Video: C of E Bishops line up to accuse Johnson of lying and call for Cummings to be sacked

Senior clergy come out in numbers to condemn Johnson’s double-standard and threat to public health

The Bishop of Liverpool

A string of senior Anglican clergy have made public statements calling Boris Johnson a liar or lacking integrity – and calling for the sacking of Johnson’s chief aide Dominic Cummings.

Cummings has admitted one 260-plus mile journey from London to Durham during the lock-down and while infected with the coronavirus – and is accused both of at least one more journey to the same destination and of a 30-mile trip from Durham to Barnard Castle after he recovered from the virus – yet Johnson yesterday feebly absolved his aide of any wrongdoing.

The Church of England bishops were unequivocal in their condemnation – and even more remarkably, the BBC News channel covered their comments. At least six bishops condemned Johnson on social media, while the Bishop of Liverpool appeared on the BBC in person to agree with his colleagues:


Senior Tory MPs have also called for Cummings’s removal – and even members of Johnson’s behavioural science advisory group have accused him of ‘trashing’ their work in bringing the public on board with the anti-coronavirus measures and of not being willing to listen to science – while police arrived at the Cummings’ home in London yesterday.

Cummings must go – and the longer Johnson delays, the weaker and more abject he looks.

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  1. What took them so long? And why now?

    Do they do excommunication in the CofE? If so, they really ought to bin the posh scarecrow – and his mega-fodded friend. That’d mean they’d be barred from any services that the political class like to appear at (Hatches, matches and dispatches, remembrance services, etc).

    Now, imagine de piffle not even allowed to attend his latest bastard’s christening…

  2. Only when Dire Dull SIR Starmer feels the wind, direction, SIR will bend over. W a a a y behind the curve, SH’s Dire Starmer. Hand in claw with their super moneyed, shady contemptible donors.

    Tory toady SIR Stoma, desperate to get his little Tory turn, will pretend dull bother. But the bad news Starmer fools no one … not even Dire’s devoted little SH it is not fooled. Just wait, SIR will “demand” an “inquiry” which is planned anyway … that well worn, but useful ruse to kick HORRIFIC state criminality, state manslaughter of thousands.

    By December, expect Eighty or Ninety THOUSAND fatalities when Covid-19 returns with exponential spread. Tory tragedy will be compounded by the winter flu.

    But not even that will stop Stoma’s devoted little SH, it will try to spin his socialist hating SIR, as acting tough… Dire calls for “inquiry” tough. Just what the dead need.

  3. G’wed de piffle, lad…tell ’em to ‘get stuffed’ , the bloody nonces

    Just so we can get the headline ‘Boris bashes bishops!’

    1. Once more an interesting theory from the esteemed Craig. First you think (where’s my tin foil hat), but read again then ….. could just be.

  4. It is good to see in these dire times, when everybody is calling for Cummings head, that Keir Starmer is still standing loyally by him,

  5. rob
    When there is so much money slushing around then it’s a pound to a penny there will be leakage and a serious lack of accountability
    Turns out Uncle Festa could not be charged with Acurri affair as all of his emails were destroyed shortly after leaving office
    They are very good at this stuff, I’m sure its taught to them at Eton, passed down through the generations

    1. I think their sense of entitlement and their disdain for plebs is already firmly embedded in the little parasites long before they get to Eton.
      They’re brainwashed in the womb, at the breasts of their mothers and all through infancy.
      I could make a case for not blaming them at all, but fuck’em.

  6. Seems obvious that Johnson just can’t manage without Cummings. The latter should resign; the former stand down and take your disgraced cabinet with you.

    1. Sad fact that the so called opposition have to rely on Blairs “Spin doctor” to deliver the killer punch to johson and Cummings on ALJazzera,and it was done with precision by Alister Campbell in his home that hes not left for 2months..The hypocrisy made me laugh,but it looks like anyone can get involved whilst our knight is polishing his armour….Just saying?

      1. Joseph, as ever, lovely to see your posts. Joyously sunny here, maybe almost as warm as Cambodia but not as safe. Whatever happens at 16:30 ish GMT today, Dominic Cummings will still be operating his johnson in the background. So the eugenicist ideology will be even more intense as Cummings seems quite … keen to prove he can do anything. He loves a real challenge not just the risks of unnecessary untruths as johnson finds irresistible.

        So matters little if he resigns or stays.. He will return more brazen more unapologetic front & centre in a couple of months. So don’t expect the Tory backbenchers and MSM (except BBC), to get a scalp. They’ve tried very hard. I’v heard Tory be absolutely full of condemnation and demanding he goes, since last week. But johnson is powerless without Dominic Cummings. Mostly because johnson wants the title but is known to be EXTREMELY lazy. He does not care about much, not people, not life not money like Bliar, not even Tories. Starmer and Bliar both have infinite worship for Tories, while johnson could not give a toss for them.

        Johnson only gives a toss about tossing with any and every woman tasteless enough. And of course a strange delight in lying. Lying just for fun. Not for money, not to harm or hurt. No malice just pathology. It is not my area but I expect it is a sort of thrill seeking. The risk may give him a power rush and the turmoil it causes
        is fun for him and more power… if that makes sense. It is an ability to see anything as important for care. As ever, with all of us, our traits go back to childhood.

        So the anger of the Tories and MSM will get no scalp. A toupee yes… ah! they’ve already got that.

        PS, Tuned into BBC 5Live radio late last PM and a touch this AM. They worked overtime to muddy waters. Each of three presenters I heard were appalling. One in particular last night bullied callers and a paper reviewer who tried to express her views. Quite remarkable. Then again everything is remarkable now.

        He said point blank over and over, that he won’t allow her to express her view. Quite dreadful. I hear he’s paid over a million, always an effective leash. Walked as paid or lose the luxurious house etc etc. Have heard him b4 and he’s always smarmy exploiting the emotions of people going through some tough experience. A “how does it make you feel” merchant. Treats everything like entertainment, and the propaganda it is.
        Our country need changing. We must change it🌹🌹🌹

  7. Well this is a surprise given the Archbishop of Canterbury backed the Chief Rabbi in his “unprecedented” full frontal attack on the leader of our party Jeremy Corbyn in the run up to the election. The attack was”unprecedented” because no other cleric including any former Chief Rabbi ever considered it right or proper to intervene in national politics this way.
    I lost a lot of respect for Justin Welby as a result and in my opinion he bears some responsibility for the mess we are now in and for the election of the Boris Johnson who is now being criticised by the Anglican bishops

      1. Joseph Before his backing of the Chief Rabbi’s “unprecedented” comments I considered Justin Welby an honest and sincere man. Sometime around 2016/17 he visited Christian Arabs in Bethlehem and spoke of his profound sorrow for them ( their living conditions). He was subsequently accused of not doing enough to counter antisemitism by the then President of the Board of Deputies Jonathan Arkush.
        Roll forward a couple of years and he’s right in there backing the Chief Rabbi’s “unprecedented” attack on Jeremy Corbyn. They both openly interfered in national politics,trying to influence the electorate to not vote for us. Their efforts combined with those of other Establishment figures, the PLP, MSM and the Tories resulted in a landslide victory for this government which is now mishandling the Covid 19 outbreak.

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