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Exclusive: 1,251 schools now hit – and many more prevented from reporting or acting on outbreaks

Withheld testing preventing confirmation of many outbreaks, yet numbers rocket anyway

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The number of schools known to have been hit by coronavirus outbreaks since they re-opened this month (in England and Wales) or 2-3 weeks earlier (in Scotland and Northern Ireland) continues to soar and has now reached at least 1,251* – up from 1,118 just yesterday.

But the real figure is far higher, as more and more schools are being told to isolate individuals or small groups but otherwise to carry on as normal and not to declare an outbreak or isolate whole ‘bubbles’ or year groups. The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) estimates that four out of five schools have children isolating with suspected coronavirus – that’s around 26,000 schools with confirmed or likely infections.

The official number of new UK coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours was over 4,300, up by almost a thousand on the preceding days – but the continuing withholding of testing, particularly from children, means that the real number is several times higher. While the government has been reporting around the 3,000 figure per day before today, the Office for National Statistics estimates a number around triple that – even before today’s surge in infections.

The number of hospitalisations is also doubling weekly and accelerating – and the mortality rate will inevitably follow.

The Tories’ testing fiasco, with even those who are offered a test being told to travel hundreds of miles when tests are available round the corner, is serving to hide the real scale of the latest catastrophe inflicted on the country by Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock and co – with the active cooperation of the current centrist Labour front bench.

*Compiled from NHS updates, school bulletins and local news reports by @ToryFibs.

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  1. Yesterday while delivering food to a school I witnessed a class being sent home, they 2ere a class of tiddlers, 5 ot 6 years old
    When there is no scientific evidence that bairns ca5ch it, suffer from it or spread were parents being dragged out of work to come and fetch kids and then what
    All down to A positive test, one test 2hich showed precisely what, couldn’t have been 9ne 9f the kids as they ars not infectious
    If it was a teacher or a parent then the question is were they infectious not are they infected
    Professor Carl Heneghan, Oxford University explains it very well,, I will summarise
    Covid19 is the shittest pandemic the world has ever seen, I have more virulent life threatening activity in my underpants
    Now its time to tell those who rule over us to go fuck themselves

    1. Surely, Skwawky, the over-liberal desire to give everyone a platform for their viewpoint should have its limits ? You wouldn’t allow fascists a platform on Skwawkbox, so why give a platform to the paid bonkers coronavirus denier troll, ‘Doug’ – to constantly post utter unsubstantiated nonsense, constantly ignoring all the quite clear scientific evidence (on Skwawkbox itself, even in this very article Doug is ignoring, never mind every other reputable study) , that children DO indeed catch coronavirus in large numbers, don’t generally suffer seriously from it, but DO then pass it on to teachers, support staff, and older relatives in large numbers.

      There are plenty of coronavirus denier/conspiraloon sites for the likes of irresponsible nutters like Doug and RH to spew their cynical , Trumpist, nonsense, without Skwawkbox giving them another platform.

      Those like ‘Doug’ and ‘RH’ spreading coronavirus denier nonsense are part of a Big Business funded programme of denial that is simply interested in keeping the workers in the workplace – producing more surplus value for them, regardless of the death toll from a killer virus running unchecked in our society. Denier trolls like ‘Doug’ collectively are nothing more than paid ideological terrorists.

      1. Bad Penny
        Which part of Professor Carl Heneghan Oxford University or
        Peer reviewed
        Have you tried TINTERNET, Google it then come back to us, unlike you if I’m wrong I will hold my hands up,
        Do know the difference between Infectious and Infected, these tests can pick up remnants of the virus that are dead and upto 80 days old
        £300 billion so far, wheres it gone
        ‘Snouts in troughs ‘

      2. Why are you so obsessed with the idea we might be paid that you can’t mention the word “troll” without putting “paid” before it?

        I can assure you we do it for free out of an abiding hatred for the likes of you. If you like censorship so much, fuck off over to WSWS and stay there. You’ll like it. An echo-chamber that brooks no dissent!

    A new, unsettling study on children and the coronavirus pandemic has just been published as countries around the world reopen kindergartens and school classrooms. The study’s findings are sure to further fuel already heated debates over the risk of infection in institutions of learning.

    Doctors at the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC have found that infected children can spread the SARS-CoV-2 virus for weeks even though they themselves show no COVID-19 symptoms. That means that children with only mild symptoms, or none at all, can unknowingly infect people around them.

    In an earlier study, researchers in Boston showed that children and youths they observed had surprisingly high viral loads.

    1. Bollocks
      There are no peer reviewed reports that confirm children catching, suffering or spreading the virus

      1. I’d offer to peer review your bollocks but I’m not qualified.
        To be your peer I’d have to cut my IQ in half, as would most commenters here apart from Bubba, RH, lundiel & your other colleagues at Fuckwits United Media Influencers Ltd.

      2. David
        As opposed to ‘they need shoving up a dogs arse and the dog cremated’
        School of Scientology
        Now genius tell me whats going to win the Ayr Gold Cup, if your answers, a horse, get back behind the couch with the other Killer Snowflakes

      3. ‘Doug’, continually copy-pasting phrases from your previous posts makes you read like a broken down bot.
        Write something intelligible and I’ll respond – the bollocks you spout wouldn’t pass anyone’s sniff test.
        ‘Genius’? No, not really, not any more – not by my standards anyway. Not since I did all those drugs and all that booze in my twenties.
        By Mensa standards I probably still am, but they let idiots with IQ’s of only 140 call themselves geniuses, and the joining level is a retarded 132 iirc.

      4. David
        OK how about original thought, can you share one with us

      5. I get paid for my original thoughts, duggie.
        No free stuff, no credit.

      6. Here’s an original thought I already made public here and on Labour’s website, one you won’t read under anyone else’s name.
        One which, had it been adopted, might well have stopped the antisemitism scam dead in its tracks and shifted the focus of media attention onto an argument we could easily win – that of media bias.
        Whenever I comment on something I’ve read I credit the author, unlike you AntiVaxxtards.

  3. Most accurate daily figures are from the Kings College app, which are close to the ONS results. In the case of the Kings College app 4.2 million people report their symptoms, or absence of symptoms, daily. ONS carries out random tests in the community, but reports only weekly.
    As of yesterday (18/09/2020) the estimate for infected people across the UK was 6,478. To this should be added 15-17% for people who are asymptomatic, but infectious.

    1. Sky news chart shows 7000 cases a day in April, at its height, your saying we are back to that number
      42,000 deaths to date, current daily rate 27, when do you think we will catch up with hospital admissions and deaths

      1. Yeh and loud mouth I’ve got the biggest cock is going to sort things out.

      2. It is proven that deaths often occur 2-8 weeks after the onset of COVID-19 symptoms. The authors noted that, in the initial stages of the epidemic, case rates increased while death rates remained low in many states. But death rates subsequently increased in all states after several weeks, by varying amounts.

      3. BloJob’s definitely got a big gut – looks like he’s put all that weight he lost back on again.
        Saw him on the news earlier miming ‘sci-yence’ at a ‘lab’rorrity’ in a white coat he couldn’t even button up – couldn’t even fake using a multichannel pipette either, the fatberg butterfingered buffaloon.

  4. Go to the Sky News charts on Covid19
    WHO chart shows we are below 5% testing positive and therefore in control of virus, not in danger
    Oink Oink
    Cheap and Nasty Tory Snouts in Trough
    Red Tories Blue Tories can you tell the difference, are any of them suffering, are we really all in it together,
    Methinks not

    1. I didn’t see anything about measures to ensure counting of any online votes will be transparent and fair, such as invigilators from all sections of the party?
      The right has already proved itself untrustworthy, deceitful and corrupt.
      I wouldn’t trust Labour staff as far as I could throw Johnson.

      1. David – I don’t think there will be any votes to count. Even if there are I would expect any on-line votes would be contracted out to an independent voting organisation (as per leadership election).

        You can find some further details here.
        Connected will not allow party members to vote on policy, but will include speeches, 24 training sessions, ten policy panels with breakout sessions, two rallies, member mobilisation events and a quiz.
        The programme features over 100 speakers from the labour movement, and the event has seen more than twice as many people sign up than would normally be able to participate at Labour’s normal conference.

      2. ACC Liverpool reckoned 13,000 attended in 2018, “the conference’s highest number of attendees to date” over 5 days.

        I just looked at your link SteveH:
        “The programme features over 100 speakers from the labour movement, and the event has seen more than twice as many people sign up than would normally be able to participate at Labour’s normal conference.”

        So, that’s what… 30,000 online? 35,000? It’s free, right? No expensive travel or accommodation?

        Also, from the NME: “Jeremy Corbyn just pulled one of the biggest crowds Glastonbury has ever seen for his Pyramid Stage speech.
        The Labour leader came to Glastonbury to introduce hip-hop act Run The Jewels and give a 20-minute speech to hundreds of thousands of punters at the festival’s biggest stage.”
        That was in 2017. When they literally sang his praises.

        Starmer must be disappointed that hundreds of thousands couldn’t even be arsed to click a link to see him.
        Numbers restricted for safety reasons?
        No singing allowed?

  5. For those of you who have more than half a brain, just check out this link to companies house. The link is directly to a firm registered as Porton Biopharma and it shows you who the person is with a controlling number of shares. (75 per cent or more)
    When you learn the name of that person, the more mentally gifted of you will maybe put two and two together and finally realise why this whole virus scam is being hyper inflated.
    Its not about saving lives, its about selling vaccines to boost profits for the major shareholder. You may fall on your arses when you see who it is.
    Stop tearing Doug apart, he has more critical ability than most of you.

    1. Cardinal Sin – WTF has that got to do with anything? Please elaborate and explain your conspiracy theories instead of hiding behind innuendo.

    2. Cardinal Sin, who do you think Porton Down should report to – Wallace at defence?
      Health seems more appropriate to me.

    3. Thanks for that, Cardinal. I’m afraid, though, that shit for brains is a common problem round these parts!

  6. Go to the link, fuckwit. Use any brain cells that you have left. In the old days THAT sort of business connection would have been called “A conflict of interest”
    Don’t you think its a bit suspicious that the very person who is running the country ragged with lockdowns and pushing for a “vaccine” just happens to own 75 per cent shares in a vaccine company? I always thought you were a troll but if you can’t see anything wrong with that setup you must have shit for brains.

    1. Shit, you think Hancock actually OWNS those shares?
      Are you for real?

    2. Cardinal Sin – Oh dear! Which f’wit filled your receptive mind with that little gem.
      Thanks for all the misplaced condescension but you may regret not having used your own ‘numerous’ brain cells to recognise the glaringly obvious flaw in your thinking.
      You’ve obviously failed to appreciate that there is a vast difference between the Secretary of State for Health having a controlling interest in a company that can be used to facilitate vaccine production and Matt Hancock having a controlling interest in the same company.

      1. Heh heh heh heh heh – almost funnier is that someone actually liked his comment.
        (I’m assuming Cardinal Sin will be a male?)
        Come out, come out, whoever you are… who else thinks Hancock owns Porton Down?

  7. Cardinal Sin and unknown others – here’s a quick, almost certainly incomplete, list of UK state-owned enterprises from Wikipedia – please don’t put any store in the fact Porton isn’t mentioned – its absence from a Wikipedia list isn’t significant.
    If I could be arsed looking further I’d find that the appropriate minister is ALWAYS the ‘person with significant control’ at Companies House – AND THAT THE NAME CHANGES EACH TIME A NEW MINISTER IS APPOINTED.

    British Business Bank
    DfT OLR
    London North Eastern Railway[1]
    Northern Trains
    Civil Aviation Authority
    London & Continental Railways
    National Physical Laboratory
    Network Rail
    OneWeb (45%)
    Pension Protection Fund
    UK Government Investments
    British Business Bank
    Channel Four Television Corporation
    East West Rail
    Highways England
    HM Land Registry
    Homes England
    National Nuclear Laboratory
    NATS Holdings
    NatWest Group (62.5%)
    Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
    Nuclear Liabilities Fund
    Ordnance Survey
    Post Office
    Royal Mint
    UK Asset Resolution
    Bradford & Bingley
    UK Export Finance

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