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Exclusive: Govt telling schools with confirmed coronavirus infection to remain open as usual

Leaked text reveals Dept of Health inaction

A text message sent by a school to parents has exposed the Department of Health’s inexcusable decision to allow schools to remain open, in all year groups, even after the presence of the coronavirus confirmed among pupils.

The secondary school, which will not be named, has told parents and carers that a year 9 pupil has tested positive – but that on consulting with the Dept of Health and Social Care’s public health arm, it has been told to carry on as usual:

Many other schools are reporting similar incidents, or that they have been forced to remain open in spite of multiple pupils or staff isolating – because tests have been impossible to obtain and schools are only permitted to close bubbles, classes or year groups on a confirmed positive test.

The ‘collapse’ of the testing system is starting to look less like an implosion and at least partly like an attempt to keep schools open and mask the rocketing number of school outbreaks and the exponential rate of infection in our communities.

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  1. Iits about time the teachers tell the government and stammer and the likes of those twunts who deny the existence and/or the seriousness of the situation to get fooking bent.

    Schools have become a reservoir for the bug and these useless, gormless bastard pro herd immunity covid deniers are trying to play at being the dambusters.

    Bunch of retards.

  2. 70 million population
    How many in hospital with Covid19 900
    How many on ventilators 100
    Killer Snowflakes
    How many have you wiped out today
    Then explain why the North East is going back into Lockdown, which by any measure will increase non Covid19 deaths

    1. I predicted one of your lot would come out with that ^^^^ sort of tripe a week ago…

      If you’re so unconcerned, why not get yourself and your entire family out there and do what you can to get your own immunity. Let’s see if it affects you or yours enough to require a ventilator, eh?

      Let’s see if it still affects you or yours, short or long-term, even after you’ve developed resistance to it.

      While you’re at it, why not deliberately infect your neighbours and friends too; if they think the same way as you they’ll thank you for it in the long run….Shit, they may even think Cummings was right about the bug so he must be right on everything else, the giga-craniumed genius.

      1. Why are children being kept off school and tested (or more likely not)
        Only peer reviewd reports out there tell us kids, dont get it, dont suffer from it qnd d9nt spread it
        One of my kids has had it, she is a health care worker in a hospital so still gets swabbed every week regardless
        When you bring family into the debate your crossing a line, very close to tipping into first class prick territory

  3. Yes this pandemic is unprecedented. I dont believe the government are on top of it.. its getting worse and people will be causing mass civil unrest if the govt carry on as they are doing.

  4. I wish that the people would rise against the tyrant government,but I wouldn’t put money on it even if there is bodys lying in the street.Probably the local residents committee might complain about the smell….but I live in hope!of a new kind of politics as the former leader of the Labour party wanted.

  5. Is it possible that BloJob’s given up? That he’s betting the farm on the new treatments keeping deaths low, and on vaccines being ready before the country’s “broke?”
    The Tories have dug so many holes for themselves with their groundless boasting they’re spending all their time lying and bluffing to hide their new mistakes and lying to hide their lies about their old mistakes – lies upon lies to hide the fact they’re shit out of ideas.
    Half the party, the MSM and the civil service playing whack-a-mole and putting out fires – and what promises must the Tories be making to the MSM to keep the questions easy?.
    The amount of money they’ve spent for what they as Tories must see as a zero return – keeping people alive who probably won’t even vote for them anyway – pressure coming from all sides and testing about to be exposed as a massive, vastly expensive total waste of time after all their bluster and empty promises.
    I reckon that’s it – BloJob’s just sitting on his hands with his fingers crossed waiting for a miracle.

  6. 2 words – herd immunity. Even though scientific evidence has proved it not to work.

    1. Lynn Dye
      What has been truly shocking is how little it costs to buy a scientist

      Reminds me of the quote about the ANC in South Africa,
      It was said the gravy train had barely slowed down before they jumped on

      This whole shitfest comes under two major headings
      Tory snouts in troughs and
      Spineless and gutless politicians and scientists

    1. When you have a government that’s as zealous as this one about privatising everything, it shifts the balance of power away from government to private business, especially in emergencies such as this.
      It’s obvious companies in demand will insist on freedom from penalties when the government needs them more than they need the government.
      Johnson’s over a barrel.
      Also the companies awarded the contracts know the Tories’ survival depends on preventing the NHS so much as criticising their fulfilment of their contracts – this is the version of capitalism that ‘forgets’ that competition is the sole basis for any possible defence of capitalism, flawed though that defence is.

      Even if it was the NHS running the show – even the pre-Blair/Tory sell-offs ideal version – there would still have to be a balance struck between speed and safety.
      ‘Commercial sensitivity’ wouldn’t be a factor though, so we’d all know what the compromises were, why they were made and what side effects to watch out for the moment they were discovered.
      Also we’d know that if we died it wouldn’t be so a few rich men could buy even bigger superyachts and private islands and palaces.

      As things stand we may find out we were ‘unlucky’ on safety in ten or twenty or fifty years.

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