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Breaking: no-confidence motion against Scottish Labour leader withdrawn for lack of support as ‘chicken coup’ tactics fail for now

Blairite attempt to rehash anti-Corbyn tactic – including tears – fails

The right-wing attempts to remove Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard have failed, at least for the time being. After debate this morning, a no-confidence motion brought by right-wingers eager to retake control of a party they decimated has been withdrawn when it became clear it would not carry.

In a scene as reminiscent of the infamous ‘chicken coup‘ against Corbyn as the motion itself and recent resignations and manoeuvres by a group of right-wing Labour MSPs, insiders tell SKWAWKBOX that right-wing NEC and SEC member Johanna Baxter, who is standing for re-election to the NEC after profiting from the absence of a united left-wing slate in the by-election earlier this year, was again in tears during the debate.

Labour-First supported Johanna Baxter ‘tearful’ in 2016 during the ‘chicken coup’

It’s unlikely, of course, that this failure will prevent the Labour right continuing to do their best to damage Leonard’s preparations for next year’s Scottish Parliament elections any more than they abandoned their campaign against Corbyn – followed of course by a rewriting of history to point the finger at everyone else.

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  1. Johanna Baxter looks like the joker. The joke is on her. I sincerely hope the Blairites dont get in. It will be like SNP against torylite labour and tories.

  2. Johanna Baxter’s appearance on TV with Angela Rayner during the chicken coup disgusted me and I have not been able to abide either of them since,
    Some may recall that at that time Johanna was in tears because of alleged “threats” made against her at the NEC meeting at which Jeremy’s inclusion on the leadership ballot was being debated. It turned out that the “threats” concerned legal action – Jeremy’s supporters ( Jeremy had left the room because of the potential for a conflict of interests) had said that if he, the incumbent leader, was not automatically on the ballot paper a legal challenge would be mounted. This apparently was taken by Johanna as a “threat” to her personally and reduced her to tears.
    We need people on the NEC who have leadership qualities, who can stand their ground and fight for what they believe in. Johanna needs to grow up before standing for the NEC again.
    Regarding Richard Leonard – he has an uphill struggle to overcome the disgraceful legacies of Dugdale and Murphy which caused us to be wiped out in Scotland. However he needs to watch his back ( and his front if Jess Phillips is about)

    1. I see ‘political scientist’ Kezia Dugdale is on Radio 4s Broadcasting House tomorrow discussing the papers.
      I wonder if she’ll be given time to discuss the shenanigans going on in Scotland instigated by right wing MSPs

    2. As with Tom Watson, the ego of this Johanna Baxter person is massive. The picture shows her full political repertoire, ham acting for a camera.

  3. Whenever Scotland is the question
    Geordie Galloway is the answer, for now
    Whenever 2nd referendum is the question then
    The answer is No Deal and all bets are off

  4. Thwarted for now, I’m a bit outside of all thes shenanigans will there be more of this shit?
    I get the feeling the left have left
    Cheer me up someone

  5. Fascists at work:

    Oregon Police Beg Public to Stop Calling In False Reports Blaming Antifa for Wildfires

    False claims that antifascists are starting forest fires have been spread by supporters of President Donald Trump.

    Four police departments in parts of Oregon ravaged by wildfires — propelled by high winds across parched land during hot, dry weather in a changing climate — are pleading with the public to stop calling 911 to pass on unfounded rumors that antifascist political activists have intentionally set the blazes.

  6. Not much of a ‘victory’ in fact, just a probably short reprieve, Skwawky. Those always corrupt and Right wing trades unions, USDAW and the GMB (Leonard was a GMB official for 20 years) , have essentially stopped supporting him, with anonymous briefings to the likes of The Guardian that he is a ‘lame duck leader ‘. USDAW and the GMB abstained at the failed coup Scottish NEC meeting, rather than support Leonard.

    So it Is indeed very like the first failed anti Corbyn ‘Chicken Coup’ , in that the deeply entrenched , always corrupt and crony-ridden, majority of MSPs and other Scottish Labour Party grandees, still drenched in neoliberal Blairite politics and careerism, WILL eventually have Leonard out as Leader , now that they see the victory of their equally corrupt neo-Blairite pals in England with Corbyn. The sick joke is that Labour in Scotland was utterly buggered electorally by generations of cronyist corruption and neo Tory policies and politics (outflanked on the LEFT by the SNP) – long before Jeremy Corbyn was elected Leader. A full return to this traditional Right wing Labour politics will have all the electoral appeal of a bucket of cold sick in Scotland (and England too of course ). But the delusional Labour Right simply don’t care – fantasising that all the public wants is a neo Tory Starmerite Labour Party across the UK to vote for, in preference to the remarkably similar Tory Party ! The collapse of just such old social democratic parties across Europe is invisible to this arrogant, delusional crew of careerist creatures of Big Business.

  7. Corbyn was an antidote to top-down managerialism and the centrist right embody it.

    Jeremy is Richard Leonard’s greatest asset and they should act together to renovate Labour in Scotland.

  8. Scottish Labour? Contradiction? The bourgeoisie in Scotland are more interested in ‘Nationalism’ than ‘Socialism’ as they become the ‘big fish’ in the smaller pool. Independence? Power to the ‘big fish’.

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