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Watch: Morgan accuses Raab of not having the guts to appear to answer why Tories wasted 3 months before announcing airport measures

And even now, there is no firm start date – and ‘quarantine’ is just self-isolation

In the bizarre coronavirus landscape, almost the only mainstream journalist doing an actual journalist’s job of challenging the daily nonsense spouted by the Tories is Piers Morgan.

Morgan has terrified the woeful Health Secretary Matt Hancock and his underlings – but former stand-in PM Dominic Raab has hidden from scrutiny, refusing to appear on ITV’s Good Morning Britain to face questions.

And this morning – after the Tories announced that quarantining arriving air passengers suddenly is a good idea, when for three months they have insisted it was pointless and allowed passengers even from the world’s worst-affected ‘hotspots’ to enter the UK unchecked – Morgan challenged Raab directly to ‘have the guts’ to appear:

Morgan’s comments about the Tories’ screeching u-turn on travellers are on point – but the the government has still not named a date for the start of the new ‘quarantine’, even though months have passed with them doing nothing. Instead, their guidance document issued today meaninglessly states that it will start ‘as soon as possible’.

Nor will passengers actually be quarantined. Instead, they will simply be told to self-isolate.

No wonder the cowardly Raab daren’t appear – and his boss goes ‘AWOL’ at every possible opportunity.

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  1. Measures OBVIOUS to ALL readers on posted TWO months ago. FORESIGHT. AHEAD of the curve. Ahead of the MSM. Ahead of Kier Starmer. Ahead of this callous Tory deadly incompetent nest of bandits and charlatans‼️‼️‼️

    1. windchimes – It may have escaped your notice but Keir Starmer wasn’t the leader of the Labour Party two months ago.

      1. Sh it must be clear even to you, that Dire Stoma was invited into the Labour Shadow cabinet. Dire Stoma was given a key position by Jeremy. Yet your dear Stoma repaid Jeremy’s kindness, gentleness and generosity, with OPEN sabotage.

        “Working Night & Day to” bring Jeremy down. To “Stop Corbyn”. To “undermine” Jeremy by making johnson win. Sh it is surely clear even to you that instead of sabotage, Stoma should have been exposing Tory, racism, Tory bigotry, Tory lies, Tory taking donations from dubious Russian oligarchs, Taking donations from other dubious international outfits, and of course rabid long running entrenched racism in general and rancid Tory anti-semitism in particular.

        Instead of that Sh it “may not have escaped your notice” … even YOUR notice SH, that SIR Kier Starmer spent the last FOUR + years, INCLUDING the last “two months” doing the opposite. Even during the last two months YOUR beloved Starmer has used every MSM article and every interview to excuse himself for his unforgivable treachery.

        Treachery not just to Jeremy. Treachery to us the 500,000 who voted for him. Treachery to those who accepted our democratic choice. And now we can all see the result of Kier Starmer’s treachery.

        Starmer’s persistent treachery in league with the warmonger Tony Blair has enabled this avoidable loss of life. THIRTY TWO THOUSAND plus Covid-19 positive tested deaths. Add to that SH, at least another thirty two thousand deliberately UNTESTED EXCESS deaths. Multiply those by the inestimable grieving due to untimely lonely losses SH. Assume at least four significant others of each diseased SH. Think of the negative social consequences SH.

        HOW can Starmer who “worked night and day” from the get to to “Stop Corbyn”, thereby inflicting this national tragedy on all of us… how can one of the creators of the election loss, resulting in the tragic problem we now see, …. how can a main PART of the grave problem, be any part of a useful answer❓ Especially SH, when to this very minute, same old same old Kier Starmer has failed to show one jot of remorse for his disgusting ungrateful treachery❓❓❓

      2. windchimes – That was quite a rant about how you think Keir should have been doing Jeremy’s leadership job for him. Are you sure that was the impression you intended to make.

      3. That’s not the impression I got. But that’s cos I’m not troubled with cognitive dissonance. Nobody’s saying it’s easy.

      4. timfrom – “’m not troubled with cognitive dissonance”

        We only have your word for that. If you were would you have the self awareness to recognise it.

      5. Sh it is clear you know of collective cabinet responsibility. You pretend ignorance. And Sh it is clear u and your staff are persistent.

        That is admirable. Much can be achieved with robust persistence. Ever optimistic, I hope those who mean well for our country, will copy your dogged persistence but of course not your aims. Your aims are your masters aims. Your masters aims are diametrically opposed to ours. 🌹🌹🌹

      6. windchimes – Is this your latest strategy, if you can’t think of anything sensible to say then just type nonsense.

      7. Might not have been leader… But was leader elect…and most definitely was leader to YOU, having everything crossed and praying to mammon.

      8. Toffee – That’s more than a bit desperate.

        Perhaps you’d like to impress us all and detail what the actual leader of the party achieved during the 3 months prior to Starmer’s election a little over a month ago. We can then all have the opportunity to compare and contrast their respective impacts throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

  2. He’s alright lying through his teeth to a bereaved family about a fugitive from justice that HE enabled to abscond. but then he even refused to engage them, once he was called out.

    I believe raabid’s meant to be a karate expert; according to this link below the first thing you require to be a blackbelt is ‘integrity’ – I shit you not, friends.

    Karate blackbelts everywhere – That rodent has shamed every virtue of the bushido code. He has shamed you every bit as much as it is the shame of his constituency that they have chosen him to represent them.

    1. I had the delicious mental image of Raab being karate-chopped to a pulp by dozens of angry black belts for his lack of integrity. It probably made my day, so thank you.

      On the Anne Sacoolas issue, I’m pleased to hear that Interpol have put out an order for her arrest, should she leave the USA. It’s not perfect, because obviously she won’t now, but it’s better than a wet fart under a duvet.

  3. Piers Morgan’s apparently to the left of our dire leader… what’s goin’ on?

  4. Flying in a human petri dish
    Now that is an issue that is not going away, to much money and to many interests involved in aviation

  5. Effin hell Morgan Sh it hot again , he’s got my vote and is worth 100 Dire Stomas

  6. Far more dangerous than any virus are those that have capitulated with The knight to destroy the Labour party and the only opposition to mass murder of the elderly and vulnerable…..Shame on them and those that did for the Labour party

    1. Joseph – Are you sure that capitulated was the word you intended to use. It is worth bearing in mind that Starmer has just won a leadership election in the first round.

      1. John – Perhaps you could elaborate why you felt the need to resort to childish playground insults. Are you having difficulty in articulating a cogent response ?

      2. Joseph – Guilty of what, casting my vote?

        Who did you vote for in the leadership election?

  7. Childish playground insult?

    Try statement of fact.

    There’s you, asking for a ‘cogent response’ without any trace of hypocrisy, irony OR shame.

    From the one most fond of accusing people of ‘cognitive dissonance’.


  8. give me a break, this shit wasn’t in my job description, well yes the salary helps

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