Video: Hancock doesn’t know that UK C19 deaths have doubled – or what alert level is meant to be

Health Secretary empty-headed and full of BS

Health Secretary Matt Hancock did not know what the UK’s coronavirus alert level is supposed to be, when he was asked about it this morning. And when he took a guess, he was a whole two levels wrong – claiming it’s 3 when in fact, because infections are rising and restrictions are being increased, it should be 5.

Worse, he was entirely ignorant of the fact that the number of UK deaths from COVID-19 complications has doubled on the week before – just like the number of infections and the number of hospitalisations.

When asked whether more people are now dying, he replied:

Not yet.

It’s not the first time. Earlier this year, Hancock had no idea how many nurses had been killed by the virus – and the NHS was only told to even start counting almost a month later.

Hancock’s performance – as so often – encapsulates the arrogance, ignorance, incompetence, wilful blindness, outright dishonesty and downright malignancy of the Tories and their approach to the pandemic crisis:

Marr entirely failed to challenge him on either point – and later reports of the interview ignored them completely – encapsulating the frequent utter failure of our so-called ‘mainstream’ media to hold Establishment politicians to account, no matter what nonsense they spout.


People are dying. More will die. And the UK will continue to be lied to by its government and failed by its media, while the drivers of the new wave of the pandemic go unchanged and unchallenged. It is unforgivable.

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  1. “Doubled”? What, from 10 to 20?

    The War On Death continues remorselessly…

      1. For the love of god, Killer Snowflakes give us something to debate, even the moron Hancock says we are only at level 3
        What level do you f7ckwits think we are at

  2. IT truly is “unforgivable” as the Squawkbox points out.Any government that sets about to endanger the lives of its citizens and callously destroys the infrastructure against its own people must be held to account .We all know what the Torys have done in the history of the UK ,but this group of psychopaths are a gathering of the lowest life forms ever to come together outside of institution for the criminally insane.The perfect storm has come together with the Opposition now defunct….I despair for the working class of the country and hope and pray that a true Opposition party will come together to rescue the people and destroy this government and establishment lackys and put them behind bars were they belong.The conservative and unionist party,aided and abetted by the Labour party and the knights treachery.

  3. I wonder why no-one refers to the ‘K’ number ,instead by using only the ‘R’ number in isolation, which changes as a direct result of interventions .
    The Behavioural Insight Team continue to nudge their catchy little phrases.

  4. You’ve got one thing right – Handoncock hasn’t the foggiest about respiratory disease.

    … any more than Skwawkbox. A shit, shave or breakfast time? job all round

    Meanwhile, sanity -as usual the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine continues to be the rock of real information (always prescient) n the Tory and knicker-wetting shit-show. The only change being that they are now less guarded in condemning the pseudo-science panic merchants :

    “Now we look set to repeat the pattern of what happened six months ago when they first panicked the country into shutting down, except that this time it has been given a fancy title – operation ‘circuit break’.

    Whatever the name, it may be a grave error with terrible consequences for the health of the British people and for the health of the country. How can we possibly be making the same mistake – again?

    Why is it that the Government is once again in the grip of doom-mongering scientific modellers who specialise in causing panic and little else?”

    “The good news, then, is that anyone going down with a new respiratory illness is likely to be suffering from a cold – not Covid.”

    1. “The good news, then, is that anyone going down with a new respiratory illness is likely to be suffering from a cold – not Covid.”

      So we’ll treat everyone as suffering from a cold whether it IS covid or not, shall we, dicky?

      EXACTLY the same fucking horrendous toerag eugenicist attitude that has them all thinking that everyone suffering from, say, Spina Bifida are really all Jonnie Peacocks who are just swinging the lead; and when ‘fit’ are able to run 100m in 11 seconds.

      You utterly reprehensible fucking reptile. May God stiffen you.

  5. Professor Carl Heneghan Oxford University
    First Class Honours Degree in the bleedin obvious
    He has saved my sanity over Covid19 just like JVL saved my sanity over the AS Scam
    Killer Snowflakes the liar and charlatan, Cummings glove puppet will announce another Lockdown and you know what Temporary Embarrassment will support it
    Now remind us whose side you are on
    Me5h8nks its those with their snouts in the trough

  6. The paid full-time coronavirus denier trolls, Doug, RH, and timfrom, are up early and posting their pernicious utter nonsense as per usual. Quite why Skwawkbox feels that a Left site needs to provide a platform to these lying shysters is quite beyond me. One of Left liberalism’s weak points – this idea that even your sworn enemies, including these paid disruptor trollbots, ‘deserve an unfettered platform’. But they’ve got a huge number of mad denier platforms already, Skwawky – just look at Spiked-Online for instance.

    This winter is now obviously going to witness another major coronavirus deathtoll, admittedly mainly ‘merely’ of the older and unfit citizens (but our lives have value too , surely ?) particularly as the virus is back in our care homes – and our school system is predictably proving to be an incubator centre for the wider spread of the disease in local communities. Who benefits from so many people believing that the coronavirus epidemic is some sort of hoax ? Only cynical capitalists – who can get their workers to go back to the workplace , with inadequate protection, to generate more surplus value – whilst spreading a highly infectious disease which may well overwhelm our stretched NHS resources this winter (when combined with seasonal flu). The denier trolls , on here, and across the internet, are unscrupulous lie-spreading scum doing capitalism’s ideological dirty work.

    1. This is risible misdirection from Bad Penney.

      Spiked! Online is, of course HIS mob and that of his old mate Danny, who was always linking to Spiked! articles in comments here. Where did he go? And why didn’t he take this site’s No.1 troll with him?

      1. And why didn’t he take this site’s No.1 troll with him?

        Probably because Danny and dicky haywire AKA rh didn’t see eye-to-eye on just about anything.

        Mind you, dicky’s getting some competition in the troll stakes of late…

  7. It’s not impossible that CV19 could mutate into a form that seriously affects the young.
    The young have been affected worse than the old before – 1918 ‘flu, swine flu, viral ARI’s, 2019 ‘flu.
    Then the only option would be TOTAL lockdown – but for a far shorter period – which is what countries should have done in the first place.

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