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Newsguard renews SKWAWKBOX’s 100% trustworthiness rating

News reliability service awards SKWAWKBOX the same 100/100 score it has held since accreditation

News reliability service Newsguard‘s refreshed assessment of the SKWAWKBOX has reconfirmed the perfect score of 100 out of 100 that this site has held since first receiving a rating in early 2019.

Newsguard analyses news providers based on nine criteria under the broad headings of credibility and transparency – and SKWAWKBOX has again scored perfectly on all applicable criteria:

SKWAWKBOX relies on its readers’ support and carries no advertising, so labelling of advertising is not applicable.

The renewed perfect rating will come as a blow to those who, for political reasons, routinely try to dismiss SKWAWKBOX as fake news – even more so as SKWAWKBOX is regulated by IMPRESS, the UK’s only independent. Leveson-compliant press regulator despite the right-wing media’s failed attempt to delegitimise it via legal action.

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  1. well done Steve and many thanks for your efforts in balancing the books , so to speak.
    NO matter how heated the debates , this is imo one of the premier sources of left wing news complementing the few others on-line , in the battle against the MSM bullshitters / lies

      1. WordPress put you into moderation. What should I apologise for?

  2. We should treasure the independent left wing media,they will not last long without the support of the working class socialists especially under the current regime and of course our knight of the realm .The right wing media are dominant but are fast looking support.Heres wishing you well and surviving the establishment media and poloticians.

    1. Everything you say is true Joe plus of course because the establishment can’t control the narrative on social media( so far) they are using their power to start to de platform or censor posts on :YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. As you pointed out recently employing paid/ ideological trolls to sow seed and dissection plus maintain the establishments narrative , as can be witnessed on this site from time to time.

  3. You reading this, paul de liar staines A.K.A. guido ‘fatty’ fawkes?

    You reading this spellar, austin, woodcock, coyne, mann, ‘duffer’ dugher, stella ”casual racism” greasy, and the rest of you infantile gobshites that took it upon yourselves to dismiss the blog as a ‘loony conspiracy website’ or other such puerile, childlike bollocks, merely because you were on the business end of being shown up for the hypocrites and snides you are?

    You reading this, berger, ellman, austin, (sour) gapes, frankenfield and the rest of you utterly useless gobshites that had your fatuous (VERY fatuous, in sour gapes’ case) claims of antisemitism surgically dissected and then dismissed by a site that has been given a…


    If that isn’t a mahoosive ‘F**k you’ to the lot of them (Not an exhaustive list by the way) then I dunno what is.

    …Stupendously well played, Skwawky. Stupendously well played indeed, sir! 👍😉

  4. Have you introduced screening of messages BTL prior to it being on the website like the Guardian?

  5. I don’t think there is a site so tolerant as this one. Moderations are ordered by the publisher Word Press often incorrectly. SB intervenes on your behalf it that happens. Compare it to a site like Off-Guardian where moderation is very common and the Administrators interfere in the argument constantly. Every comment I make there is moderated however inconsequential and you wait 8 hours for it to appear. My offence originally was doubting the posters who in mid April were saying it was all a hoax and nobody was dying (yes about April 8th when hospitals in NW London were having. to close their doors). The Virus Deniers are like those who deny climate change or the Holocaust, fundamentalists of an extreme kind. Their few representatives on this site are left alone.

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