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Tories extend emergency rail funding that costs taxpayer £100 per journey into company funds – yet will still not end privatisation

Tories will replace one privatisation system with another even though nationalisation would save huge funds and make profits for nation in normal times

The Tories have extended emergency funding to replace rail companies’ losses during the pandemic – a subsidy that has already cost UK taxpayers £3.5 billion, and has worked out around £100 per passenger-journey.

Some of the companies already owe the government money from before the pandemic.

The Tories also plan to end the failed system of franchising – which has seen the government provide regular huge bail-outs and re-take control of collapsing franchises – but not with the privatisation that would save the country money, reduce prices for passengers and bring in profits for the Treasury in normal times.

Instead, they intend to break down the privatisation system into even more fragments, offering ‘concessions’ instead of franchises.

As one mode of privatisation ends, it will simply be replaced with another. Never trust a Tory to do anything that will help the country when there’s an opportunity to enrich their mates and backers instead.

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  1. Yes folks it’s Socialism for the rich and austerity for the rest of us in Bojoland.

  2. Err…Skwawky, did you mean “but not with the [nationalisation] that would save the country money, reduce prices for passengers and bring in profits for the Treasury in normal times.” ??

  3. I suspect the reason Tories like Russian gangsters so much is for the learning experience, rather than just for their money.

    “Boris, my dear, you’re doing politics all wrong, but we New Russian Capitalists can help – we can show you how to exploit a country efficiently”

    1. Why worry about nationalisation when you can hand over free money to your pals in the business community and keep the change…Approx 3.5billion in overpayment on furlough money.and they can’t get enough of imitating their bankster pals..Theres loadsa money from the Tory magic money 💰 scam tree..But none of them mention what happens to us when the money runs out and stashed away in their island getaways.Theiving is legal in the UK and the robberys so big that the money will run out and they will be long gone.and the country stripped bare…No pensions..No social security and No one to blame but the criminally insane who voted them in including the titled Sir knightly nice.

  4. Privatise the profits, nationalise the debts.

    Not content with getting as many people infected as they pretend they don’t intend to, they want to bleed them white, too.

  5. Financial pandemic will make Covid19 and No Deal look like happy hour in Spoons
    Good news is ‘we the people’ will own everything soon and then we get to send the fuckers to gaol and through the Proceeds of Crime Act take away their assets

  6. Good point made on one of the BBC chat rooms
    Tories funded by Russia
    Labour led by a Knight of the realm

  7. Torys funded by Russian mafia..and Chinese gangsters….Not the government of those countrys who have struggled to destroy the massive waves of capitalism carpetbaggers from the western so called democratic system of casino economies…Both Russia and China have been to the forfront of trying to to cope with the unleashing of the Neo liberalism across the world since Thatcher and Ronald Reagan led the charge in the late 1970..80s.We are all suffering the effects of the naked greed and criminality of these economic pirates that were unleashed on the world stage many years ago.People need to realise that Both Russian and Chinese communist Revolution was for good reason and the casual observer of world economic growth can only be achieved through the “people” not bands of pirates raiding and asset stripping.countrys for short term gain.We in Britain do not need to look to the foreigner to blame for the criminally insane economic system we live under…v Look around you at the establishment of titled greed and monarchy including the establishment they built and know that this system can only be destroyed by the “People” .This virus is nothing by comparison to the disease thats infected the country for centurys.and this government is part of the insane economic system that will destroy us all.Never mind with all the fake God save the queen mentality..God save us,The British working-class from these barbarians..!

    1. Twas the Russians what defeated Hitler
      27 million of them made the ultimate sacrifice
      Never Forget

  8. Temporary Embarrassment introduced by Cockwomble Ruth Smeeth
    2nd referendum and AS Scam
    Nuff said

  9. That fucking Starmer’s even using that fucking Blair’s voice coach now judging by his conference speech delivery.
    So many snotty digs at Corbyn I wanted to fix his nose for good this time.
    “Take another look at Labour – we’re different now – we’re not dangerous to anyone any more.
    Take another look at me. I’m just like Tony. You liked Tony, didn’t you?”
    He might be right that distancing himself from socialism will win him votes, but that might depend on events.
    When despair turns to anger Quislings and collaborators get strung up.
    If those at the top are betting on those at the bottom meekly swallowing more bitter austerity before they’ve shit out the last round, I hope their last hours trying to escape the people’s wrath are filled with the desperation and fear they’ve caused so many of us.

  10. “Don’t ask me nothin’ about nothin’, I just might tell you the truth”. Was that Bob Dylan or Sir Keir?

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