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At least 620 schools now infected with coronavirus as official daily infection count passes 3,500 and government data page still in chaos

In reality, number of infections believed to be at least double

The number of schools known to be affected by coronavirus infections passed* 620 yesterday – up 119 on the the previous day, a increase in its rate of growth of more than 43% in a single day.

But the public will still struggle to discern this from the government’s official data page, whose charts continue to show conflicting and outdated information weeks after this was exposed by SKWAWKBOX.

At the same time, more parents are coming forward to say that they have been denied testing for their sick children – while even the sickest and most vulnerable children are being denied home tests and offered appointments at testing sites many miles away:

The daily number of cases in the UK – according to the government’s own numbers – was 3,539, an 81% increase on a week before. But the ONS and other experts say that the real numbers are far higher.

In spite of the mounting evidence, the huge toll in needless deaths so far, the confirmation of pupil-to-pupil transmission and widespread warnings from scientific experts and unions, there is almost no Westminster or media voice raised against the wilful blindness of the political elite that ‘schools are safe‘ and that indoor hospitality venues – known to be another major driver of an increased ‘R rate’ of infection – should remain open. One of the few to do so has been former Shadow Education Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey, whose clarity on the issue showed why Keir Starmer sacked her a few weeks after he secretly promised Boris Johnson his support for the school return.

* Figures compiled from news reports, NHS updates and school websites by @ToryFibs.

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  1. Still not caught up with the actual news about the nonsense ‘casedemic’ and the fallacies of PCR testing?

    Oh dear, oh dear – this is spreading the word about the putative ‘Left’ being pretty dim!

    1. That Big Business funded troll, RH, still spewing out the nonsensical Coronavirus denier guff as usual. What a shameful creature this gormless troll is , helping to spread denier rubbish at the very time we are clearly entering the early stages of the long-expected , European-wide, second wave – which will kill tens of thousands more over the winter months than the first wave. What a shameful life it must be working as a troll creature all day long, spreading ideological garbage to assist the superrich capitalist class. What’s the current troll pay rate, RH ? An inflation indexed modern equivalent of thirty pieces of silver ?

      Expect RH as usual to now hide behind some non sequitur squid ink jibe about ‘Zionism’ to cover his verminous trolling activities.

      1. There is no ‘second wave’, coronavirus isn’t seasonal. It is spreading again because we can’t stay in our homes forever.
        Your ‘second wave’ will be flue and coronavirus which will both be attributed to coronavirus.

      2. lundiel – “There is no ‘second wave’ ” How many new cases does there have to be before it can be called a second wave? It’s precisely because social distancing is collapsing that there IS a second wave.

      3. Penney, you’re a cretin. A disgrace to socialism. Cowards like you wank off at GREAT length about political theory, but when the chips are down and the ruling class raises its voice, you can’t submit to your masters fast enough.

  2. RH – It is unfair of you to be so condescending, it should be obvious to you that we can’t all be as clever as you think you are.

  3. The RH autobot’s stuck in that loop again.
    Can somebody please go and turn it off and on again, see if that fixes it?
    Or just leave it off – whatever.

  4. Aww, Toots has died. And Jasper Conran. Each of them on their own were worth a hundred BloJobMoggcocks.

    1. Davis Its Jasper’s dad Sir Terence Conran who has died today aged 88,not Jasper.

      1. Because I pig-ignorantly only half-heard the news and pig-ignorantly made a joke of it.
        Wanna get off my case now?

      2. Getting a little hot under the collar Davis I mean David? Chill.

      3. Never wasn’t chilled – i just like to offend the Mavises with profanity.

  5. Skwawky – “But the public will still struggle to discern this from the government’s official data page” yes, and the ever so compliant BBC doing its best to shift the focus away from Bozo’s incompetence. That’s if it is incompetence and not deliberate ‘culling’.

    1. Although I wouldn’t put it past Johnson in theory, “culling” is more in Bill Gates’ line. You know, the ‘philanthropist’ who’s the biggest single donor to the WHO which in turn funds Edinburgh and Imperial who’s advice we follow as if it were written in stone.
      If I say that here, I’m a conspiracist, yet you can safely accuse Johnson of “culling” with no comeback. Soros is also up to his greasy armpits in funding the WHO. Trump might be a total c*** but he doesn’t always tell lies.

      1. lundiel – Don’t worry, it was already an open secret, most of us had already sussed out long ago that you are a member of the tinfoil hat brigade.

      2. Do you know that the phrase ‘conspiracy theorist’ was invented by the CIA to ridicule whistleblowers?
        Of course some people join up the wrong dots but instead of casual sneering, why not try and prove me wrong?
        The funny thing is, this is probably the only time you’ll ever get an upvote on this site and buying into CIA dirty tricks is entirely understandable for one such as you. 💩

      3. lundial – You mistake me for someone who thinks you have anything relevant to say on this subject.

  6. I have to say SteveH, you’re the kind of guy who sends money to Syrian ‘opposition’ “charities” who in turn, laughing their asses off, give it to Al Qaeda.

    1. lundiel – Thanks for your comment, it rather neatly illustrates my point about the futility of discussing anything with you.

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