Video: ‘Tired’ Hancock’s incoherence has to be heard to be believed – borders matter, but virus doesn’t care yet can tell difference between garden or park – and worse

It can also tell difference between ‘work’ indoor spaces and home indoor spaces, apparently

A ‘tired’-sounding Matt Hancock appeared on BBC Radio Manchester yesterday to ‘explain’ the new lockdown rules applying to a large swathe of northern England. Even for the frequently-‘confused’ Hancock, it was a performance that has to be heard to be believed.

According to Hancock:

  • there has to be a border to the lockdown areas, but the virus doesn’t care about borders
  • the virus spreads in gardens but not in parks
  • homes are a dangerous source of viral spread, but indoor workplaces are ok
  • travel outside the lockdown zones is ok, but it’s also not ok
  • the government’s law on lockdown and its guidance on lockdown say different things, yet Hancock uses them interchangeably – but it’s all ‘really clear’
  • you can go to the pub where strangers are sitting, but not with friends or family from a different home

This is not satire. Listen for yourself:

Yet the Tories continue to claim ‘resounding success’ and praise themselves for their handling of a crisis in which they have caused tens of thousands of needless deaths – and for the most part the media still continue to simply amplify their claims without challenge.

The rare occasions, like this, when the likes of Hancock are actually challenged over their nonsense need to be shared widely.

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  1. I don’t actually own a drone… but if I did I’d dress it in a chicken suit and land it on Number Ten’s front step while BloJob was in front of the cameras outside.

    1. Confirmation. They are all pissed, all of the time.cheers for the vid Skwakies.

  2. Fuck. I thought it was a sketch from the Fast Show with no video! Confused dot com has it. You can go to a pub full of people from other households but you can’t go to a pub WITH people from other households!!! Meet in parks but not in gardens!!! Can catch Covid at home but not at work!!! Covid knows the difference between Warrington and Wilmslow and WON’T go into Wilmslow!!! (Could this actually be a quite discerning virus in that Wilmslow is full of Tories?). Obviously the well known phrase ‘you couldn’t make it up’ must have completely passed Mat Hancock by. FFS.

  3. This is what happens when governments make everything up on the hoof, because they think everybody is stupid. Those that vote for them of course are. What is also pathetic is Keir Starmer thinks it’s clever to agree with the Tories, and just make feeble outbursts that proclaim that he could do better. Neatly forgetting that when you support a stupid idea you are also endorsing failure which comes back to haunt you later. For people who support Starmer should seriously ask themselves why??? His forensic abilities seem to have disappeared into the Ether trying please all those Tory voters.

    1. People _are_ stupid.

      Think how many prioritise football over their future? Think how many look down upon homeless, not stopping to think about how the elites view them (exactly the same)? Think about postal votes doubling from 19% 2017 GE to 38% in 2019…

      The elites know we are stupid, and they know we fight between ourselves for crumbs.

      Who ever does anything about it?

  4. WT absolute F was THAT??

    ”Let me be perfectly clear – Wash your hands when out in public, making sure you maintain social distancing if doing so in somebody’s garden and the family of your other family’s family are present in another household and/or even on public transport; where masks will be worn, but needn’t be in an environment where food or other refreshments are being served, like takeaways and restaurants, but public houses are ok if you’re accompanied by children who are year 6, or year 10 and those children who don’t necessarily have to work from home unless they’ve been tested for the virus in the last fortnight, or have other comorbidities in groups of ten or less…This applies to everywhere where it doesn’t apply just now, but will in future if I decide that people are abusing the relaxation measures….Waffle, waffle, waffle…”

    Damn! That must be some good caper they’re smokin’…

  5. errrrr , well just errr , I, I , I , ……. eff me for once words have UTTERLY FAILED me , and this utter fuckwhit is in charge .
    Sheeple actually voted for this …. actually …..voted … for … these ….. tools … I…. dis .. piar !!!!

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