Video: Belgian health workers turn their backs on their PM in protest at handling of pandemic. Belgium has considerably fewer deaths per head than UK

Belgium shows UK a proper response to government handling of pandemic crisis

Belgian medical staff shun their PM

Belgian health workers have turned their backs en masse on the country’s Prime Minister in protest at their government’s mishandling of the coronavirus crisis:

Belgium has around 785 deaths per million of its population. The UK, which had more time to prepare, has almost 1,000 deaths per million and still rising fast – the worst-performing major nation in the world and with almost as many deaths as the much larger US – yet the Tories have relaxed the lockdown and still have no test and trace plan in place.

Credit to Jerry Hicks of Unite for the video find.

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  1. Aww, now you’ve done it – you KNOW what Brityobs are like – they’ll have to go one better than the Belgians.
    I don’t want to see thousands of bare arses on the BBC mooning Johnson’s motorcade.

    1. Well, if people launched bogrolls at de piffle’s motorcade the beeb & the rags’d spin it as a ticker-tape parade for the oaf…IF it was reported in the msm at all.

      But if I was a matron/senior clinician at a hospital they’d never even make it onto my ward. Even if trainee nurse or cleaner/porter I’d point-blank refuse to be seen with them.

      1. No, sorry. After 2 mins was losing the will to live and checked to see how long it lasted. No way. Sad bastard who made it. Germans, eh?

  2. As of 10pm on 15 May UK had 501 deaths per million, Belgium had 773. UK had 1 death u 16 years of age from Kawasaki sickness. Source Worldometer. This source mainly uses info from governments and WHO tracked by John’s Hopkins.

    1. Does both of the organisations receive substantial amounts of money from the Bill&Melinda Gates Foundations who have vast sums of money in invested in international pharmaceutical corporations such as GlaxoSmithKline and made a kings ransoms on the last “ pandemic “ based on the good doctor’s estimates from Imperial for millions of vaccines for numbers of infections which failed by a very very wide margin failed to materialise.

  3. Don’t expect SIR Kier Starmer to turn his back from his masters, chums, clique and associates – TORIES. His minimal criticism is in line with his duty to them. He is desperate for his turn as the B Side brigade.

    SIR Starmer’s duty was NEVER to Labour. That is why he worked “night and day” to hand our win to his Tories. SIR Starmer will continue to embrace the Tories while pretending to oppose them. He intends if given his turn, to continue EXACTLY the Tory political cruel choices. Check his record.

    All infiltrators must be given the support they gave to Jeremy. INTELLIGENTLY, they must be given similar support, and QUICKLY, to ensure they get all their support back ASAP🌹🌹🌹

  4. Sadly, the standard Tory M.O. is to cordon off a large area, slip the PM in at a distance and control the event entirely.

    Personally, i dn’t know why they always bother doing that- after all, they always seem to win the General Election…

  5. This government fear civil disobediance more than anything else.

    Unfortunately the British have forgot how to build barricades.

  6. The cheap and nasty Tory party has a visceral hatred of the NHS
    Has Uncle Festa taken the NHS off the table yet, methinks not
    ‘ the great british public will learn to appreciate the NHS a lot more when they have to pay for it ‘
    Who said that

  7. Expect the same cheer leaders for WMD Tony Blair and its war crimes to support the criminal suggestions that we send even innocent children into what will be a hotbed, a swirling pool, a petri dish of virus laden Covid-19. It is obvious that since for now, 273 children have been infected with another disease, possibly linked to Covid-19, and at least two have died, it is obvious that it is reckless and wicked to subject children, their friends relatives, teachers and staff to a threat to life.

    Children are excellent vectors of infections. We need not to be specialist virologist, epidemiologist NOR this government’s inappropriately chosen mathematical modellers. Mathematical modellers should never have been at the axis of understanding a virus. They do not have the scientific knowledge to understand the crucial aspects of saving lives from a deadly virus. Their “science” is not as Dominic Cummings directed boris johnson portrays it. Their “science” is without the drive and ethics to save lives.

    Expect therefore to hear fans of oil driven murderous invasion of Iraq, to support Tories’ drive of more people to avoidable thousands of deaths by forcing patents to force their children back to an unsafe environment.

    State schools in particular lack the great spaces which is the privilege private provide. To send state pupils to limited enclosed spaces where Covid-19 will multiply, is this government’s wish. A Tory wish. Expect Blunket to support their policy. Expect Adonis to support their policy… that one man decisive argument against nominative determinism. Expect all Tories in poor disguise like Blunket, Bliar, and Benn to cheerlead for wicked Tory wishes. We must do much better than that.🌹🌹🌹

  8. I wonder if this event in Belgium will get into MSM.
    The hypocrisy of Tory MP’s clapping for the NHS when their Health and Social Care Act and their defunding through austerity has reduced hospital’s to frontline battlegrounds.
    Belgium health staff you show the way to reject the platitudes of your political ‘masters’.
    Well done.

  9. In the past week, two schools in Peterborough have had to close temporarily due a member of staff and the carer of a child in attendance of one of the schools testing positive for the virus (the schools remained open to children of essential workers before the closures). I doubt Pererborough is alone in having to close schools due to the infection just at the point when they are being told to open up. No wonder the teaching unions are alarmed. Let’s have these figures.
    The principle of the school where the carer of a child was infected said “We have been in contact with the NHS and the local authority and they confirm there are no further precautions required for students/staff who ay have been in contact with this child” (no testing then) .

    Just for context, Peterborough has had a comparitively low infection rate until now, however, in the past week the official infection rate has gone from 295 to 368, just when the government is easing the lockdown.

    1. Sorry, my above comment should be on the ‘Govt’s SAGE committee knows reopening schools likely to lead to 2nd spike – and other scientists find same’ post. Too mant tabs open.

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