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Victorian premier gives Johnson and Hancock a lesson in clarity as ‘state of disaster’ declared in metro Melbourne after virus spike

This is how it’s done

Daniel Andrews, the premier of the Australian state of Victoria has given a lesson in clarity to Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock in his declaration of a ‘state of disaster’ in metro Melbourne, after the area saw 671 new coronavirus cases and seven deaths from COVID-19:

Compare Andrews conciseness and clarity with the rambling interview given by Hancock on Friday about the new restrictions imposed on a swathe of northern England:

Like New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and New York governor Andrew Cuomo, Andrews showed what it looks when leaders have even basic competence.

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  1. Yep.

    All’s it takes is: ‘‘X’ is happening, and if you don’t like it, tough titty. It’s for everybody’s good’

    NOT: ‘Yeah…But no….But yeah…But no. But yeah, but no.’

    And half the time, our useless shower o’shite can’t even manage to get that right.

  2. There are people here claiming CV is nothing to worry about because they want the economy opened up again.
    The objective is OK – we all want a functioning economy but lying to achieve that isn’t OK.

    It’s always been obvious that PPE is the way to keep the economy moving until a vaccine is found – it’s been known for years that a bad epidemic was inevitable at some point and that it would arrive without warning but the Tories chose to save the cost of preparing for it.
    It’s not complicated. Pennypinching on public health costs lives, as does disinformation.
    Pennypinching just to make the rich richer – and spreading disinformation – deserve punishment. More punishment than just a lost election.

    In WWII gas masks for everyone including children and babies were provided and the public were taught how to use them – are we now so soft and effete that we’re incapable of the solidarity, competence and forbearance our grandparents showed for FIVE YEARS?
    In my fifties and sixties after 20 years of desk work I was still able to work 8 hour shifts in 40 degrees C wearing a Tyvek suit and a face mask or air-fed visor – so massively uncomfortable that some guys wore only underpants under the suit.
    Protect the vulnerable and carry on – but NOT with incompetent, greedy leaders governing for the few, and NOT without adequate PPE.

    No reason office workers in their air conditioned offices can’t wear PPE appropriate to the new circumstances – it was new legislation that forced me into full PPE – my preference was the jeans and a tee shirt I’d worn prior to that.
    Legislate the provision and use of full PPE in all work spaces and the economy works again.
    The trick is to begin with universal full PPE and slowly remove individual elements for trial periods as infection rate falls – not the other way around as the Tories did.

    1. From the doctors who are not afraid to be cowed into submission by the ministries of falsehoods and propaganda. Read and be enlightened. THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!!!

      ” With the participation of hundreds of professionals from all over the world, “Doctors for the truth” denounced that the Covid-19 is a false pandemic created for political purposes. They urged doctors, the media and political authorities to stop the operation, by spreading the truth.

      In a context of great excitement and worldwide expectation, the Doctors for Truth Association was presented at a press conference on Saturday, July 25 in Madrid.

      The group, led by doctors Natalia Prego Cancelo and Angel Luis Valdepeñas, made a direct connection with the extra-parliamentary commission of doctors from Germany, the Epidemiologists group from Argentina, and doctors from the United States and Argentina.

      The event began with the intervention of Heiko Schöning, representative of the German Extra-Parliamentary Commission for the Study of the Coronavirus. There were online interventions by professionals from Argentina and the United States. It concluded with a review of the 4 fundamental points of interpellation to the Government and Spanish authorities by the Association Doctors for Truth.

      The presentation, in an event room of the Madrid Press Palace, was attended by more than 400 people, including general and alternative media, doctors, and assistants. Data, figures, analysis and reflections were exposed that show the incoherent and harmful of the measures that are being applied worldwide around the Covid-19.

      Brazil’s Bolsonaro, “More Doctors” from Cuba , and a Déjà Vu
      “A world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse.”

      “This is a world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse,” was stressed at the end of the meeting. Doctors agreed that:

      Coronavirus victims did not outnumber last year’s seasonal flu deaths.
      Figures were exaggerated by altering medical protocols.
      The confinement of the healthy and the forced use of masks have no scientific basis.
      The disease known as Covid-19 does not have a single infectious pattern, but a combination of them.
      “There are crossed toxic patterns,” said Angel Luis Valdepeñas. “

      Angel Luis Valdepeñas underlined at the end of the meeting:

      “We must tell our governments that they NEVER OCCUR to compel us to vaccinate, or even recommend it, for the slightest sense of prudence.”

      Valdepeñas concluded his final intervention asking the press for “an effort of responsibility that we have not seen so far”, and criticized the “continuous bombardment of information on the pandemic, without weighing neither the quantity nor the quality of the information”. The doctor indicated that when the media talk about “new outbreaks”, they should clarify that these are only positive tests, but that 98 percent [of the population] are “healthy, asymptomatic people.”

      At the end of the event, the panelists took to the streets followed by the numerous attendees to the cry of Freedom!

      Together they walked to the Plaza de Callao, the usual meeting place for the 2020 Movement. There they chatted, for more than 2 hours, with attendees and people who had not been able to access the room.

      However, this too may get the chop, when the ‘fact-checkers’ decide something here is not in line with Govt. policy.”

      In the following interview, Dr. Morris, a practicing physician in Florida, USA, explains how politics and fraud are root causes of the Fear campaign that is plaguing his state, and the country.

      First, labs are faking COVID results. Some labs are reporting 100% positive tests, and this, he says, is statistically impossible. Two labs that were audited reported less than 10% positive COVID results. Morris attributes the fake reporting to politics and insurance fraud.

      Second, media are reporting that there are not enough hospital beds. This too, he says, is false. A few months back, he explains, there were massive staff layoffs because scheduled hospital procedures were cancelled. Currently, hospitals are running at 50-60% staffing capacity, so there are plenty of beds, but not enough staff.

      Finally, he explains that pharmacies and governing agencies are interfering with successful treatment protocols, namely Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and Zithromax. Local pharmacies, he explains, refuse to fill his prescriptions. Such interference, he says, is criminal.

      Governing agencies and establishment media, including Youtube and Facebook, are censoring reports such as this. The costs of such censorship are high in terms of increased excess deaths globally, but also in terms of lost freedoms.

      Video: Covid-19 Lies and Fraud: How the Fear Campaign is Affecting US Hospitals and Clinics

      1. Meanwhile

        Coronavirus: Greater Manchester declares major incident as cases continue to rise

        We’ll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story

        A major incident has been declared in Greater Manchester as Covid-19 infection rates continue to rise.

        The region has seen particularly big spikes in Manchester and Tameside, plus a sustained steep rise in Oldham.

        Meetings of senior police, local authorities and other agencies have been taking place over the weekend.

      2. “…“Doctors for the truth” denounced that the Covid-19 is a false pandemic created for political purposes.”

        The whole planet with identical “political purposes” eh?
        What purposes would those be then Bubba, you fucking balloon?
        I ask because – obviously – in the whole history of civilisation all the governments of the world have never agreed on a single collaborative action.

        Were you even any good as a woodwork teacher?

      3. “… ‘Doctors for the truth’ denounced that the Covid-19 is a false pandemic created for political purposes.”
        What “political purposes” would those be then, Bubba? Define them please? Or uou, RH?
        I ask because in the whole history of world politics there has NEVER been unanimity of political purpose among all the world’s governments, yet you claim they’re united in deceiving all their populations over coronavirus.
        That includes the US, Russia, China, North Korea, the UK and the EU – natural enemies not exactly known for unity of purpose – all telling the same lie for some “political purpose” you two geniuses would rather slash your wrists than state.


        Were you even any good at teaching woodwork or whatever to children?
        I ask because you and RH constantly prove yourselves devoid of the least degree of logical discrimination.
        Ever heard “There are three kinds of lies… Lies, damned lies and statistics,” you pair of balloons?

      4. Now why the fuck was my first reply held up for so long without notification or explanation?
        I reloaded the page a dozen times without seeing my first comment.
        Sorry for the rewrite/repetition – not my fault though.

      5. Global Research and Global Risk appear to be associated – the second calls itself a risk management company.
        Risk management means managing the public’s opinions of companies – PR in other words.
        So a PR company for big business organises a press conference in Spain where a few (cheap?) ‘professionals’ explain how CV doesn’t exist so we should all get back to doing business.
        Quelle fucking surprise.
        Can’t imagine why YouTube banned the video of the event…

      6. David: “in the whole history of civilisation all the governments of the world have never agreed on a single collaborative action”.

        You’re missing the point. Who do you think controls governments? It’s not the governments who’ve agreed on this action. It’s the corporate, billionaire, ruling class.

      7. timfrom, corporate profits are down all over the world.
        The same argument applies to the ‘corporate billionaire ruling class’ as applies to governments themselves – what purpose does it serve to shut down corporations (unnecessarily according to you, IQ90 and RH) along with all the world’s other businesses?
        What is the underlying objective of the dark forces you allude to that makes the risk of an intractable global recession worthwhile?

        IQ90 and RH want you to believe their few carefully-selected statistics and reject the vast weight of statistics that don’t support their clumsy fakery – those two are the tools of liars, damned liars, statisticians and conspiracy theorists.
        Accepting that CV is dangerous doesn’t make you a dupe of the Tories or the corporations.
        Those of us capable of doing so look and think for ourselves rather than constantly citing the same ‘minority report experts’.

        ‘Global Risk’ by the way is even worse than the PR company I took it for at first sight – looking closer it’s a bunch of “business gurus” selling mainly their own online business self-help guides – about as reliable and trustworthy a source as Grant Shapps/Michael Green.
        They’re the kind of people who’ll do anything for money.

      8. Since the beginning of the outbreak, America has 29 new billionaires. Between them.and those already established, they have swelled their coffers by $583 billion.

        What government can compete with that?

  3. If I drove on the road and killed somebody – even accidentally – while not having insurance, I’d go to jail. I couldn’t claim it was unintentional because I know everyone has to have insurance.

    But these fuckers, with the ‘fingers crossed’ attitude that has been the underlying mainstay of all of their policies, are getting away with what amounts to corporate manslaughter at a bare minimum.

    Factor in the aggravating*ahem* ‘coincidence’ that they’ve divvied out between themselves and their mates (To the absolute exclusion of others, citing ’emergency measures’) contract worth £billions, and it no longer becomes ‘unintentional’ as personal wealth accretion is the underlying motive for dragging the pandemic out.

    The wholly implausible, unscrupulous deception of them ‘bumbling along’ and hiding behind the term ‘unprecedented‘ has been rendered null and void; supplanted by their unveiled avarice and wilful criminal negligence

    And stammer continues to offer them his full approbation… And he was a former director of public prosecutions, for complete fuck’s sake…

    1. In your scenario
      If your victim had Covid19 then that would be the cause of death on their certificate
      For why

      1. Global financial pandemic
        Look at finance, where is money coming from to keep the Ponzi scheme afloat
        They are printing it and we all know how that ends

      2. And anyone who thinks we weren’t fucked before Covid19 hasnt been paying attention

      3. Seems from a REPO perspective, covid couldn’t have come at a better time.

        Is very curious as to why there is so much secrecy about the money being given out to business

  4. Ahhh BUT Toffee it’s what the sheeple voted for to get Brexit done , yesss never mind the dire warnings .. project fear and all that … take back control ,,, and of course Twatson/Starmer undermining raving on with remain , , the rest in now very damaging history .
    Funnily enough , was stupid enough to watch that other loon who’s lost the plot Paul Mason in debate over on Novara Media ,, CHRIST wot a twat ,,, managed to stand 35.5 seconds of his twattery before nearly throwing PC across room , He should come with a effin health warning as in listening to him can be fatal to your computers integrity

  5. Poor old Mcbullshit, unable to offer any counter factual evidence, documentation, data to the doctors, virologists, institutions which work in the field. His only succour is regurgitated rote learnt slogans from the organs of propaganda and the masters who control them. To reiterate, read what these numerous medical world wide professionals have stated about the falsehoods of the ” pandemic” and THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!!

  6. Dear oh Dear, Mcbullshit has not been keeping up with facts or events. Numerous former UK ambassadors, such as Craig Murray and former US economic advisors, respected journalists such as John Pilger, Peter Oborne have all stated that Facebook plus twitter are trying to impose censorship. It’s always a problem for the true believers when they sit like lap dogs at the masters table swallowing every lie, disinformation, slander, smear they utter. Just to reiterate, read what the real professional medical practitioners, professors institutions have stated about the ” pandemic “. WMD was sold as the truth as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if you believed that load of shite as well!!!

    1. Their Wikipedia entry really doesn’t inspire much in the way of confidence. Aren’t you embarrassed to admit that you’ve been taken in by a known AntiVax and Conspiracy Theory Site.

      Centre for Research on Globalization

      In 2001, Chossudovsky founded the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), becoming its editor and director. Located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, it describes itself as an “independent research and media organization” that provides “analysis on issues which are barely covered by the mainstream media”.[22]

      The Centre for Research on Globalization promotes conspiracy theories and falsehoods.[28] It has reported that the September 11 attacks were a false flag attack planned by the CIA,[2] that the United States and its allies fund al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, and that sarin gas was not used in the Khan Shaykhun chemical attack, which articles characterized as a false flag operation orchestrated by terrorists opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.[6][23] Other articles published on the site have asserted that the 7 July 2005 London bombings were perpetrated by the United States, Israel, and United Kingdom.[13] Chossudovsky has himself posted articles on the site which suggested that Osama bin Laden was a CIA asset, and accusing the United States, Israel and Britain of plotting to conquer the world.[13] The Centre has also promoted the Irish slavery myth, prompting a letter by more than 80 scholars debunking the myth.[27]

      According to PolitiFact, the Centre “has advanced specious conspiracy theories on topics like 9/11, vaccines and global warming.”[8] Foreign Policy magazine has commented that the Centre “sells books and videos that ‘expose’ how the September 11 terrorist attacks were ‘most likely a special covert action’ to ‘further the goals of corporate globalization.’”[24] A 2010 study categorized the website as a source of anti-vaccine misinformation.[25] The Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab described it as “pro-Putin and anti-NATO”.[29] The Jewish Tribune described the Centre as being “rife with anti-Jewish conspiracy theory and Holocaust denial.”[30] Writing for The New Republic, Muhammad Idrees Ahmad, lecturer in digital journalism at the University of Stirling, describes the Centre’s website as a “conspiracy site”.[26]

      In November 2017, The Globe and Mail reported that the Centre’s website was “in the sights” of NATO information warfare specialists investigating “the online spread of pro-Russia propaganda and of disinformation.” According to the Globe, NATO’s Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (StratCom) believed that the site was playing a “key accelerant role in helping popularize articles with little basis in fact that also happen to fit the narratives being pushed by the Kremlin” and the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad. The report described the site as an “online refuge for conspiracy theorists” and suggested that NATO specialists viewed it as “a link in a concerted effort to undermine the credibility of mainstream Western media—as well as the North American and European public’s trust in government and public institutions.”[6] Asked to comment on the report, Chossudovsky responded through his lawyer, saying that the Centre did not have ties to pro-Russia or pro-Assad networks, was not “affiliated with governmental organizations” and did not benefit from their support.[6]

      1. Interesting you still have given any factual evidence, proof, documentation, to counter what the Spanish, Argentian, American, German and the 400+ doctors, professors, virologists, institutions from these and many other countries have stated on record about the lies about the ” pandemic “. Do you have any or is a whirl around spinning yarns your only retort!

      2. UNESCO Science Report stated that there were 7.8 million ‘full time equivalent researchers’, ie scientists, in 2013.
        Let’s assume only 10% work in fields relevant to CV!9 and allow your “400+” to be 500 – I seriously doubt your number, but let’s give you the benefit.
        500 is 0.064% of 780,000.
        Or, 1,560 scientists say you’re wrong, 1 says you’re right.
        Play with the numbers all you want, only a TINY minority of thinking people don’t think you’re a retard.

    2. Wikipedia is not your friend. Apart from the obvious ties to Bliar, a simple search for Philip Cross and his prolific editing should give you all you need to see it’s another British establishment tool.

  7. ” Global research….” ” appear to be related..”. Any factual evidence, proof, documentation or is it more Bullshit from Mcbullshit!!

    1. Just that the articles in Global Risk Community are all attributed to Global Research in the header and that Googling “doctors for truth” takes you straight there – evidence enough for me.
      Are you so dumb you can’t tell it’s a PR company working to sell and support global neoliberalism by diminishing the seriousness of coronavirus? (rhetorical question)
      Can’t you tell that big business only cares about big business? (see above)
      Look at the bottom of each article at the number of ‘views’ – they’re all in the low tens.
      Global Research FFS 🤣🤣🤣
      That means idiots like you are in a tiny minority – on this subject at least – which cheers me more than I can tell you, IQ90.

      1. I ask you yet again, do you have any factual data, evidence, proof to counter what the doctors, professors, virologists and many medical professionals and institutions from Spain, Argentina, America, Germany and many other countries have stated about the lies concerning the ” pandemic “.

        If you have let see it, because to date all you have uttered is the usual verbiage and diatribe.

        Stil there is hope that THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE !!!

      2. But you haven’t offered any hard factual evidence, proof, data, documentation which can disprove what the Spanish, Argentinan, German, American doctors, virologists and medical professionals plus institutions have stated.

        All you offer is more of the usual slinging of slime smear and vacuous empty rhetoric.

        Maybe if you ask your pal Steve H, he might conjure some but alas he is following the same pattern as you. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!!

  8. ” Wikepedia..” Oh dear, quoting from a cite which as had numerous complaints from Craig Murray, former UK ambassador, Peter Ford, former UK ambassador, professors and many other professionals complaining about this site rewriting information about people, organizations to correspond to whatever the political ” narrative ” of the day is from the establishment. Next, you will be quoting from the Fraudian. Oh dear to late, you already have !!!

    1. brianbotou – ……….and yet all the nonsense conspiracy theories mentioned by Wikipedia are there on display for everyone to see..
      When judging the veracity of your latest conspiracy theory I would recommend that people have a good look at the site that you are relying on to evidence your assertions.

      1. But yet, you haven’t addressed what former UK ambassadors Craig Murray, Peter Ford and many other professionals have stated about Wikipedia rewriting peoples profiles plus institutions to suit the political narrative of the day from the establishment. But wait, they must be all conspiracy theorists as well. A neat little term to avoid offering any concrete proof, evidence, data, document to avoid addressing factually the issue.

        Just to remind the true believers, it was first brought into a widespread use to avoid the fairy tale that a president could be murdered by one man in a fixed position at a moving target using a hunting rifle firing a bullet which could defy the laws of physics and do 180% turns causing multiple injuries and entry wounds to not just one but two people while they sat next to each other.

        Still, when people have to use the term ” conspiracy theory ” they have no factual evidence.

        However, I digress, have you any factual, data, evidence, documentation to refute what the Spanish, Argentian, American, German doctors, professors, virologists and institutions have stated about the ” pandemic ” or are you going to keep using the ” conspiracy ” malarkey or citing the shifting sands of a cite which tailors its information to the sounds of the establishments tune


      2. brianbotou – I don’t have to defend Wikipedia when the conspiracy theories referred to are all there to be viewed on the website that you have quoted to support your fuckwit nonsense.

      3. ” I would recommend…” Is that your idea or your supervisors?

    2. I see the problem – you’ve been looking on WikEpedia instead of Wikipedia.
      Actually authorship on Wikipedia isn’t set in cement and much gets edited, as many people know to their cost.
      Not usually Wikipedia staff that edit entries, but random fruitnuts like you, unless they’ve tightened up their policies.

      1. Oh dear, along with your partner in yarns you can address the complaints former UK ambassadors Craig Murray, Peter Ford and others have stated about Wikipedia rewriting peoples and institutions history to suit he political narrative of the day from the establishment. Come back when you do instead of more Bullshit!!

  9. Just look back at your comments about the ” pandemic “. Now, you are believing your own Bullshit my dear Mcbullshit!!!

  10. “… the fairy tale that a president could be murdered by one man in a fixed position at a moving target using a hunting rifle firing a bullet which could defy the laws of physics and do 180% turns causing multiple injuries and entry wounds to not just one but two people while they sat next to each other.
    Bullets deflect from one body to another all the time. If a piece of PVC pipe can deflect a bullet so can bone. It’s all about the angles.
    This one’s just a bit of fun but illustrates the principle. Suggest skip the first few minutes.

    1. Hmm, does a single bullet do 180% turns causing multiple entry and exit wounds to 2 people sitting next to each other. Do you have a video that demonstrates that my dear Mcbullshit!!!

      1. Oh yes, forgot to add from a fixed stationsry, limited angle position while hitting a fairly fast moving target. Words like ” could”, maybe, highly probable don’t qualify as factual evidence !!!

    2. Your last comment skip it was exactly right it more hogwash from you my dear Mcbullshit.

  11. The magic bullet theory was scotched years ago. Nowadays it’s only believed by the same idiots that think the Moon landing was faked.
    Idiots like you.
    Slight shifts in seating/body/limb positions and angles are more than enough to explain the “magic” trajectory even without deflections.
    60-odd metres and a target moving away from you at 11mph is a piece of piss even for an ex- club shooter like me – for a Marine who was rated ‘marksman’ it’s nothing, as is two shots in two seconds using a scope and a rest – as Oswald had the opportunity of doing. Shit, I could have killed him with a pistol at that range and I haven’t shot in 45 years.
    Wanna try disproving the Moon landing?.

    1. Really, let see your hard factual evidence which refutes the fact that President Kennedy was assassinated and Govenor Connely seriously injured in a moving car supposedly by a lone gunman using a bolt action hunting rifle from a fixed angled stationary position with a single bullet that caused multiple entry and exit wounds plus did 180% turns to seriously injure Governor Connely sitting right next to President Kennedy in a moving car!!

      1. Because my dear Mcbullshit spinning more yarns not repeat not hard factual evidence.

      2. Keep digging, 89, I’m sure you’re convincing loads of people 🤏🖕

    2. David, they’re already pretty much convinced. You, on the other hand, really have your work cut out if you’re trying to get people to buy into the Lone Gunman theory these days.

      1. Oh, well if Bill Hicks says so – why wouldn’t I take a dead comedian’s word as conclusive evidence of a conspiracy?
        Shit, you probably think he meant every word he ever said, right – never said anything for its shock effect?

        For a long time I thought most people here were at least half-smart – I’m shocked that so many of you believe the bullshit spouted by some of the cranks and trolls here.
        It’s embarrassing to me – I can’t imagine what Steve Walker must think of what’s become of his readership.

      2. Of course he meant every word he said. Perhaps it’s hard to imagine now in the comic wastelands of the 21st Century, but he was heart-on-sleeve driven and there wasn’t a cynical, careerist bone in his body.

        As for being dead, well 99% of the best ones ARE but we still listen to them. There’s only Stewart Lee and Frankie Boyle left (and Boyle seems to have had his wings clipped by the BBC, if those New World Order series are anything to go by). Unless you dig Michael McIntyre and the whole Live at the Apollo scene, of course…

      3. Unfortunately, dear old Mcbullshit, his new identity is Bily The Kid the fastest bullshitter in the West because in his previous starring roles as Rambo he could fire his six shooter faster than you could draw your mask, would have you believe that a single bullet fired from a fixed stationary angle and in a position at a moving target which can have multiple entry and exit wounds plus do a 180% turn to inflict a serious injury to the person sitting alongside someone. What next from the illustrious spinner of yarns. But of course Prof Fergie and his tales of the new blockbuster the ” Pandemic”!!

    3. Moon landing was fake.

      Where to start?

      No dust on the Landers, or blast patterns beneath.

      Why no stars in the pictures?

      Pictures showing the same background for different foregrounds.

      Competing shadows. Only one light source on the moon.

      Radiation belts? Pop your cat in the microwave and see how long it lasts…Only way we’re going higher than the ISS is with a craft capable of generating it’s own magnetosphere. Orion, the next Apollo is being sent up on its own to detect radiation. But they did this sixty years ago, didn’t they? They lost the data like they lost the tapes? Has technology gone backwards?

      Moon rocks contain brass and uranium. Man made metals.

      Then there’s the fact that the moon is the best place to study both the earth and the stars.

      Why didn’t anyone else go?

      The energy required for live broadcast simply wasn’t possible. The Landers didn’t have the juice.

      We can’t view the landing sites without a 20 metre lens.

      Armstrong gifted Holland a piece of wood…

      Oh. And I want to believe. I’ve looked to the stars my entire life. I wanted to be an astronaut as a kid, and I have a decent 70mm telescope sat next to me.

    4. What ranges were the snap shots (2 in 2 seconds)? What calibre? What year?

    5. …Shit, I could have killed him with a pistol at that range and I haven’t shot in 45 years…

      Seeing how you can’t seem to reply, I’ll go one step further.

      That’s 24ct bollocks. Total utter bollocks.

      You think you can kill a man with a 60 year old pistol from 81m away.


  12. Steve H, 12.49am ” I don’t have to defend Wikipedia..” Yet, you have cited it and when I stated the former UK ambassadors Craig Murray and Peter Ford plus others have said its rewriting peoples and institutions history to suit the political narrative of the day for the establishment, you run away again. Your usual propagandistic trick. Now, do you have any hard factual evidence, proof, data, documentation which can disprove what the Spanish, Argentinan, German, American doctors and medical professionals and institutions have stated about the ” pandemic “. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!!

  13. Anyone thinking that the stats are being ‘fiddled’ by including those people dying who HAD Covid, but NOT at time of death really need to understand that if you twott someone over the head with a club and they die 6 months later, rather than immediately, you’re still a murderer.

    No point in pleading: ‘Yeah, but they were overweight/asthmatic/hypertensive etc’ when you’re on trial for it.

    1. I’m not sure you understand the argument. It’s not a question of people dying who had Covid but not at time of death. The stats are being fiddled by conflating deaths FROM Covid (direct cause) with deaths WITH Covid (indirect or irrelevant). Most recent deaths are all being lumped into the death FROM Covid category in the public mind, to support the narrative that it’s an extraordinary illness. It isn’t. Your analogy assumes Covid is equally fatal to everyone, like a bludgeon to the head. It isn’t. It’s more like a slip or fall. When you’re elderly it’s far more likely to be fatal to them than to anyone younger.

      But hey, if you don’t mind getting locked down again (assuming you’re over 50 here), go right ahead and “save lives”. The rest of us will be rioting!

    2. Running on your murder theory.

      If the victim of violence dies of electric shock 6 months later, is it still murder? Manslaughter? Or bugger all to do with being hit over the head?

      1. *Sighs*

        If the victim’s dies after being in a coma 6 months later; or they’re conscious but still suffering from the long-term effects of covid, and they have a coronary that kills them, is Covid to blame? I say it is.

        Only in the event of an accident, suicide or murder would I discount covid as the main factor; for at least a year and a day – the same as used to be the difference between getting charged with murder or manslaughter if you hit someone on the head with a heavy instrument.

        You’re all alright telling people ‘it’s only a bit of flu’ ffs. I’ve never known anyone to be comatose for months on end with ‘flu. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but it’s nowhere near as common it appears to be with covid.

        I’ve never seen people on the telly still struggling to catch their breath, using nebulisers, and unable to walk 25 yds 3 or 4 months after being released from hospital with ‘flu.

        You’re all slowly but surely starting to sound exactly like the horridable bastard charlie mullins & richard littledick types; Ones that think everyone’s blagging and living the life of bleedin’ Riley on furlough schemes, and that’s costing YOU, YOUR money that YOU’RE paying for out of YOUR OWN POCKET while they’re living it large in Marbella or Florida ffs.

        Fuck the economy. If it was a manufacturing based economy instead of financial services based one, then there’d be a far more compelling case to get people back into work.

        But the bankers and the wealthy want us to make them their shekels while they do fuck all (As usual) Well they’re not on. They’re not the ones dropping like flies in their gated communities. When they become so, ONLY then should people consider putting themselves at the same risk they’re (un)willing to take with their health/lives.

        They’ve fucking robbed us for over 40 years, it’s time THEY took the haircut; and don’t kid yourself that they cant afford to.

        And remember – They won’t be paying any money back into the coffers once this has passed, neither.

        So if you wanna be a candidate on ‘covid symptom bingo’ you’re more than welcome to go right ahead. I won’t dream of stopping ya. However, do not even fucking entertain the idea that me & mine should be coerced into subjecting ourselves to even the minutest risk that they won’t undertake themselves.

  14. In June the NHS issued a document stating that 95% of the unfortunate fatalities from Covid-19 had 2 or more serious diseases and died with Covid-19 and 5% died from it and nothing else. Therefore, the vast overwhelming majority died with Covid-19 not because of it.

    Moreover, the median age of the diseased was 80. Did old people not die before March 2020?

    The chief medical officer of the UK stated that the vast majority of people will not get Covid-19, a small fraction will have mild symptoms and not know it, a smaller number will have mild symptoms, an even smaller number will have serious symptoms and maybe hospitalized plus a very small number will die.

    Not forgetting that even Hancocks admitted there have been errors in the stats as any one who is not swallowing the propaganda about the ” pandemic ” will know.

    Meanwhile, the economy has gone to a hell in a hand cart so the 16,000,000 people including 4,000 000 children plus the 200,000 homeless and the millions dependent on foodbanks can expect to be joined by a great many more people because of the ” pandemic “.

  15. My worry is that we could let the Torys off the hook if we downgrade the CV19 virus as just a bad dose of flu.This government have used emergency powers to subvert democracy and murder the elderly and vulnerable.I have had 2brothers die of C19 and whether its flu pneumonia or C19does not really matter,because either way the Tory agenda murdered them under social care I and my family here in Cambodia have all survived C19and recovered with elderly myself making more of a drama than my young grandchildren and son…C19will be used to alter the little democracy that we have and freedom..The real evil is the Conservative and unionist party backed up by a compliant knight and his supporters.

    1. …C19will be used to alter the little democracy that we have and freedom…

      In the last week, Bill Gates has said that people who do not vaccinate will be refused a certificate of health. Denying you access to banking, employment and other needed services.

      I don’t trust Billy.

      1. Am I right in thinking you can’t post links where you are? In that case, can you indicate a source? And did Gates mean just in the US or was he speaking on behalf of the New World Order?

      2. Hi Tim. I have a link, it was on twitter. But if I post it, you won’t see this…

        tanya_slobodian is the poster.

        Also, check out FridayJones8 for an interesting HSBC advert.

        They like to show in plain sight what is coming.

      3. Seems first attempt failed

        twit ter

        tanya underscore slobodian

        Let’s see if this squeaks through shall we?

      4. @Tim

        Seems I can post incorrect links to the correct thread

        Replace number string with 1290062300259393536 to see a map showing Gates’ contacts and control. Scroll up for the quote and the patent…

  16. Just a thought. Would an insurance company pay out if i got a work related illness say from cigarette smoke even after i told them at work i had worn a paper face mask as of the kind we are being told to wear for covid19? Do these face masks prohibit smoke? How long does it take for you smell smoke while wearing one of these masks? What is the difference in size between smoke particles and a microbe? Does some off what we are being told not make any sense? Because unless covid19 is an obese microbe surely the mask is just a CONfidence boost or something other? Whats your opinions please.

    1. If masks were of no use in preventing the spread of disease health researchers would have discovered that a hundred years ago, long after the ‘miasma’ theory was abandoned.
      My limited knowledge of human olfactory sensitivity is that we can smell smells only a few molecules in ‘size’. Viruses are small but not that small.

      Like many people I can smell some metals – stainless steel is one of the most inert, ie it sheds hardly any molecules in air(oxygen), but there is a distinctive metallic smell.
      Whether smoke particles themselves need to enter the nose for tobacco smoke to be smelled I don’t know – there may be other combustion products, possibly gaseous, responsible for the smell. One can smell ancient tobacco and wood smoke from painted surfaces in derelict old pubs for example.
      I haven’t heard of a virus that can be smelled though – have you?

      1. Viruses are small but not that small.

        Small enough to get past any facemask, though (according to the WHO), which are merely a cosmetic exercise to make people confident enough to go shopping.

      2. You think medical professionals would bother wearing masks if they weren’t effective?
        You don’t think the Tories having fucked up PPE procurement has anything to do with this stupid “fake CV/fake masks” Trunt-like narrative?

      3. Since Covid-19, I wouldn’t have thought they’re given much choice. PPE of the sort that is now commonplace was previously confined more or less to operating theatres. And comparing medical professionals in a hospital setting with people going shopping is hardly valid in any case. The public confidence analogy applies here, more than anywhere!

      4. Cheers for your reply. I was not asking wether a virus smell. That would be a little short of trumpian. But I was interested to know varying sizes of particles so i googled it and came across a chart with varying types of particles. Now i asked about smoke because it does smell which is a good indicator it has infected the mask. In the chart particle size are measured in 100 microns. Human hair rates around 10+ while tobacco smoke ranges between 1.0+ and 0.0015 or there about. Viruses Particles range from 0.013 and 0.0012 . So virus particles range go smaller than smoke with an overlap in the varying particle sizes of smoke and viruses. So what i’m getting at is if your mask cant block out smoke it will be useless to block out a viruses. I suppose if we could get the little bastards to fart we would be onto a winner… but the fact as you say we cant smell them creates a false sense of security when you believe a mask protects. Anyway thanks again for taking time to reply earlier.

      5. stephen brennan, the main purpose of masks is to help prevent the wearer infecting others. I’ve previously criticised the use of masks with exhale valves for that reason.
        100% effective? Of course not.
        Effective to some degree? Of course.

  17. Of course, you know the satirical name Andrews is given locally? : “Kim Jong Dan”

    Amazing that a ‘radical’ ‘left wing’ website should be celebrating such a prat – even when the bar is as low as Johnson.

  18. Amazing, also, that a ‘radical’ ‘left wing’ website should be celebrating authoritarianism. That sub-headline This Is How It’s Done sent shivers down my spine.

    1. RH and IQ90 make you an offer you couldn’t refuse, did they?
      Does trolling pay much? Bit like a pyramid scheme is it – make more money from recruiting new suckers than from selling “Fake CV?”

      1. I could very well ask the same of you. Is there much money in pushing the Lone Gunman theory in the 21st Century (see above)?

      2. Poor old McBullshit believes any old tosh that the masters of the narrative throw his way, first he believes that a ” pandemic” is running amok killing everything in its path, next he believes any old shite about magic bullets doing somersaults in mid air, next he believes that corporations, banks, hedge funds are not calling the shots ruling governments. Oh yes, Mc Bullshit now believes he is a former soldier who can shoot bullets faster than Wyatt Earp in Dodge City. Walter Mitty has nothing on dear McBullshit. Six Shooters at the ready!!

    2. @Tim

      Left and right are false constructs.

      Think of the front door and side door of a slaughter house. Both paths lead to the same mincer.

      Only ones who profit are the owners.

  19. David McNiven 2.51pm

    “Let’s assume only 10% work in fields relevant to CV!9 …” There in a nutshell is the key phrase which sums up the ” pandemic” ” Let’s assume..”

  20. The conspiracy nuts now infesting these comments are a gift to the Tory media.
    Such dross lets them claim that Skwawkbox and others are fake news and that the left are rabid zealots.
    It may not be as effective as the antisemitism scam but it’s still giving comfort to the enemy.
    Paid trolls or not, you’re no friends of socialism.
    In Steve Walker’s place I’d block you all in a heartbeat for bringing the blog into disrepute.

      1. Trunt has a lot of supporters too – enough that he won the presidency.
        If populations didn’t contain more morons than intellectuals people like Trunt and BloJob wouldn’t keep winning elections, Brexit would be forgotten by now and enforcement of quarantines would be unnecessary.
        If there weren’t more morons than intellectuals MSM propaganda wouldn’t work.
        Case closed.
        Before any CV-deniers point out that my previous comment on the vast numbers of scientists opposing their view is also majoritarian, I’d remind them that hardly any scientists are redneck morons.
        I wouldn’t just deny you commenting rights here, I’d demand you pass an IQ test or lose the franchise.

      2. Seig heil! You really think I’d have any problem with an IQ test?

        Get a grip, man. Your recent descent into abusing others does you no favours.

    1. Should’ve read “Adapt this sentence, putting ‘Imagine Keir Starmer addressing the Left saying’ in place of ‘In Steve Walker’s place’ and ‘party’ instead of ‘blog’, etc…

      Oh, the perils of afternoon drinking! 😰

  21. Strange how some people proclaim to be supporters of the ordinary people, yet, continue to regurgitate the hyperbole, disinformation and distorted statistics concerning the ” pandemic ” from the establishment which is impoverishing ordinary people because of insane incarceration policies.

    Moreover, whilst they are perfectly entitled to believe the Bullshit concerning it, they try to shout down and smear anyone who challenges the narrative about the ” pandemic ” much in the same way the establishment tried to sling slime and smear about the WMD which can only conclude they are genuinely believe all the tosh about it or they have ulterior motives.

    1. In the context of an online blog “shout down” can only mean writing in caps or filling page after page with propaganda.
      You, Bubba, write thousands of words of tripe in an attempt to shout down others.
      I at least try to be brief.

      1. Dear Mcbullshit, you have still offered no factual data, proof, documentation to disprove what the Spanish, Argentinan., German, American doctors, virologists and professional medical institutions have stated about the falsification of the ” pandemic “. What you and your pal have done is your usual tactic of smear, slander and bullshit. Now, you and pal might want to believe this is a ” pandemic ” but you try to shout down anyone who challenges the narrative with FACTS. Therefore, the conclusion is besides being a Billy liar you are also suffering from cognitive dissonance. Poor old Mcbullshit!

  22. brianbotou – Skwawkbox was recently showing off and is rightly proud of its 100% rating by Newsguard.
    The Global Research website that you are so fond of quoting is also rated by Newsguard.

    This is what Newsguard has to say about
    The website of the nonprofit Canadian Centre for Research on Globalization, which has published false content, conspiracy theories and pro-Russian propaganda.
    Proceed with caution: This website severely violates basic standards of credibility and transparency

    1. No surprise there. Who funds Newsguard and what rating do they give to the Guardian? Or BBC news? Or Channel 4 news? Amaze me. Can’t be bothered looking myself, so be a good chap…

    2. The point being, only simpletons feel the need to outsource their critical thinking to a third party. Some of us use the one God gave us (other deities are available)…

  23. Steve H, 6/08/20220

    “A new app claiming to serve as a bulwark against “disinformation” by adding “trust rankings” to news websites has links to a PR firm that received nearly $15 million to push pro-Saudi spin in US media, Breitbart reports. NewsGuard and its shady advisory board – consisting of truth-lovers such as Tom Ridge, the first-ever homeland security chief, and former CIA director Michael Hayden – came under scrutiny after Microsoft announced that the app would be built into its mobile browsers. A closer examination of the company’s publicly listed investors, however, has revealed new reasons to be suspicious of this self-declared crusader against propaganda. As Breitbart discovered, NewsGuard’s third-largest investor, Publicis Groupe, owns a PR firm that has repeatedly airbrushed Saudi Arabia.”

    Just any case you did not read it the first time.

    It seems, just to iterate, you are establishing a pattern of using another ” Fact checker” site run by the establishment for the establishment. Once again trying to use establishment propagandistic sites to support their narrative. It appears you are establishing a pattern for this amongst your other tools of the trade!!

    1. “A new app claiming to serve as a bulwark against “disinformation” by adding “trust rankings” to news websites has links to a PR firm that received nearly $15 million to push pro-Saudi spin in US media, Breitbart reports. NewsGuard and its shady advisory board – consisting of truth-lovers such as Tom Ridge, the first-ever homeland security chief, and former CIA director Michael Hayden – came under scrutiny after Microsoft announced that the app would be built into its mobile browsers. A closer examination of the company’s publicly listed investors, however, has revealed new reasons to be suspicious of this self-declared crusader against propaganda. As Breitbart discovered, NewsGuard’s third-largest investor, Publicis Groupe, owns a PR firm that has repeatedly airbrushed Saudi Arabia.”

      And here its again, just in case you did not grasp it the first 2 times.

      1. From Off-guardian

        “Social media users need online tools to help them distinguish between quality journalism, and stories coming from organisations that have been linked to disinformation or are regarded as being unreliable sources. The social media companies should be required to either develop tools like this for themselves, or work with existing providers, such as Newsguard.”

        This statement is key to understanding the censorship grid that is being created. You are not encouraged to consider evidence and make up your own mind, but rather to trust the right, authoritative“sources” without question.

        Those sources are the ones favoured by the government and its NGO and corporate partners. Any alternative media sources that question the State’s narrative will be deemed organisations linked to disinformation.

        The DCMS recommended Newsguard is another truth-teller and fact checker which sells itself as a great bastion of epistemological certainty. Touting themselves as the Internet trust tool, they have created a handy browser extension that will automatically censor the Internet for you.

        There is no attempt to encourage critical thinking, any independent research or intellectual autonomy, but rather a colour coded warning system, perfect for infants, that will do your thinking for you. Selected websites will receive Newsguard’s trust rating. This is based entirely upon a set of meaningless criteria, which sound great, but absolutely boil down to Newsguard’s bought and paid for opinion.

        Newsguard’s founder and leading investor is Steven Brill. He is a member of the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) whose European branch (the ECFR) Kirsty McNeill graces. As a leading U.S. foreign policy think tank the CFR is arguably one of the most influential policy organisations on Earth.

        It is likely that Newsguard’s advisers, such as Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former General Secretary of NATO, and Michael Hayden, former Director of the CIA, share Brill’s enthusiasm for U.S. foreign policy objectives. Safe to say any source which questions U.S. foreign policy will be considered very untrustworthy by Newsgaurd.

        As will anyone who questions vaccines. The French communications technology giant Publicis Group are among the seed funders that got Newsguard up and running with a $6 million cash injection.

        One arm of their business is Publicis Health who boast highly lucrative accounts with a range of pharmaceutical giants and vaccine manufacturers, such as Astrazenaca and Sanofi, and were excited to announce their $1.5 Bn deal with the worlds leading vaccine corporation GlaxoSmithKline. No source questioning vaccines can expect a very high “trust rating” from Newsguard.

    2. brianbotou – Unless you are trying to claim that the latest useful dangerous idiots site that you appear to have outsourced your brain to doesn’t proselytise conspiracy theories, anti vaccination crap and Russian propaganda then all your petty grumbling is a bit pointless. Is there anything of substance that is inaccurate in either the WikiLeaks or the Newsguard’s assessment of

  24. It appears you have not read who contributes funds to the ” Fact checking ” establishment site for the establishment. You seem to have overlooked that a large proportion of its funds ( $15,000,000) comes from a US PR firm which is part of the tyrannical regime running Saudi Arabia which likes to cut peoples hands, feet and heads off besides stoning women to death and attacking one of the poorest countries on earth killing innocent women plus children with arms plus personnel from the US plus Uk.

    In addition, it appears you have not read who runs the ” Fact Checking ” site let’s have look at some of the names Tim Ridge first ever Homeland security chief plus a former CIA director Michael Hayden. All part of the inner workings of the US establishment which as former US president Jimmy Carter said is a country run by the oligarchs for the oligarchs.

    Therefore, it appears you have established a pattern of citing establishment ” Fact Checking ” sites with proven links to the establishment.

    Now, the question is why do you keep citing proven propagandistic establishment sites along of course with your other tools of the propaganda trade????

  25. It should be pointed out that no one’s saying this detracts from Swawk’s 100% rating. Even a stopped clock tells the right time occasionally (ie twice a day)!

    1. It’s very telling that the establishment are having to run “fact Checking ” sites staffed by former spooks, who as part of their remit, lied plus pumped out slime, smear and propaganda on an industrial scale, yet, they now run these ” information ” sites which people are supposed to accept as the ” truth”. As George Carlin said don’t argue with an idiot, they will try to drag you down to their level and they are better at being an idiot than most because they have had more experience. Sums up Steve H to a tee!!

      1. Check the comments below this Evening Standard vid. It’s quite encouraging. The public simply aren’t buying this shit. We have much to thank Dominic Cummings and his trip to Castle Barnard for!

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