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Video: “The safety of our children comes first” – Liverpool’s Labour mayor will not re-open schools while infection rates still high

Liverpool’s Labour mayor has stated emphatically that he will not re-open schools while the coronavirus is still a threat to local children, telling the BBC:

We’re still one of the highest areas for COVID-19… and we’re concerned about allowing children back into school who could then either get the virus themselves or spread the virus.

When asked whether this meant he would refuse to re-open schools on 1 June ‘whatever the government’s telling me to do’, Anderson responded:

Yeah, absolutely. The safety of our children comes first.

Anderson is a ‘marmite’ character in the city, but it has been hard to fault his stance on the pandemic, in stark contrast to the party’s national leadership.

And when the UK and 15 US states now have cases of children affected by a serious new coronavirus-related syndrome, he is absolutely right – and Johnson is once again playing fast and loose with the lives of innocent people.

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  1. Not a fan of Joe TBH but I support him 100% on this, The Government are flying blind over this pandemic with few logical ideas, follow the science is all we hear yet everything they touch seems to make matters worse, they make the Thick of it look like reasonable activity, I felt Starmer should have ripped johnson about this rather than arguing about fucking graphs.

    1. Can’t disagree with any of the above, tc.

      Starmer showed as much passion as a house brick, yet the gobshite pundits cream themselves about this so called ‘forensic detail’ … Ffs it’s not hard to collect evidence from the internet.

      Piers moron (voted toerag 2019 to get Brexit done – perhaps another example of why labour and starmer fooked up in reneging on their promise) was going on about a “heated debate” between the two… WHAT heated debate was that? There will NEVER be a “heated debate” while starmers the leader of the (so-called) ‘opposition’ as he’s the toerag and establishment choice – entirely because of his status quo, laissez-faire attitude.

  2. Even the Telegraph thinks Starmer “took Johnson apart like a Duplo train set” for misleading MPs over the CV risk to care home residents.
    The BBC this morning briefly reported the dispute, ending it with Johnson’s claim that Starmer had “taken his words out of context” without further comment.
    Either Johnson misled Parliament or he didn’t.
    The BBC has the evidence in its archives.
    When did the job of “BBC journalist” stop being to report the truth? (rhetorical question)

  3. Anderson is not Marmite, he’s a gobshite duplicitous local politician who provides jobs & houses in parkland for his bourgeois chums (allegedly).

    Starmer also missed the opportunity to criticise this Tory gov’t. It is not delay nor inaction over ‘Care Homes’ & ‘Home Care’ that is the problem, it is the fact that Social Care & Medical Care should be part of the NHS provision & the ‘private’ system is killing people……..I’d better watch my tone..

  4. ”Anderson is not Marmite, he’s a gobshite duplicitous local politician who provides jobs & houses in parkland for his bourgeois chums (allegedly).”

    Quite correct, steve. He’s a grotesquely obese, self-serving, pederast protector.

    Then of course, he employed his mate ged fitzgerald, who did sod-all about the horrific widespread abuse of young girls when chief exec. of rotherham council…

    Oh he’s alright crying poverty on behalf of the city…while spending £90 of council taxpayer’s dosh on his own legal expenses…

    That is far from an exhaustive list, but I haven’t got the time or the inclination just now

    1. That’s £90k, by the way.

      £90 buys him a light snack…Or two and a third dummkopf-schmitt breakfasts.

  5. Well – even if you’ve been asleep for the past six weeks, you might have picked up the basic fact that ‘the safety of our children” isn’t the issue. Children are not ‘at risk’ from this virus in any normal definition of the term. Although a lot about this virus is still unclear, there is enough data to know that this notion can easily be dismissed as *utter* bullshit.

    The whole debate about opening schools is about protecting *adults*, not children.

    If the bumbler wants to ‘protect children’, he’d be better off banning all but absolutely essential traffic in Liverpool, and getting back to horses and carts. Forever. A dead cert for more effectively ‘saving’ our children from untimely death.

    1. RH whilst I have always thought that the virus was being used to experiment with civil liberty’s in different parts of the world including the UK,I do not think we know enough to experiment with the lives of children or the elderly and vulnerable.We are not in a position to know one way or the other especially with the ideological driven conservative and unionist party.Please show a little more humility when not everything is clear and evidence driven.The children are our future and risking their lives is not an option one should take lightly.

    2. ”Children are not ‘at risk’ from this virus in any normal definition of the term.”

      Nor were the elderly in care homes. You monumental gobshite.

      Go away.

    1. I’m thinking and looking all the time, Jack – that’s why I don’t buy the ‘Panic!’ narrative and the use by government, via the MSM,, of rare cases to instill fear.

      Life is probability.

      The probability of what you are highlighting is so minimal as to not register a blip in terms of risk – and a link hasn’t been established, anyway in any scientific sense. Do’t be suckered. Remember the reverse case of people dodging the Mumps vaccination on the basis of false perception of probabilities. Same thing – different purpose.

      In terms of important risks to children, you will be aware that Iceland, because of its size, has done more testing and examination for the disease than any other country. One relevant finding is that children coming back from abroad with strains of rhinovirus, influenza virus *and* Covid-19 passed on infection – *except* that of Covid-19.

      The main virus at the moment is the ‘Wooo-Hooo!-han’ virus (the Chinese for ‘Panic!’), and the discussions on Skwawkbox totally miss what is *really* going on in political terms, with a pretty unexceptional coronavirus being used to create a brainwashed state of compliance to restrictions in the population at large (yes – the documentation of strategy is there for anyone who looks and digs a bit).

      One only has to see the continuity in MSM (and other) behaviour between the Corbyn-rubbishing and the current ‘Panic!’ narrative to smell stinking fish and recognise that something else is beneath its surface.

      1. As a P.S. : The major threat to children currently is the psycho-social damage of isolation and the inducing of fear.

      2. Brilliant – a conspiracy of every government on the planet to wreck every economy on the planet.
        Maybe they learned aliens are planning to invade and the world’s governments decided only a scorched Earth policy could make them go away?
        Or maybe they already invaded, replaced all the politicians with pod people and CV19 is just stage one of the cull?
        Oh, I know – theres a giant asteroid going to hit in three months and they’re scared if they tell us where it’s going to hit we’ll all rush to the opposite side of the planet and find the bunkers they’re building for themselves?
        We haven’t yet heard your explanation for the apparent fact that for the first time in history the world’s governments are ALL in agreement – that coronavirus really is “A BIT OF A WORRY.”
        Bated breath, RH, bated breath.

  6. RH “and the use by government, via the MSM,, of rare cases to instill fear.”

    I think the evidence is rather the opposite.They kept telling us that the virus wasn’t so serious and similar to the flu and used that excuse to delay measures which should have been put into effect much earlier. I’m all for conspiracy theories, especialy if there is even a hint of evidence to warrant furher probing but speaking personally, if I didn’t see any valid reason for trying to keep at arm’s length, or in this case two arms length, away from possible contamination I would carry on as normal. My brain is too sceptical to be washed.

  7. Now our children will all die if we don’t keep them locked up, many in tiny high rise flats… join the cult of clap and clap for NHS staff wages now, who did everyone think would pay for ‘lockdown’? Your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will pay with austerity, tax rises, reduced benefits, loss of freedoms and rights, tracked, traced and mandatorily injected from birth to death so many are begging for to be ‘saved’.

    The super wealthy and monopolists benefitting hugely from lockdown, but, but Capitalists want workers back to work they cry… what madness and tunnel vision is this, could the economy be being restructured in favour of monopolists, vulture capitalists and ever present rentiers would lend money into existence and charge compound interest… those ever present ruthless Banksters? You mustn’t say such things because we will all die if we don’t stay locked up until saved by a rushed vaccine… 2020… the end of human natural defense mechanisms against pathogens, human’s cannot survive without a pathogen trap mask, needle, pill or potion and oh yes, wear a pathogen trap mask, stay away from ‘others’, stay out of the sun the original healer, take a chemically produced vitamin pill instead.

    Who cares about anyone but Covid… no f’ing one and how many are dying, suffering, undiagnosed, committing suicide etc. to ‘save the f’ing NHS where staff are so bored out their tiny corporatized minds they make endless pathetic videos.

    They say people such as me have ”blood on our hands’ are ‘flat earthers’ etc. for questioning the response to a virus related to viruses that come every year and to which many may already be immune or have a primed immune system from exposure to previous corona viruses. Who will have the blood on their hands of those dead and dying of other serious medical conditions that were discouraged or scared out of their wits to seek help for because they didn’t have symptoms of the only show in town… who f’ing cares about them? NO ONE!

    I’ve had enough of this madness…

    1. While I’m in rant mode, what about those blanket DNRs especially in under staffed poorly resourced care homes… how many were automatically put on that infamous ‘Liverpool Pathway’ because well… DNR?

      Eva Bartlett has compiled links on alternative views for anyone with an open mind left. Perhaps mostly those who view without comment?

    2. Off-guardian have produced a series of coronavirus fact sheets from many of the world’s leading Professors, doctors, researchers who are experts in the fields applicable to this ” pandemic” who are not in the pay of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Welfare foundation, GlaxoSmithKline etc or have vested interests because they head companies selling kits for testing for this virus. What they have stated explaining the science behind this ” pandemic ” is it not only based on faulty data but also faulty science. A past example of this was the Swine ” pandemic ” which predicted untold suffering on humanity resulting on millions of doses of vaccines being produced by the international pharmaceutical companies which were not cheap and resulted in them making billions profit. However, because the predicted ” pandemic ” didn’t happen huge quantities were thrown away. So the question is why many of these independent experts voices are being suppressed, ignored or silenced in the MSM and the State Broadcaster to openly peer review the findings of the medical research facilities bought and paid for by donations and contracts with the BAMGF plus the international pharmaceutical corporations. In addition, The Chief UK medical officer stated a few days ago that the overwhelming majority of the population will not get Covid -19. a few will have it but not even notice it, a small minority will have mild symptoms, some will have to be hospitalized and a very small percentage will unfortunately, die. What is also noticeable that the overwhelming majority of those unfortunate people who die have one or more serious underlying medical conditions and by an overwhelming majority are between 60-90 with the over 70s predominant in this group. Many people were dying of age related disease from time immemorial or younger from disease long before Covid -19. Yet, there was not the hysteria being witnessed today in modern times being whipped up by the propaganda arms of the incredibly powerful vested interests to imprison people in the homes and creating a de facto police state. plus many other sites have produced a great deal of evidence to reveal what in reality is happening.

      1. I recall the swine flu predictions and bird flu. Lest we forget the foot and mouth horror that led to millions upon millions of healthy livestock slaughtered, pires burning for months and months and bankruptcies and suicides of many farmers and a more intensely and less diverse farmed UK leaving many communities dependent on industrially produced products sold in supermarkets that buy around the world by screwing producers into the ground forcing more take overs and more condensed industrial farming. All those based on Ferguson’s models.
        Computer programmers have been hard at work looking at the code/s Ferguson/Imperial used that were eventually published. This was the first one I came across but have seen many critiques since, all saying similar or more critical.

        I’m a computer illiterate so have to rely on those whose job it is. I follow Off-Guardian and thanks for adding that link. UKColumn has done good work for many years. I have to take breaks as it becomes overwhelming at times.

  8. It’s not a conspiracy theory
    It is very much to do with how the financial system implodes and what replaces it
    Covid19 is the excuse to take us all to the cleaners as the Ponzi scheme collapses

  9. Maria, in UKcolumn they discussed the faulty coding on Ferguson’s predicted models and explained a number of institutional plus researchers found that it was unable to produce the results on a repeat basis. When it was pointed out to Ferguson and Imperial that there was an anomaly in the code, they said they said they taking a average which contradicts how a scientific hypotheses should work. Yet, knowing this the WHO plus a plethora of other organisations took these these projections as gospel and declared a “ pandemic “. The common denominators between them is the funding, grants, salaries and contracts from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation plus of course Welcome Foundation, GlaxoSmithKline etc chipping in as well. It’s also noticeable that some of the experts being enlisted by the MSM and State Broadcaster to explain the “ pandemic “ and potential consequences also have companies links to the B&MGF plus the international pharmaceutical corporations.

    1. Brianbotou, I’ll watch UK Column.

      Common denominators = conspiracy theories though surely… sarcasm.

      The principle of reward increasing rewarded behaviour has become forgotten somewhere. This in my mind is how the inhuman, egregious siphoning systems we live under prevail and further entrench themselves. It runs through now globally endemic corporate systems, financial sector, politics, gov and global entities, wealth equals power, the more wealth you gain the more you can exert political, economic, educational, social, medical, environmental, military, media etc. influence according to your and those with like minded personal beliefs, aims and objectives.
      We’ve seen huge changes over the last 30 years with the rise of major global companies now becoming virtual monopolies as they buy up each other and merge, the banking system becoming even more concentrated, used to restructure economies and globally connected. Tax havens furnish the free pass for hiding wealth and income from super stars, Kings,Queens to multinationals/individuals avoiding taxes and others of the wealthiest classes set up their own money laundering, influence operations as charities/charitable trusts.

      People with no qualifications or faulty methodology on a particular subject are seen as all knowing advisors to Govs and ex PMs and presidents have second jobs working for banks, financial sector, corporate advisors and Govs restructuring their countries and as always the highest bidder. Grifters and sales men/women become billionaires or their beneficiaries and gain the power to have influence on all aspects of our lives.

      Apols for a ramble. The tangled webs, tentacles and networks are a massive subject, it’s mind blowing for me. I will say that I don’t like, even fear/dread the growing lack of diversity, concentration of wealth and power into fewer and fewer hands/entities. More and more get drawn into the ‘approved consensus’ narrative and discuss within that narrow margin rather than thinking differently and questioning the elephant in the room each time something major happens.

      At this rate our children or grandchildren will be little more than human drones doing what they are told getting their allocated rations and meds in a new 24 hour monitored slave system. The term neo-feudal is often used… which is probably more correct.

      1. The concentration of wealth has been evidence for a century or more . For example, the Federal reserve is not as many people believe owned by the US people but mostly by a consortium of US banks many of whom are subsidiaries of foreign transnational banking concerns.

        Black rock, an investment financial corporation, along with Vanguard has assets of $100, 000,000,000,000s in the mast majority of the major US corporations, finance houses plus overseas interests such as Deutsche bank. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated $100,000,000,000s in so called philanthropic donations to a plethora of medical institutions such as the World Health Organisation, yet, over nearly 2 decades Gate’s wealth has increased from approximately $54,000,000,000 to over $100,000,000,000. The tentacles of these financial institutions permeate almost every facet of society to extract profit and they use the MSM ( which they own) and governments to either buy or leverage influence. As in the case of the Corona -19 “ pandemic “.

        The key is propaganda as it always has been the case with these gargantuan financial institutions which basically own governments plus politicians even within the Labour Party ( The Trilaterals come to mind whom the knight of the realm is a member) and cannot get away with what they are doing without our consent.

        Hence why there is a coordinated campaign to ramp up fear, hysteria and panic whilst suppressing dissenting voices plus employing paid trolls to slander, smear and smudge the issues as you can witness on this site when posters query the narrative!

      2. brianbotou14/05/2020 AT 9:22 PM
        “The concentration of wealth has been evidence for a century or more.”

        Yes, though I think it really picked up with the Thatcher/Reagan era, popularising neoliberalism. Beginning the roll back of all the second world war gains was first order of business as the ideology gained momentum and spread across all sectors. The Spider’s Web documentary very good on ‘Britain’s second empire’.

        I know about the Fed and consortium of banks superficially, I’m no banking expert but I don’t think you need to be to understand the vested interests in play. I have a small insight into how far banks/financial sector has its tentacles into Gov, local gov and society so am very aware of how big an influence they are, perhaps the biggest.

        I 100% agree propaganda is the key and it works most effectively when people are afraid because their critical thinking skills go out the window, flight/fight response Now we have people shutting down and smearing those who question the ‘consensus’ and reporting their neighbours etc. etc.

  10. Now we have the, wait for it …”people’s vaccine”, a fluffy, good for you vaccine against a virus that mutates very fast and that most already have an effective immune response to by now. A rushed vaccine, tested on Africans (poor or starving no doubt coz little comfortable whiteys can’t be used) if it tested on humans at all. A vaccine indemnified by Govs against law suits for damages… so these leaders/ex leaders like that dreadful sell off and out merchant Brown think we are all stupid… where do they think Gov gets the funds to pay damages… yes, you guessed it, the people!

    Is this a propaganda campaign, hiding beneath stop profiteers this time, to get mandatory vaccination accepted? Once in, each year the new ones for the next mutation will be patented and indemnified.

    Some of these vaccines contain cocktails of mercury, aluminium are grown on dog tissue known carriers of a host of corona viruses. I even read a report of a Pentagon study that showed that soldiers already vaccinated with flu and related vaccines were more likely to suffer extreme, life threatening antibody/systemic over reaction known as a cytokine storm on encountering corona viruses subsequently.

    Brown et al can go f themselves as far as I am concerned.

    Btw in my 18:36 comment it should say pyre not pire. Fire/pyre. Misspelling again.

    1. The ultimate achievement of propaganda is “ To make millions of people of people eager to forge the chains of their own servitude”. I wonder if there will be a MSM plus State Broadcaster campaign to get people to stand outside of their self isolation units ( prisons) to clap for that!

  11. Maria, the Spiders web about the City of London’s financial empire is very revealing! Well worth watching to see how pernicious the financial institutions are and how much control they have!

    1. Indeed and another, from the book that opened my eyes to how central banking works in the modern neoliberal era to re-structure economies and societies is ‘Princes of the Yen’. When you remember that central banks are owned and driven by private interests then you really see the undemocratic, unmatched power of banks today especially as many of the constraints put in place in the public interest after the earlier 20C crash and depression, have now been dropped, they have become entities with no or little public understanding or oversight, directing much of what goes on in the world today.

      I highly recommend those that haven’t watched these documentaries spend some of your lockup time doing so.

  12. So called Spanish Flu in 1918 (only because Spain reported its cases when other Govts had censorship so newspapers around the World reported on the flu in Spain so poor Spain for over 100 years has had to take the rap) what should really be known as American Flu or Kansas Flu was turned into a killer by post WW1 Austerity and in particular malnutrition which suppresses the immune system.
    And now after 10 years of Tory Austerity history repeats itself, as the UK has been found to be seriously unprepared because of the Neo-Liberal laissez-faire Tory ideologues.
    As the Tories after using those in care homes all their lives (who were once workers and built society) seem to find them now expendable it would be intetesting to know if Covid 19 deaths are higher in care homes in the inner city compared to the plush suburbs?
    My concern with the Tories rushing to reopen schools apart from the health and safety of school staff is will the 4m diverse kids in poverty (and their families) predominantly in the inner city be at the most risk?
    Need to kick the Right Wing Tory Neo-Liberal Barbarians Out!

  13. Oh and working way through brilliant New Leff Review on a global perspective.
    And a great point, need publicly owned pharmaceutical companies, in the last decade vaccines could have been found but then deemed unprofitable.
    I always remember an old story, Aliens from space landed and saw millions suffering and millions of drugs in warehouses, and they said why don’t you give one to the other?
    But the capitalists replied, we can’t do that we need to sell them for a price and profit.
    Time I think to turn the left wing democratic socialist page.

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