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Excl: Scotland’s CMO resigned for 2nd home visit. Cummings’ lock-down breach trips were to HIS – including at least one when he was not ill, according to new eyewitnesses

Cummings part-owns Durham house with parents, according to land-registry search by Guardian last year – and was there during lock-down when he did not have illness as an excuse

Boris Johnson is under increasing pressure to sack chief adviser Dominic Cummings, after a joint investigation by the Sunday Mirror and the Observer found that he had breached lock-down restrictions on a second occasion, following his recovery from the coronavirus near his parents’ Durham home.

Cummings had returned to London by 14 April – but was spotted again a few days later, on 19 April, out with his family in local woodland near his parents’ home. The eyewitness, to whom Cummings spoke about bluebells, told the papers:

I was a bit gobsmacked to see him. They looked as if they’d been for a walk by the river. It didn’t seem right because I assumed he would be in London.

“Of course he should resign now. You don’t take the virus from one part of the country to another.

However, it appears that his parents’ home is also Dominic Cummings’ home – which he part owns with them according to the land registry, as revealed in a Guardian article last August about the EU subsidies of more than €200,000 the farm received.

So Dominic Cummings visited his second home – and on at least one occasion when he did not have illness as an excuse, according to the Sunday Mirror/Observer.

Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer resigned for exactly that offence.

If Boris Johnson does not sack Cummings now, Johnson will be guilty of the deaths of every person who dies of the virus because they went out after seeing his chief adviser flout the law.

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    1. qwertiboi, they r convinced they are all ganders. Cameron Dope, Gove Coke, Johnson Poke Arcuri and several others all gander rights. They can do anything. The police boss who oversaw the murder of the young man on Stockwell Tube said Gove had “no case to answer” despite making a public admission of snorting Class A cocaine on several occasions at his dinner parties with friends. At the same time he wrote an article in the Times demanding that teachers who use dope like David Cameron, should be dismissed. They are ganders the 99% are geese. Do you remember how promptly rioters were jailed for a bottle of water??? No Inquiry was set up for that!!! Yet out of touch metropolitans “Left” wish to meddle in Indian politics, Chilean, politics, Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil … anywhere while the Tories screw this country blind! And when they are not doing that, each other and any passing Arcuri johnson can find.

      1. Forgot to say. Cummings & johnson continue to underreport deaths by using figures as much as one month old. It could be an honest mistake or the usual attempts to fool the public. BUT, they should make the outdated nature of their figures clear.

        Also someone here mentioned lower industrial deaths. May have been Toffee or NVLA. Thanks. I posted estimates for lower traffic fatalities, air pollution triggered deaths and crime, but industrial accident deaths skipped me entirely. Proof again the more minds the better.

        The above is impt as it underlines that the horrendous EXCCESS deaths are almost ALL due directly to Covid-19. It also underlines that a prompt lockdown could have saved by my rough guess an ADDITIONAL twelve thousand deaths to date.

        Watch this wicked Tory government like hawks. The more that watch and note the better. Many minds make light work. 🌹🌹🌹

  1. ‘Do as we tell you, not as we do’, The motto of the Westminster elite.

    1. For Alistair Campbell it was Iraqi WMD flattening UK cities within 15 minutes of launch by Sadam Hussein. For Dominic Cummings it’s a policy the government simultaneously pursues and vehemently denies: Herd Immunity.

      Breaking Lockhdown is nowhere near as contemptible as imposing a policy which requires at least 60% of us to contract coronavirus and – assuming a best-case fatality of between 0.5-1% – causes between 200,000 and 4000,000 deaths.

      Sacking Cummings is neither here nor there. The entire Government must be held to account.

      1. Qertbai You are so very right comrade,but my last trip to the Highest court very nearly bankrupted me,or at least the solicitor to breif the barrister,…the barrister and solicitor to breif the QC and the legal complexity of Bullsit v. More Bullshit by a rigged merry go round leaves one totally “up the creek “.We are looking for action against the countrys that includes The UK who deliberately obliterated their vunerable people and hope to walk away without facing an international court

      2. ……….& for Keir Starmer there is an ‘Official Labour Party Report’, indicating that there are important people in Labour’s bureaucracy that actively sabotaged the Labour Party’s chances of winning a general election, still in positions of power. When will this report be made available for members to read in full & what action will be taken? What a great opportunity to root out dangerous 5th columnists who prefer a Tory government to Socialist? A time for openness & transparency, or yet another cover up? We shall see.

  2. The genial Dan Hodges was on the BBC earlier this evening and reckoned Cummings will survive…

    It’s curtains. Cummings is going down…right down to funky town.

    Cheery bye, you skeletal mega-foreheaded freak.

  3. In the comments section of the first article skwawkbox posted today, signpost accused ‘disabledgrandad’ of being an infiltrator. Disabledgrandad had responded to a post by signpost SIX hours after he posted it, but signpost – our legitimate left-winger who spends so much of his time trashing JC and the left and the left members of his (alleged) CLP AND left-wing members who attend meetings right across the country – just happened to respond almost immediately, and I have no doubt whatsoever that he did so precisely because he monitors the comments all day long.

    Anyway, I then posted a response to signpost, in which I drew attention to the fact that he is so often the first person to comment (in any given thread), and I just quickly looked through the comments sections of the OTHER four articles skwawkbox has posted (so far) today, and signpost just happened to be the first person to comment in THREE out of the FIVE! Oh, and he’s been posting comments ALL day long, many of them mammoth long posts, and just repeating what he has repeated on numerous occasions before! Dozens and dozens of posts!

    Anyway, here’s a link to the thread in which signpost – ironically! – accuses disabledgrandad of being an infiltrator AND my response to signpost:

    PS The link should take you straight to disabledgrandad’s post I hope.

    1. Twenty posts in fact, excluding this thread, and many of them just going on forever!

      1. He’s so boring I’ve long since given up reading the gibberish. It’s handy he spatters his posts with red which gives an immediate warning to pass on.

      2. And now, for his portrayal of a long-winded, rambling conspiracy nut with a total lack of self-awareness, the Oscar goes to …

    2. As many readers will know, skwawkbox didn’t post any articles yesterday, but I just this moment checked the last of the articles posted the day before, and guess who was the first person to leave a comment!

      And lo and behold, he was the first person to comment in the thread before THAT!

      So out of the THREE articles skwawkbox posted that day, signpost just happened to be the first person to comment in TWO of them! So in the last eight articles skwawkbox has posted, signpost just happened to be the first person to comment in FIVE of them. And I have little doubt that he did so within a few minutes of receiving the notifications from skwawkbox! Every single time I’ve checked, it’s been between two to ten minutes or so, depending on the length of his post, the short ones being typed out and posted within two or three minutes of notification etc.

      I mean does anyone really need any more proof that signpost is a shill!

      1. PS By the way, if anyone needs to go back two or three days or whatever to check what somebody said in a post (because you want to quote them word for word), for example, just go down to the very bottom of the page and type >skwawkbox< in to the search engine and then click on 'Newest First' (as opposed to 'Oldest First')' in the drop-down menu, and it will then bring up ALL articles beginning with the most recent and working backwards (there are ten articles on each page). The former lay-out with the 'calendar' of past articles was much more convenient of course, and ESPECIALLY if you don't recall what the article was entitled and are looking for something from weeks or months ago (or even YEARS ago!). Would be good if skwawkbox provided the 'calendar' again, albeit on a separate page, with a link to it on the page of each article.

    3. Oh I don’t bother half the time to remember to turn on the send the later posts to my email. Because I said my piece I can easily be found and contacted and as for signpost well here is some information i live in Bexhill my local CLP was Bexhill & Battle CLP part of Rother.

      If I am a infiltrator I rejoined to help JC win the leadership and stayed just to sir double chin was elected and candled that same day. Before that I was a member way back before new Labour and said you have to be joking and quit as this is not Labour. Why whould I happy post that?

      Heck I will happy post my old Labour party card care to do the same signpost Nope? Run off fool quick change to another sock puppet, I have spotted at least 3 on here. I am never a Tory or a right wing stooge and don’t really give a flying shit. What or who you belong too but are but sure as fuck an’t a Labour member! So I suggest you run back home and try again next time try not to reveal anything about yourself…

      BTW that’s how you spot sock puppets they are scared to post anything concrete that can be checked. Funny that…!

    4. Oh, I see that McNiven is off again defending a lying shill, which tells you ALL you need to know about HIM. And I dare say that his CLP – or should I say FORMER CLP – used to hold meetings every week TOO!

      You’re not only a joke McNiven, you’re a complete tosser as well! Funny isn’t it, that despite asking him repeatedly, signpost hasn’t told me the names of the ‘hostile presenters’ who he claimed said that they were surprised Jeremy Corbyn hadn’t sued any of the people who’ve called him an anti-semite. And the reason he hasn’t of course – despite telling me initially that he WOULD tell me their names – is because he was lying (as I knew he was from the outset), just like he invents twaddle about the left-wing members of his (alleged) CLP forever discussing theories and reading books etc so as to paint them in a negative light to readers of skwawkbox. Oh, right, and signpost assumes it’s the same in all CLPs. And like the devious little propagandist shill he is, he constantly repeats his lies and falsehoods again again and again!

      So someone calls out a poster for lying, and all that McNiven can do is try to undermine the person who is calling them out, and not for the FIRST time. I wonder why THAT is!

      Yeah, in the topsy turvy world of propagandists, someone who calls out liars is a conspiracy nut! Fuck off McNiven you nasty little piece of unowhat!

      1. I left the name blank on purpose – just to see which of you would jump first to the conclusion you just did – that I only had one of you in mind.
        Just idle curiosity I’m afraid. Call it lockdown fatigue.
        Truthfully I find your comments and windbag’s equally tedious and criminally long-winded.

      2. Theres no need for that Allan Howard..Nasty,cruel and pointlessly vindictive.You can still seek help on the NHS and its still free at the point of delivery,thanks to comrades attacking the real enemy The Conservative and unionist party “

    5. Thanks Alan I didn’t even notice his BS but easily proven as I just did here. Lets see signpost reveal like I just did where I live my x-CLP etc and offered if signpost will post his labour card then happy to show mine. Because as you I expect this little sockpuppeted fool to change his name or account and pop back up posting the same drivel for his new labour masters… Meh, it could even be sir double chins official BS merchant for all I care..

  4. DOn’t matter one jot even if the twat resigns or is sacked , Johnson will keep him on in the background , still beavering away with his malevolent ideology and crackpot deadly theories .

  5. Anything from boy wonder eric armrest yet , nowt on his twitter account , just silence over this , at least good ole John McD has said Cummings to go .
    OPen goal ahead … Sir Stoma … shoot !! annnnnnddd missed !

    1. Cummings is far more dangerous and evil than any “poster” on here and like his master Johnson he must face the international courts for his part in the murder of those innocents in the Care homes who were subjected to the austerity eugenics plan and herded i into oblivion..Well done rob for highlighting the knight and his gutless grovelling inaction.

    2. rob – As is often the case you need to search out Labour news.

      Keir Starmer has already called for the Cabinet Office to open an enquiry into Dominic Cummings’ actions. Labour have written making an official request for this to happen.

      Also I’ve just heard Keir on Sky News very clearly stating “If I had been PM I would have sacked Dominic Cummings”

      <b<and this was Keir's response to today's briefing by Johnson.

      The new Labour leader said Mr Johnson’s comments were a “insult to sacrifices made by the British people”.

      Sir Keir said: “This was a test of the Prime Minister and he has failed it.

      “It is an insult to sacrifices made by the British people that Boris Johnson has chosen to take no action against Dominic Cummings.

      “The public will be forgiven for thinking there is one rule for the Prime Minister’s closest adviser and another for the British people.

      “The Prime Minister’s actions have undermined confidence in his own public health message at this crucial time.

      “Millions were watching for answers and they got nothing. That’s why the Cabinet Secretary must now launch an urgent inquiry.”

      Keir has also now posted on Twitter

  6. What do you expect of the brave sir knight? Of course starmer’ll be ‘keeping his own counsel’ over this. It just wouldn’t do to jump on the ‘sack the bastard bandwagon’

    It”d look unprofessional, uncouth, undemocratic and would most definitely appear ‘unforensic’ of starmer to call for the sacking of an unelected, far-right bureaucrat.

    And starmer’s got an image to maintain. At the moment and until he’s pressed to give a reaction, you’ll just have to assume he’s weighing up the options.

    The utter shithouse.

    1. Toffee – “Of course starmer’ll be ‘keeping his own counsel’ over this.”

      Apparently he’s not the only one keeping their thoughts to themselves

  7. Toffee…..IN my teenage years I served an indentured Plumbing Apprenticeship which included the “dogsbody “the apprentice myself .One of the tasks apart from carrying the ladders and looking for left handed screwdrivers was to dig out the old Tippler” toilet in the backyard.The toilet was just a seat with a long drop up to six feet or so with no flushing and a trap just before entering the main sewer.Digging in a confined space was a mammoth task for a young lad like myself,but worth it to see the happy faces of the council house tennants when they saw a nice clean ceramic wc with a cast iron flushing cistern to wash the waste away.When you mentioned , “utter shithouse” I now think of those days and would happily attempt to dig out a Tipplier long drop toilet if we could only rid the Labour party of the “utter shithouses that have destroyed the Labour party of my teenage years.and turned into a sewer of corruption a and Cronyism..The main worry is if the UK voters are so blinded by constant right wing establishment propaganda that only a “Utter Shit house” could lead an alternative to the Conservative and unionist party and win.To think that ordinary people could be impressed by a Knight of the realm and not see the hypocrisy and contempt is hard to believe,So whichever party we support or vote for the “Shithouses” rule and control the narrative…..Titanic and no liferafts?

    1. Joseph
      JC legacy is the manifesto and the numbers, not least a new generation of young idealistic radicals, its upto to us to stay and fight and take party to next level
      All we seem to twist about on here is red Tories
      ‘Your a fucking anti semite and a racist ‘
      I’m sorry you feel that way ‘
      Is all you will ever need to know about why we are where we are
      If Keir betrays manifesto, members and supporters then he will face a challenge, I hope next time we elect a leader who can finish the job, a ruthless bastard, then hand over to next generation

      1. Agreed DOug but the challenge is also to prevent the shithouses electing their man Evens as the next GS.

      2. ”If Keir betrays manifesto, members and supporters then he will face a challenge,”

        A (futile) challenge that will inevitably fail due to the right wing rodents having everything & everywhere boxed off amongst themselves.

        He betrayed Corbyn over Europe. Despite Corbyn bringing a few hundred thousand more members into the fold it’d appear a load of them weren’t socialist. The party isn’t a socialist one; hasn’t been since 1983, when Michael Foot promised we’d leave the EEC if elected. Coincidence or conspiracy?

        The only rats that left the party left of their own accord; ultimately I can only think of frankenfield that was given the boot. And who was it scrapped mandatory reselection? Would it be much of a surprise to learn it was kincock senile…sorry, senior?

        No? Didn’t think so. And slimeball starmer’s a return to those days.

    2. I am with you on that Joe I’d go back down the manholes and shovel the crap out to get to the phone cables as a young apprentice I did just that , and I’d do it all effing week to see the back of all the shithouses in the PLP . A small price to pay in the knowledge that a Democratic Socialist Labour party would mean a better life for millions including most of us on here commenting .

    3. rob
      Agreed, I enjoy cleaning out my bog without gloves, shows commitment and Geordie pride in being a good skin
      Keir will not last if he does not implement manifesto
      Now bottom line, why are we soft as shite when it comes to clearing out the nettie

      1. Cos Doug I reckon most of us LW are decent compassionate caring justice seeking thoughtful characters unlike the RW who clearly haven’t a single one of those traits.
        As much as you and I would wish for Stoma to get a challenge I don’t see the mechanism available to the grassroots membership to raise one ? don’t even think about the PLP !

  8. Rob…..Good must win through always…..and Socialism needs to be tested in Britain After this lot who knows we might get lucky but not with the obvious hypocrisy of the knight of the realm making us look like hypocrites at the Helm.People will reject this Etonian fiasco and Johnson regime will have to go,but can Labour seriously claim to be superior in policy and ideas?NOT with the knight,just like the same old tired blairite recipe for stagnation and a economic slump.At least under Corbyn we were never short of ideas and ground-breaking policys that even the Torys were forced to pretend to aceppt?

    1. Joseph, always relieved to see your posts as it reassures u r safe. Though u r much safer in Cambodia than we r here.

      It would be surprising if Cummings last longer than 48 hours as Tories are demanding his dismissal. Interestingly not Tory Starmer

      Expect Cum 2 go or be pushed, but only into the background. If johnson remains PM, Cum will b back within 3 mths. johnson can’t survive without Cum. + johnson is extremely lazy. Irresponsible. Only likes fun – tennis, jogging, rugby, reading, writing, poking, lying, poking, lying, poking, philandering, lying X 666. Maybe he’s not lazy, just worn out by fun.

      Wish us well from Cambodia Joseph. Wish us well. When it needs Tories to bring down Cummings & johnson, instead of even a Tory Stoma stinking our Labour, we r in trouble. Our dangers r vvv MUCH bigger than they were yesterday Joseph. Much bigger. 🌹🌹🌹

  9. Amen to Johnson,Cummings and the Conservative and unionist party.Theyve been rumbled and time might just be in our favour this time,The Honeymoons over for the old Etonian party and somthing has changed.Wishing all of the posters well as we are here in Cambodia were even a ex khmer rouge PM has shown more common sense and care for his people than the British establishment government.who have shown total indifference and Cynicism in exploitation of a killer virus for the good of THE 1%. Regards Squawk box and all comrades in the Labour party and those who are in Spirit of the democratic socialist labour party.,

  10. A Democratic Socialist Labour Party……….have you seen a list of current Labour MPs? Where is Dennis Skinner; Chris Williamson etc. The battle will be difficult (to say the least).

  11. I give Dominic Cummings MAX 48hrs. Yet, methinks by 23:59 hrs he will be gone. Out Tories will bring him down. Tories in the glass closet with transparent plastic poor disguise are DESPERATE he remains. Funny world. 🌹🌹🌹

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