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Video: there is nothing in govt’s alert-system about ‘transitioning’ from level 4 to 3 – but really Tories are jumping from 4 to ONE

‘Transitioning’ from four to three is the government’s excuse for relaxing lock-down while still at level four – but in reality, the new measures represent a jump from four to two and four to one as of this morning, according to lock-down alert classifications

Both former stand-in PM Dominic Raab and last night’s press drone Robert Jenrick claimed – confirmed also by Number 10’s official press spokesperson – that the UK is at Level 4 of the government’s coronavirus alert system and ‘transitioning to Level 3’.

To be clear, the alert system has no provision for ‘transitioning’. The UK is still at Level 4 – which says levels of the virus in the population are ‘high’:

Boris Johnson claimed, when the alert system was launched, that the alert levels would drive the government’s changes – and if something was planned but the alert level was too high, the government would postpone the change.

But even if ‘transitioning’ was a real thing, even Level 3 does not allow the kind of changes that Johnson is making:

A return to work or school is meant to happen at Level Two:

Yet Johnson has told schools to accept some age groups from today – even though his scientists know it will drive up the infection rate – and sent millions of people back to work, with no notice, three weeks ago.

But Johnson has gone further still, telling people who are ‘shielding’ in complete lock-down because of health vulnerabilities to go out. But that is only supposed to happen at Level One, which means no virus at large in the UK:

Boris Johnson has made an absolute nonsense of his claims to be always ‘led by the science’ –and of his own meaningless blather about what his measures mean when he launches them.

His wanton haste is exposed by his own system. And he knows it is deadly – as his own government’s decision to more than triple temporary mortuary capacity to 100,000 in readiness for a massive new ‘spike‘ puts beyond question.

This is not mere incompetence. As with the Tories’ determination to send infected elderly people back to care homes, it is knowingly sending millions into danger and condemning hundreds of thousands to a needless death.

In short, it is murder.

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    1. As well as those ‘scientists’ who are toeing the government line unstintingly. And also telling lies on the government’s behalf

      I’d have every one of them struck off, their assets made forfeit, and jailed without parole for their complicity; which I consider to be no less serious and iniquitous than an ‘orderly’ working under mengele.

  1. As “world king” Johnson can’t bear to be beaten by EU countries opening up sooner than England.

    He has also lost the trust of the English population after Dominic Cummings trip north and idiosyncratic “eye-test”.So he probably can’t manage to enforce lockdown anyway.

    By the way there’s a bit of a mystery about that “spare cottage” on the pater’s land.And quite a few questions that need to be answered

    1. Long, narrow building like that looks like either a stable block, presumably converted, or accommodation for seasonal workers if the “farm” is agriculturally active.
      Didn’t I see something about an EU grant? That would suggest a functioning farm, or at least that it was described that way to the EU.

      1. You’re raising yet another question. If the “spare cottage” were a barn that had been converted into accommodation for seasonal agricultural workers, wouldn’t it show up in some records? Mr Alex Tiffin, author of the original article, stated “Nowhere, on any database, does the cottage show up as a property in its own right”. “The cottage is on no database that I can find”

      2. benmadigan, a long time ago I was told farms had virtually free rein on essential buildings, even to the extent of not requiring planning permission for farmworkers’ cottages I believe – it might not be the case now, I don’t know.
        I used to drive past a place with beautifully manicured paddocks, gorgeous thoroughbred horses and a well kept house anyone would be proud of – the owner was either denied planning permission or forced to demolish something he’d built without permission, can’t remember the details.
        He had about 1000 tons of rubbish, a pile about 30ft high, dumped on the beautiful paddock and left the whole property to fester there for years, turning a lovely view into a hideous eyesore.
        Funny people, farmers.

  2. This Government doesn’t realise that it’s ‘responsible’ and ‘caring’ nature is not just a presentational attribute, an appearance, a perception, but, instead, a consequence of being systematic meticulous and methodical.

    So UNsystematic, UNmethodical and superficial is this hustling bunch of spivs (and protectors of theFew), it probably thinks that jumping from a claimed level 4 to a claimed level 1 is a wonderful affirmation of the government’s abundant capability and impressive efficiency – instead of proof-positive that it is a sham of a government and good for nothing except trying to look good.

    It is because a Labour Government would never be so unmethodical and haphazard that LABOUR IS A NATURAL PARTY OF GOVERNMENT.

  3. Check out CNN, if you’re not watching it already! Anyway:

    ‘Internet Suspects Cops Provoking Riots as Shadowy Man in Black Caught Smashing Up Autozone’

    Illustrating just how reluctant the protesters were to begin rioting and looting, they yelled at the shady man in black and confronted him as he began smashing windows.

    “Are you a cop?!” several of the protesters yell.

    As the man attempts to escape without being tackled or stopped by folks who did not want the rioting and looting to start, the man becomes confrontational and challenges one of the men pursuing him to a fight. Then, in typical police officer fashion, the provocateur tries to swat the camera from the person filming him.

    1. The police just suddenly charged the peaceful demonstrators and fired teargas at them. And I have no doubt it was designed to provoke them.

      Anyway, this is an article from earlier today:

      ‘Trump incites violent police rampage against protesters’

      With no factual basis, the Trump administration is now declaring that “far-left” and anarchist groups are responsible for violence. Both Trump and Attorney General William Barr are threatening to declare Antifa—a politically insignificant anarchist group that is, in all likelihood, heavily infiltrated and manipulated by police agents—a “domestic terrorist organization.” This constitutionally illegal threat is aimed at criminalizing all working class, left-wing and socialist opposition to the Trump administration.

      The rampage by the police over the last several days is among the most violent attacks on democratic rights in the history of the United States. As of Sunday, National Guard soldiers and airmen have been activated to aid in the suppression of protests in 26 states. States of emergency have been declared and curfews implemented in cities and counties across the country, most of which are controlled by Democrats, resulting in the suspension of the right to free speech and assembly.

      In the course of the weekend, police beat protesters with truncheons and fired teargas to disperse crowds……

      PS And Trump’s now giving his Adolf Hitler speech!

  4. This is what the President of Association for Directors of Public Health has had to say about the UK response to Covid -19
    Here’s some extracts but you should follow the link and read the full blog,

    COVID-19 has already taken a huge social and economic toll on our nation – and the reality is that it will continue to do so for some time.

    We are at a critical moment. We need to weigh up the balance of risks between easing restrictions, to enable more pupils to return to school, more businesses to open and more social connections to happen, with the risk of causing a resurgence of infections.
    Directors of Public Health are increasingly concerned that the Government is misjudging this balancing act and lifting too many restrictions, too quickly……

    …….This is a new disease; evidence is still emerging and there is much uncertainty. However, based on what is currently known, several leading scientists and public health experts have spoken out about a string of recent national policy announcements affecting England which project a degree of confidence that many – including ADPH members – do not think is supported by the science…….

    …..Over the weekend we have seen signs that the public is no longer keeping as strictly to social distancing as it was – along with this, we are concerned that the resolve on personal hygiene measures, and the need to immediately self-isolate, if symptomatic, is waning. A relentless effort to regain and rebuild public confidence and trust following recent events is essential……

    …..The ADPH is calling for full implementation of all Phase 2 measures to be delayed until further consideration of the ongoing trends in infection rates and the R level gives more confidence about what the impact of these will be. There also must be a renewed drive to promote the importance of handwashing, social distancing and self-isolating if symptomatic, positive for COVID, or a contact of someone who is. And, additional assurance is required that the NHS Test and Trace System will be able to cope with the scale of the task.

    The risk of a spike in cases and deaths – and of the social and economic impact if we have to return to stricter lockdown measures – cannot be overstated; this needs to be understood not only by the public but also by the Government.

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