Only 8% of POSITIVE C19 tests confirmed within 24hrs and HALF taking 3 days or longer – but reality is even worse

Real proportion even lower, as tens of thousands of tests binned before analysis

The number of positive coronavirus results confirmed to the person tested within 24 hours by the UK’s imploding testing system is currently only 8%, according to a report today in the Financial Times. Half of all positive test results are taking at least three days to arrive – and half of those are taking four days or longer, since schools reopened early this month.

But the real scale of the fiasco is worse still, because those figures only include the positive infections that make it through the testing process. As the Sunday Times reported last weekend, tens of thousands of tests have simply been binned without ever being analysed, either because they’ve been left too long to be viable or have been wrongly stored or transported.

In spite of the lack of testing, confirmed new cases remain over 3,000 a day, while COVID-19 hospitalisations have reached a 77-day high, diagnosis of infection among children by NHS triage services has more than quadrupled this month and the number of schools hit by outbreaks is accelerating rapidly.

With 92% of infected people not knowing for days that they’re infected, no wonder.

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  1. Still not caught up with the meaning and actual significance of ‘positive test’ in a situation where infections have virtually disappeared.?

    The painful slowness of understanding is remarkable.

    1. In your parallel Troll Coronavirus-free universe, ‘infections have ‘virtually disappeared’ ! But for the rest of us us trapped here on planet Earth, the hospitalisations are starting to rocket, as the long-predixcted second wave gathers pace, and the directly-related deaths of the most vulnerable won’t be far behind. ‘the slowness of understanding’ in your post is purely in your denier Troll brain, RH.

    2. RH

      Remarkable and frankly embarrassing. The Toffee has now descended to agreeing with the halfwit penney and both now actually wish death on people who don’t agree with them. It’ll be a piece of piss to get these types snitching on their neighbours!

      As I’ve said previously, they are the handmaidens of totalitarianism.

      1. S’up Timothy?

        Had enough being ‘hardcore’ and baiting those who urge caution having been so unproductive that you’re now wailing that I’m not in your gang… The one with the school prefect (or should that be ‘defect’?) known to all and sundry (and disliked by same) rh?

        You sound like the wimpy kid who goads the other kids for not having a drag on a ciggy behind the bikesheds.

        Different story when folks shrug their shoulders when they hear the wimpy kid got some disease you got from the smoking it wanted the rest of us to partake in and derided for not being willing to.

        If dicky cops it I won’t be remotely arsed how mild or how debilitating his symptoms are.

        But I still won’t take unnecessary risks with my own or my family’s wellbeing… Whatever you, dicky or even jpenny thinks – don’t like it? Tough shit. Cry me a river

        Oh, and I speak for meself. Always have.

      2. And what’s this about ‘wishing DEATH’ on people?

        According to your lot it’s only a bit of flu…And most people don’t even know they’ve got or had it do they?

        … BUT that’s until a so-called ‘knicker-wetter’ says they expect those who expect me to put myself at increased and unnecessary risk, to put themselves at the same or further increased risk ..

        THEN it becomes a killer disease.

        Bunch of cryarsing fannies, thinking theyre some sort of authority on anything.

      3. It was the bit about expecting him to die, delivered like a low budget Goldfinger.

      4. And just where did I say I expect dicky to DIE?

        That’s exactly right – I didn’t.

        I said I expect him to‘ cop it’ as in contract the virus, but you’ve decided to go for the melodramatic in extremis- which says quite a lot more about YOU being the ‘knicker wetter’ than it does me.

      5. Ok, fair enough, but your use of the word “cop” was a little ambiguous. Ah, the rich variety of the English language!

    1. Yes he is, the Toffee, and we had all hoped he’d gone down with his claimed ‘non-existent infections’ Coronavirus ! Still time yet for the paid full-time Troll, RH, to meet his well-deserved fate though !

  2. Yes he is, the Toffee, and we had all hoped he’d gone down with his claimed ‘non-existent infections’ Coronavirus !

    Oh, you’re very much mistaken I’m afeared, @jpenny. See, I don’t ‘hope’ he’ll cop it.

    …I expect him to! No ifs, no buts, no equivocation; it is his ‘duty’. The same ‘duty’ he expects everyone else fulfil.

  3. On another note, I see rayner (the sell out), deputising for the ‘absent’ stammer at PMQ’s did better than stammer’s EVER done at the same venue.

    But in reality, it isn’t a difficult task. So, ‘meh’.

  4. So the numbers of people infected with Covid 19 testing positive is rising; explains why it is so difficult to get tested?

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