Video: NY governor and US media tell you what UK media continue to downplay. Sending kids to school before this threat is understood is insanity

Coronavirus complications in children first discovered in England are spreading fast across US – but UK media continue to talk down risk and refuse to draw obvious conclusion about government’s back-to-school plan

A life-threatening syndrome in children that appears to be linked to coronavirus infection – first discovered in the UK and the subject of an urgent NHS alert to emergency medical personnel – has spread across the US from its initial appearance in New York.

In the UK, 100 children have been admitted for these symptoms, but while the BBC did mention the ‘Kawasaki syndrome’-like ‘toxic shock’ illness this morning, which causes inflammation of blood vessels and the heart, this morning – but continued to downplay the threat – and steadfastly avoided linking the danger to the government’s reckless push to send children back to school from 1 June.

But the US media have given far more frank coverage to the threat – and New York governor Andrew Cuomo, whose plain speaking has put the UK government to shame, gave a detailed and deeply worrying update to his voters.

Cuomo explained that:

  • 15 US states now have cases of this syndrome
  • all of the children manifesting this disease either have, or had, the coronavirus
  • 130 or more US children are affected, including 102 in New York state, across all age ranges and ethnicities
  • more than two-thirds of the children have required ICU treatment
  • three children have died
  • symptoms can manifest weeks after infection, including after children have apparently recovered from the initial infection
  • five European countries already have cases: the UK, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland

Watch to the end of the video for details of symptoms to look out for in your child:

In total, around 320 children in 7 countries have been affected.

Boris Johnson continues to waffle and prevaricate, while pushing our children and our working people into greater danger, playing recklessly with their lives and health. His herd immunity plan continues – and it embraces the deaths of hundreds of thousands of our people.

Sending children back to school while this is emerging is insanity. The Tories must row back on their plan – but they won’t even acknowledge the danger.

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  1. “60% of the children with these symptoms tested positive for Covid19 and 40% tested positive for the antibodies (14% tested positive for both)”
    The question in my mind is, did ANY of the affected children test NEGATIVE for both?
    Yes, 60+40=100 but 14% testing positive for both leaves the question unanswered.
    I’m sure the epidemiologists are looking under every stone for common factors, but leaving open the question of whether children are presenting with Kawasaki-like symptoms but NOT testing positive for Covid or antibodies would put the cause in doubt.
    I did wonder, what with 70-80% alcohol hand sanitiser everywhere, and kids liking to get high – I haven’t heard or read anything and I’m not claiming anything, but I’d be surprised if bored kids weren’t sneaking out to the park and huffing it.

    1. A massive dollop of AI to privatise and digitalise the NHS so that it becomes the world’s first comprehensive eugenics programme.

      Aneurism Bevan would have something to say a good bit stronger than “No amount of cajolery, and no attempts at ethical or social seduction, can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party. So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin.”

      Thanks JackT.

    2. Thanku jackt
      This should be shared far and wide, sadly Twitter has suspended me and no response to my appeal.

    3. From the investigation:

      ‘Back in October 2010, KPMG’s global head of health Mark Britnell – at the time a health advisor to Prime Minister David Cameron – told the Apex Partners Global Healthcare Conference: “In future, the NHS will be a state insurance provider not a state deliverer. The NHS will be shown no mercy and the best time to take advantage of this will be in the next couple of years.”

      During the COVID-19 crisis, KPMG secured a Government contract to oversee the management of the NHS Nightingale hospitals. The firm is also advising the Department for Work and Pensions on its response to the Coronavirus.

      According to a damning analysis by Dr Michael Veale, a data protection expert at University College London, under UK law, the NHSX app currently being trialled in the Isle of Wight does not preserve anonymity, can enable users to be personally identified, and is designed to systematically monitor publicly accessible spaces – despite the Government’s denials. Users can neither erase nor access their own data in the system’.

      Does ANYONE seriously believe that the Tories do not intend to privatise the NHS? it is already happening by stealth.

  2. What is most depressing is that the clueless Toytown ‘Left’ is leaving the initiative of opposing the government Orwellian narrative to the barmy right to exploit.

    … see this week’s weekend protests against lock-up.

    The circular firing squad once again culls radicaism.

  3. Perhaps as the diverse working class and particularly the low paid are driven back to work and the middle class can generally work at home, and as the rich and powerful are safely enconsed in the relative safety of their country retreats and overseas bolt homes, what is on Johnson’s mind is getting the parents, the workers, back to work.
    Diverse working class risk, rich and powerful gain.
    Highly recommend the latest New Left Review and a brilliant global analysis of Covid 19.
    Laissez-faire ideology has had to revert to its secondary status of nation states with a responsibility for public safety (although the Tories have been abysmal and give all contracts to the private sector) and a great quote about the UK: “Churchillian sentiment plastering over critical shortages and medics’ deaths.”
    The 1918 ‘Spanish Flu’ which it is argued was really ‘American Flu’ was turned from a serious virus into a killer by post WW1 Austerity and particulary malnutrition and USA soldiers having been bllleted in close quarters around the World.
    Fast forward to 2020 and Tory Austerity in the UK (and airline passengers replacing WW1 troop carriers, and 18m people have come through airports in the UK unchecked plus 550 private jets of the super rich from Covid hotspots since the crisis began) left the UK seriously unprepared for Covid 19.
    The Tories, Neo-Liberal Capitalism, and Right Wing Labour have all been found seriously wanting, perhaps is up to trade unionists/left wing democratic socialists to lead the fight!

  4. why is Movianto, the subsidiary of a US healthcare giant, conracted to manage and distribute the nation’s emergency stockpile of PPE for use in a pandemic.

  5. Yes what Wobbly Williamson was really saying today was we owe if to the rich and powerful, safe in their bolt homes, to get parents (workers) back to work, why who else is going to provide the labour to create the wealth and make societies work?
    But perhaps if parents & kids stay at home they can give the kids a true education, walk in the woods, observe nature, fight climate change, draw placards to protect key workers and older people and staff in care homes.
    We don’t need the rich and powerful and Right Wing Tory Barbarians.
    Diverse working people in every country just need each other and Left wing democratic socialist societies.

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