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Exclusive: Schools hit by virus surge to more than 1,100 – but true picture far worse as more and more schools told to ignore infections and carry on

Reports abound of classes and year groups with confirmed infections told to keep on as if nothing had happened about

At least 1,118 UK schools* are known to have been hit by coronvirus outbreaks up to Thursday – an increase of well over 100 on the day before.

But the ‘at least’ is the key phrase. While soaring numbers of schools have declared outbreaks, staff in increasing numbers of schools report that they have confirmed infections in their class or year group – but have been told to ignore the infection and carry on regardless, while only the individual pupil or group of pupils with the virus is sent home to self-isolate.

At the same time, many schools are unable even to obtain testing after the collapse – and in many cases withholding – of the testing system and are therefore prevented from declaring an outbreak and are forced to remain open.

It’s likely that the number of schools with outbreaks is several times larger than even diligent scouring of records can uncover – just like the number of new coronavirus infections daily in the population.

*Compiled from school bulletins, local media reports and NHS updates by @toryfibs.

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  1. According to the local toilet paper the Bolton news,..the most infected town in the UK Bolton have given up on trying to get tested and even the local Tory leader has quickly tried to distance themselves from their own government..This is the town were the torys blagged themselves into control despite Labour being the largest number of councillors.IT didn’t help that one of the Labour mps was another knight of the realm .and the Labour party had become complacent after half a century of poor representation.Even so like the majority of the UK,they will now be wondering if their anger at their being trampled over in their brexit vote was worth the agony of a genocidal conservative and unionist government… NHS..No social security…No state pension..and a desease that the conservative government doesn’t care about.because the working class don’t reckon in their cosseted lifestyle..Bolton are now being trampled over by the government and so are the rest of the UK.Somebody has to do something and whilst our corrupted knight of the realm gives the Labour party the run around at least with the clown missing inaction and virtually invisible we are no longer being treated to him sleeping 😴at the dispatch box..Maybe if some of his little helpers started plotting to overthrow the clown knight we could then replace him with a less obvious piece of work?..and we’ve plenty more of that type in the PLP whom they can allow “the membership to vote for.. The only testing we have seen so far is the patience of the public and the appalling lack of democracy across the whole stinking corpse of the establishment system.

  2. With Tory credibility circling the drain one could wonder why they haven’t jumped on the Covid denial bandwagon themselves.
    If Covid’s danger really had been blown out of proportion as the deniers here claim, it would be of massive advantage to the Tories just to say so and end the charade.
    Instead of making all kinds of promises to spend loads more billions expanding testing and tracing to get people back to school and back to work – and being seen constantly to fail – they could just take the obvious step and declare that “Covid isn’t as bad as the world thought so everybody can go back to work tomorrow,” thereby proving you denier geniuses were right all along.

    Cumminge must have some truly Machiavelian purpose in mind, telling his trolls to pretend to be QAnon/AntiVaxx fantasists – I say “pretend” because nobody, not even you, could actually believe that bollocks.
    Got any thoughts on what your boss’s plan might be, RH? Bubba?

    Couldn’t be to pre-discredit you boys’ testimonies if any of you try to blow the whistle on his past subversions of democracy once your services are no longer required – could it?

  3. David I don’t think Bubba or SH will be sampling the knight patrol,they’ve exhausted themselves trying to prop up Willy wonka The “knight” ,and with all the overtime booked in this month by them they don’t need to do any overnight work.ITs looking grim for the little helpers and the knights plan to play second fiddle to the Tory party….I think the knights “days” are numbered along with the little helpers .New day here and the 🌞has been up for a few hours..but the typhoon arriving soon so .. I will not be on the internet much longer..batten down the hatches and hope .,much like the UK

  4. When will our ‘world beating scientists &/or Universities develop an ‘early warning’ Covid 19 Fit Bit? US military can inject micro chips that will do just that. (source Mint Press).

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