Brutal civil service verdict on Johnson’s Cummings excuses deleted after 10 mins – and 33,000 shares

A maverick tweet on the official UK civil service Twitter account was hurriedly deleted after just 10 minutes.

And 33,000 shares.

And no wonder:

Screengrab taken just before the tweet reached its .maximum- and was deleted

The civil service prides itself on naturally serving the government, making this verdict doubly brutal- no matter how quickly it was deleted.

Make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

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  1. AT LAST !!! More please!!! SPILL the truths. THAT is your civil service.

  2. Civil Servants today Scientists tomorrow Clinicians not far behind
    Infamy Infamy they’ve all got it in for me

  3. Classic – it went viral, so someone ordered it to be deleted (I would bet money that the person who wanted it taken down never performs such menial tasks for themselves), which courtesy of screenshots, which seem to remain a closed book to such types, sent it even more viral.

  4. Has it been forwarded to piers moron, because I very much doubt the rest of the toadies will go near it.

  5. ‘Truth twisters’ – Liars. Johnson is well known for telling lies, it’s his modus operandi.

  6. Whoever tweeted this will be in big trouble.Expect an internal enquiry and disciplinary proceedings once the culprit is identified – a bit like our investigation into the leaking of our AS report in fact.

  7. a bit like our investigation into the leaking of our AS report in fact

    Difference is, labour’s *ahem* ‘investigation’ IS ALREADY a whitewash, and nobody but NOBODY will be so much as even admonished – nevermind put on trial – for deliberately sabotaging an election campaign (Which is tantamount to treason in my book).

    Whoever made this tweet, if caught, will at the very least be summarily dismissed.

  8. Reply to toffee
    Just to clarify- the purpose of the labour party investigation is to identify and punish whoever leaked the report. The same will apply to the inevitable Civil Service investigation into the tweet.
    Neither the party nor the Civil Service have any interest in addressing the issues highlighted in the report or in the tweet.
    In relation to the Labour report, despite the evidence available there have been no suspensions of either staff or members. This is inconsistent with other suspensions where there appeared to be an automatic presumption of guilt . I would be interested to know the reason for the difference in treatment as the information uncovered indicates serious wrong doing.

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