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Number of schools hit by virus rises by almost 100 in a single day – yet Tories ignore schools and workplaces in new ‘special measures’ for England

Sham of Tories’ token measures exposed by reality

The number of schools hit by coronvirus has risen to to at least 347 – a number compiled by @ToryFibs from local news reports, NHS updates and school website – an increase of 97 from its overnight figure.

As usual, the increase is driven by the virus’s spread in England – the number of English schools has rocketed past that of Scotland, even though Scottish schools have been open for weeks longer than English schools, which returned just last week.

In spite of the obvious reality – as well as international studies proving how quickly the virus can spread within and from schools – the Tories have ignored schools and workplaces in their token response to the rapid increase in the number of cases in England.

Herd immunity is still the Tories’ plan – the rest is smoke and mirrors. And the lives of our children and vulnerable are in the firing line.

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  1. They (Cummings) think herd immunity is inevitable and the sooner the better. Take it on the chin stuff.
    “So” they say “save the enormous expense of doing it properly and leave several doors wide open as in airports and education. It’ll all be over by Er,March, save the mourning. Meanwhile take the opportunity to improve your crowd control responses, impose fines on those Terrorists who moan (formerly known as protestors). Get local control over defunct Councils. And don’t forget chaps, ‘’Make a lot of money””
    In the absence of a vaccine they perhaps have a point about the inevitably of a 60% infection rate but with the expectation that there will be a vaccine, probably in months, it becomes simply criminal.

  2. Schools have to open so that parents can go back to work……nothing to do with kids missing education.

  3. Off topic.Is anyone else having the same experience as me with Independent newspaper comments,no comments at all visible.My own comments register on my personal profile but not of course on the public page.They told me when I enquired more than two weeks ago,that comments was being re-worked because of the many faults,and that it would be up and running “in 24 hours or so.They have ignored my subsequent complaint.

    1. I believe left wing commentary is going to be suppressed more and more – the right’s trolls are just too easy to spot to leave shifting the narrative up to them.
      Left wing views on the most-read platforms are being gradually redefined as ‘fake news’ I suspect – because the promise/threat of tax breaks/tax is all governments need to induce the owners into such surreptitious action.
      Wait until the Tories start dropping in the polls though – then they’ll demand more and more from their ‘allies’ and we’ll see who’s really in whose pocket.

    2. John Thatcher Best to ask Sreve H ,regarding the lists of people banned from comments, he’s a little helper of the established “system” of monitoring and surveillance of the Left..I wonder what would happen nowadays when Sinn Fein was muted and banned by the Conservative and unionist party?.Would the BBC and other broadcasters subtitute the dialogue with a much clearer voicover from another person?..OR would we hear nothing despite the carnage and deaths on both sides of the Irish sea.?.Whats happening now? .Scary stuff!.IT makes dear Margaret Thatcher look like a bastion of free speech and liberalism.Rule of Bullingdon boy’s and the knights treachery..!

  4. The government’s actions on Covid 19 regarding schools shows their usual combination of gross incompetence and lack of concern for the well being of ordinary folk.Surely the public will start to resist soon,even if the official opposition is incapable/disinclined to provide a lead for any such resistance.

    1. John Thatcher…I lost faith in the Public and a chunk of the Labour membership,when the Public school boys were voted in and the knights treachery started by the Labour party.How could they have been so very very stupid to let the “Dogs out” .I laughed the other day when I was given numerous reminders by the Labour party that my membership had run out ,but there was time to redeem it…last chance to build together?.Sorry but I have become a little bit cynical about the New Labour party project!..They asked could I tell them more?…..Do I appear stupid and would I like to dig my own grave?..ITs all changed from the old days when you would have to chase them and records were hardly kept…So very well organised and media marketing savvy doesn’t stop the rot.or the knight..!

      1. Joseph, I had the same reminders from Labour over a period of months despite writing them a letter explaining that when they betrayed Corbyn they lost me – makes one wonder how many thousands of others who’ve left they’re still counting as members.

  5. Of course – it’s all nonsense, like every other government-related bit of garbage relating to this non-event. We ave a ‘casedemic’ to stimulate another panicdemic : not an epidemic.

    But you have to know about the fallacies of PCR testing to understand that.

    For those interested in data and science rather than magical Tory thinking and the ramblings of bad scientists, this video provides an excellent summary of the real situation. Note the possible dangers of the useless ‘measures’ that the government has been taking in straining to cover its sorry arse.

    1. RH,

      Give it a rest with your bollocks please as its annoying to those who are somewhat more informed than you – unless trawling all scientific literature and sharing with those in the NHS I personally know since early March this year has been a waste of time?

      Further, and as regards PCR testing, may i enquire if you are aware that three individual swabs are usually taken and all tested individually to reduce ‘false negatives’ & ‘false positives’, of course, such best practice was thrown out the window in the UK due to to a lack of PCR tests, hence only one swab was administered – still, in the HKSAR and other first world economies in Asia, persons are well aware of these facts, which is why our figures are as accurate as you may get.

      Luckily, our Scientific advisor, a Japanese scientist funnily enough, is better versed than you and I’ll take his opinion as an infectious disease expert with 40 years experience over yours any day of the week.

  6. We’ve been here before, is it really just a coincidence that the new restrictions on public gatherings won’t come into force until after the St. Leger horse racing festival. Is it too cynical to wonder if Dido Harding being director of the Jockey Club may have had an impact on the timetabling of these new restrictions.

    1. Normally there is only hours between the announcements and the implementation but this time it’s a week. Expect some big parties this weekend – and a further slew of cases. Horses have always been more important to our Ruling Class than people.

  7. Off topic – Jonathan Bartley and Siân Berry have been re-elected as leaders of the Greens.
    I didn’t listen closely to their pieces to camera on BBC news but I did notice one thing.
    Bartley spoke about the increase in pollution when everyone starts driving to work again & thinks if we all live in cycling distance it’ll be an improvement – presumably ignorant of the massive advantage to employers in having, to all intents and purposes, a tied workforce.

    I’ve never heard any Greens lobbying for government-subsidised electric conversions for cars – and using the batteries of those cars as ballast to even out daily demands on the (solar) grid by tying them into it while plugged in and immobile.
    Solar panels on roofs and inverter-chargers in offices, homes & car parks/charging stations with electric cars all linked to central control is the greenest possible realistic option with today’s tech – which would also progressively improve along with battery technology.
    I shit green, me.

  8. Talking about suppression of views, Skwawkbox is just as guilty. Most recently, after a perfectly reasonable question from John Thatcher regarding why I disagreed with the view of some on the left that it was the call from Labour to have a confirmation vote on leaving the EU which cost us the last GE, my answer to John was vetoed.

    Not unrelated, why has Skwawkbox not gone bananas over Bozo’s intent to break international law with respect to the EU agreement already signed?

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