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Johnson’s own ‘behavioural SAGE’ group slams his car-crash Cummings defence: “He has trashed all the advice… on how to build trust” in anti-Covid measures

Johnson’s disaster has been hammered – briefly but massively virally – by the official UK civil service Twitter account. Now at least three of his own behavioural science advisory group slam his disastrous press briefing performance

Boris Johnson brutally put down earlier this evening by a short-lived but massively shared tweet published on the official UK civil service Twitter account. The tweet, which called Johnson and his ministers ‘arrogant and offensive’ ‘truth twisters’, was shared 33,000 times in the ten minutes before it was deleted – and was so widely shared that even the BBC could not ignore it.

And now at least three members of one of Johnson’s own key scientific advisory groups – SPI-B, which is effectively the government’s ‘SAGE’ on behavioural science and feeds into the full SAGE committee – have publicly accused Johnson of ‘trashing’ all their efforts to build public trust and cooperation in the government’s anti-coronavirus measures:

Original tweeter Stephen Reicher wasn’t finished, either. He continued his thread with a list of what Johnson had ‘trashed’ in the first few minutes of his defence of Dominic Cummings’s trips from London to Durham this evening – and accused Johnson of not ‘want[ing] to listen to science.

And of being so appallingly bad that the only way for the public to do the right thing was to ignore the government:

Such a condemnation from his own science team could hardly be more damning.

Johnson’s desperate reliance on his handler has exposed his uselessness and bankruptcy to the nation.

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  1. We are fkd as a Nation we really are with this lot in charge , yep I get why folks voted for them over Brexit ,but really never do I believe they voted for this level of hypocrisy and down right dangerous behaviour . Utterly cavalier , just waiting for the Marie Antoinette moment with bluster buster blo job telling the plebs all to eat cake , check your history for what came next ! And TBH as there is no way for the nation to express a vote of no confidence in these twats other than 5 yrs hence ,, it may not be a bad idea .
    How many more people can they kill before the penny drops ,,, something is very very wrong in our country right now and I’ve never experienced the like of this in my entire life even way back to the 50’s.

  2. For this and all that follows blame Blair, Mandelson, the Israeli Embassy and the full time staff of the Labour Party and many of the largest unions.

    1. bevin, agreed,and also include the self indulgent section of the left who undermined Jeremy Corbyn’s perfectly reasonable intention to offer the electorate a choice on the final Brexit deal.

      1. I see – It was those knuckle-dragging racialists what voted leave even though they weren’t labour members what scuppered the last election, was it?

        Don’t remember seeing that in the leaked report.

        Sure it weren’t the 70% of pricks (Including your zionist faction) who, despite warning after warning after warning, allowed – ALLOWED watson & starmer and the rest of them to openly collude against Corbyn?


      2. Toffee, “I see – It was those knuckle-dragging racialists what voted leave” uncharacteristically perceptive for you, even though you are a little confused with your terminology.


  3. Who’da thought that Clown Boris’s arrogant, self-serving fool of an advisor would have been the reason that this awful government started to lose its authority?

    Gift horse. mouth, not looking, but if. after 2 months of calamitous coronavirus-emergency management, the British people choose Cummings ineptitude instead of Boris the Clown’s gross incompetence and near-criminal mismanagement, then so be it.

  4. Steady
    Keir will implode on Rejoin EU after No Deal Brexit takes country off a cliff
    Two birds with one stone in about 12 months
    In the meantime the left needs to be oven ready

  5. “SPI-B, which is effectively the government’s ‘SAGE’ on behavioural science”

    I am constantly amazed at SB’s inability to see the wider picture – of which Cummings is but a part.

    Do you really not know about the role of SPI-B and it’s dodgy ‘behavioural science’ in terms of propaganda??? After all, there’s enough moaning about the MSM and the Beeb – which daily manifest the workings of SPI-B.

    Welcome to the world of Big Brother.

  6. “Two birds with one stone in about 12 months”

    Mmmm …. try another, alternative, scenario :

    (1) Cummings gets the boot – to the quiet applause of the Tory Party at large (but probably finds connected lucrative employment – probably in the field of communications and big data)

    (2) After an interval, they get shot of Boris, who has served his purpose and is now weighing more heavily on the debit side.

    (3) A ‘Mr/Mrs Reasonable’ is appointed to the post of PM, promising all sorts of nicey-nicey changes whilst BoJo carries the can for the shitfest.

    (4) All the state implements created during the Panicdemic stay in place, with firm control of the media now established for a compliant population, who can always be beaten back into a state of submission by another scare.

    (5) The trajectory of global neoliberal wealth transfer continues with the population accepting a new ‘necessity’. The ‘new normal’ is in place.

    (6) The Labour Party is successfully purged of all sorts of awkward squad candidates, and settles back into the position of safe establishment fall-back when the electoral mood changes.

    Not saying this is *the* future – but pick the bones out of it.

  7. “All the state implements created during the Panicdemic stay in place, with firm control of the media now established for a compliant population, who can always be beaten back into a state of submission by another scare.”

    Except that the “compliant population” can no longer be counted on not to rip the fuckers limb from limb – you think Cumminge feels as secure after running the gauntlet of his closest neighbours?
    I expect you noticed that the media didn’t dismiss those neighbours as “Labour supporters” this time?
    The media’s the main plank of Tory propaganda by choice, not control.
    That it appears to be losing patience with the incompetence of BloJob, Hankie Minor, Wiwiyamson, Cumminge et al is mostly cautious self-preservation, but it still reminds Torydom that it doesn’t have carte blanche – that the media can get Blair 2 elected as easily as it did Blair 1 if the Tories don’t shape up.
    On the truth and consequences of CV, only time will tell.
    Probably best not to make enemies of people whose families have died by trivialising it.

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