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1700 schools now officially infected

Yet Johnson still claims children rarely pass it on, in spite of ample scientific evidence to contrary

1,700 schools are now hit by coronavirus infections – an increase of five hundred on the end of last week. The mushrooming situation in England continues to be the main driver:

  • England 1,178
  • Scotland 147
  • Northern Ireland 100
  • Wales 275

Wales and Northern Ireland have now made their own figures public. England and Scotland continue to withhold them, but the numbers above have been compiled from NHS updates, school bulletins and local news reports.*

In spite of the rocketing figures, Boris Johnson today again insisted that children rarely transmit the virus – despite the advice of his own ‘SAGE’ scientists and ample studies showing they carry the same viral load as adults and can spread it rapidly both within schools and from them.

Schools, workplaces and indoor hospitality will remain open under Johnson’s risible new measures supposed to combat the exponential rise of infections, hospital admissions and deaths, even though they are known to be the engine room of the new wave of the pandemic.

*Figures compiled by @ToryFibs.

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  1. Schoolkids are constantly on social media aren’t they?
    What are they saying?
    I’ve got no kids, so nobody I can ask and I’m not about to start getting into any “What’s an old man like you doing on a kids’ website?” conversations.
    Somebody here must have grandkids?

  2. Are you counting schools sending year groups home because one bairn has symptoms and they can’t get them tested

    1. I’m not counting anything – but you sure as shit are trying to DISCOUNT symptoms just because they haven’t been confirmed by nonexistent Tory testing.
      Who else do we know who’s trying to minimise the numbers?
      Oh yes, that’s right – the Tories.

  3. I would instinctively never support the establishment Torys or the establishment knights lies.What I do know why anything coming out of the mouths of the enemy of the working class should be automatically rejected.and those that echo the words or deeds of the enemy must be treated as collaborators.And that is the only way to fight a war.And a war we are now entering for the survival of the people.

  4. Gentlemen
    There are two sets of scientists, one wants to protect lives and the economy, the others are advising the cheap and nasties
    Guess what they have just bought Tories another 6 months, listen can you hear snouts in troughs
    Killer Snowflakes how many normal people have you wiped out today

    1. Doug,

      If you’re so convinced this is all a blag, why don’t you go and front a conference hall full of people who’ve lost loved ones due to covid, or have loved ones relying on machines to breathe for them in ICU/HDU’s right now, and tell them what you’re telling us?

      See how long it is before you require a bed in the next ward. Y’know? One that’d have gone to a heart attack/stroke/cancer victim? But, hey! At least you’d have done your bit to reduce the numbers of those admitted to hospital with the bug. 👍

      1. You neatly illustrate how emotion is the driving force at work here. Rationality went out the window a while back. We will have mob justice and neighbour-snitching in short order. The most perfect fascist dictatorship is one that is DEMANDED by the people. You can all give yourselves a pat on the head, pant-pissers!

      2. Joseph
        What say you
        To the other announcement
        The British Army are going to help to enforce the new rules

    2. Doug, your “snouts in troughs” comment is as vague and confused as your other statements but I assume you refer to rich ‘friends of Tories’ corruptly making money out of coronavirus – and that’s why you think that CV is being misrepresented as being more serious than it is?
      I agree with you that profiteering is happening, obviously, Tory corruption being endemic.
      Where I disagree with you is in the conclusion you draw from that – and from QAnon & Co. – that CV was invented or exaggerated to enable that corrupt profiteering.
      You’ve got the causal relationship backwards Doug – just because CV is being exploited doesn’t mean it was a deliberate release or that it isn’t real or serious.
      Capitalists are opportunistic – exploitation is what they do – they see it as a perfectly justified maximisation of profits.
      That doesn’t excuse them in any way and we still need to concrete over every last one of the fuckers, naturally.
      We shouldn’t invent evidence though and we don’t need to – there’s plenty.

      1. It was known that another virus like the recent Sars and MERS outbreaks would be along soon. The Capitalist elite drew up their wishlist (check out the Rockefeller Lockstep protocol published in 2010 for details on how it would be implemented) and just had to wait and hang it on the next novel virus that came along.

        It most certainly IS opportunistic, demonstrated perfectly by Matt Hancock’s scandalous manipulation of the statistics (not in the direction you might expect), laid out in detail here:

      2. ‘Concrete over every last one of the fuckers’
        I used to work for RMC, still have the contacts, when do we start

      3. Either Dr. Yeadon’s explanation is deficient or his assumptions are.

        To claim 90% – NINETY FUCKING PERCENT of tests are false positives can only be a nonsense, or every scientist on the planet would have been crying “FOUL” throughout the pandemic.
        Whilst his theory would explain the currently low number of deaths, so would every other conspiracy theory and so would not currently transferring already-infected old people from hospitals to care homes – and so would new and improved treatments.

        His calculations rely on unsupported assumptions like:
        1. that of CV prevalence – he assumes ONS RANDOM (!) tests showing 0.1% infected to be more reliable than Pillar 2 tests despite their being based, as he concedes, on TINY samples (and presumably use of the same unreliable PCR test? He doesn’t say)
        His 90% false positives figure is based on the foregoing, compounded by another assumption – a false positive rate of minimum 0.8% – in his mind, 8 times the infection rate.
        2. that Councils are telling ALL people to get tested, not just those with symptoms. I don’t believe that.
        3. that false negatives can be dismissed as irrelevant despite swabs being taken by inexperienced and unqualified operatives in less than ideal conditions and not being processed soon enough to be valid or even processed at all – he also ignores the fact that those vast numbers of unprocessed swabs will certainly not be counted as ‘positives’ but will be counted by Hancock as ‘tests carried out’ – therefore as ‘negatives’ by default.

        There were more anomalies but I’m bored now. Maybe I’ll re-read it later.

  5. The CV Pandemic! Spread world-wide in months, but No efforts made to stop or postpone global travel, as the bourgeoisie’s chosen method of travel is aircraft. ‘A stitch in time’ BoJo & you did nothing but sit on your hands & watch the macabre plague become universal. Some countries took action, but BoJo is incapable of understanding & learning by example…….a lethal combination of arrogance & stupidity. ‘The fate of all mankind I fear, is in the hands of fools’.

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