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Blairite Green appointed to Shadow Ed as Starmer prepares to go to war with teaching unions over schools return on Johnson’s behalf

Blairite replacement shows Long-Bailey sacking was about school return, as SKWAWKBOX revealed

New Shadow Education Secretary Kate Green

Keir Starmer has appointed Kate Green as his new Shadow Education Secretary to replace Rebecca Long-Bailey. Green is a Blairite MP who was a banker for a decade and a half, resigned as part of the infamous 2016 ‘chicken coup’ – and chaired Owen Smith’s failed leadership challenge that followed. A senior Labour source told the SKWAWKBOX:

She’ll come after the unions.

The National Education Union, Unite and others have all resisted Boris Johnson’s haste – which Starmer has supported – to rush teachers and pupils back into classrooms while the level of virus in the UK is still substantial.

As the SKWAWKBOX revealed exclusively this week, Long-Bailey was sacked after a row over her support for the union position – a position which Starmer and his proxies had continually undermined, in spite of the doubling of schools outbreaks over the space of barely a week.

Rather than have the spine to sack her openly for her position, Starmer exploited the excuse of a simple tweet of an article by a pro-Labour actor, in the process smearing Long-Bailey with an unjustified taint of antisemitism.

Now he has cleared the decks ready to go to war on the unions on Boris Johnson’s behalf.

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  1. I’m dismayed at the quality of the Labour Party leadership.

    I’m also dismayed at the lack of proper leadership from the teaching unions who have failed to promote the interests of children.

    1. Oh really? You have children? I’ve had regular visits from my step child’s school. Was lent a laptop even though she did not need it. Was asked for her opinions about returning to school (she refused herself, giving valid reasons) and the teachers accepted it.

      And considering that state education is designed to render you a moron (any of you remember being taught to question? Remember being taught how to obey?), It’s a damn good thing the kids are staying away.

      1. NVLA I Believe RH does have a 4 yr grand daughter according to one of his ancient missives on how he felt she could do better than Corbyn as a leader , so thus I guess he has had kids .
        BUt who bloody cares anyway ,,, kamikaze Starmer is now going after the Unions , fucking nut job in charge .
        This is building up to a shit or bust job and Starmer intends to win it and purge the left from Labour anything other than fight the Tories eh Sir eric armrest the arse wipe .

    2. A typically slippery scumbag post from the troll coronavirus denier, RH, constantly working to promote the Tory line that it is safe for children, teachers, and workers generally to return to work – when the R number is rising ,track and trace is still a joke, and social distancing has broken down all over the UK at public events. RH dares to attack our teaching unions for rightly trying to defend our teachers and children from schools becoming a coronavirus incubator hotspot. RH , a disgusting troll paid agent of Big Business.

      1. Fuck you, Penney, and your paranoid fantasies. It’s no more a Tory line than drawing breath. It’s just one of those things we both happen to agree is a good idea.

        Someone with more insight would have noticed this whole Coronavirus spasm has made for some strange bedfellows and some extremely lazy tabloid knee-jerking from halfwits like you!

      2. The strange conspiraloon, troll, ‘timfrom’ , who nowadays spends his time, with RH, online posting to spread the ‘coronavirus is a hoax, and not a real problem’ line so popular on the pro Big Business Right, from the USA’s Trumpers, to the Brazilian nutjob president, to Boris Johnson and his incompetent crew . What a way to earn a living ! They just want the proles to get back to work ASAP to make more surplus value for the capitalist class – and fuck them when they die of coronavirus in the next wave of the plague !

      3. Oh please keep it up, ha’penney. 😂😂😂 You’re hilarious!

    3. Don’t worry, some kids that are at primary school are having their brains well and truly mashed. One school has kids divided into groups, owls, robins etc. who arrive in their groups at staggered times, owls 9am, robins 9.30 am etc. then at break times they are all out playing normally with teachers mingling… if this is a typical teacher master plan to stop cross infection, I am bound to think children are better off not being subjected to such contradictory nonsense, unless of course the aim is to produce kids who learn to live with rules that don’t make sense and have no logic.

  2. The trade unions, should be ready to teach both Boris and Starmer a lesson neither of them is likely to forget.

    1. This is looking grimmer even than the neoliberal Blair years under the Trilateral Commission’s ,creature,Starmer, at an amazing pace ! AS each day goes by it looks more and more as if the ‘brilliant tactical idea’ of the Starmerites is simply to mirror the Tories pretty much exactly on every vicious right wing policy – hence securing a favourable press coverage, and try to attract Big Business funding on the scale of the Blair era, fuck off the trades unions, as per the Blair era too – and soon radically purge the membership of as many Lefties as possible, down to a circa 100,000 membership. The New New Labour Party today, a REALLY, really, viciously right wing Tory-lite party , with no significant differences to the Tories or Lib Dems ! What a ‘democratic choice’ our electorate are now faced with (after the PLP majority and the Party’s own officials deliberately sabotaged both Labour’s 2017 and 2019 Election efforts) ! Its called a ‘façade democracy’ in comparative political system textbooks .

      What will the Leftier led unions like UNITE do as the Starmerite policy becomes ever more obvious ? what will the supposedly still ‘Corbynite’ Campaign Group of Labour MPs do ? If the Blair/Brown era is any guide they’ll do fuck all of any real oppositional note ! A new mass Socialist Party is really needed now – before disgruntled unrepresented workers start flocking to the opportunist populist radical , divisive, scapegoating, Far Right.

  3. Blankett is also toeing the tory party line on teaching unions. Heard him on R4 recently. He was a disgrace.

  4. Well if Starmer as Johnson lackey is successful via his lackey Green in destroying any reasonable objection for those going back to school or not , then the inevitable second wave and the subsequent deaths resulting from that action is on his hands imo.

  5. It has not taken very long for Starmer to reveal himself as a true follower of Tony Blair as he gives Johnson support he does not deserve

  6. Starmer the stupid doing the work for Bojo the clown. Bojo must be laughing up his sleeve. The New New Labour party is with us now. Red Tories or Blue Labour it’s the same thing. It’s now a choice between Tweedledumb or Tweedledumber. I think we are Banjaxed.

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