended; she’s one of the same Stepford Wives that populate Starmer’s so-called shadow cabinet (I say so-called because like most zombies they don’t have shadows and avoid mirrors).

    The EHRC is/was well populated with various minorities, gays, jews, etc. with a significant preponderance of women. The fact that they are probably all middle to upper class closet Tories is, of course, neither here nor there. The EHRC is to the struggle against racism in Britain as Baroness Dildo Hardon is to test and trace – about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

    The only remotely acceptable black person who could serve in any capacity on the EHRC is the uncle toms’ uncle tom Mr. Trevor Phillips, who, it should be noted, has just appointed US spy and political assassin of Marc Wadsworth, Ruth Smeeth as the new CEO of “Index on Censorship.” IOC is almost certainly a sinecure for CIA agents who are being rested until they can get another job as a Labour MP/Trade Union officer, (in the good old days many unemployed comrades from the SACP were “employed” by Soviet Weekly, a publication which, as far as I know, nobody ever paid money for).

    Smeeth has a back catalogue of working undercover as an anti-racist. She worked for and is still associated with Hope not Hate, another deeply suspect “anti-racist” organisation.

    What unites all these “anti-racists” from a spectrum stretching across the centre of the British political scene and reaching even far into the Tory party is a desire to make sure that imperialist interests are not threatened and the working class never come to power in Britain, an essential pre-condition on the path to truly eliminating structural and systemic racism in our land.

    1. labrebisgalloise – You may well be right but unless Labour is in power we won’t be in a position to make any changes.

      1. SteveH, Starmer & Co suffocated that precious goose. Stole the golden egg and stamped on it. Missed that SH❓ It must be that u have lodged your self so far up Keith’s fundament that you missed his TRAITOROUS parasitic sabotage over the last four years SH❓ That’s what Twatson & Starmer went to bed thinking about every night – “How to Stop Corbyn”.

      1. Doug – The 2017 Manifesto brought up to date to take into consideration the current situation at the time of the next GE.

  9. SteveH
    Seriously, hand on heart, i have no clue what that even means
    No matter
    What’s a good result for Temporary Embarrassment on Friday 13th

    1. Doug – What precisely don’t you understand.
      Whilst I of course appreciate that this may be hard for you, if I’m going to help you out then you are are going to have to accept that we going to have to work together on your problem. The balls in your court.

      1. So come next GE you could dump 2017 manifesto,
        Your statements are meaningless, you put Trumpton and the Israel lobby to shame

      2. Doug – Wow! You really don’t understand English, do you?

      3. Back to day job
        What’s the worst case scenario for Temporary Embarrassment on Friday 13th

      4. Doug – Now it is me that is confused, you’ll have to explain what you are on about because I don’t have a clue.

      5. I can’t lip read, are you losing it, are you in a crisis?

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