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This thread about a sick 5-year-old is a must-read for every parent worried about sending their kids back to school

Young girl recovered from mild coronavirus illness – but five weeks later she is in ICU

A Twitter thread by the great-aunt of the young daughter of a teacher and a doctor has gone viral on the social media platform.

The thread describes how her niece ended up in intensive care after appearing to recover from a mild coronavirus infection – but five weeks later developed the serious Kawasaki-like inflammation of the heart and circulatory system now known as a complication of coronavirus infection in children and young people.

The syndrome was first recognised in the UK and, while still rare, the number of cases has increased rapidly to over 100 – doubling in just the last week. Several children have died and multiple countries including the US are now seeing their children affected – while the UK is seeing twenty times as many cases as predicted.

The thread, which June Sim shared at the request of the little girl’s parents, leads to the inescapable conclusion that the government is rushing England’s children back to school when it is demonstrably still dangerous to do so – and Ms Sim concludes that the Tories are conducting an experiment with our children as the guinea pigs:

Teaching unions, the British Medical Association and millions of parents agree – Boris Johnson must not be allowed to throw England’s children, their teachers and families into ‘the next frontline’ of this pandemic.

As June Sim says, it is unconscionable to do so – yet it is precisely what Johnson and his ‘creepy undertaker’ Education Secretary Gavin Williamson want to do.

Liverpool City and Wirral councils on Merseyside have refused to participate in this inexcusable gamble. Tell your local authority to do likewise.

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  1. Basic logic – ESPECIALLY in our country where due to authorities’ inexcusable delay re test test test trace track test isolate, we have been limited … hands tied.

    We’re having to drive blind re Covid-19. I believe unnecessary delays are deliberate and criminal. I believe the deliberate delays of vital measures to manage Covid-19 stem partly from the Tory ideology. An ideology which prioritises profiteering by their 1% EVEN at a tragic event as Covid-19.

    Thus, forcing children back to school is more, recklessness, more dangerousness, infinitely immoral, an unreal level of blatant immorality and free of POSITIVE science, ie science to SAVE lives.

    I am increasingly worried that too many of the public are being slowly “boiled alive” like frogs or lobsters. Too many are in a sleepy state as the water temperature rises. Too many OUTSIDE the slowly heated cauldron, are blind to a fact that two, three and MORE things can be true at once.

    It is my firm belief that we are experiencing a deadly mix of Tory negligence, incompetence, callousness, profiteering, shamelessness, cruelty, Tory NASTINESS as admitted by Theresa May, heartlessness, and a hostile environment to the many individuals and organisations that offered community spirited magnificent and PROMPT help to supply PPE.

    Yet at the same time, the govt has granted without due diligence £££ ONE BILLION in contracts to big corporations and outfits ALL with direct connections to the Tory party and to particular members like Owen Patterson and Baroness Dido Harding.

    We are living through a tragic deadly toxic mix of Tory greed and Cummings eugenics. SURELY we can do better than that. Except for the Tory 1%, almost anyone can do better than that🌹🌹🌹

  2. It’ll be fascinating if parents keep their children at home.
    Parents refusing to obey the infantile Johnson’s infanticidal diktat will be more than just a huge loss of face.
    If it happens it proves he can’t govern the country.

  3. You have the Week’s Guardian award for scary reporting and bad science.

    Very, very silly. Very, very unintelligent.

    1. Like you’re proficient enough to understand what’s intelligent and what isn’t.

      Look that child’s parents in they eye and tell them they’re ‘very very silly’ and ‘Very very unintelligent’.


    2. “Silly”??? You think it’s “SILLY”???? We have a government provably incompetent on so many levels, who is now proposing to send young kids (and teaching staff etc) back to school just for a few weeks presumably to… to see what happens??
      And you think it’s silly to object to this???

    3. RH – Nowt to 😟 about?

      It is projected that São Paulo’s hospitals will be completely overwhelmed with Covid-19 victims within the next 10 days.

    4. Pandemic? What pandemic? It’s just Skwawky being a very naughty boy telling such ‘porkie pies’……it should be illegal.

  4. How many children will contact this? How many will not have it ? What percentage of millions of school children will get this ? Is there any repotting of the myriad of other infectious diseases, such as meningitis, measles, mumps etc which can affect their health and result in the majority of the schools in the U.K. being closed?

    1. India is apparently having a resurgence of TB due to lockdown and ‘save the health system’ policies’. Wonder how TB is doing in UK these days, especially London where it was a major problem when I worked there. If your story isn’t a tragedy involving Covid, it’s not newsworthy and few care except close relatives.

      Kids should obviously be kept isolated from birth, educated online at home and never go out into the new dangerous world. Just think of the lives they will have… safe and secure. Looks like in UK it will never be safe to go out again, ever.

  5. So what is it that makes this country so uniquely evil
    We plainly want to murder children just to make a couple of bob
    Let’s see do we need more kiddy catchers on the payroll
    What’s the exchange rate bairns to the Great British Pound
    How about looking at policy for the 65 million, how about saving 500,000 lives
    How about looking after poorest who are starving at the moment
    How about unemployment which will kill hundreds of thousands
    Lockdown deaths already coming through in stats and exceeding any deaths FROM Covid19
    Blah blah fishcake

    1. Better ask the Palestinians and people Britain colonised brutally over centuries. In case anyone is still interested in what’s going on in the world… the brutal apartheid colony is planning to annex the West Bank, oh yes and is still demolishing homes and thieving property/land from Palestinians and .of course killing them and arresting and brutalizing children.

      Still it’s a colonial bulwark for western interests in MENA so can do no wrong or rather enough wrong in the eyes of a country that stole murdered and plundered for centuries, to warrant anything beyond words of pc phrased admonishment, Mustn’t offend the racist colonial state because… anti-Semitism.

      1. My reply is in response to this line:
        “So what is it that makes this country so uniquely evil”

        Anyone that thinks the same and similar modern forces that drove imperialism have any care for their own or world citizens beyond as tools to keep them in the lives to which they are accustomed in these days of banking ponzi scheme collapse and crisis of Capitalism is deluded. The old systems may well be dying but bet your last penny a new one is being constructed before our eyes and I for one get a distinct whiff of tyranny/totalitarianism in the wind, not democracy.

      2. In the current edition of Going Underground (on RT) Ilan Pappe, author of ‘The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine’ discusses the historical significance of Nakba Day and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, and is well worth checking out (if anyone is unfamiliar with RT’s website, click on ‘Shows’ near the top of the page and it will bring up all their regular programs both current and past, but here’s a direct link to the program):

        PS The current edition of The Listening Post on Aljazeera is also worth checking out, as it usually is.

      3. It was a very specific social caste that enslaved the British lower classes in their quest to ‘colonise’ much of the world (aka trade). Press gangs & ignorance were used to ‘man’ the military,both Army & Navy. Peasant classes were both illiterate & innumerate & all ‘news’ was local; soldiers & sailors would have had little or no idea what they were fighting for (or against). Serfs paid homage to their lords.

        The British people were & still are the victims of this controlling ‘aristocracy’, whose families still own & control many of the businesses & property in Britain. Events of 1066 changed ownership, but Magna Carta changed nothing; laws of ownership, trespass & rights of way still favour a privileged class,; the remnants may be seen in the House of Lords. 5% population, still own & control 95% land.

        Palestine is a land where its people are also victims of ‘colonial enterprise’ & ‘land grab’, whose people are being ethnically cleansed with the blessing of political elites from another economic ‘super power’ that recently did the same to its own indigenous population.. When we point the finger, we must be accurate & specific to hold them to account.

  6. Yeah, well if you look at the sunday excess front page today they’ve got branson complaining he’s lost £430m or so.

    And last week the underlying narrative was one that people are taking the piss by taking time off and really should be going back to work because they’re getting their 80% for doing sod-all.

    Those murmurs will get ever louder & clearer as the lockdown goes on. Why? Because just as hot things cool quicker than cooler things, the richest are the ones losing their wealth faster than those with barely a pot to piss in.

    But I’m not remotely arsed about THEIR losses. I’m more concerned with the health & wellbeing of those closest to me. Those in my neighbourhood that EARN the wealth; not some bone idle, gated community tossers out in the sticks that do nothing but sit on their swiss bank accounts, with their three non-eu au pairs and their valets, cooks & gardeners and fucking private tennis courts golf courses and game reserves.

    How many of them types have copped it from Covid?

    1. Well we do of 1. Chief knob himself. Apparently he learnt nothing from he’s run in with C-19 which leads me to suspect it never happened at all. In hiding? My biggest worry is my gr – grandchildren. Their parents will not be sending them to school anytime soon. No matter that’s its illegal to keep you kids from school. Civil Disobedience in action.

      1. He never had the virus. It was all a put up job, just like his filmed ‘milk delivery’. Does anybody seriously imagine for one moment that his security personnel would let the prime minister shake hands with infected people? All were actors in beds (hence everybody at the hospital being sworn to secrecy) and the reason for the ‘play act’ was to gain sympathy from the general public whilst hiding him away from public scrutiny.
        Johnson only does ‘photo opportunities’ as he is well short on real answers. His whole existence has been lies and deceit. I did see somebody on some newspaper forum say that they had seen him just before he went into hospital and he looked really ill, well in that case I definitely saw Bruce Willis get shot dead in a film recently so no more films from Bruce!

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