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This new Corbyn video is a must-watch, must-share

Max Albedo’s new film is vital amid ever-escalating media attacks on Labour and it’s leader
A still from the introduction to Max Albedo’s new video

As the BBC and other media ramp up their attacks on Labour to levels unprecedented even in the context of four years of media bias, Labour-supporting cartoonist Max Albedo has turned to film-making in a bid to set the record straight.

The film sets a perfect tone in countering the bias, focusing on facts and the track record and integrity of Labour and its leader.

It’s a must-watch and a must-share – so please do both:

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  1. 41. He has maintained his dignity and composure despite the relentless ‘anti-semitism’ Smear Campaign being waged against him and many of his colleagues and supporters during the past four years (along with numerous OTHER smears).

    1. katythenightowl, if your browser is Chrome you could try Firefox or some other browser.
      That’s what I’ve had to do to watch this video and a couple of others on SKWAWKBOX.
      Strangely the McDonnell video plays fine in Chrome, as does the Billy Bragg Internationale video I posted myself.

  2. 42
    Safest country in Europe for the Jewish community thanks to JC and Labour movement

    This Panorama programme and Sunday Times report’s are surely based on stolen personal data allegedly
    Surely the party can stop the programme going out and put Murdoch in jail finally
    Am I being thick again lads and lasses

    1. I wondered whether an injunction, maybe to allow the EHRC or the Courts to examine the programme’s “evidence” might be useful.
      I suspect such an application might well be successful.
      I think it’s long past time the judiciary had the opportunity to rule on whether any of the AS smears contain evidence of criminal activity in the Labour Party or whether they are in fact defamatory and actionable.

    2. Given that the Panorama program will undoubtedly paint Jeremy’s LP in the worst possible light, surely it would only be reasonable and fair for the producers to do another in which some of those who have been falsely accused are given the opportunity to prove that they HAVE been – ie given the chance to tell THEIR side of the story. I am of course thinking of Ken Livingstone and Jackie Walker in particular, and perhaps Marc Wadsworth, and the guy who lost his job, and perhaps an associate of Jeremy’s explaining what the ‘English irony’ episode was about and who Jeremy was referring to and why, and finishing off with Chris Williamson pointing out that it was the trumped up allegations against Ken and Jackie etc that he was referring to when he said what he said. Surely the Labour Party have every right to demand that Panorama/The BBC do such a program.

      1. I just checked to see when it’s on, and I see that it’s an hour-long special (on Wednesday evening at 9.00pm), in which case Labour should be given the same amount of time (and include more people than I initially thought), and the same prime-time spot (AND when there’s no other major event or whatever happening on another one of the main channels).

        Perhaps we can even get a petition together if need be.

      2. I don’t think the BBC will do a hatchet job though I understand that many, going by the BBC’s previous anti Labour and more particularly anti Corbyn bias, will think that,
        First of all we aren’t an anti semetic party- 99.999% of our members are NOT in any way anti semetic.Therefore they will find it difficult to find any evidence of anti semetism I think it was Chanel 4 that went undercover in Momentum for a month trying to find similar evidence but couldn’t -there was none then and there is none now.
        Secondly the BBC is aware that there is every likelihood that Jeremy Corbyn will be in No10 within the next year despite their best efforts to date to undermine and belittle him. I think that they with an eye to the licences fees will be careful not to do a hatchet job this time.
        But maybe I’m wrong Allan . We’ll have to wait until the programme is aired to find out but my guess is it will be a damp squib.

  3. The text moves too fast. I have a problem with my eyes and can’t read it fast enough. Music is annoying too

  4. I haven’t watched the video as yet. All I’d say at this jubcture is that the problem isn’t material to rebut the ‘antisemitism’ myths – there’s plenty of it

    The problem is getting the exposure for such rebuttal in face of media censorship and NEC timidity (mixed with right wing venom). Getting spokespersons to attack instead of constantly defending would be a start.

    1. 43
      Incidents of AS in party is 1/20th of 1% of the membership

      Labours Faiza Shaheen on Sky today, made the statement today that you cannot smear the membership when it’s such a small number

      But even she got the number wrong, stating 0.5% one half of 1%,
      wrong by a factor of ten, 2,500 cases instead of 250, and she is a first class economist

      Can we all go with 0.05% or 250/500,000

      It would be fair to say we are one of the least anti semitic parties in Europe,

      Now how do we compare to the cheap and nasties, we will never know because they sweep everything under the carpet

  5. “Getting spokespersons to attack instead of constantly defending would be a start…”
    And when they do so the NEC suspends them while the PLP calls for their expulsion. The only person who can authoritatively put an end to this-mindblowingly Kafkaesque-nonsense is the elected leader, the one MP the PLP cannot expel-they’ve tried- and the Fifth Column on the NEC, including Lansman can’t hurt.
    They have shot their bolts. Now is the time for the worm to turn.

    1. I totally agree that Corbyn needs to be more explicit and combatative – but the is put in a difficult position by the NEC effectively undermining the Party in its (deliberate?) lack of bottle in calling out the scam.

      I also think you overestimate the ability that Corbyn on his own has in reversing the smear campaign.

  6. I can’t remember what I was specifically looking for now, but I happened to come across the following article earlier from April 2017, in which Tom Watson is spouting off propaganda falsehoods in relation to Ken Livingstone. And I have no doubt that they were repeated by most of the MSM. What a diseased mind he must have. Demonic even! But then again, psychopaths have no problem whatsoever lying through their teeth, and in actual fact get a real buzz off of doing a hit-job on someone AND deceiving millions of people courtesy of the MSM.

    Just out of curiosity, I just this second entered the following into a search engine (duck duck go) to see what came up: >hitler supported zionism<, and the very first result at the top of the page was the wikipedia entry for the Haavara Agreement. In other words, it would have taken Watson just a few seconds to discover something that could possibly verify that what Ken said was true, and then a couple of minutes more to confirm that Hitler and the Nazis DID support Zionism and that Ken was alluding to an historical fact. Oh, but then maybe he was so busy composing his statement for the MSM that he didn't have time to do so. THAT would explain it of course, as with the others who are quoted in the article (and no doubt by the rest of the MSM):

    1. Let’s face it : *any* half-decent inquiring journalist would soon blow the ‘anti-semitism’ myths out of the water. Most of us here, even without the search facilities available to the media, can come up with the source material that blows the story apart.

      The point is that this is propaganda, using well-honed techniques involving the constant repetition of falsehoods. It has nothing to do with a failing pursuit of the truth.

      1. All true.
        Given that the MSM has kidnapped and murdered democracy it would be wrong of us to let their crimes go unpunished once we’re in government.
        We should accept no defence of “We didn’t break any laws.” These people know perfectly well they’re subverting democracy and that by keeping the Tories in power with their confected “Labour scandals” they’re as responsible as the Tories for the premature deaths and ruined lives of austerity.

        I believe this is more than serious enough to warrant ex post facto criminal legislation.

        Retrospective legislation is generally frowned upon but I believe we should announce this right away and that it should be in this year’s manifesto – New Labour and the Tories have both enacted retrospective legislation in the past so we can laugh at their peals of righteous indignation.
        As soon as we announce it the smears will probably stop.
        The danger to the MSM of doubling down with accusations of “Stalinism!” and then failing to prevent Labour winning would be just too great.

        The point of my argument is that the MSM feels perfectly safe as it covers the Tories’ arses.
        Its self-delusion is such that even as it engages in some of the most far-reaching corrupt practices known to humanity in its desperation to prevent a socialist government – it actually believes itself justified by the ‘necessity’ of maintaining the status quo.
        The liars as yet have no idea that their current lies, sanctioned by government though they be, could have serious consequences in criminal law to them as individuals.

        Their cosy feeling of personal safety and a comfortable future – that so many of us lack – is what we have to take away from them.
        If we’re to squeeze the truth out of them the threat must be real and personal.
        Once the fuckers understand they risk jail for the lies they’ve already told we can hope for a renaissance in quality journalism.

        As far as I know this is novel but please don’t dismiss it out of hand for that.
        In a stable, unchallenged and fully developed Socialist society with appropriate technology and sanctions, lies and corruption would be unheard of in government and media anyway – and if we start with that I believe it’ll make the rest easier.

        Phew! Time for bed.

  7. 44. He has stuck by us through thick and thicker (was there ever a ‘thin’ period!), when I’m sure that most people, under such a constant barrage of smears and vilification and demonisation, would have said to themselves a long time ago: “sod this for a lark… I’m off”, and thrown in the proverbial towel as such.

    NB That said, I’m sure all the abuse has taken its toll on Jeremy…… how could it not, and especially with him being an Empath, as he surely IS of course. So however ‘thick’ it gets, WE must stand by him, and do everything we possibly can to make sure that it wasn’t all in vain.

    1. I Will vote for that Allan!,corbyn has suffered more than we know and the disloyalty must have shaken him?

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