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Second Merseyside council to reject school return as C-spread fails to fall

Wirral council on Merseyside will also refuse to send children back to school. Will your local authority do likewise?

Wirral council on Merseyside is to join Liverpool in refusing to send the area’s children back to school, in spite of the government’s intention to re-open schools starting from 1 June.

A council press release this week stated that the rate of infection in Wirral had not fallen, despite government claims to the contrary for the country as a whole:

Wirral joins Merseyside message to stand strong on stay at home guidance

Local authorities in Merseyside are calling for members of the public to remain vigilant and continue to stay home as much as possible, in light of national changes to the UK’s Coronavirus response.

The move comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced an easing of the UK lockdown, due to the nation’s ‘R value’ (the reproductive number or rate of infection of the virus) dropping below one transmission per COVID-19 case.

According to data gathered by Merseyside Resilience Forum’s (MRF) Intelligence cell, this is not the case for the Merseyside region which has a significantly higher death rate than England and the rest of the North West.

Serena Kennedy, Chair of Merseyside Resilience Forum, said:

“Local authorities across the MRF are united in this call for the public and partners to continue to follow the stay at home guidance, as much as is possible.

While infections and deaths are reducing, it appears that we are not coming down the other side of the epidemic curve as fast as other areas and regions.

Easing of lockdown does not mean that we are through the worst of this and as ever, the health and safety of our communities comes first.

Right now, we need to do more than stay alert, we must all continue to stay at home where possible and do our bit to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, together.”

The SKWAWKBOX understands that an announcement on schools remaining closed will be made early next week.

Liverpool city mayor Joe Anderson told the BBC earlier this week that he will ‘absolutely’ reject any attempt by the government to force the authority’s schools to re-open, stating that “The safety of our children comes first”.

In spite of government claims that the infection rate is falling and the lockdown can be relaxed, the Tories are also massively increasing emergency mortuary capacity in the expectation of a huge spike in infections and deaths.

Wirral was the site of the sham ‘quarantine‘ of returning passengers from China and Japan at the start of the pandemic, in which ‘quarantined’ passengers were allowed to leave the Arrowe Park residence and mingle freely.

More and more councils across the country are expected to follow suit and those who refuse to resist will come under pressure from parents to protect children and their families and teachers.

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  1. IT could be the start of a fightback against the government,….We need to use CV to bring this regime down.Dont expect any help from the leadership of the Labour party..

    1. You are right Joseph. Stoma does not want to upset his masters or they won’t give him his Tory turn.

      As soon as the PPE shortages were made public, VERY MANY LOCAL, offered help, including schools, charities, small business etc. Yet, even charities were asked to pay £1,500 to get approval from this government for EACH, type of item, eg gloves, aprons of different types, masks and visors, of various types.

      Despite these hurdles put to local charities, manufactures etc, this government has awarded, without open scrutiny, without competition, without due diligence, ONE BILLION GBP of contracts to foreign owned companies to provide PPE, testing etc etc etc.

      £One Billion worth of contracts have gone to private companies including French and American ones. Contracts have gone to companies which pay Tories eg Owen Patterson £100,000.00 for a few hours work per month. Contracts have gone to companies which directly or indirectly made donations to the Conservative Party.

      From the start, Tory delays re the supply of PPE and the delay in testing seemed inexplicable. As early as end of February, suspicions grew louder. By March it was clear to anyone who cared to take notice. This government has used and is using this pandemic as a cash cow for their 1% chums.

      Each day, you think they could not sink any lower. Each day you think they could not be so unimaginably callous. Each day you realise they CAN sink lower. They have. They are unimaginably callous. Unimaginable to us. Natural to them.

      1. Wonder what Priti Patel thinks❓❓❓ Ms Patel, use your knowledge from your unauthorised “working meetings” while on “holiday”, to inform us. After all, with the incompetent TORY government… competent only at outsourcing the most urgent functions re Covid-19 to your 1% bandits, we may as well have your Priti’s DIY FOREIGN POLICY “expertise”. How did the Chinese ambassador die❓❓❓

      2. ps the ambassador is only 57. It can happen, but it is worth investigating the “natural causes” of a 57 year old man dying in his sleep.

  2. John Mann just said approx 09:50 on LBC that 1- Govt handling things well.
    2 – Starmer doing well dealing with AS and he or Starmer want all the AS members who joined, removed. He said something like , Jewish leaders are pleased.
    3 – Mann said we must follow the experts who are keen for schools to start again.

    I disagree with Mann on all the above and agree with the Merseyside councils. We are still trying to understand Covid-19. By failing to test the govt failed to accumulate as much data as it could and should. Further the idea that children survive the infection with little or no symptoms so should go back to school, is in line with the odd “science” the govt repeats it “is following”.

    No one is an island… including a child. It is obvious to us that children have social contacts outside of school and so do teachers. Such connectivity is against Tory ideology.
    Further, a virus can hide in the body for decades. Eg Chicken Pox, reactivates later to cause Shingles. It is quite reasonable that Covid-19 could hide in a similar way.

  3. Tories have blamed Tory cuts on Labour councils for years – I’d bet they’ve been sending the CV patients least likely to survive to die in places like Liverpool.
    Remember the ‘quarantine’ buses – why go to Arrowe Park when there must be hundreds of hospitals closer to Brize Norton?
    Traitors that disobey Benito Boris’s pronunciamentos will be targeted one way or another.

  4. Housing and Education, two policies that suddenly become CRITICAL for Labour and its Covid19 position.

    Two policy areas where Labour is FAILING MISERABLY.

    Does blame for this lie with Rebecca Long Bailey and Thangam Debbonaire?

    NO – IT IS ENTIRELY DOWN TO THE (antiLabour) POSITION adopted by the LEADER, Sir Erik Armrest third-way, trilateral centrist extraordinaire.

    The sooner we tell Sir Erik that his trilateral tendencies harm and offend us the better!

    1. “The sooner we tell Sir Erik that his trilateral tendencies harm and offend us the better!”

      STAY, ORGANISE and FIGHT back.

  5. Your position on schools only survives if you are living inside your own bunker and the air is running out
    Meanwhile back on our planet schools are open and doing fine
    Some never closed in those countries with best record
    Does it not count if its Jonny foreigner

    1. The country where I live Vietnam, with one of the best records on dealing with the virus to date,closed its schools,(they have just re-opened) so stop talking out of your arse Doug.

      1. John
        So how have they opened their schools, what measures were taken and what can we learn from them

  6. Naysayers
    You would have more credibility if you told us what needs to be done to get bairns back to school

    1. Get EVERY child and every teacher tested, tested, tested BEEFORE the healthy ones are allowed to return.

      TEST TEST TEST – evidence based thinking usually sorts most problems out.

    2. If you knew anything you would know that we haven’t had a new case of the virus for almost a month,that is why they were able to re-open the schools here.

  7. Little Gavin Williamson’s doing his Allan Bennett impression at the Downing Street briefing on BBC.
    Not great tbh but better than his Health Secretary impression.

  8. No matter what the economic imperative, we cannot risk the life of a single person. Schools must stay closed until it is certain that opening them will not cause the death of a pupil, parent, teacher,teaching assistant or a member of the ancillary staff.
    Bravo Merseyside for showing the rest the way forward.

    1. “we cannot risk the life of a single person”

      So you are in favour of banning all cars? Of locking people up who have a cold? Of lock-up whenever influenza strikes? Of children playing on swings?

      Life is about balancing risk, and you have to have a massively good reason to justify the known and self-evident risks of extreme quarantine on the basis of precious little evidence.

      And anyway, the debate about schools is not about the risk to children – they have minimal levels of it in terms of this virus.

      1. RH we are in the middle of a pandemic. People are dying of the corona virus across the globe. You clearly think it is OK to take chances with people’s lives. I don’t and as I said in another post – if I had a child of school age they would go back to school the day after Jacob Rees Mogg’s kids and not before.

  9. ❌ Outsourced testing to private foreign companies. ❌ The resulting data is NOT being given to local health teams. THIS GOVERNMENT having DENIED the NHS from testing DESPITE expertise and capacity, testing has been unnecessarily and suspiciously outsourced.

    It is my firm belief that we need to follow the money. THEN we will discover one of the SICK reasons why the Tories have made POLITICAL choices re this deadly pandemic. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY. The trail always connects Tories with their 1% BANDITS. That’s what they are. Heartless, corrupt murderous BANDITS‼️‼️‼️

  10. Yes signpost, it appears that Bozo is making the NHS outsource its testing programmes to Trump’s carefully positioned US Roche Corporation. Bad taste in my mouth.

    1. What a difference from the Spanish Socialist coalition that has nationalised all private hospitals and clinics and is deploying the extra personnel to carry out test and care for the sick.

  11. What’s the difference between sending workers back to Covid-laced work and sending kids back to covid-laced school? Answer: Kids are the future, which seems to indicate that our fuhrer has decided this country has no future. He’s right of course. The minute that bonehead signed the Brexit document, we were screwed. But surely, no PM would throw his country to the dogs? Well Hitler did, and because he considered his countrymen to be unworthy.

    1. Thats because children in public schools (and on Merseyside too) are valued and aren’t considered expendable – working class kids elsewhere are not valued by the government – their lives don’t matter and if some of them die because of government policy that’s ok – they don’t count.
      If I had a child of school age they would return to school the day after Jacob Rees Mogg’s kids and not a moment before.

  12. Problem : Having worked the public into a state of extreme panic and paralysis, what do you do to restore society to balanced rationality?

      1. … and this video addresses several current issues from a scientific point of view, based on one of the Stanford investigations.

        One key take-away : Lockdown can slow down the spread of the virus, but it cannot eliminate the virus. The difference is *when* and how you pay the cost imposed by the virus.

        Lots of other neglected science.

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