Video: ‘manic’ Hancock shredded for laughing interview while presiding over worst death rate in the world

Matt Hancock this morning

‘Manic’ Health Secretary Matt Hancock has been hammered by thousands of commenters after a Sky News interview in which his seemingly-forced laughter about his late and utterly inadequate test-and-trace programme outraged viewers – on the day that the Financial Times confirmed what the SKWAWKBOX told its readers a month ago: that the UK has the worst coronavirus death rate in the world.

Hancock’s performance – derided by many as a transparent attempt to distract from the Cummings scandal – received thousands of comments when Sky News tweeted it. The SKWAWKBOX was unable to find a single supportive response.

Here’s why – along with some of the responses:

An appalling and almost entirely avoidable death toll is apparently a laughing matter for the Tories – at least when there’s Johnson’s handler to protect.

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  2. Fresh from his question dodging waffling failure when interrogated by an unusually tenacious Nick Robinson (wonder if he’ll be presenting Today tomorrow?) Hancock has lurched straight into another nose dive. He really does begin to make Failing Grayling look good. And of course he’s not in the slightest bit concerned about all the suffering and death he’s caused. Like his boss, he’s only concerned about his job, and getting away with…well…murder.

    1. “interrogated by an unusually tenacious Nick Robinson”

      Don’t you smell a rat in this sudden outbreak of investigative reporting in certain quarters after all the recent subservience?

      1. Well it’s certainly rather odd, I agree. Why it should be though I have no idea, unless even Tory arse lickers such as Maitlis and Robinson are slightly uncomfortable at the tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths…

      2. I think it’s called controlling the narrative or something like that.

  3. I’m sorry but there simply is no excuse not reason for that response. Straight out of the trump handbook. Laugh and mock regardless of subject matter. I want to scream, shout, swear, smash or even cry at this situation. Absolute fucking scum!

  4. It is really frightening that a person so utterly stupid and insensitive should be our Health Secretary during a pandemic . The fact that he is Health Secretary due to the combined efforts of the Establishment, the PLP, Labour party paid employees and the MSM all working in alongside the Tories for a Tory government party really sickens me. Shame on them all.

  5. The knight has done nothing maybe hes looking for another Title.I have a title for the sly knight but its foul and not for public consumption much loke him and his shadow shirkers.Even wurzel gummidge would be more usefull than our resident knight of the round table..

  6. You don’t need to lie to prove the incompetence of the Tories.

    Even given the global plague of dodgy numbers, it isn’t ‘the worst death rate in the world’ (see Worldometer)

    Exaggerated rhetoric simply fucks up credibility.

  7. Who’s surprised by this? Really surprised? What do you think goes on at The (virtual) cabinet?

    Do you think they’re all morose to learn that a few hundred more have died that:

    Weren’t rich (So extremely unlikely to be their families or friends) ?

    Weren’t healthy (At least not any more they’re not) ?

    Weren’t working (Thereby producing no dividends for their shareholdings) ?

    If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of them, then like hancockup, it’s you who needs your head testing. With a fucking lump hammer. They’re fucking delighted, both with, and between themselves.

    I wouldn’t put it past the fucking sickos to have organised a ‘numbers game’ where they all put into a pool and the one what gets the last two numbers (tens and singles) of the previous day’s death toll scoops the pot.

    If there IS a God, I sincerely hope it makes them all die slowly, and screaming…After watching their loved ones die slowly and screaming.

  8. Only have to look at his eyes to know he’s faking laughter for effect.
    When people are really tickled their eyes are unfocussed – not staring unblinkingly and evilly at the object of their hatred like Hankie’s are, the useless fuck.

  9. More and more, ‘Tory’ is becoming a synonym for ‘sociopath’ as typified by Hancock and Scuttle the double act of incompetence and nastiness.

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