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Crowdfund organiser to set up trust to administer funds raised for Corbyn legal expenses

Confidence about management of fund should boost donations still further

The organiser of a hugely-successful crowdfund set up to cover legal expenses incurred by former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will set up a trust to manage the funds and ensure transparency and propriety in how they are used. The fund stands at over £328,000, in spite of repeated attempts by the Labour right to have the page taken down.

In an update posted to the page today, Carole Morgan also encourages supporters to sign up to the Truth Defence initiative set up by leading academics and lawyers to foster honesty and integrity in public life and to counter Establishment disinformation and smears:

Hello everyone,

How amazing are we!

I want to share with you my thoughts on what this fund represents to me, and also to update you on developments.

I have always felt that Jeremy spoke from his heart, and we listened with ours and heard the call. I firmly believe there are really only two roads to choose in this life, one is of love, the other of fear. Through this fund we have not only made our voices heard but we have also declared our united hope and belief that a better world is possible.

I wanted to find a way that we could maintain our connection to one another moving forward into the future. To that aim, I have been in touch with the organisers of an initiative called Truth Defence which started around the same time as the crowdfund, and clearly shares our aims and hopes for a better world: It is dedicated to promoting a culture of honesty and integrity in politics and public life, which is exactly the principles that Jeremy stands for. Please join as a registered supporter under this link or send an email to if you want to sign up to be part of our network for free.

In the meantime, all funds raised by us to support Jeremy in a potential legal defence will be held in trust for that purpose, and details of that will be announced soon.

We really have created something truly amazing and we can go forward knowing that what we stand for is a force to be reckoned with.

With love to you all

The news should further boost support and donations for what has become a rallying point for the left against the relentless Establishment efforts to bury the movement. If you would like to support the crowdfund you can do so here.

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  1. I have just tried both links for truth defence and truth defence join and each time “page not found” came up. What can be going on…….

    1. If instead of following the link you write the web address in yourself, you should be able to get onto the site.

    2. Dave , if you look closely at the web address there is a ” . ” after the org this is the problem. Make sure you use this link BUT delete the false full stop , after the “org”

  2. I’m sure Starmer & his crew will find a rule in the book that this trust will break. If not, they’ll invent one.

  3. I have made my first donation and am wiling to make more if they are needed.I have limited funds but I am one of the many and if we all chip in a few pounds meeting Jeremy’s potential legal costs should not be difficult.

  4. I am sorry,but as soon as Lawyers and academics are mentioned,it’s a complete switch off for me.The lady doesn’t need lawyers to take control.Have we not learned that Lawyers are some of the lowest life forms on the planet,especially in Politics.Look at the knight and Blair…good luck ?

  5. I had reservations similar to Joseph’s so clicked on ‘read more’ to learn about the lawyers – the website didn’t respond.
    I’ll check later – the website may be under construction, but its stated aims are a bit vague.
    There are lots of organisations of the right claiming to want to fight disinformation.

    1. “Integrity Initiative” – integrity is a good thing, isn’t it?
      I want evidence of these peoples’ good intentions, but then I’ve never heard of any of them.
      This development raises questions, not least there being no mention of JC or socialism.

    2. There are some honest lawyers out there too. Look at Peter Stevanovik (hope the pelling is correct) for example. Hecis a dedicated campigner and activist for the left and wkrks very hard.

      I fotr one am grateful for this s lady’s initiative which gives us hope do why such s negative response?

      1. I’m not ‘negative’, I’m ‘wait and see’.
        Largely because the right has a habit of selling its snake oil with ‘motherhood and apple pie’ obfuscation.

  6. I donated to the fund specifically for Jeremy’s defence.
    I always anticipated the possibility of Jeremy not needing the fund for his own defence but donated in the expectation that he’d have control over disbursements, and that whatever happened they’d go toward defending against the ‘Labour antisemitism’ scam.
    If the fund is now going to be diverted to other purposes I’m very far from fucking happy about that.
    At the very least I expect Jeremy to be consulted and to agree to whatever cause is to receive funds.
    Further, I’ll be fucking incandescent if my donation is frittered away in the manner of today’s ‘charities’ – costly campaigns to attract massive donations and massive amounts spent on high salaries for paid ‘fundraisers’ and ‘fund managers’.
    Something about the phrasing of what I’ve just read on the new website makes me wonder if that’s what’s about to happen. The fact that the five people “chosen?” to lead the fund haven’t mentioned whether they’re giving or renting their services is of concern.
    Like I said – I’ll wait and see.

    1. Why dont you write to the organiser about your views. And concerns It didn’t sound like it was set in stone

      1. Too soon – Jeremy might comment or Carole might, or it may become clearer what’s being done with the fund. Or Ware might play a waiting game and refile once the money’s gone to other good causes.
        My view is that Jeremy ought to counter-sue before Ware either makes his next move or reverts to delaying tactics.

  7. Arguably, the very existence of the fund is, like a wealth fund, an investment in the future: it will deter likudist anti-socialists and uppity class enemies from picking on Jeremy Corbyn, not least, their most enthusiastic supporter, Sir Keir Rodney Starmer KCB QC MP, or, as he’s known in our house, Sir Nicely Nicely Labour harmer.

  8. To challenge the misuse of civil litigation for political purposes,
    Sounds like the firewall that plainly did not exist before
    Glass half full, I expect anyone being sued or threatened with action to be able to take advantage of this organisation and the fund
    That will be the deal breaker, evidence of further joined up action on the left

  9. I hope I’m right in assuming the Corbyn’ legal fund will also include helping the JVL members under attack.

    1. Let’s hope so, Rita – alternatively, let’s throw everything into the first case, win that test case hands down and set such precedents that every other bastard liar settles huge sums to make their cases go away.
      That way we have the joy of watching socialism’s right wing attackers fund the launch of the most socialist political party there’s ever been.
      Might as well have fun with it, right?

      1. David
        The first and most important case is the class action
        Then Press Gang and JVL
        You can only fight what’s attacking you
        You set up a firewall that repels any attack which just leaves the Class Action

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