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Video: police arrive at Cummings’s London home

Pressure on Johnson to sack adviser/handler rockets

Police have arrived at Dominic Cummings’ house in London, according to images just received by the SKWAWKBOX. Boris Johnson has been under intense pressure to sack his chief adviser/handler after Cummings drove more than 260 miles to Durham with suspected coronavirus – and reportedly on a second occasion after his recovery:

Footage of police at his front door will ‘ramp up’ (ironically) the pressure on Johnson still further – but so far, in spite of the presence of reporters, the BBC News channel has not mentioned the development so far.

Mr Cummings and Number 10 have claimed that he behaved ‘reasonably and legally’.

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  1. Just one thing to be aware of , what else are the devious bastards doing in the background under the cover of this fiasco ?
    What laws or changes are they slipping out under the radar while this spotlight is on this twat

    1. Many laws and changes Rob, ➕ £££HUNDREDS of millions in contracts to SERCO and their donors and chums. Heard SIR Starner mention that???

  2. The BBC haven’t reported this interesting development because Laura and the others haven’t got their Tory cheerleader costumes handy.

    1. Smartboy they r getting their costumes VERY ready. Absent LAZY boris johnson will turn up 17:00hrs instead of his usual stand ins, to stand up 4 his Cummings.

      Says lots, as johnson has been otherwise engaged having fun. Cummings has ORDERED his johnson to stop lazing about. Why stop lazing now? To defend the indefensible. To defend Cummings. That’s Tories for u.
      The MSM, except the BBC, are giving pressure along with several Blue team Tory back benchers. NB NOT Red Team SIR Dire Kire Starmer. Note that. Dire Kier Stoma has been silent and absent … like johnson … until 17:00 today. We await more of their SH show.

  3. I think they will have to lock him up as he can’t be trusted to follow the rules, he’s a danger to the public, (as he was even before he broke the rules).

    1. Can’t agree more Carlene. The dreadful things that r real. Yet only one pair of care home deaths being taken for legal address. A husband and wife died within days. RIP

  4. Just seen footage on the BBC of photographers mobbing Cumminge as he goes to his Range Rover with files and a bin bag.
    From the size of the crush I’m assuming it’s not archive footage.
    Of all the smudgers there I only saw one with a face mask and they were all rubbing up against each other.

  5. What about the bigger picture?

    Forget the fact that it’s a Cummings-uppance – if you can’t see the problem of the Plods banging on the door, prompted by a Big Brother bit of crap totalitarian legislation based on a whim, then don’t dare to call yourself a ‘socialist’ or ‘left’ or ‘for the people’.

    1. There is a very interesting article in the off-guardiancoronavirus fact checker today. It looked at a wide variety of countries and different states, counties. It broke down some instances of the ages of the fatalities from it. What neither the MSM, the State Broadcaster nor the the posters on this site seem to be aware of is the deaths on average are running not at the 3.5% WHO projection or the Imperial/ Ferguson revised estimate of about 1% but on average 0.2%. Moreover, it gave a list of various countries, for example Austria, Italy etc the median age of death. was about 82 years of age. Yet, the agenda is ignore the facts, ignore the data, ignore the economic consequences of this “ pandemic “ and whip up the population to a pinnacle of hysteria using as many distractions as possible. The day of reckoning is approaching!

  6. So what did the plod want?

    Cummings reported his cat lost or summit?

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