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SAGE sources: both CMO Whitty AND CSO Vallance ‘close to quitting’ over Johnson’s refusal to listen

Sources close to SAGE report discontent

Both of the government’s top advisers in the pandemic are on the verge of resigning because of Boris Johnson’s reckless refusal to implement tighter restrictions as scientists warn of 50,000-100,000 new cases per day by October if the spread of the coronavirus is not controlled, according to sources in and around the government’s ‘SAGE’ science group.

Whitty has gone public recently with recommendations for reduced social contact and is reportedly deeply frustrated with the determination of Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock to ignore advice.

Vallance is said to be in a similarly dissatisfied, though he is considered less likely to quit as his closeness to Dominic Cummings – seen in Vallance’s early advocacy of ‘herd immunity‘ – may hold him back.

Both men are reportedly wary of the likelihood that Johnson will try to saddle them with the blame for his failings – which his attempts to claim every decision is because of ‘the science’ have long preferred.

The Tories are dragging their heels over any national lockdown measures, even though weeks of localised restrictions have done nothing to prevent the UK seeing a second wave of exponential growth.

They do not intend to re-close schools or indoor hospitality venues, even though SAGE scientists know these are primary drivers of transmission.

Infections, hospitalisations and deaths are now doubling every week or so, while 80% of schools are believed to have cases.

The Department of Health and Social Care has denied the reports.

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  1. I look at it this way – the more they lie, the angrier people will be when they find out the truth and the consequences of Tory lies – and the harder the Tories will fall when they’re kicked out.
    Unfortunately the neo-Tory Starmer will then climb out of his funkhole, rush to the front and cry “Follow me!”

    1. Yes, but FIRST they have to find OUT the truth (that the Government/Tories were lying), and given that the vast majority of people get their ‘news’ through the corporate media and the semi-corporate BBC, it’s unlikely that they WILL learn that they were lied to. I mean given that in a survey (of over 1,000 people) conducted for the authors of Bad News For Labour, participants believed, on average, that a third of LP members had been reported for A/S (34% to be precise), I very much doubt that many of those will ever learn the truth, or the millions of other people who believe the same, because the MSM that ‘worked’ so hard to achieve that are hardly going to tell their readers and viewers and listeners the actuality.

      1. Allan – There’s no accounting for how dumb some people can be.

      2. Says shill Steve WHO – like the other shills on this site – ALWAYS try to direct the blame away from the fascist owned and/or controlled media AND blame the victims instead. I mean if SteveH WASN’T a shill and said such a thing, I’d call him out for being arrogant and for regarding himself as superior, but he’s a shill, and shills ALWAYS have an agenda.

        No, it’s not the fault of the lying fascist media propagandists, it’s the fault of the millions (billions world-wide) who are duped and deceived and manipulated by them! And the joke of it is that it’s one of the main shill/propagandists on this site who would have you believe that!

        That’s why they keep repeating such put-downs over and over again.

      3. And what further proof does anyone need that he’s a paid shill than the fact that he is constantly monitoring the site AND, as such, ‘Replied’ to my comment in a matter of THREE minutes! THAT is what propagandists are paid to do apart from anything else – ie get their propaganda shite in as quickly as possible before too many people read – in THIS particular case – my comment about the fascist media etc.

      4. Allan – All that it proves is that I was doing some work on my PC when the notification of your comment popped up.
        Hopefully if I can get it down to replying in the same minute your will head explode.🤯

    2. Allan, haven’t you noticed the media being slightly less obsequious and deferential to the Tories lately?
      It’s not that they’ve suddenly become any more honest, obviously, just maybe beginning to doubt the Tories are going to survive the full term and wanting to cover their own arses by making a show of holding power to account, just like real journalists do.
      They need to feign impartiality if the Tories are on the slide as they appear to be.
      It helps that Starmer doesn’t scare them like Jeremy does.

  2. Even though we have very obviously entered tailspin territory, which many ordinary people I know have long predicted as a natural outcome of greater social interaction (of course) there continues to be a marked reluctance in the media to criticise Johnson and Hancock for bringing us here. The tone of reporting remains neutral, calm factual reportage, as if letting us know the fatalities on the western front, a sad inevitability when there’s a war on. But there isn’t a war on. There’s an incompetent set of posh bastards leading us all into the abyss (again), and tame scientists will only perform a little public hand wringing rather than condemn their masters. Vallance and Whitty are not going to resign. They’ve taken The Beast’s shilling and he now has their souls in two little jars on his mantlepiece. There are quite a few jars there now, but mainly politicians rather than scientists, so Johnson likes these better, like a ghoulish stamp collector with his penny blacks. But he likes the Starmer one best of all.

    I rather think that Boris (the Beast) Johnson even now cannot fathom the fact that so many people thought he may be capable in the first place, let alone continue to support him in his on-going mayhem. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s persuaded him to really believe his ever-apparent delusion that he actually is a pretty cool guy, a reincarnation of Churchill, the second coming, a man of destiny. After all, hardly anyone calls him out, no matter what he does or how bad it gets. So he must be! Anointed by god. He wouldn’t be the fist to have such powerful delusions. There have been quite a lot. Caligula and Nero to name but two. . .and then there was Hitler.

    1. I doubt that the Tories will be publicising a link to tonight’s Panorama documentary which has left them with a few questions to answer about their donors.

  3. That is what is known as a ‘knocking bet’ a dead cert, Cummings glove puppet will frame them for this shit show
    Hopefully they will then turn ‘Queens Evidence’ and expose level of corruption in Covid19 gravy train

  4. I wish they would go. Whitty’s ridiculous claim that cases will double every week has no scientific backing outside of a model designed to put the fear of God into people. France and Spain who the ‘experts’ use as examples of our future, haven’t had cases doubling in a week, it took 5 weeks for Spain’s cases to double. Deaths are still very low and patients in hospital testing positive don’t need ICU care.

    1. I’m just guessing but just maybe they know a little more about the current situation in the UK than you and the combined ‘talents’ of put together.

      1. They don’t know any more about the ‘current’ situation than anyone else who reads the facts released by governments. What they are doing is making predictions based on hysterical modeling that has no basis in this or other countries data.

  5. I see that the Covid-19 threat level has been raised to 4.

    “The UK’s coronavirus alert level is to be raised from 3 to 4 in the first change since June after infections soared.
    The four Chief Medical Officers recommended the change tonight and it was confirmed by Health Secretary Matt Hancock.
    The change was announced after a grave warning from the nation’s two top scientists – and as Boris Johnson prepares to announce new restrictions tomorrow.
    It’s understood No10 is considering a national 10pm curfew for pubs and restaurants, and a ban on any two households socialising together indoors.

  6. This island fortress, but the planes keep flying, all over the world. How the bourgeoisie love to fly.

  7. Great news if true – two Big Pharma shills who are useless. and have been wrong at every turn.

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