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Number of schools hit tears past 400 as second wave enters ‘exponential’ phase

Rise in schools hit by virus continues to be so fast that numbers are obsolete before they can be published

The number of schools hit by coronavirus outbreaks has passed 418 – up from 347 last night – and continues to rise so quickly that every number published is out of date before a update can be published.

The latest national numbers, compiled by analyst @ToryFibs from local news bulletins, NHS updates and school websites, are as follows:

• 223 England
• 103 Scotland
• 64 Northern Ireland
• 28 Wales

‘SAGE’ group scientist Prof John Edmunds told the BBC this morning that the spread of the virus was again becoming exponential – a view backed by Paul Hunter, Professor of Medicine at the University of East Anglia.

In spite of this accelerating rise, the Tories have exempted schools from the new restrictions to be imposed in England from next Monday – with no explanation of the decision to wait five full days before implementing the new measures – along with workplaces and sporting fixtures.

People will not be permitted to meet with more friends or family, but will be expected to mingle with strangers, colleagues and fellow students – including in pubs and restaurants, even though Health Secretary Matt Hancock has explicitly admitted hospitality venues are key drivers of the spread of the virus.

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  1. BloJob blarting on about “The Rule Of Six” like a Hobbit in a Tolkien story.
    Coming next week: “The One Rule To Rule Them All.”

  2. Are we expected to still believe that there has been any significant ‘planning’ that hasn’t been in the field of ‘herd immunity?’ Children are clearly a viable (governmental) expenditure!

    1. With a government incapable of government and a opposition thats no longer a Opposition what a surprise that the UK is floundering and it can only get worse…Don’t expect to be singing it can only get better anytime soon. Even Billy Bragg must be worried about being unemployed .!

  3. And media not batting an eyelid about it, or the fact that Johnson has decided to break international law. Nothing is shocking anymore. Anything goes.

    1. PS Lets hope there ARE future generations of journalists, cos there’s not many left in THIS generation…… not in the MSM anyway!

    2. One thought occurs, prompted in part by Oborne’s parable of the Chinese Assange.
      Excellent and thought-provoking as his article is, imagine if instead of writing in the (I assume) limited circulation Press Gazette, he paraded a “FREE ASSANGE” placard around in front of BBC cameras outside Parliament or outside the BBC itself – would THAT protest go ‘unnoticed’ and unreported by the MSM as the extradition hearings themselves and the public’s protests are?
      Would other famous people yelling “FREE ASSANGE” to the media cameras go unreported? I don’t think so. Where are they?
      Are celebrities frightened of politics?

      1. There are certainly those (celebrities) who are nervous of upsetting the Jewish Lobby.

      2. Well Roger Water’s is no small fry, and yet the MSM have to a large extent omitted to cover HIS support for Julian. A key element in the PTBs framing of Julian was to ‘transform’ him into a rapist, whereby it would ‘evaporate’ any support for him to a large extent, and no doubt there are at least some famous people who have seen through the propaganda lies and smears and character assassination of Julian, but they are quite probably fearful of supporting him publicly foear of being smeared by the fascist-controlled MSM as being an apologist for a rapist, which THEY – the fascists who who dissemble the falsehoods – know that most of the public believe him to be, precisely because THEY told them so. But then again, I’m surprised that there are so few well known musicians and bands that have joined with Roger in their support for Julian.

        Anyway, I just discovered that some of the MSM DID give some coverage to Roger’s campaign to free Julian……

        Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters and Vivienne Westwood join hundreds demanding Julian Assange is freed from jail and spared US extradition

      3. That SHOULD have read…. ‘for fear of being smeared’

      4. I hope what Martin Read meant to say was the Israel/Zionist lobby,there is no Jewish lobby,and it is anti Semitic to talk about one.Jews are as diverse in their opinions as anyone else.

      5. Thank you for the clarification. I did indeed mean the Israel/Zionist Lobby. I entirely concede to your correction. Apologies!

      6. Yes Allan, I’d seen the footage of Roger Waters speaking to a crowd in a street demo before, probably from one of your links – only thing is, unless it’s on the 6 o’clock news, not enough people have the truth shoved in their faces.
        What I meant and didn’t explain properly was that I think the visibility of a well-known political journalist and author not known for his leftist views, doing it in front of the TV cameras in a scenario where they couldn’t NOT broadcast it, would hopefully amplify the effect by a hundredfold or more.
        How could they NOT ask such a well-known journalist to speak to camera if he’s already in shot?
        Obviously I’m just plagiarising the idea of the “STOP BREXIT!” guy on College Green – I also accept that he didn’t achieve his goal – but the principle is still sound I think, and doubly effective with a figure they can’t dismiss as simply a nuisance.

  4. Apologies, but I came across the following a bit earlier:

    As British judge made rulings against Julian Assange, her husband was involved with right-wing lobby group briefing against WikiLeaks founder

    By Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis

    The husband of the chief magistrate overseeing Julian Assange’s extradition case was closely associated with a lobby group publicly criticising the WikiLeaks founder around the time his wife was ruling against Assange, it can be revealed.

    Westminster chief magistrate Lady Emma Arbuthnot made two key legal rulings against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in February 2018, which ensured he would not be able to take up his asylum in Ecuador.

    Around this time, her husband, Lord James Arbuthnot, a former Conservative defence minister with links to the British military and intelligence establishment, was working closely with the neo-conservative Henry Jackson Society (HJS), a pressure group with a strongly anti-Assange agenda. Lord Arbuthnot has hosted and chaired events for the HJS at the House of Lords and long sat on its “political council”.

    The HJS has called Assange “bonkers and paranoid” and described the asylum given to him by the government of Ecuador as “the last seedy bolthole to which Mr Assange thinks he can run”.

    However, Declassified has repeatedly revealed that Lady Arbuthnot’s position is mired in conflicts of interests involving her husband and son. Declassified previously revealed that Lady Arbuthnot personally received financial benefits from secretive “partner” organisations of the UK Foreign Office, which in 2018 called Assange a “miserable little worm”.

    1. It just occured to me to do a search to ascertain WHO described Julian as a ‘miserable little worm’, and in doing a search, I found that it was widely reported by the MSM, as no doubt was the objective in describing him thus, just as with when Jess Phillips came out with her ‘stab him in the front’ remark in relation to JC. What I’m saying is that they give the matter some thought so as to come up with something they know will get max coverage by the MSM. Anyway, here’s the headline and the sub-headline to the Indy coverage of the ‘worm’ remark, and a clip from the article:

      Julian Assange branded ‘miserable little worm’ by UK minister

      Sir Alan Duncan says it is ‘great regret’ WikiLeaks founder is still avoiding arrest in Ecuadorean embassy

      Sir Alan replied: “It is of great regret that Julian Assange remains in the Ecuador embassy.

      “It is of even deeper regret that even last night he was tweeting against Her Majesty’s government for their conduct in replying to the attack in Salisbury.

      “It’s about time that this miserable little worm walked out of the embassy and gave himself up to British justice.”

      PS Julian does in fact respond to Duncan’s remark in a tweet, as related in the article!

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