Number of C19 hospitalisations reaches 77-day high – even with Scotland’s figure still missing

New cases also continue to exceed 3,000 even though government’s testing system has imploded, masking the true scale of the second wave

The rise in hospital admissions for COVID-19 complications has become one of the few ways of assessing the growth of the ‘second wave’, as government’s coronavirus catastrophe continues to mushroom.

The implosion – and quite probably deliberate withholding, with people being offered tests in unrealistic locations even when local centres are available – of the largely privatised testing system means that a huge proportion of people with suspected infections cannot now obtain tests and are therefore not reflected in figures that still exceed three thousand a day.

And hospitalisations for coronavirus have just reached a 77-day high. That high has been reached without Scotland’s data, which have not yet been added to the total for yesterday – and the weekly admissions rate is well over a thousand and rising, again with Scotland’s figures mostly not included in the Westminster government’s reporting.

And in spite of the lack of tests to confirm infection, the number of children assessed by NHS ‘triage’ systems to have the virus has more than quadrupled since schools reopened, while the number of schools hit by outbreaks has continued to accelerate.

Unions, scientific experts and this site (though abysmally not the Labour front bench) have long warned that the Tories’ headlong rush to send people back into workplaces, schools and indoor hospitality was going to plunge England into a second wave.

And the Tories knew it, secretly tripling mortuary capacity months ago in preparation – and went ahead anyway.

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  1. I’m waiting for RH’s comment before I add mine under his input on this one.

  2. I can’t really be arsed, Christopher – the prime site for mathematical and scientific duggies who enjoy wet knickers is so irrelevant to real life when ordinary seasonal influenza is now several orders of magnitude more of a threat than ‘Covid’. 🙂

    Except one word : Sweden – a rather more advanced nation. See :

    1. Yes Sweden what’s there infection numbers?

      How many died there? You and your deniers never want to debate deaths only BS people about numbers of infections! The we have waaa low death rate lower that insert BS analogy of choice here from you! Insert ludacris number as normal to confuse people about chances of death once infected.

      I will spell it out in simple words for the dumb people. You can die of this virus, don’t care how low percentage it happens every day and deniers like you just want that number to climb ever larger!

      So stop with your BS and admit everyone is in danger of death from this pandemic you show yourself to be just a sad paid shill.

    2. rh16/09/2020 AT 2:16 PM
      I can’t really be arsed, Christopher

      But you decided you’d bore us anyway. Just fuck the fuck off, will ya, Mr Mogadon.

      Anyway, for the rest of you ‘uninitiated’, here’s the dicky haywire reaction to any questioning of Covid19 spread and symptoms, in a nutshell…

    3. Hate to break it to you RH, but if persons socially distanced correctly and wore a face mask when in any public space, you not only reduce Covid-19 infections, but also influenza. And, as i’m so pig ignorant, its strange that the statistics maintained in Hong Kong for seasonal influenza infections dropped significantly in the HKSAR from 1st February, indeed the season ended six weeks earlier than usual. Further, and given the time lapses in displaying systems of, and shedding virus from both influenza and Covid-19 – 24 hours and 72-96 hours respectively, a person infected with both influenza and Covid-19 is a walking time bomb – as for sensible Sweden, suggest you change your focus to Japan, Taiwan or Hong Kong, all of which have taken different approaches and all of which have managed to handle the pandemic in a far better way than Western nations. Still, I’m a cheer leader for the Tories and mad to believes SARS2 Covid-19 constitutes a genuine danger – try living with SARS first, which, according to your logic was also a joke, despite a mortality rate of 17% in Hong Kong.

    4. “Several orders of magnitude?” Really?
      Several being a minimum of three, you’re claiming the ‘flu is at minimum a thousand times more of a threat than CV19.
      And you claim your QAnon bullshit is supported by statistics.

  3. How many hospital beds are occupied by confirmedCOVID-19 patients Skwawkie?

    The latest figures that the NHS England site publishes is that at 0800 on 03 Sep 20, 58 beds were occupied by COVID-19 patients.

    Has it suddenly increased alarmingly? NHS England also report that “the vast majority” of hospitalised COVID-19 patients make a “full recovery”.

    1. When you get hit by Coronavirus it must hurt though, dont you think
      Killer Snowflakes how many have you wiped out today

  4. I don’t feel that even the so called experts know what is going to be the damage caused by this virus and the genuine concerns expressed regarding the possibility of a mutated second wave.I do know that this government right from day 1 have used the virus to exploit the working class and the freedoms of our society..This government have a lot to answer for and hopefully in the international court..But have no doubt that this virus ,flu like in the early stages,progresses to a very painful and crippling disease,especially for the elderly like myself that have gone through it.Fear factor is being used by this government and others but it’s in no way a get out clause for flippincy from those that have a cavalier attitude to the deaths caused by this virus.and the pain experienced by the berieved relatives.Caution at all times especially when dealing with the Conservative and unionist party.

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