Newsnight removes Maitlis from Newsnight for ‘bias’ taking down Cummings and Johnson’s excuses – but stands by Kuenssberg’s ‘defence’ of Durham trip

BBC bows to Tory pressure and removes presenter who pointed out issues with Cummings’s and Johnson’s claims about former’s coronavirus road-trips

Emily Maitlis has been removed as the presenter of the BBC’s Newsnight programme, after the BBC upheld a complaint by supporters of Dominic Cummings that her factual take-down of Cummings’s behaviour and of Boris Johnson’s decision to defend him was biased.

The SKWAWKBOX understands that it is a one-off removal, at least for now. She was replaced by Katie Razzall.

At the same time, the BBC rejected complaints that a tweet by political editor Laura Kuenssberg defended Cummings inappropriately, when she quoted his excuses for his Durham trip uncritically last week.

Of course, the BBC and its various presenters rarely seemed too disturbed by making or repeating endless unbalanced attacks on Jeremy Corbyn when he was Labour leader, but that should surprise no one. But broadcasters increasingly bowing to the government to shut down factual criticism is a worrying phenomenon.

Ironic that in Durham, the phrase ‘Barney Castle’ apparently means cowardly.

The UK is far into Erdogan, Orban, Bolsonaro and Trump territory. Of course, you’re unlikely to hear that on the BBC – or if you do, the presenter saying it is likely to disappear from your screens pretty sharply.

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  1. DIDO HARDING, i posted alert weeks ago. Now hearing not just Tory Baroness but married to a TORY MP.
    As posted, testing and tracing WAS DELAYED i believe, to enable Tories & chums to make money out of horror and heart breaking tragedy.
    Humans have been EFFECTIVELY contact tracing for thousands of years. The NHS since it was formed. Yet this government delayed to hand millions to their masters. Will Starmer do his DULL SNAIL slime over these outrageous doings??? While people die and loved ones grieve❓❓❓

  2. Starmer jumped on the bandwagon soon enough to join the coup against someone as decent as Jeremy Corbyn yet he couldn’t be bothered to call for the resignation of a creep like Cummings. That’s the sort of disgusting leader we now have in the Labour Party.

  3. Maybe Maitlis wasn’t ‘removed’, maybe as a protest she refused to do the programme. One thing is certain though, the BBC yet again has shown its true colours as an agent of the right wing.

    1. Theirs many more like Maitlis bimbos in line to replace any of them if they try to show any initiatives..The government propaganda machine obviously malfunctioned this time,…but normal service as returned..god save the Queen??

      emily m
      So grateful to my friend and excellent colleague @katierazz
      for stepping in this evening . She did so because I asked for the night off -knowing tonight’s prog would be in the most excellent hands
      Quote Tweet
      Katie Razzall
      · 27 May
      Just for the record, Emily @maitlis has not been asked by the BBC to take tonight off – and if I thought she had been, I certainly wouldn’t have agreed to present the show @BBCNewsnight

  4. I was going to post “unbelievable” but given the BBC’s track record this would be wrong.”Typical” is a much more appropriate word

  5. Don’t say anything negative about kuenssberg…she’s probly got enough negatives, maybe that’s why she’s untouchable.

  6. To be fair “Still unclear” WAS fake news.
    There’s nothing unclear about this.
    Cummings is lying about everything but he’s told Johnson to save him or he’ll drag them all down with him. Blindingly bleedin’ obvious.
    Nothing unclear either about who’s the fucker and who’s the fuckee in that little bromance.

  7. The main different treatment from Emily Maitlis to Laura Kuenssberg, Emily voiced of people, Laura voiced of the Establishment behind of BBC. BBC biased and undermined Jeremy Corbyn because the Establishment and the bosses of BBC behind. Who represent BBC should be questioned?

    1. Have you ever watched ‘News Watch’ with Samira Ahmed early on Saturday Mornings on the bbc, Kumiko-san?

      Watch it, and see just how utterly futile it is making a complaint about their news coverage. I haven’t watched it for a few years now, because every time its the same; the BBC exonerate themselves from ANY blame OR fault.

      Here’s a link – if you have access to bbc iplayer

  8. SKWAWKIE: “The UK is far into Erdogan, Orban, Bolsonaro and Trump territory. Of course, you’re unlikely to hear that on the BBC…”

    So true. George Monbiot has incisively developed the idea, pointing out that (for the UK) the billionaire-controlled press and its ubiquitous rw narrative is an important cause.

  9. Young Leo is told by his teacher about Coronavirus and how people must isolate from each other. “Now then children,”says the teacher,”tomorrow I want you to give me a sentence with the word “contagious” in it please. Class dismissed.”
    The next day, Leo is the first to put his hand up in class. “Please miss, I’ve got a sentence.”
    “Last night I was watching telly with me da’ and Dominic Cummings came on. He was running down the road in Barnard Castle and his glasses fell off and went in the Tees and me da’ says: It’ll take that cunt ages to get back to Durham without his specs!”

    1. One – in each eye?

      That’s how I’d test the bastard’s eyesight.

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