Breaking: hospital closes A&E, turns away patients after new spike – 2 weeks to day after Johnson’s back-to-work blunder

Two weeks ago today, another Boris Johnson blunder sent millions of people back to work from lock-down with no time to prepare workplaces or public transport.

The SKWAWKBOX warned that a new spike of coronavirus infections would inevitably result within a couple of weeks and accused Johnson of causing the needless deaths of huge numbers of people.

Today, two weeks to the day later, Weston hospital has closed its A&E and closed completely to new patients, because of a new spike in infections:

The incubation period of the virus is typically 5-14 days.

How many more will now follow – and how many more pointless deaths will Johnson cause?

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  1. Weston’s a seaside resort town, innit?

    A spike around there’s more likely to be from day trippers hitting the beach a fortnight ago rather than a return to work, I reckon.

    It’d be prudent to wait ‘n’ see if there are spikes nationwide, or at least in more industrialised areas, before narrowing it down solely to the return to work request a fortnight ago.

  2. We are apparently stuck with this idiot PM for another 4 and a half years. His massive majority gives him the powers of a Dictator which in some circumstances would be an advantage if he was bold and radical and looked at the interests of the country as a whole. But he becomes even more partisan as the situation worsens. We don’t have the opportunity to impeach the lazy thick bastard. 80 majority means he can do whatever he likes. It’s not a working political system, it’s a man trap. What is to be done?

    1. Paul
      He has no majority in the country, still on parole, tagged and isolated
      FPTP is a nonsense and designed to cause massive swings in a handful of seats
      Relax, No Deal will finish him off, Keir will implode when he backs Rejoin, in the next 12 months those on the left need to be oven ready
      Who is our next leader and P.M.

      1. I wish I shared your optimism! The Govt will conflate a hard Brexit with the virus and crash ahead into an American deal. The media will support them 100%. Sir Keir will dither about everything Including Rejoin but as we have seen recently the Party will stagger on accepting it won’t win in 2024 – indeed it will (again) take steps to avoid that ‘disaster’. Membership will fall but only a bit. Meanwhile Johnson will do whatever he likes. Tories remember don’t rebel.

      2. Paul
        Forgot about deal with Trumpton, is NHS still on the table,
        More trouble in Paradise methinks
        Tories are ruthless as soon as he becomes a liability

    2. I agree with you Paul and the sadness I felt when we lost the election has changed to anger against those who workedso hard for that outcome.
      There is absolutely nothing we can do about it-as you said Johnson has a majority of 80 and can and will do whatever he likes. Come the next election a Labour government may be elected but with the likes of Jess Phillips in the cabinet will any of us know the difference between it and a Tory government.
      I genuinely despair about the future .The power the establishment , Tories ,Right Wing Labour and MSM wield is absolute .We are stuck with the most right wing government in living memory and the worst thing is they were democratically elected.

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