(Video) New social restrictions: govt ADMITS pubs are the pandemic driver but it’s still ok to go – as long as it’s with strangers more than friends

Yet again, Tories’ restrictions make no sense and exclude things we know are pushing up the rate of transmission

The Tories know a number of things are driving up the ‘R rate’ of coronavirus transmission. They say so themselves.

SAGE’ group scientists admitted before the return to school began that it would push the infection rate up. Public transport and other enclosed spaces are known to be the prime environment for the virus to spread. And Matt Hancock told MPs this week that the escalation of the outbreak in Bolton has been fuelled by pubs:

Public health experts have also said they know from the experience of other countries that the re-opening of indoor hospitality spaces like pubs and restaurants is inevitably followed within a few weeks by a sharp growth in the number of cases.

Yet the only limitation on visits to pubs and restaurants in the government’s new restrictions, which come into force on Monday, is that you can’t go with more than five other friends and family you’ll probably be spending time with in other locations anyway.

Going to sit on your own or in a smaller group in a busy pub full of people you don’t know is still allowed – even though community infections are at the highest level in almost five months the Tories’ test-and-trace system is in chaos and the ‘world-beating’ app is now light-years away.

So you can catch the virus from people you live with or see regularly – but you can’t catch it from strangers. Apparently.

The Tories have also exempted schools and workplaces from the new restrictions, even though those places are known to fuel infections inside and outside the school or workplace.

You can sit inside in a room full of colleagues or fellow students – but not outside with more than five people you know. The government is taking the you-know-what.

The new restrictions are a sham. The most important drivers of the second wave of the pandemic that the Tories know is coming and are planning for from the beginning of October have been excluded from them, in favour of restrictions on how many family members you can see.

Boris Johnson’s murderous ‘herd immunity‘ is still the plan – and he’s not even making a serious attempt to hide it.

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  1. BloJob doesn’t need to hide his intentions – the MSM are happy to do that for him.

  2. This is real cupid stunt stuff.

    The pubs aren’t driving anything, nor are schools. Nothing is being ‘driven’.

    Piles of data have now accumulated to show that all these excessive government measures of Lockdown and masking have been a dangerous waste of time and space as this non-epidemic fades away, whilst an artificial ‘casedemic’ is created from the inaccurate PCR test that has no relevance to actual infection..

    It’s not the biggest emergency since the war – it’s the biggest scam of very little actual importance, aimed at the credulous and ignorant.

    Sadly the left has been asleep on duty having nightmares between bouts of self-pleasuring.

    See : for real data.

  3. What is it with the soft left and their love of managing people, authoritarianism and thinking no one is able to think for themselves. This site should be renamed ‘The Gordon Brown Appreciation Society.’

  4. It’s a joke. You also can’t catch the virus from people at work. (A virus apparently doesn’t know how to clock on.) (For those who remember.)

    1. I take it you are an independently wealthy, retired middle class home owner with a smallholding who grows/farms all your own food?
      For the rest of us, we depend on people in employment to keep food on the table.
      Catching the virus isn’t a problem, the death rates and hospitalisation is.

  5. With the price of a pint around here , you’ve gotta sell a kidney before you can afford a pint to ruin the other kidney with, so how boozers are a large source of transmission….

    That said, a boozer by me has been shut down because one of the barmaids had the bug but didn’t disclose it, so I’m told. Same thing happened over in Birkenhead last week, apparently.

    As for the doubters… I’m not interested in their protests anymore. Ain’t seen a single one of their predictions/projections/prognoses have come to pass. It’s all about what some quack or other says, with them. They haven’t had it on their doorstep so it doesn’t exist for them.

    They’re rabbiting on, but, like their protests, the bug’s still there.

  6. The doubters..and those godawful academic and political cunts (harries as a prime example) who start EVERY FUCKING QUESTION with the word ‘So’.

    Either speak properly, or just curl up and die ffs.

    1. That should’ve said ‘Answer’ NOT ‘question’…

      *…Scuttles off, sheepishly.

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