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Dublin Airport responds to query on slow flight arrival with must-see Cummings put-down

Irish wit beyond the reach of Tory pressure

The tweeted query that led to Dublin Airport’s brilliance

A tweet by an Irishman to Dublin Airport on Wednesday led to a response by the airport’s social media account that took perfect aim at (and something else out of) Dominic Cummings’s excuse for his lock-down excursion from Durham to Barnard Castle.

While the BBC cravenly bowed to Tory pressure to chastise Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis for her factual assessment of the conduct of Boris Johnson’s chief adviser and of Johnson’s decision to excuse it, the airport – safe in the Irish Republic beyond the reach of Tory pressure or retribution – didn’t hesitate to deliver a hilarious but withering put-down:

“Apparently, the pilot is testing his eyesight just to make sure he’ll be ok for a transatlantic flight”

Cummings had, of course, claimed he made the 60-mile round trip from to Barnard Castle – with his wife and young child in the car – to test whether his supposedly virus-impaired eyesight would let him drive to London.

Unlike the rapidly-removed Civil Service tweet that went super-viral in the ten minutes it was online, Dublin Airport has not scrambled to delete its tweet, which remains online at the time of writing almost ten hours later.

It is remarkable how differently the UK government’s performance and honesty are portrayed by overseas organisations – including news organisations – that are not complicit in the Tory narrative. To them, Boris Johnson and his government are a sick and dangerous joke, however humorous the put-down in this instance.

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    1. ❌❌❌ DURHAM POLICE DETAILED INVESTIGATION has concluded that Dominic Cummings has BROKEN LOCK FOWN LAWS.

      Thank you Durham Police. Next Stage :


      Everyone else except the few – the 1%.

      NO BLOODY GOVT Inquiries‼️


      Prosecute Mr Dominic Cummings as the many are prosecuted.

      Prosecute Cummings NOW🔴

  1. ITS spot on Squawk box,outside of the country the UK handling of the virus is watched with real disgust.including British expats .The Class ridden system is clear for all to see even johny foreigner knows there is one law for the wealthy and titled and another for the peasantry.Whats more worrying is that the public school system is producing more psychopaths and expanding their catchment areas.And as for the Irish wit,being seen as a bit of humour,and fun…well the irish know all about the British establishment and it seems that the mainly Tory voting expats are catching on to just how entitled and dangerous the Tory ideology is,especially if you are old or vunerable.Cummings and Johnson regime have a lot of criminal charges to answer for.

    1. It surprises me that Social Services haven’t been involved to investigate why a parent would drive his child 60 miles( 30 miles each way)in order to find out if he could see well enough to drive him a further 250 miles. Can you imagine the uproar there would have been if a leftie had behaved in this reckless way

  2. I note that the Labour Party’s poll ratings are improving under Starmer whilst the Tories’ decline with that of their (temporary?) leader.

    Such seems the view of the GBP.

    1. I’d reckon a one eyed 3 legged dog with a single brain cell would poll better right now than that twat squatting in No 10 , no I don’t mean the Clown either .

    2. GBP – Great British Public?

      Yes, but it would be surprising if this weren’t the case.

      Under Sir Keir’s predecessor Labour was conveyed as a Jew-hating, anti-British, pro-Putin, group of anti-business extreme statists. As soon as Corbyn announced his intention to stand-down antisemitism et al miraculously stopped.

      1. Very well put Qwertboi, couldn’t agree more. The so called GBP were well and truly had,

      2. Absolutely, qwertboi. The three recent MSM-programmed narratives have been :

        1. That Brexit is a good idea
        2. That Corbyn – and by extension the Labour Party – is unfit for opffice
        3. That we are currently facing an unprecedented pandemic that needs a massive mandatory curtailing of citizens’ rights.

        The problem is that the programming works. Big time.

        What odds on the current narrative preparing for the removal of Johnson by the wider establishment interests (i.e those not just synonymous with ‘The Tory Party), now that he’s a busted flush and the Panicdemic has done the job of normalizing obedience and subservience? (Anybody noticed the ramping up of WWII programme material? And the sudden identification of neglected ‘heroes’?).

        This current joining-up-the-dots-puzzle isn’t difficult.

      3. RH

        But surely Cummings’ escapade up north has un-normalised it again! (Fingers crossed)

  3. ❌❌❌ Durham Police calling Cummings law breaking, ” minor offence ” + ” No further enforcement action will be taken .”

    Many of the many – have been charged £60.00 for breaking the same laws.

    Durham Chief of Constabulary MUST explain inconsistency.

    We many, should not accept “matter closed.”

    Many charged should DEMAND refunds from the state for on the spot fines.

    ALSO, Police must speak to Cummings re trip or trips, TO & FRO, London – Durham.

    At least two people have been charged for similar journeys.

    ❌Another matter – ” INFORMED CONSENT ”

    Many of you may have heard that term. You must have adequate information before agreeing to medical procedures.

    I cannot tell people here what to do, the decision is yours, BUT – amongst many concerns, this lamentable government, plans to STORE DATA HARVESTED from Dido Harding & Cummings’ Test & Tracing “App” for TWENTY YEARS. 20 years.

    A few years ago, a cache of DVLA data of PRIVATE DETAILS were carelessly left in a public place in MID USA. If i recall correctly in a car in OHIO‼️ UK governments have always failed on every IT project. They have repeatedly lost personal data of MILLIONS of UK Citizens. This government fails now!

    BE WARNED. I’m begging again. I certainly will never be downloading or using their APP.

    1. just dump the phone or if you must have a mobile then get a ” burner ” and use it sparingly , simple to fuck em up .

      1. Hi rob, What’s a ” burner “? Never heard that term. Do u mean VPN?

        I certainly believe tis wise 2 b as care-full as practically / efficiently possible.

        Even a stopped (analogue) clock is correct twice per day… if u catch my drift. Of course we can’t lock ourselves away, but we certainly CAN use every care. So thanks for that tip.

        Never forget undercover policeman brother of Reverend Richard Coles. He was an agent provocateur + impregnated at least one trusting member of an environmental group, to convince he could be trusted. Note also, the establishment claim MANY groups are “security threats”.

        ❌❌❌ FT now reporting what all can read – posted on SB AGES ago. UK has HIGHEST EXCESS deaths of ALL countries with comparative reliable figures. 60,000 excess deaths. There’s always lag ➕ always conservative. Actual figure to date of excess deaths up to today 10:00 hrs, expect to be confirmed eventually as 66,000 approx.

        By November, depending on the weather, excess deaths will be 70 to 80,000 MINIMUM.

        This “government” App will be ZERO benefit to reducing deaths. It’s poorly constructed ➕ without accurate rigorous testing their App is nothing more than a personal data harvesting tool. Security wise, DATA POOLING is ALWAYS dangerous. For security e data should NEVER be centralised‼️

        Further, comparatively ancient EFFECTIVE manual contact tracing, has always and rightly been a discrete and LOCALLY administrated exercise. Put money on it, this government’s App, if it ever gets off the ground nationwide, will be worse than a complete failure.

        WHY? Because the unwitting / excessively trusting public who assume governments are benign, will have a false sense of security. PLUS, even they may realise that it’s a multimillion money making data harvesting corrupt farce. They will then lose more confidence in this most untrustworthy of governments. That in turn will cause a burning reluctance to follow any official guidance re Covid-19. as always – AHEAD of the curve. Foresight. Obvious foresight. Not found on MSM especially the BBC. Their late reaction is due to them only now realising the international embarrassment and horror, Tories have dumped on this country yet again.

        ANYONE who wished, could do better. Labour could if SIR Starmer & Co had not destroyed our success. NEVER forgive them and their Tory nasty heartless bandits. 🌹🌹🌹

      2. What’s a ” burner “?

        It’s an old Nokia, a “festival phone”, a “dumbphone”, ya dig?

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