Video: after months of saying the opposite, Johnson admits virus passes ‘readily’ from children to adults

Admission destroys Tory argument that keeping schools open is safe because children don’t suffer worst effects of virus

For months now, the Tories, with the eager agreement of Labour’s current front bench, have justified their haste to return children to the classroom by insisting that children are safe from the worst effects of coronavirus infection – and that there is no evidence that children can infect adults.

But in a parliamentary committee session this week, Johnson admitted the obvious – that the virus passes ‘readily’ from children to adults:

Johnson was only admitting what scientists have long known: that children carry as much virus as adults and can easily pass it to each other and to adults.

But Johnson has now confessed that by forcing children into clearly unsafe classrooms he is putting millions of vulnerable adults in their family circle at grave risk, making a mockery of the already-obvious sham of his new ‘restrictions’ that leave workplaces, schools, pubs and restaurants to act as vectors for the second wave.

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  1. The cretin’s not intelligent enough to be an imbecile.

    Now that de piffle admits he knows the virus passes from children as readily as it does adults, he’s guilty of gross negligence manslaughter at the very least – Mass murder bordering on genocide at the worst, if he continues to do little or nothing to prevent the spread of the virus

    Bollocks to all this ‘Now isn’t the time for an inquiry’ bullshit. That’s like me setting fire to an orphanage and telling the plod now isn’t the time to investigate whether it was arson until the fire’s out – even if I’m still pouring petrol on the flames while the orphans inside burn…

    Arrest the toff twunt and his mass murdering co-conspirators – including the bastard beknighted barrister – and get them on trial…and let’s hear patel cry for the same death sentence to be given to them what they’ve delivered to 42,000-plus, or whatever the true figure is.

    1. INDEED! Becky received leader Starmer’s censure for vile political reasons (and to satisfy the billionaire-masters of the $$Trilateral Commission$$).

      Starmer is no socialist but a socialism-hater, or he would respect the Evidence and the Science it engenders.

      When BoJo and his Goverment say they ‘follow the science’ they don’t, they actually censor the evidence from which Science and truth emerge.

      The only ‘science’ that centrist Starmer and Boris Johnson “respect” is any argument and theory which ensures the generation of profit and capital accumulation.

    2. I got my mp to ask the Government to supply the mathematics they are using to model & fight Covid19, and got 2 pages of flannel & a Government Minister being “too busy”

  2. Saying the opposite of what he said before (or just moving swiftly on) is what Boris (The Beast) Johnson does. So no surprises here, despicable as this particular instance is. My last two blog posts have been about exactly this. ( )
    It’s out of control now. This morning I heard Hancock who is now in full throttle panic mode (instead of the usual half-cocked stumbling along) actual use the ‘D’ word: death. It was a slip I rather think, and he may find himself in Cummings’s office before the day is out. But his slips say more than his intentional weasel words. There’s going to be a lot of it very soon: death.

  3. This is the best laugh yet from the poor man’s knicker-wetter journal.

    A purported ‘left’turns to Boris’s notoriously lying tendency for medical advice.

    He is just continuing his record for talking utter bollocks. There are plenty of proper studies to show that children don’t transmit this illness, aren’t affected by it and have an almost invisible mortality from it. All the rest is sheer bollockspeak for the gullible knicker-wetters who wish to suck up their daily dose of Scary Fairy juice.

    Another classic diversion towards fictional cases ‘diagnosed’ by the PCR test to identify mainly dead/irrelevant virus fragments with no relationship to actual infection.

    Anybody who hasn’t clocked that this is a fiction aimed at sustaining a Tory government that has made massive mistakes (that are killing far more people than Covid has or is likely to) – is simply gullible Tory fodder.

    One word : Sweden.

    Prize of the week goes to anyone who can identify how many infection seasons in the 27 years since 1993 have been worse than the ‘Covid disaster’ year in terms of deaths.

    1. Dearie, dearie, me – the two, paid, coronavirus denier trolls, RH and Doug, keep going on about ‘Sweden’ , hoping no one actually looks up the stats . Of course the population geographic dispersion and profile and multi-generational living arrangements of Sweden differs significantly from those of the UK, or other European states, but The New Scientist published these comparative stats recently : Sweden has about 8200 confirmed cases per million people as of 12 August, compared with 1780 in Norway and 2560 in Denmark. (For the UK it is 4600 and the US 15,400.) Sweden has had 57 deaths per 100,000, compared with five in Norway and 11 in Denmark. (For the UK it is 70 and the US 50.)13 Aug 2020;

      Not quite the dramatic proof of some claimed benefit of Sweden’s looser approach to dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic, as RH and Doug would like us to believe. In fact Sweden’s confirmed cases per million at 8,200 is much worse than the UK’s 4,600. The Swedes have achieved a much lower death rate, at 57 per 100,000 compared to our 70 per 100,000 (much worse than Norway or Denmark who did use lockdowns) – but then the Swedes DIDN’T send their already infected aged people from hospitals straight into its care homes like the UK did !

      It is also NOT true that the Swedes avoided lockdowns entirely – they did use them, but in a more targeted way. The Swedes already had a much higher proportion of its workforce working in small business from home too , and has a much higher incidence of single person household than in the UK. All of which helps avoid cross infection. So next time those tiresome Trump-following Coronavirus deniers, and their clones, cite ‘Sweden’ as some glittering proof that we can simply ignore the reality of coronavirus, remember folks, THEY ARE TALKING FACT-FREE BOLLOCKS !

      The terrible reality is that the incompetence and corruption of this Tory government in preparing for the totally predictable Covid19 Second Wave, guarantees, when combined with Winter Flu (which will itself help to overwhelm our NHS) , that the death toll over Winter from Coronavirus alone (never mind the flu) will dwarf the circa 50 to 60 thousand UK deaths from coronavirus of the First Wave. And, yes , hardly any children will die from it, but they, as absolutely confirmed infection vectors, will unintentionally kill tens of thousands of their teachers and grandparents.

      1. Oops, apparently the Swedes DID indeed also ruthlessy tip lots of pre-infected old people into their care homes, just as in the UK, but the more responsible, much lower death-rate achieving , Norwegians and Danes DIDN’T – so on that score the UK and Sweden were equally irresponsible !. For more detail read the New Scientist analysis I give a link to in my next post.

      2. Many of us are embarrassed by the English on holiday – we see the same phenomenon on Friday/Saturday nights in the UK.
        It’s quite different to most of Europe’s attitude to alcohol and I don’t think it should be discounted as a big contribution to lockdown’s lack of success.
        Sweden educates its people better than the UK too, and its social policy is less punishing of its underprivileged, or so I read years ago when I was thinking of moving there.
        Norwegians used to be heavy drinkers I believe, and probably still are, but in my limited experience they held their liquor far better than the Brits. No idea if that’s still true.
        We’ve always known that alcohol reduces inhibitions – that’s why people drink in the first place – it was obvious that opening the pubs would kick off a second wave ffs.

        This time we should go for a far more stringent lockdown – a serious, countrywide quarantine and curfew – if curfew breakers with no good reason are thrown inside barbed wire under armed guard people will take it seriously this time
        A serious lockdown only needs to last three or so weeks, not six fucking months – it’s not fascist to use harsh measures if the whole purpose is to save lives.
        Equally obvious is that supply chains need to be in place beforehand so that people can stock up over the preceding two weeks or so, and contact numbers and response teams for all the various predictable and unpredictable emergencies would need to be be provided.

        Who would prefer six or more months of misery followed by economic collapse – over a hard, harsh quarantine of maybe three weeks – is a question that shouldn’t need asking.

      1. If you like animals and like wryly funny captions check out Paul Bronks on Twitter.
        You’ll spend days there 😉

      2. RUTH BUZZI
        Aug 31
        When one door closes, another one opens.
        Other than that it’s a pretty good car.

      3. ‘Ayone’ = ‘Anyone’ Doug, before you start.
        Perfectly acceptable spelling among us intellectuals..

  4. They will keep this bollocks going for as long as possible
    Snouts in Troughs

      1. Although I’m very well used to the absence of argument in posts by Doug and RH, I’m nevertheless astonished at the use of Sweden as reference point for their posts. Key figures in Sweden have already apologised and admitted that their strategy was wrong, especially re the impact on care homes. If I was paying these two, I’d be pretty pissed off with such a shoddy effort.

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