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Long-Bailey speaks out on schools catastrophe – and her clarity underlines again why ‘secret letter to Johnson’ Starmer really sacked her

Long-Bailey shows how opposition is done as she points out Tory guilt, arrogance and wilful refusal to listen

Former Shadow Education Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey has spoken out publicly today about the Tories’ arrogant refusal to listen even to calls for a ‘plan B’ for the government’s haste to send children and teachers back into school.

The comments, in a social media thread, come as the UK is seeing a skyrocketing number of schools closed again – less than a week after English schools re-opened – because of coronavirus outbreaks.

And she did not hold back:

Long-Bailey showed what opposition looks like – in stark contrast to Starmer’s eager and now clearly foolish agreement with Boris Johnson last week that ‘schools are safe’.

But Starmer also gave away that he had secretly written to Johnson in May promising his support in getting kids back to school – a support that Starmer has provided again and again, even telling Johnson that schools must reopen this month, ‘no ifs no buts’, no matter what else was going on in the country.

Starmer sacked Long-Bailey on the pretext of her sharing an article by actress Maxine Peake – but the SKWAWKBOX exclusively revealed that the real reason for the sacking was Long-Bailey’s refusal to toe Starmer’s back-to-school line and her insistence on backing unions who were pointing out the gaping holes in the Tories’ so-called ‘plan’, when Starmer was planning to ignore all warnings in his zeal to send our kids back into virus hotspots.

The sacking came five weeks after Starmer’s secret promise to the worst Tory PM in history.

It’s not hard to see why Starmer wanted to get rid of Long-Bailey. She was right and he was wrong – and her clarity today has made him look appalling, weak and foolish.

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  1. RLB’s credibility was shot the second she jumped on the Zionists’ bandwagon with Starmer.

    1. This isn’t a re-run of the leadership election Jack and your comment adds nothing to this story.

      1. The point is John that this isn’t a story. RLB has shown, because of her previous actions, that she will only go so far in supporting her views until it affects her club membership. Why? Because she is not a Socialist. When you go into battle, you need people of integrity to go with you. RLB’s integrity has been found wanting.

      2. Can I just say to the bunch of people on here who are forever trashing the likes of Jeremy and Rebecca….. given that you obviously think and feel so badly about them, why don’t you fuck off and form your own party and put your money where your nasty poisonous little mouths are.

      3. Allan Howard, there you go again with your nonsensical comments.

        In 2018, Corbyn stated that it should not be “regarded as anti-Semitic to describe Israel, its policies or the circumstances around its foundation as racist because of their discriminatory impact” on Palestinians.

        RLB disagreed with Corbyn and said those views WOULD be anti-Semitic.

        So whose side are you on?

      4. When did she disagree with him Jack? Was it at the time? Or was it during the leadership election campaign at the JLM leadership contenders event?

        As I said Jack, why don’t you all fuck off and form your own party, as you obviously think you are superior beings who could do so much better!

      5. Allan Howard, White Flag Man. Just like many in the Labour Party, you have adopted the Three Monkeys policy. Denying the existence of something is futile, as are your attempts to square the circle. Whose view do you support, on AS, RLB’s or Corbyn’s?

      6. Could you elaborate Jack – ie what is it that I am supposedly denying the existence of?

      7. White Flag Man, I know you are a bit slow, you are denying the existence of a profound difference of opinion between RLB and Jeremy Corbyn on what constitutes antiSemitism. For the third time, I ask which of the two views do you support?

      8. I had little doubt that Rebecca said what she said at the JLM/LFI event during the leadership election campaign, and when you avoided answering my question about when it was, well THAT just confirmed to me that it WAS at the JLM/LFI event. And having just now done a search and found an Electronic Intifada article regarding the event AND Rebecca saying that, well it just confirms what I already knew was bound to be the case. But it wasn’t quite that straight forward (as I’m sure you know), and Peston (who was moderating the event) kinda tricked her into it. It was only AFTER he asked her if she thought the statement was anti-semitic (and she answered Yes) that he told her that it was Jeremy Corbyn who’d said it. Peston was banking on her not being aware that Jeremy had said as much, and it is of course impossible to know how she WOULD have answered if he’d phrased the question by beginning: ‘Do you agree or disagree with Jeremy Corbyn that…….’ But I have to admit what I find most surprising is that she DIDN’T know that Jeremy wanted it to be included in the LP’s version of the IHRA definition (but the NEC vote went against him).

        And needless to say, Jeremy got hammered by the MSM and the usual suspects for trying to add such a caveat to the definition, and even Peston, who as the moderator of the event should have not been casting aspersions and injecting HIS views into the event, then said that JCs words had been a ‘disgrace’.

        PS I’ll say more about it another time, but needless to say you are just being your disingenuous self to ask such a question when you know damn well what my view is regarding the Israeli fascist elite. ALL Establishments around the world by their very nature are totally fascistic. AND psychopathic!

    2. When did RLB do that? wasnt it to ensure anti semitism would not be tolerated. Its just that she got sacked for sharing article whereby Maxine Peake said about Israeli soldiers. Its a tough one but this anti semitism business wasnt going to stop. One day there will be clarity at this time its tricky saying anything negative about Israeli govt without fear of seen as anti semitic.

      1. Maria Jacob, please don’t fall for the lies. Anti-Semitism WASN’T tolerated. RLB had absolutely no good reason for saying what she did. In fact by bowing to the racist concept of Zionism, she helped to make it look as though the smears were correct.

      2. RLB was foolish enough to have the poisonous Lansman as an important member of her campaign team.You would have thought she would have learned from Corbyn’s experiences with the snake,but there you are.The fact that the “anti Semitism business wasn’t going to stop” was precisely why she should have stood against it,but with Iago Lansman whispering in her ear it is no surprise she followed the course she did,disappointing as that was.

      3. Oh right, so if she HADN’T ‘bowed’ etc, all the millions of people out there who have been duped by the A/S black op smear campaign would have been wondering if it was all contrived and confected and manufactured, just because she DIDN’T!

        Yeah, sure Jack, of course they would! What a load of complete and utter bollox!!

      1. I hope shes got an axe to grind with Kier. putting Lansman in charge of her campaign showed a lack of judgement on her part

      2. I think it shows a certain Westminster Bubble Myopia ie. she didnt realise the low regard many Corbyn supporters had for Lansman & the BOD, she needed the votes of Corbyn supporters to win the leadership which was a bit of a fuck up on her part

  2. Well – many of us knew all along that Long-Bailey was pretty dim – and no alternative to Starmer.

    Anybody who doesn’t by now know the fake ‘cases’ ‘diagnosed’ by PCR testing and ‘panic for puppets’ doesn’t have much grasp of reality.

    Here’s the real nooz :

    Chances of actual death fighting against totalitarianism = c. 1 in 2 (UK -Bomber Command c.1944)

    Chances of actual death whilst bowing to totalitarian Tory government measures = c.1 in 1,000,000 (UK September 2020)

      1. … approximate chance of death for a healthy 20-year old from Covid (probably even less likely)

    1. I see that Burgon – the other Starmer alternative has also gone bonkers with stuff about ‘zero Covid’ and ‘second waves’.

      What a shambolic pseudo-left lot.

      No wonder the Tories have had a walk in the park.

      1. First RH, what has your comment got to do with the RBL article?

        Secondly, are you capable of understanding scientific fact and extrapolating from it, as we seem able to apply in Asia, but, which persons in the uK seem incapable of understanding.

        Lets fill this out a bit shall we – I note on George Galloway’s MOATS, his resident NHS specialist gave a pretty good account of Covid-19 this Sunday, clearly indicating that the pathogens impact was very much age/health related, meaning, its unlikely that anyone under 21 will die from Covid-19, however, this age group is not immune and this age group is capable of spreading the pathogen into the wider community – these facts we understand in Asia.

        Now RH, where I reside presently, HKSAR, our Government and Scientific Advisors have done a reasonable job at containing Covid-19 (less than 5000 infections and less than 100 deaths, most of which were in the elderly population), they have done this by focusing on main transmission vectors, namely, those in Full-Time Education – Face-2-Face teaching being first suspended on 25th January. Do compare with the UK & Europe.

        Now, in the HKSAR we have a large, elderly population, just like Japan, and much of this population lives with other family members in multigenerational households – see HKSAR tax code to verify this fact. Strange, but the containment policy has worked.

        Now, one ‘at risk’ Group happens to be the Obese, and strangely, the UK, as with the USA, has one of the largest number of obese persons globally. Now, given your flippancy with regards Covid-!9 do i take it you are into eugenics and intent on removing all elderly and obese from the general population in the UK?

      2. So let me get this right. Do we now have THREE regulars here living in SE Asia (yourself, Joseph & John Thatcher)? Or is it some running in-joke? It certainly is peculiar!

      3. Crivvens!

        It appears dicky’s gone all ‘Harry Hill’ – ”What are the chances of that happening, eh?”

    2. Well if Rebecca is so ‘dim’ RH, then why don’t you and your buddies go forth and form a new party and show us how clever you all are, given that you think you are so intellectually superior!

  3. Meanwhile, our MSM are really doing themselves proud on reporting the imminent demise of the profession to which they claim to belong.

    Channel 4 news took 45 mins to mention the start of the Julian Assange trial at the Old Bailey today. The BBC 10 o’clock news ignored it entirely!

    1. Yes,I’m in Vietnam,Joseph is in Cambodia,and Christopher is in Hong Kong.

      1. Exactly!

        Could it be that brave journalist who puts the BBC/MSM ‘journalists’ to shame, who after being tortured by the British Government, is now fighting to prevent being sent to the USA where he could very probably end up in jail for life for exposing USA crimes?

      2. They are not journalists Jack, they are black propagandists, just like yourself!

        Oh, and thanks for the info regards Julian, as I don’t suppose many of us were aware of THAT – ie that he is now fighting extradition to the USA etc. You are obviously very well informed.

  4. Timfrom….We are the overnight Team,or just running from the conservative and unionist party.We are all rabid communists waiting to infiltrate the drainage system at HQ and destroy the open and democratic government of dear old blighty..Now the day jobs something different entirely,but I can’t tell you…we might have to terminate you comrade.

  5. How has this COVID-19, in schools, story turned into an attack on RLB and anti-Semitism, so quickly? It’s almost as though some people had an agenda. Sometimes, I think we deserve everything we get.

  6. Not connected, sorry, but fuming as I just dropped shopping into mam in law’s house to hear radio 4 news BLAME YOUNG PPL NOT FOLLOWING SOCIAL DISTANCING MEASURES


    1. Yes, @helsbells – Well even that was predicted here & elsewhere.

      But it’s ”loony left” to predict the almost inevitable outcome of the stupidity of this government’s handling of the crisis.

      It’s loony left to point out that other nations can get it right and the UK seems incapable, or rather unwilling to do so.

      It’s loony left to be supportive of preventative measures – only curative (after the fact) will do.

      Bloody loony left. Harrumph! 😒

    2. I don’t BLAME young people for not following social distancing measures but it is a factor – I don’t blame them because when I was young all I thought about was pubbing, partying and chasing girls.
      I don’t expect young people are much different today.
      As a coffin dodger I’m happy to accept responsibility for keeping myself safe, and others safe from me, and let the young get on with their lives.

    1. Spot-on twittering thread, that @Tea Sarah. Cheers 👍😉

      Memo to self:

      I always harp on about stammer’s point-blank refusal to prosecute the two toerags, but I never mention the bankers…Must include them in future.

    2. Very well done, very clear. We should email that to every stammer supporter. It is a great reality check.

  7. This tweet absolutely nails easter island-head’s *Ahem* ‘strategy’

    43/ It seems Sir Keir’s “forensic” political strategy is to a) broadly agree with the Tories b) offer subtle & apologetic criticism c) if policy succeeds then take credit d) if policy fails, offer to help e) if Tories u-turn then take full credit.

    1. I used to be do proud of my Max Headroom jibe buEaster Island headhead, I am not worthy. ☮️t

  8. Did i mention gutless and spineless politicians
    I meant spivs and thieves with their snouts in the trough
    Red Tories Blue Tories
    JC was a spiritual leader he couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag and that proved fatal
    Whats wrong with learning those lessons

    1. So when did you first conclude that Jeremy is gutless and spineless and couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag? And I assume you ALSO are of the opinion that he threw ‘lots of good comrades’ – or ‘friends’ as Jack T referred to them in a comment he posted on JVLs website recently – under the bus. Is that right?

      And who exactly are you referring to regarding learning lessons? And could you elaborate as to how Jeremy COULD have fought his way out of this ‘wet paper bag’ you refer to. Cheers

      1. PS So if Jeremy HAD fought back (even though he couldn’t without the MSM et al doing a number on him again), are you one of those who believe that the smearers would have all given up their smearing and gone home. Posters on here have often used the analogy of the bully, as in if you don’t fight back, the bully will just keep bullying you, which of course implies that if Jeremy HAD fought back (even though it was impossible for him to do so), then the bullies – the smearers – would have stopped their bullying – ie the corporate MSM and the BBC and the Jewish newspapers and the JLM and the CAA and LAA and BoD.and LFI and CST and the Tories and the LibDem leadership, and not forgetting the EHRC.

        Perhaps you could remind me what happened each and everytime Ken (Livingstone) tried to refute the lies and falsehoods that were dissembled about him. Oh, right, the MSM et al just attacked him and condemned and vilified him yet AGAIN!

      2. Allan Howard
        Never expected JC to be anything other than what he is
        I blame the others

      3. The idea that there’s nothing you can do is simply boll9cks

      4. Ok, I’ll bite, and attempt a socialist answer to the very valid question you pose , Allan Howard, Firstly , for background, the entire history of the Labour Left has been one of endless compromise in the face of Right Wing Labour smears and attacks , and regular refusals by the usually Right Wing Labour Leaderships to carry out Labour Conference democratic decisions during the brief periods when the Left has had some numerical traction in the Party. For example , in the late 1950’s /early 60’s the Left had real strength on the CND issue – but despite Conference decisions , Gaitskell simply ignored Conference – and The Left just faded away. During the 1980 ‘Bennite Surge’ , particularly around the excellent Alternative Economic Strategy, the Left allowed itself again to be outmanoeuvred by the Right(backed as per usual by the MSM), and after the split by the Gang of Four wreckers, the Bennite Left once again faded away in accommodation with the Right – ‘to maintain Party Unity’ , . Also in the 1980’s ‘supposed Left Wing ‘Heroes, at local government level, Ted Knight, and Ken Livingston, simply ran away from their promised fight over Tory-imposed council budgets, leaving the RSL/Militant-led Liverpool council to be isolated and destroyed (as the Left did to the Clay Cross Councillors in similar circumstances in the 1970’s).

        So fast forward to the flukey ‘Corbyn Surge’ of 2015 , and the Labour Left should have learnt from its own history that the MSM would go bananas with its lies and smears, and that the Right wing saturated PLP and Party machine would obstruct every Left shift to the utmost. In 2015 onwards the Labour left , with the , up to 40,000 strong, Momentum movement, had the potential to build a real mass movement of committed socialist activists to support the isolated Labour Left leadership – and using this politically educated mass movement, to take on the Right Wing saboteur MPs , and Party official Right saboteurs via selective deselections and sackings. Yes, the MSM would have gone apeshit, and the Party would have no doubt split, particularly in the LP – but a mass movement, fired and guided by socialist politics would have had at least a chance of replacing the traitors in the PLP with socialists, and with a wildly popular Manifesto (which the 2017 one was) , and a mass movement built out from a democratic activist Momentum , providing strength in the workplaces and on the streets.

        But none of this happened – Momentum, with Jeremy’s compliance, was turned into a apolitical, tame, Left Liberal politics infused middle class canvassing force, and voting bloc for Lansman and a few cynical old cronies to play their old backroom political games . Almost as soon as the 2015 Leadership contest was won, Jeremy and his team started to water down their radical, lifelong, politics – to once again fruitlessly try to accommodate to the Right . So, the 2015 commitment to nationalise the banks simply disappeared, Next they utterly retreated on nuclear weapons – and on it sadly went – until by the 2019 Election, even Jeremy and Mcdonnell’s lifelong socialist analysis of the entirely neoliberal EU had been reversed – to accommodate not only to the Labour Right, but the middle class Left Liberal ,naive, politics of the Momentumites and other supposed ‘Left’ supporters – whose dire Left Liberal politics remained as crap as the day they joined Momentum – thanks to Lansman and co’s determination NOT to create a mass movement of educated socialists.

        So there were radical, combative, routes to take – but, as usual, the Labour Left chose at every turn the spineless route of accommodation and retreat. So today the Party is firmly back under the dead hand of Right wing control, the radical politics of the 2017 and 2019 Manifestos dead as a doddo, as the party once again becomes the Tory-lite Party of unconditional support for NATO, Nukes, US imperialism and neoliberalism generally. Fighting the Right and sticking with socialist politics and policies might well have failed – but Corbyn and Abbott and Abbott and Lavery and co didn’t even TRY ! But never mind, they all kept their comfy Parliamentary seats, and their future of risk-free faux Left pontification at the margins of a neo Tory Starmerite Labour Party can continue for another comfortable decade !
        Yep, the Labour Left in the PLP historically have mostly been a spineless bunch of useless Leftie rhetoric spouters , with no real intention of seriously taking on the entrenched Labour Right, never mind capitalism.

      5. jpenney, 4:06pm
        My ‘philosophy’ was always that human society, evolving from ape society as it did, had war, male aggression and grab-what-you-can capitalist greed built in, but hoped that intellectual growth would eventually cause humankind to reject such animalistic urges.
        It’s baffling that a species the best of whom are close to understanding the nuts and bolts of the universe itself hasn’t built a system to distribute the necessities and joys of life equitably, or even chosen to regulate its industrial activities enough to avoid causing its own extinction.
        Not saying we should kill ALL the rich, just enough to make excessive wealth undesirable.

      6. I don’t know if you’ll see this jpenny, but I’ve just read your post and will, when I have the time, respond to it, and post it on a current thread. Needless to say, I disagree with much of what you say, and to my mind your post is just one long ‘black and white’ caracature. In the Real World, compromises have to be made, unless of course you’re full-on staus quo. Jeremy is a democrat, and yes, when you’re surrounded by vipers, THAT works against you.

        In the final analysis though, you cleverly skirted round the key issue that was… er, under discussion, shall we say, and THAT is that the full-time paid shills on here keep on repeating their falsehoods so as to create ill-feeling towards Jeremy in the tens of thousands of people who subscribe to Skwawkbox, most of whom are left-wing of course – eg that he threw good ‘comrades’ under the bus, and other such shite, and endlessly repeat them.

        In the Real World, Jeremy and his allies and his team had first and foremost to do whatever was necessary to get elected and form a government and, having done so, they would then sllowly be able to move things in the direction they wanted to go.. I remember you writing a very ’emotional’ post (I guess it was shortly after the GE), about all the hopes you had had for a better world, all of which I think you had ‘invested’ in Jeremy (and timfrom gave you uncalled for nazi-style shit for doing so), but if I’m honest – and I don’t mean this unkindly – I think what comes through most of all in your post (and OTHER posts) is your bitterness.

        Anyway, I’ll respond in full and address some of your specific ‘points’ as soon as may be.

      7. Wow, I can’t wait. Don’t keep us all in suspense for too long.

      8. Aw, ain’t it sweet? Almost reads like a love letter. White Flag Man and Bad Penney, a marriage made in Trot Heaven, the WSWS!

  9. University Hospital London 500 ICU beds how many are occupied by Covid19 patients

    1. I may be mistaken Doug, but UCH has around 38 ICU beds … nowhere near 500. Doubt if any hospital in the UK has 100 ICU beds, let alone 500. The field hospital beds are not ICU beds either, as each bed must have the full component of appropriate staff. So the “Nightingales” are nothing but a Blo Job Johnson SH** show which Easter Island gelled head Keith Starmer worked night after night with WMD Bliar to bring about. They share responsibility for the tragedy🛑

      1. Number taken from revisit by news channel, Sky or Channel4 last night
        Given as at the height of the pandemic, sounds like a London wide figure then if its that far out

      2. Doug, many will be amazed at the untruths pumped out by the BBC. Many also take the BBC as gospel. Years ago, during my Radio 4 news listening days, on Mandela’s visit to London, he was “interviewed” on World at One. A female presenter asked him repeatedly … about 7 or 8 times, does he have a message for the Black people in Brixton? For Black people? etc … persistent.

        Every single response from Mandela was that he has a message for everyone. He was meticulously clear. From that very hour, and on every subsequent BBC Radio news bulletin, they repeated that Mandela said he had a special message for the Black Community.

        I was stunned at the blatant attempt to use him to voice their script. Then on failing, their determined stunning blatant lie to pump their script into the trusting public.

        Very disgusting and breathtaking was that the bulletin within the very World At One program, included the blatant lie despite Mandela’s clarity.

        I feel 1️⃣ perhaps that bit of the bulletin was written long before Mandela even got on the plane to London. 2️⃣ The BBC was confident that they would snare Mandela as they do many people. So 3️⃣ their script was going to go out no matter what he said. In fact Mandela had said many valuable things, none of which were included in any subsequent bulletin.

        So, think of it, if no one points out the truth or an alternative, why should a trusting listener not believe what the MSM pumps out hourly? We must rebut and highlight their lies. NB they are not errors or incompetence. They are deliberate strategies to mislead the public. 🌹🌹🌹

  10. Just seen a cringey clip of Easter Island head wriggling out of a question of how shite he is on ch4 news.. it’ll be played in full during the bulletin, but they best hurry up ‘cos Bob Ross is on bbc4 at half seven …

    1. Well….Korea stammers just shit his Keck’s…asked if he should’ve thrown his weight behind Tess may instead of pressing for a second ref… And he muttered some incomprehensible, irrelevant SHITE about losing the election.

      What an absolute fucking rodent…now he’s squirming about himself and pleading for the attention to be put on de piffle.

      Yellow bellied, lily livered shit eater. Burn in hell stammer.

      1. Yes, reporter Gary Gibbon got a good few squirms out of him, heh heh. Worth tuning in to Channel 4+1 around 8.20pm, those who missed it.

        Meanwhile, no sign of news on the Assange trial. 7.45pm is yesterday’s record to beat!

      2. Yes I’m already signed up there and of course Craig Murray is the go-to on this. It’s just that there is clearly a media blackout on the most important Freedom of the Press court case in our history. If that doesn’t scare the shit out of us, then nothing will.

      3. BREAKING NEWS – From Monday next week Government announces that legal limit for gatherings reduced from 30 to 6. There will be limited exemptions for workplaces, schools, weddings etc further details will be announced tomorrow. The new rules will apply nationwide.

      4. I do wonder if the only reason this has been announced is to distract from the bad headlines about the Tory’s intention to turn us into a rogue state by wilfully and knowingly breaking international law.

      5. I’d say you would be dead right to come to that conclusion! With this govt all bets are off!

      6. Jesus wept, no mention of Assange at all today. And people still doubt we are heading towards the precipice of global tyranny!

    1. I don’t find 96% extraordinary Jack T – most extradition cases will be common criminals surely, not political prisoners like Assange.
      That doesn’t excuse what she’s doing to Assange but I think we should keep our criticisms on point.

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