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As news emerges of serious C-19 effects in children, Johnson plans to relax lock-down early – including opening schools

Johnson’s disregard for the safety of UK people plain as media trails his plan to lift lock-down just as NHS circulates information of serious complications of COVID-19 in children

The press are trailing Boris Johnson’s plan to ease the UK’s lock-down restrictions ahead of his return tomorrow. The Tory buffoon, whose ‘herd immunity‘ plan has never been abandoned in spite of media spin, intends to allow some businesses to open – and to re-open schools:

But the NHS has been circulating an urgent notification to medical staff, tweeted on Sunday by a number of doctors and medical organisations including the Paediatric Intensive Care Society, advising them to watch out for serious complications of coronavirus infection in children – previously said to be relatively untouched by the virus but now increasingly frequent:

The symptoms include inflammation of multiple organs – and even of ‘atypical’ inflammation of blood vessels (Kawasaki disease) and the heart occuring ‘commonly’, and ‘toxic shock’ with potentially fatal complications – along with ‘strange’ and unexplained rashes, abdominal pain and stomach upsets.

If the NHS is aware and alerting medical staff, then Health Secretary Matt Hancock is aware – and if Hancock is aware, then Johnson is aware.

Yet Johnson – who was ready to see hundreds of thousands of people die in the pursuit of ‘herd immunity‘ – with that news in hand is now planning to reconvene schools and put children in danger.

Not to mention the risk to their older relatives who may become infected even if the children escape the worst effects of the virus.

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  1. If children start dying in numbers parents won’t rest until they get answers – they won’t accept an inquiry that takes three years to find responsibility shared so widely that nobody can be held responsible.
    I wouldn’t – would you?
    The MSM might even feel obliged to comment in stronger terms than “With the benefit of hindsight the government’s policies might have had more favourable results if this information had been available to them sooner.”

  2. Keir Starmer and the other coup plotters helped to cause this tragedy. “JOINT ENTERPRISE” must now apply to
    Keir Starmer. Starmer is utterly guilty DIRECTLY and by “Joint Enterprise”. By his INTIMATE and WILLING ASSOCIATION, Starmer with those responsible for ALLOWING these death numbers to rise not just above 20,000., but most likely in excess of 40,000 to date. How so??? Because these AVOIDABLE deaths are due to Starmer’s collaboration with the his wrecking saboteurs’ “Stop Corbyn” plot. From the time Jeremy was elected the saboteurs choreographed their coups. But there’s more. The “Stop Corbyn Campaign” WITHIN the Labour Party, included “DEATH THREATS”.

    1. Intended last month to point out another nasty piece of work at its usual. Twatson with neither professional musical experience, amateur performing experience, nor musical knowledge of worth, has been allowed to spread his toxicity around the music business.

      Just as regards WMD Blair, and those at Labour HQ, who bullied with death threats as part of their “Stop Corbyn” campaign, the abject inexcusable failure to have WMD Blair’s claws clipped by parliament and to ensure Twatson was expelled and prosecuted for helping Carl Beech PLUS taking half a million pounds from the bigot, racist and antisemite Mosely’s son, has allowed those odious creatures to do more harm.

      The NEC should never be excused for protecting WMD Blair and Twatson. Twatson has now been allowed to gain a £60,000 payment for a maximum four day week, “heading” UK Music.

      We cannot excuse the jellied weaknesses and incoherence of those who failed to protect thousands from slander and injustice, yet had strength to protect Coyle, Ashworth, Bliar and Twatson. That is the key flaw of the “Left”. Over and over, intermittent sparks of life, but only to save vile snakes like Twatson & Coyle. Why❓ Why over and over and ocer again❓❓ How could that bizarre useless attitude persist for sixty, seventy, eighty years❓❓❓
      PLEASE, someone…anyone explain… please🌹🌹🌹

      1. Simply We are fighting a war against the government who have sunk to levels of cruelty and murder of the inoccent not seen since Dickensian times.The response from socialists must be ruthless and no excuse accepted…..Unfortunately the Labour establishment are not fit for purpose .Regards comrades

  3. And so the herd immunity policy continues apace .
    Was there ever any doubt , and the twat has obviously not had any revelation whatsoever from having had CV19 and unfortunately survived it , now his beliefs are reinforced that if he survived it so can everyone else .

    UK the mad charnel house of the World only second place to the insane USA .
    Profit and greed before lives that’s all that matters .

    1. You read my mind rob. Because 99% of people would have had a “revelation” were we in need of one, alas too many expect same of that johnson. Don’t hold your breath. Their Tory inbred ideology was, is and will remain: if you are poor, vulnerable, get sick and die, then you did not try hard enough.”You need to be a fighter” like that johnson🌹🌹🌹

  4. The selective and disproportionate shroud-waving reporting here is now getting beyond ridiculous,

    There have been 18.5k identified deaths in hospital ‘with’ (not ‘of’) Corona virus.

    Of those 9 – yes *9* – have been in the age range 0-19 years.

    Now that tells a risk tale to all but the innumerate or the willful peddlers of incontinent fear (starting with the Tories).

    Try reporting some of the many experienced epidemiologists who are seriously worried about the social and mortality consequences of panic and lockdown, and the growing concern about the implications of governments extending their powers.

    You might then regain a bit of credibility if you can claw your way back from the outer fringes of social media absurdity.

    1. Everything I have read leads me to believe healthy children are least at risk and surprisingly may not even carriers as in flu etc.
      Still I don’t read or watch any MSM except the odd piece, I consider it a danger to mental health and critical thinking.

      The fear factor is really being ramped up it appears… public will be calling for everlasting lockdown, UBI, cashless exchange and surveillance and tracking as well as increased censorship of opinion… Brits criticise Chinas’ surveillance society and mock DPRK but they are welcoming, even begging for same/similar systems with a corrupted and far right incompetent so called Gov in power for who knows how long.
      I tend agree with Mark Curtis on this, UK is not a democracy it is an Oligarchy with ‘democracy’ as largely a facade.

      1. Curtis does omit the banking/finance/insurance sector in his revolving door list unless he includes them under corporations as all big banks are privately owned. Banking/financial sector has become a popular next career move for many ex PMs.

  5. 152,840 Covid-19 TESTED cases. 20,732 confirmed NHS hospital fatalities.
    Yet despite the BIG PR… SPIN of the “opening” of another “Nightingale” hospital at Birmingham’s NEC, with 500 beds, not a patient. Read it again. It was “opened” TEN days ago, with NO STAFF, but with expensive spin.
    After TEN days, not one patient has been treated there. Not one.🌹🌹🌹

  6. If there was evidence of children suffering badly then we are fortunate in that this country is behind the curve
    Other countries will pick up any development way before us
    Watch this space

  7. One key point with bairns is that because we are now raising battery hens their immune systems are not developing compared to the likes of us who were brought on a strict diet of dog shit sandwiches

  8. For the vast majority this virus is non life threatening but there have been those who succumb to it who have absolutely no underlying conditions
    The reason for this is that their immune systems overreact to the virus and effectively go into meltdown leading to fatalities
    This is not exclusive to Covid19 and no one knows why certain people react in this way
    What you report being observed in a number of children in North Lonfon is a form of ‘toxic shock syndrome’
    So it’s not a new a new development for simple reason not all children affected have the Covid19 virus

    1. “The reason for this is that their immune systems overreact to the virus and effectively go into meltdown leading to fatalities”

      I have read a few Drs and scientists concluding that an over reaction of immune system is causing major problems for some and is a particular problem when intubated ventilation (under pressure) is used which causes people with already fluid filled lungs an even more serious problem ie. literally to drown. Sedation is required for this type of ventilation and of course patients are in isolation, no visitors which equals NO advocates or even observers. Who really knows what is going on except staff have time to make videos to put on social media, don’t give me the hero crap… yes many committed, even heroic staff no doubt exist in NHS but all staff are human and most ‘follow the herd/culture’ just like the public.

      I cannot claim to know for certain what’s true but I do know at this rate of conflicting information and advice Drs and the public will never get a true picture, this is very bad in the medium to long term for medical advancement and decent research.
      I still cannot get my head around the logic of we can go to the supermarket (for essentials) but not to open spaces… for essential exercise, important vitamin D top up and maintaining mental health.

      Lest we forget US has an insurance based healthcare system and NHS is all but privatised with competing trusts and corporate structuring and ideology by now well entrenched. Toe the line or lose your job, get demoted, put on ‘gardening leave’ or…
      Drs and whistleblowers have been targetted for years in NHS for speaking out going back at least to baby P.

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