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Infected Cummings travelled to Durham as ‘an individual’, say police – while govt order to families to isolate together will have cost 1000s of lives

WHO warned of danger of spread within families, while China set up ‘quarantine camps’ to avoid family quarantine – yet UK government still recommends isolation in family groups – and Cummings left family behind, according to police

Dominic Cummings travelled to stay at his parents’ home in Durham as an individual, according to a police statement – at the same time as the government were telling those with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection to isolate in families.

The government’s instruction went against World Health Organisation warnings that up to 85% of virus transmission was occurring within families – a warning that China followed when it set up ‘quarantine camps’ and requisitioned hotel rooms for those with suspected coronavirus to prevent the infection of family members.

A March tweet on the divergence of UK policy

It was a lesson that it seems Dominic Cummings followed for his wife and child, judging by a police statement in response to media enquiries:

On Tuesday, March 31, our officers were made aware of reports that an individual had travelled from London to Durham and was present at an address in the city.

The police assessment of the seriousness of the infraction was made clear in a brutal statement the force made – one which, again, seems to reinforce its belief that Cummings travelled alone and after his infection was confirmed:

Cummings’ wife wrote a Spectator article almost a month after the complaint in which she claimed that she and Cummings had isolated together – and even wrote about how pleased she was that he would be forced to ‘come home’ – and that he suddenly collapsed at home with the virus:

That evening, as I lay on the sofa, a happy thought occurred to me: if this was the virus, then my husband, who works 16-hour days as a rule, would have to come home. I let myself imagine two weeks in bed with ‘mild symptoms’, chatting to Dom and son through an open door. More fool me.

My husband did rush home to look after me… But 24 hours later, he said ‘I feel weird’ and collapsed. I felt breathless, sometimes achy, but Dom couldn’t get out of bed.

After the uncertainty of the bug itself, we emerged from quarantine into the almost comical uncertainty of London lockdown.

Cummings has issued a statement that he and his wife travelled to Durham so his parents could care for their son if needed – and that he acted ‘reasonably and legally’.

According to the police, however, he travelled more than 250 miles to Durham on his own, although he may have been seen outdoors in Durham with his son five days after a complaint was made to the police about his travel.

If the Durham Police statement is correct, while Boris Johnson and his government were telling the nation to isolate as families in spite of WHO warnings, Dominic Cummings – Johnson’s main adviser and an attendee at the ‘scientific’ SAGE committee meetings advising the government on its policy – was travelling more than 250 miles to isolate away from his.

Of the more than 60,000 UK deaths and hundreds of thousands of coronavirus infections so far, how many were caused by Johnson’s instruction to isolate in families – an instruction that his chief adviser Dominic Cummings saw fit to ignore? One that is still official government policy.

Senior officials in Scotland and England have resigned for their breaches of laws to isolate and not travel. Cummings must go – but Johnson seems to lack the spine to act.

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  1. As posted last night.
    ” Clapping while Cummings RUNS from Downing St on hearing his johnson is infected. He runs ad drives 200 plus miles spreading disease all the way to Durham and LIES like his boris. Cummings & his johnson LIED that he was in London. While Cummings & johnson LIED, the police were interviewing Cummings for breaking TORY emergency Covid-19 laws. Expect them to conclude that he has “no case to answer”. Tories never have a “case to answer”. Dope, snort coke “on several occasions”. Confess on radio, put it in books… but “no case to answer”. ”

    That’s the story of a criminally corrupt Tory land.🌹🌹🌹

  2. This is a perfect example of the inherent corruption and lack of integrity at the core of this Tory government. Even blatant, proven, serious misdemeanours by someone close to the fuhrer will be glossed over, and excused with a woefully twisting narrative of rationalisation. These are special people, the Tory government inner circle, who are not subject to the same rules as the rest of us are, and normal precedents (that officials who break lockdown must resign) do not apply. What this tells us is that this government is at it’s heart, a closed totalitarian institution, with disregard for law and order when it comes to their own, or when it suits them to suspend judgement about others who may be seen to be their friends and allies. It is the behaviour one would normally associate with fascists. Some may think that this is too strong a word in this context. Personally, and in my accumulated observations of how Johnson and his clique operate, I do not.

    1. So true noelstevenson12. I was so surprised when i heard Cressida Dick say to Nick Ferrari on LBC that she looked into the Michael Gove coke snorting admissions and found “no case to answer”. Even Ferrari seemed incredulous. He did ask her twice but did not press her as lets say Gove were Dianne Abbott. Not sure why i was listening as Ferrari is a one trick Rightwing pony. But i do swap radio channels if commercials come on etc. Then listened as the Michael Gove dinner party coke head story was in the news and Dick was on.

      Interesting too Cameron actually stated that he and Samantha (the Viscountess i believe, daddy owns half of Leicestershire i believe, daughter or step daughter of Lady Astor i believe with firm dubious associations but put me right. BUT i am sure that David Cameron repeated in his book written he say in his expensive shed that He and Samantha were almost always totally off their heads on dope.

      You can find his memoirs in charity chops when they reopen. DON’t buy it on any account. They have more than enough money. You can veryfy his confession and Gove’s coke snorting on more than one occasion. This is in the public domain. Which reminds me. Some of the things i report may seem outrageous as we would not do them. But they are already in the public domain and the guilty know the claims are true as quite remarkably they admit it openly in public. Why so❓❓❓ Because the vile bastards believe like Cummings and johnson that they are above the law. The law is for others. Tax is for others. “Tax is for the little people” as a NY NY socialite said many decades ago before i was born.

      But what is even remarkable is that today when we need not buy a paper paper and we have access almost every where to almost everything… the world is like a sieve more than ever, yet still BLATANTLY, johnson has no case to answer re his pathologically self-serving pumping and dumping of Jenifer Arcuri, after public funds are paid to her.

      David Cameron and his wealthy Viscountess admit they were always off their heads on Dope.

      Michael Gove ADMITS on international MSM that he was a COKE SNORTER at dinner parties on several occasions.

      Yet the Tory authorities say: they looked into theses admissions and found no case to answer. What sort of INSTITUTIONALISED TORY CRIMINALITY is this⁉️⁉️⁉️

      How can our side spend one second bleating on about Modi, yet right here right now, every day Tories manage to sink to a fresher hell of lowness and little is said⁉️⁉️⁉️ The Cameron Gove and Cummings johnson admissions of crimes… cocaine is a Class A drug… at least SEVEN years the poor would have for that. The Tories go free.

      Has anyone heard, while Jeremy was under attack one of his PLP supporters, the excellent union speakers, the NEC … anyone mention these crimes⁉️⁉️⁉️ I have taken my time to do so. I cannot remember anyone else considering it important. But Kashmir??? Oh yes that has pull. Chile, Colombia oh yes. Despite the fact that with the same strange priorities handled in the same way OVER decades, the people of Chile, Columbia, Venezuela, Haiti (which gets little mention), the Yemen, Mali, the Palestinians and more have suffered the same or worse from my earliest memories from the news.

      QUESTIONS: How could grown people, having seen state machinations close up, fail to learn, fail to change and insist on failing in the same old ways❓❓❓

      Where’s the virtue in that❓❓❓

      Where’s the kindness in that, if possibly due to our failures to try something new, people suffer fo a lifetime❓❓❓

      How could it be that what seems like straight forward logic to me, appears totally incomprehensible to some❓❓❓ I’m not giving up, but mine is a state of bewilderment. I’m stumped. The only other thought is could it be a short attention span??? Everyone wants a quick EASY route to feeling virtuous, so things that invite self assessment are like bitter medicine??? Plus you need many potent doses for many years … QDS as per childhood days. We need answers!!! HELP🌹🌹🌹

      1. That’s big one (not a n Arcuri quote). There’s a rottenness in this government, stem to stern. Nobody is available to comment I just heard on Radio 4, and yet there are no dissenters, 100% Tory solidarity. This is very bad. I’ve been ploughing the furrow of Tory fascism in my blog which is rapidly falling into disuse as nobody follows it or responds, and it’s become more of a therapeutic/ intellectual exercise to stop me exploding. But there’s only so much talking to yourself you can do. That’s what happens when you get banned from Twitter!

      2. Actually noelstevenson12, i’v hear much much more crit of the Tories by Tories these last two weeks especially when i could listen. Today alone i heard the last Hong Kong governor Patten and Widdecomb. Both were absolutely scathing esp Widdecomb … Widd thing could have been yesterday PM. But both she, Andrew Pierce, Farage, and Alex Conran presenter have all been very scathing.

        Same with the reversal re charges to health workers, contrary to SH it was not Dire Stomar’s dull pretence at care. Twas some Tory back benchers who again were appropriately scathing. I had heard the flip flop was coming the night before as the back benches thought the position of Cumming’s johnson was obscene. Strange days indeed when some Tories are vividly right.

        ps “position of Cumming’s johnson was obscene” does not refer to Ms Jenifer Arcuri.
        Have not heard details of that yet in this sieve like world. But i am disappointed that “lively” Arcuri did not return johnson’s loyalty. Methinks she believed like all the others that they will be the one to get him to wear a chastity belt.

        We are strange beings. Our minds and emotions do trick us so. We must focus on what we can see. Not what we would like to see. Just as Starmer was always bad news and will always be bad news, so is johnson, look at his other victims, each interestingly in parallel … so much for the sisterhood

        Sisters betraying sisters REPEATEDLY with someone like johnson who lies and betrays for no reason… very odd vvv odd. An interesting area for study. Must ask a dear friend for an update on his professional perspective re johnson… so easy with his lies and betrayals…. and the sisters who betray each other and all sincerely love him and feel they will “reform him”. V v v strange even in a strange world.

        It is his nature and more dangerous as he is not smarmy and oily like WMD Bliar. You would run from the Bliar creature. Plus do the sisters not think, like father like son??? johnson does as his father does… No??? We are strange beings.

        Think of it, some not the super well funded few, some sincerely believe that Dire Stoma will not do what he has always done. They do not expect that despite the same people who funded the warmonger creature Tony Blair, funds SIR Dire Starmer, they STILL do not see that their tool Starner must do their bidding.

        Expect if given a chance: full blown invasions of Yemen, Algeria and Mali. More grief, more death, more refugees. Expect WMD Bliar to keep trying to take full charge invasions. Expect the plight of the most vulnerable to take a nose dive. We must not let these Tory doings come to pass with Starmer shielding Tories or having his Tory turn.🌹🌹🌹

      3. @Noel

        Link please. I won’t subscribe, but I will drop by every few days if it’s worth it

      4. @Noel

        Found your blog. Read through a few things.

        The Guardian seems a reoccurring theme…

        Have you forgotten Nick Cohen telling you to quote “Fuck off”?

        This nicely leads in to Marina Hyde. This is one of many who conspired to deny us a better future through the election of Corbyns Labour. She writes of Johnson, yet she is Johnson…

        The problem isn’t the players, whoever they are. Cummings, Johnson, Starmer, Phillips, Jones, Hyde or Newton-Dumb.

        The problem is the system.

      1. @Helsbells

        Click Noel’s name at the top of his post, and that’ll take you to his blog.

  3. No Chance of Cummings coming to any harm because the law does not apply to the anointed,only to the vulnerable he has herded into the Care homes as part of the establishment euthanasia \austerity final solution.experiment.

  4. Skwawkbox misses the target once again in the struggle to dramatize the disappearing epidemic by just shouting scary figures – just like the Beeb, the Groan and other culprits..

    “The levels of suspected COVID-19 have not reached epidemic consultation levels and are dropping dramatically.”

    – Oxford CEBM.

    Yes – the unfocused lock-up was indeed pointless, if not counter-productive – as we saw in care homes. But citing the murky waters of Chinese information for clarity about how to deal with an unexceptional virus is a bit of straw-clutching.

    As to Cummings – perhaps we should be grateful (as with Ferguson) that they clearly didn’t believe in the house arrest nonsense that they were pushing.

    … and *that’s* why they need sacking – for following the Science Fiction rather than he evidence – and their past records for promulgating pie-in-the-sky information and barmy ideas..

    … which is a difficult case to make when your underlying position is an unquestioning belief in their phony narrative!

    1. not pandemic proportions …. effing hell RH , so what exactly are you proposing that this thing is that has infected 5 million and killed 400,000 so far ,,, and it’s far from over yet ,,,,, some form of effing fairy dust or what !

      1. It’s nknown as a ‘sense (or rather knowledge) of proportion’. Seasonal influenza and other respiratory infections cause much the same level of deaths when outbreaks occur.

        Shouting gormless insults because you get a thrill out of scaring yourself, doesn’t alter the facts – and I’m actually quoting as authoratitive source as you will find in this morass of dodgy analysis – and I’ve referenced it.

        What’s your reference? Cummings and Ferguson?

        Get a grip and look at the data istead of believing in ghosties and witches. Then argue rather than scream like a Victorian maiden spotting a mouse.

      2. Iceberg what iceberg eh RH is that it !
        My sources are my own sense and the medical profession BMA professional studies by epidemiologists as well as the WHO .Unlike you I am not into crack pot conspiracy theories of some wacko Yanks on youtube , or because of your own deep seated fears that colour your perception of the facts. I been around long enough to have never witnessed this level of infection transmission and death in any so called seasonal flu epidemic .
        Until there is a vaccine , then the sensible way forward by any sane standards is to quarantine , track and trace , which other more sensible countries have / are doing with much greater success than us .
        P.S school out breaks of CV 19 spikes are still occurring and R factor is at 1 , these are facts /data and not witches or ghosties.
        Now you best get in that lifeboat or do you want to remain on deck and play the fiddle with the band .

    2. We’re currently 54,000 deaths above the yearly average for this point in the year. Whilst the numbers will be small, more lives will have been saved via industrial deaths and road accidents to name just two.

      We’ve been in near isolation, and still, 54,000 more have died…

      Still, if you don’t believe, get out there and prove Darwin wrong.

      You seem overly concerned about us not making cheddar for the guns

    3. “As to Cummings – perhaps we should be grateful (as with Ferguson) that they clearly didn’t believe in the house arrest nonsense that they were pushing.”

      The so called ‘left’ still cannot see the elephant in the room which is laughing its trunk off. I despair.

  5. “Cummings must go – but Johnson seems to lack the spine to act.”
    And then there’s the other thing… who knows more about der PfeffelFührer’s criminality and incompetence than his right hand Goebbels?

  6. Ahhhh RH Tory bot 2.0 do you get paid by the article or by the day because you need to send the money back you can’t appear any more fake if you try. Your endless lies and BS oh it’s only a little problem well if you believe that I suggest you go work for the NHS in a red zone with no PPE or better yet clean in a red ward?

    No? Didn’t think so tossers like you the keyboard warriors that think lies hide truth and fools will listen to lies are the scum of the earth. But carry on when you die bitter and all alone because the Tory scum you think are your friends want fuck all to do with a slimy shill for hire. Don’t do the I have seen the light and repent BS just do the world a favour and become a statistic of covid -19 don’t worry your Tory palls will make sure it doesn’t appear on your death certificate as a final thanks…

    1. Well – mental health is a problem exacerbated caused by lock-up. You seem to illustrate the point. Or have you another excuse for your incontinence?

      Now – try showing me that I’m wrong, beyond just parotting the government line like a robotic dimwit.

  7. The point is, even if the lockdown is based on ‘bad science’, it is being imposed by an Executive to which Dominic Cummings is the super-aide. Cummings’ bad – or at least highly-contentious) science also promotors the idea of herd-immunity and will endorse the Gates Foundation and pharma-growth’s mandatory vaccination.

    He’s a fairly conventional Class Enemy and we shouldn’t allow his transgressions to be tolerable.

  8. Like any adverse (criminal) judgement ever happens to toerags, ever.

    I don’t believe the mekon was ever infected, neither. I demand to oversee Covid antibody tests on him, de piffle and hancockup.

  9. I don’t understand the police statement that an individual travelled to Durham. Cummings excuse for travelling there was that he and his wife had the virus and were unable to look after their child so they took him to his grandparents so they could babysit him until the parents were well again.
    The impression I got was that Cummings and his wife went to Durham with the child but even if Mrs Cummings stayed at home Cummings did not travel alone – therefore there was at least one other , possibly 2 others in the car with him.
    The police should clarify this – the whole thing sounds a bit fishy to me

  10. ” comical uncertainty ” says Cummings wife , well I am so glad she finds things so effing funny , how many dead people did his herd immunity ideology cause .
    And has he not also now infected his relatives where he stayed , not that I give a fuck about them or him or his Mrs .
    Did he drive all the way non stop no pee stop or nothing in both directions ,I doubt it ..
    Twat should be sacked just like the rest

  11. Twat should be sacked just like the rest

    Think the word you’re looking for is ‘hanged’ , not ‘sacked’ 👍😉

  12. Schools reopening in June is down to Cummings. BoJo and Cummings – Reckless, rushed and wrong.

    BoJo and Cummings, Reckless to the end. Cavaliers of the Right.

    National Education Union (NEU) joint general secretary Mary Bousted said Sage had not modelled the Prime Minister’s plans, pointing to a “cavalier attitude towards the nation’s children.”

    “If we cannot be certain about the transmission of the virus — and it appears SAGE cannot, either — then it is only right to exercise caution,” she said.

    “It remains the case that the NEU does not yet think it safe for the wider opening of schools. In addition to track and trace and the case numbers, we need to see regular testing and PPE for those who need it.”and the NaCummings should be sacks. He CERTAINLY played a part in persuading BoJo to re-open schools in June, a measure universally distrusted.

  13. Perhaps the use of the word ‘individual’ is to emphasise that he was traveling as an individual as opposed to traveling on government business. A variety of news reports quote eyewitnesses who’d seen Cummings and his wife playing in the garden with their 4yr old there is little doubt (unless you’re heavily into conspiracy theories) that they were in Durham as a family. I really can’t see the reasoning behind the above article’s rather torturous over interpretation of this police statement, we all know that in recent years the police have adopted PR speak and no longer talk like the rest of the population but even they would have said that Cummings had travelled alone if that is what they meant. I may well be proved wrong but given the evidence, I very much doubt it.

  14. As it’s Saturday and there’s no footie I dedicate this to the ladies who are so underrepresented on this conversation

    “Not to paint a scary picture, but these findings worry me,” Miller said. “I don’t want to draw sweeping conclusions from a small study, but this preliminary glimpse into how COVID-19 might cause changes in the placenta carries some pretty significant implications for the health of a pregnancy. We must discuss whether we should change how we monitor pregnant women right now.”

    this will set off some fireworks…PANIC

    1. ‘Panic!’ – the main infection evident on Sqwawkbox currently.

      Symptom : constantly wet pants and frothing at the mouth with delusions of ‘socialism’ being based on the impoverishment of the people and subservience to the Tory narrative!

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